Jae Hwa's Night at the Swingset
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Short Story #8

From the imagination of Chase Shivers

October 15, 2017

Please read my Explicit Disclaimer before you read my work.

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Main Character:

Jae Hwa, Female, 17
- High school junior
- 5'6, 145lbs, almond skin, light-brown eyes, long straight black hair

I get asked all the time if I'm really twenty-one. Or twenty-two. Or twenty-three.

I'm not any of those, actually.

My name is Jae Hwa, but everyone shortens it to simply Jae. My parents are from South Korea but they moved to Florida before I was born to open a restaurant in the Tampa area. I look a lot like my mom, I think. Average height, a little overweight, long, dark straight hair that I often pulled into twin ponytails. Other than being Korean, I grew up thinking I was otherwise unremarkable compared to my peers.

I never got big breasts unlike many of my white and black classmates. They stayed small and puffy all through high school and I tried my best to wear bras which added a cup size or two beyond what was needed. I was generally the quiet one in class. A decent student but nothing extraordinary. I got along with most everyone who wasn't overtly racist (and there were a lot of those in my schools.) I had a few female friends I spent time with, playing tennis, hanging out at the mall, texting about boys well into the mornings.

No one would have figured me for being obsessed with sex.

I craved it since I'd hit puberty at eleven. I sucked my first cock at twelve, an older boy of fifteen or sixteen, and then I sucked off two of his friends a couple of weeks later. I let two or three boys finger me, too, and I finally gave up my vaginal virginity at thirteen to a high school boy who lasted all of about sixty seconds inside me before busting his nut. My anal virginity went only a few weeks later to the same guy.

By my seventeenth birthday, I'd let fourteen different boys and men put their penises inside my pussy, and two had been in my ass. I lost track of how many dicks I sucked. Some of them were boys in my middle or high schools, yes, but after I turned fifteen, I learned a few things about appearing older and attracting more mature men.

I'd sneak out of my house often with my parents both working at their restaurant late into the night. I started putting on a lot of makeup, shading my features, padding my bras, wearing clothes which signaled someone older than fifteen.

I'd been lucky enough to suck a guy who could get me a fake id. I traded my ass for it, in fact. Personally, I think I got the better end of that deal, but he might have disagreed. Anyway, with the right clothes and makeup and the fake id, I was able to get into bars and clubs all over town.

"You don't look twenty-one," said many of the bouncers and license checkers. Or "twenty-two," or, most recently, "twenty-three." I heard it almost every time. But I'd roll my eyes, light up a cigarette, and proceed to act like I was really tired of being doubted. It always worked, too.

And so, I got into the places I really wanted to be. I sucked cocks of executives and janitors, let college boys finger me in alleys, and, when I felt like it, bent over and let married men stick it in me and cheat on their wives.

I didn't always take part in anything sexual when I was out. I liked to drink but I rarely did so to get drunk. I loved to dance and sing loudly. For every drink I had to buy myself, I got ten or more from guys who just wanted a dance or an hour of conversation. I met so many guys who just wanted to talk, and I was cool with that so long as I could get away to meet someone else or go dance or, if I was in the mood, find someone to fuck.

Some would called me a slut for the way I behaved. I'm not really sure what that word means. Was it because I liked sex? Because I appeared to others to be indiscriminate with who I sucked or fucked? Did it mean my companionship was not worth that of girls who were prudes? I wasn't really sure, but the honest truth was that I was really good at keeping my private life private. Sure, the boys I fucked and sucked in my schools sometimes bragged or joked about being with me, but there were a lot of such rumors going around, and it didn't stick to the quiet, shy Korean girl in the same way it did to the blonde, obvious, bimbos.

So no one really had a clue what I was up to most Friday and Saturday nights. I didn't think of myself as a slut. I just liked sex. I liked sucking cock. I loved being fucked. So what if other people might think less of me. It was my private life. I didn't let it spill over into the rest of my life, you know, the times when I was with my parents, my friends, or in school. Those times, I was just quiet, shy Jae Hwa.

I was drinking one Friday night at a loud dive bar where a punk band was playing. I'd had a couple of drinks, chatting with an older man, probably in his fifties, who was reasonably attractive. He'd lightly flirted with me, though nothing terribly aggressive. I was in a mood where I was probably just going to drink and dance that night, but I kept open the possibility of something more.

The man, Fred, wore a wedding ring but there was no sign, nor mention, of his wife. I'd been in that situation a few times and though I had mild reservations about fucking a married guy, I'd done it before and I knew I'd do it again.

Like many men in many such conversations with me, Fred brought up the subject of sex before I did. "You said you like to dance, right?"

I nodded, sipping a gin and tonic. "I love dancing."

"You should try out, uh, this place called the Swingset. It's just west of the city."

I shook my head. "Never heard of it."

"It's, uh. It's a real adult place, you see? You don't have to go over to the other side, but the dancing there can get really... crazy."

"Other side?" I asked.

Fred laughed, "Yeah, you're probably not too interested in going there, now that I think about it. More of an older crowd, though there are people in their twenties and thirties sometimes, too."

"No comprendo," I said in my best (worst) Mexican accent. "Why wouldn't I want to go?"

"Well, uh," Fred stammered before downing the rest of his bourbon, "like I said. It's kind of... an adult place... not just drinking and dancing..."

"So there's fucking?" I blurted out with a sly grin.

Fred laughed. "Exactly."

"Sounds like my kind of place," I told him, waving at the bartender for another round. Fred had already said to put my drinks on his check, so I wasn't about to pass up another free cocktail.

"Really? Pardon, but you don't seem like, uh, umm..."

"I don't seem like I want to fuck a lot?" I loved seeing the mix of shock and arousal in men's faces when I was bluntly honest.

"Well, I don't know, really, you just seem... young, I guess."

"I get that a lot."

"I bet you do. That's a good thing, I promise. Makes you seem more innocent..."

I smiled, "'Seem' being the key word..."

Fred stared at his glass a moment, then leaned towards me, "Listen... If you ever want to check out Swingset, I'd be happy to go with you. I can introduce you to a few people there. I'm a regular."

I glanced at his left hand. "And your wife?"

He smiled, "Figured you noticed that. Don't worry. We're swingers and open. In fact, she's just over there with her boyfriend." Fred pointed to the dance floor where a tall, thin, forty-something redhead was grinding hard with a young man, perhaps in his mid-twenties. "She's on her way back to his place this evening."

I watched her a moment, then asked, "Doesn't bother you seeing your wife with a younger guy? Fucking him?"

Fred shook his head. "Not at all. In fact, I love seeing her with him, or whoever makes her happy. Part of the life we lead. Don't worry, though, we get plenty of fun time for ourselves, too."

"Explains why you're hanging out at the bar, chatting up a pretty, innocent girl who looks younger than she is... Looking to hook up yourself, right?"

He shrugged, "Sure, usually. I get enough to be happy, honestly, but when I find an interesting conversation with a pretty woman, young or not, I'm open to whatever possibilities may unfold."

I laughed and sipped the new drink just placed in front of me. "Well, I'm open to possibilities, too, Fred," I leaned forward and put my hand on his thigh. "and I'd really like to suck your cock right now."

He shuddered and smiled broadly, taking another long swallow of bourbon, "Here?"

"I know a place close by, if you're interested..."

His eyes caught mine for just a second before he said, "Definitely."

We downed the rest of our drinks and Fred slapped a fifty dollar bill on the bar, waving to the bartender as I led him out the rear exit.

The bar opened out into an access alley I'd been in several times before. I walked to the left past more doors and came to the spot I'd discovered months earlier. It was a recessed alcove about mid-way down the alley. It had just enough room for two people to slide in and not be seen by anyone not immediately in front of the alcove.

Fred watched as I lit a cigarette, grinned, then squatted down.

I unzipped his fly and fished his erect cock out through his boxers and the opening of his slacks. Fred's penis held some weight, a decidedly thick shaft and head, and perhaps six inches in length. I took a drag on my cigarette, then held it to my side as I slid my lips over Fred's dick.

He started to moan and I pulled off him to say, "Shhh... gotta be very quiet..."' He nodded in reply and I started sucking him again.

For two or three minutes, I worked my lips up and down Fred's cock. I tasted sweet, thin juices flowing from the tip. His precum was abundant and delicious. Soon, Fred put a hand on my head and wrapped his other around his shaft.

He was getting close. I could feel his dick swelling in my mouth. His fingers grabbed my hair tight and held my head in place. His fist flew along his length, jerking it, and his hips pressed forward. Hot, salty jism spurted into my mouth and I held my breath. Jets of Fred's sticky cum fired against my tongue and quickly formed a pool in the top of my throat. I waited for him to finish, his legs swaying and straining, then I swallowed his whole load in one swift gulp.

Fred pulled his cock free and stroked it a couple of times, breathing heavily.

I took a drag on my cigarette and stood up, straightening my skirt.

"Damn, Jae," Fred said, "that was magnificent."

"Mmm... I like sucking cock. And swallowing cum."

"You would be very popular at Swingset," he told me, "very popular."

As he tucked his penis back into his pants and zipped up, I said, "Maybe I'll give it a try sometime."

"Here," he said, grabbing a business card out of his pocket, "when you want to go, give me a call. I'd love to take you there."

I read the card. Fred was a tax attorney with his own firm. I eyed him with doubt, "You want me to call your work phone number to talk about going to a sex club?"

"Huh? Oh, sorry, wrong card... uh." Fred reached into his pocket again and pulled out a different card. "This is the one."

I looked it over. It had his name, his mobile phone number, email, and listed memberships in clubs like Swingers of America and Adult Club International.

Fred explained, "I give that out to people I want to meet up with after playing in clubs."

"Makes sense."

"You interested in another drink? Or... maybe I could return the favor?"

I laughed, "I just had a drink, thanks." I finished my cigarette and flipped the butt into the rivulet of water running along one side of the alley. "I've had my fun for the night. Maybe next time, Fred."

I kissed his cheek then walked off, leaving the man standing in the alley, alone. I didn't look back.

- - -

"Hello, this is Fred."

It was a week later when I decided to give the man a call and see about going to Swingset. "Hi, it's Jae."

"Jae! I... I actually didn't expect to hear from you. How are you?"

"Good," I told him. It was Friday afternoon, a couple of weeks before the end of my Junior year. I was sitting on a bench in a park down the street from my house, smoking a cigarette and soaking up the warm sunlight. "I was wondering if you'd like to take me to Swingset."

"Absolutely! Yeah, for sure! When did you want to go?"

"I'm free tonight or tomorrow night."

"Hmm," he replied. "I can't go tonight, my wife and I are going on a double date with a couple of our close friends, but tomorrow might be good."


"Should I pick you up?"

"It's close to Shannigan's, right?" I'd researched Swingset before calling Fred. "Why don't you just meet me at Shannigan's." I wasn't about to suggest he pick me up at home.

"Yeah, Shannigan's. Sure, I can do that. Eight o'clock?"

"I'll be there."

"I've got your number now, since you called me. I'll ring you in case anything changes."

"Sounds good, man," I replied.

- - -

I was rather nervous, to be honest. Despite my experiences over the years, the idea of a sex and swinger club was something very new. I was used to the game of hooking up. Flirting, teasing, making my moves. I figured I'd be walking into an outright orgy and, though the idea was very exciting, it also didn't exactly fit what I was used to doing.

Before they left Saturday morning to open the restaurant, I told my parents I was going to stay with a friend of mine that night and then spent the day getting ready. I got a hair cut, mostly just trimming an inch or two to neaten things up, then the stylist carefully wove twin braids along my crown to hang down past my shoulders. I bought a new red bra and matching pair of silky red panties, along with a pair of black hose that came up to my thighs. I had to get a garter belt to hold them up.

I already had an outfit perfect for the occasion. It was a one-piece dress, dark red and flared at the bottom so that there were extra folds. It swished when I walked, hanging just above my knees.

Before I showered, I carefully shaved my pussy, leaving a small, slender patch of dark hair above my slit, the rest bald. Thankfully, I did a really good job and didn't leave razor burn that I could see.

I got fully dressed, adding black, three-inch heels to my outfit, then started on my makeup. I layered foundation and liner and blush and a dark-red lipstick which matched my dress. I dangled thin silver and emerald earrings, then put a silver twisted chain around my neck. I spritzed on perfume that was rose and lavender and almond.

My phone rang around 6pm. It was Fred. "Hello?" I answered.

"Hey, Jae. Just checking in. Listen," he said, "my wife is interesting in going tonight, too, and she's bringing her boyfriend. That sound okay?"

I replied, "Sure. Why wouldn't it be?"

"Oh, I dunno," Fred answered. "I thought maybe, since I invited you to go with me, you might not like my wife being with us."

"I have no problem with it, but I do want to make it clear that I'm going with you, but... I'm still free to do what I want, okay?"

"What do you mean?"

"I'll play with you, for sure, but I want to see what else might be fun. Know what I mean?"

"Ah, yeah," Fred replied. There may have been a slight edge of disappointment in his voice. I didn't care. I wasn't going to spend my first time in a sex club being exclusive with one guy. No way. "Okay," he continued, "sure, that's fine. Of course. Same goes for me, as well."

"Great. Just wanted to make it clear," I affirmed. "I'm excited!"

"Me too. You're going to love this, Jae. I promise."

- - -

Fred's Lexus sedan pulled up in front of Shannigan's a few minutes after I got there. I was standing outside the sports bar and restaurant, smoking a cigarette. Fred stepped out of the driver's side and called to me, "There she is! Hey, Jae! Wow... you look amazing!"

"Hi Fred. Thanks! Just let me finish this and I'm ready," I added, holding my smoke up.

"Sure, no problem." Fred wore a dark-purple button-up shirt with a collar and cream-colored slacks. He looked a touch older than he had in the dive bar. Of course, that might have been because I'd been a couple of drinks in before I met him that night. Still, Fred was attractive enough and I knew I'd enjoy letting him fuck me later that night.

The two doors on the passenger side opened. From the front, the tall redhead I'd seen dancing the week before emerged. She wore an outfit I'd never seen the like of. It was black latex, neck to ankle. The blouse, if you could call it that, was tight and covered everything but her hands below her neck. The woman's breasts were obvious and good-sized. The pants were tight on her thin frame. I couldn't help noticing she had a thigh gap.

The man behind her was the same one the redhead had been dancing with in the dive bar. He wore a sharp looking dress shirt and black slacks that hugged tight to his thighs. I thought he might have been Cuban based on his features. He was a very good looking guy.

"You must be Jae," the woman said, "I'm Karen. You look lovely!"

I smiled, took a drag on my cigarette, and replied, "As do you!"

"Mind if I smoke one with you?"

I shrugged, "Sure thing."

"Thanks." Karen lit her cigarette as her boyfriend walked up. "This is Yuniel. He speaks very little English."

"Hi Yuniel," I said.

He smiled and said, "Hello, uhm..."


"Jae, okay."

I smiled at him and felt a flutter of attraction pass between us.

Karen asked me, "First time going to Swingset?"

"First time, yeah," I replied. "I'm excited..."

"It's a fun place to let loose. Just so you know, you don't have to do anything you don't want to, okay? Sometimes, there are really pushy guys in there. You don't have to put up with it. If someone's creeping you out, tell me or Fred, or there is an attendant who will shut that shit down pronto."

"Okay, thanks. Good to know."

"Otherwise," Karen continued, "have a good time. We always do."

The way she eyed me made me wait to respond. Karen finally said, "Do you like women, Jae?"

I shrugged, realizing it was her way of propositioning me, "Not really my thing, sorry."

"Shame," she smiled, "you are very sexy. A woman like me likes young women like you, too, not just boy toys like Yuniel here. Isn't that right, Yuniel?"

He grinned. I had no idea how much he understood.

Karen turned back to me. "Anyway, that's fine. I'm sure there will be some other pretty girl to play with tonight if you're not interested."

I shrugged again, stomping my cigarette butt on the ground. Karen ashed hers as well. She said, "Yuniel and I will sit in the back so that we can... warm up... How about you sit up with my husband?"

"Alright," I replied.

I slid into the passenger seat while Karen and Yuniel got in the back. Fred closed his door and smiled at me, planting a small kiss on my cheek. "You really do look amazing, Jae. Brilliantly so."

I returned his smile, "Thanks. You look rather handsome yourself."

The drive took only about five minutes. Karen and Yuniel were in the back seat kissing and touching each other. Halfway to our destination, I put my hand on Fred's thigh and very slowly inched my way up to where his erection was already bulging. "Mmm... that for me, Fred?" I asked him slyly.

"God, yes," he replied, trying to focus on not hitting other cars on the road.

I teased his crotch a little but decided to wait until we were inside to pull out his cock.

We parked inside a gravel lot which was surrounded by a high cinderblock wall that must have been three stories tall, only a small single-car entry/exit opening along one side. The Swingset building was inside the wall, two stories tall and long, going back some ways beyond where I could see. Fred told me they offered rooms for privacy for those willing to pay for them, but they rarely did since they lived fairly close by and rarely cared about privacy in the club.

We got out of the car and I immediately lit up a cigarette. I saw an older woman and man nearby who were smoking and stood with my back against the building wall a feet from them. Fred waited with me, nodding and smiling silently at the other couple, while Karen and Yuniel went inside.

"Nervous?" Fred asked me gently.


"It's okay. I was nervous the first time I came here."

"When was that?"

"Oh," he said, tilting his head back, "probably not long after it opened, so... twelve years or so? Thirteen? I lose track of time these days."

"By yourself?"

"No. Karen was with me. We'd just started swinging and opening our marriage up. This place was certainly eye-opening, to be sure."

"What did you do that first time?" I asked, taking a drag.

"That first time? Not much, honestly. We were both so nervous that we didn't even do more than look on a bit. We drank on the bar side. Danced. Ate from the buffet. They offered us a quick tour of the other side of the facilities, where the adult activities take place, and so we followed this guy as he fairly quickly took us around."

"So... you got to see other people fucking?"

"Briefly, yes. The tour went by the three large common areas which is where we saw the action. There are some closed-door theme rooms, too, but those require reservations until later in the night. A couple have a small window so that those inside can let people outside watch them, but most had the privacy curtains pulled and so we saw little from those. But, yeah, we saw people fucking. That was... thrilling. When we got home that night, Karen and I fucked like we hadn't in years, and we came back a week later and finally started joining in the action."

"Sounds like fun," I told him. "I'm nervous," I added, changing my tone to the shy-but-seductive one I used so frequently when trying to hook up, "but I'm also very wet right now..."

"Mmm... God, Jae... I want to taste you so bad..."

"You will," I promised, grinding my cigarette butt into the gravel, "but first, I'd really like a drink."

- - -

I stopped inside the large bar and dance area and looked around. Fred had paid at the door for me to get in then went ahead of me to order us drinks. I'd had to put my purse and phone back in the car. They allowed neither inside. After returning and going in with Fred, I took in the sights.

The bar itself was nothing unusual, a curved L-shape along one wall with stools and a dark-wooden counter. Hundreds of bottles and a couple of mirrors made it look much like any other bar. The other side of the room was half cushioned, faux-leather booths and high-top tables, half dance floor with two poles along one side. A mirror ball rotated above, sending sparkling reflections that seemed to match the beat of the Euro house music played at a low enough volume to actually hear conversations.

There were perhaps fifteen people in the room besides Fred and I. Two were Karen and Yuniel. The rest were mostly men in their fifties and sixties. I saw one man who was probably in his thirties, and three women, all at least fifty or sixty. A few eyes paused to look me over as I stood in the entranceway, and I smiled at each person who sized me up. I liked to be noticed, and I was looking my best that night in my favorite dress and stockings and high heels and makeup, and I milked every interested gaze which came my way. Even the women were checking me out.

Fred waved me over and I sat on a stool next to him, Karen to my right with Yuniel beside her. The bartender started to sit a gin and tonic in front of me, then pulled it back. "You sure you're twenty-one?"

I flashed him my casual, I've-heard-it-a-million-times smile. "Twenty-three, actually." I pulled out my id and slid it onto the bar. He examined it carefully, looking at it then me then back at the card.

He finally shrugged, "Looks good." My drink was put in front of me and he returned to tend to another customer.

"So this is the smaller part of Swingset," Fred told me. "The 'Loosening-Up Room' as Karen likes to call it. You can't take drinks over to the other side, some silly licensing thing. There's food at the buffet near the back if you're hungry, and the dance floor is always open."

"Is everyone else on the other side?" I asked, eyeing all the empty seats around me.

"Probably some over there," Karen replied. "It's very early yet. The action heats up closer to ten or eleven or so."

"Oh, okay," I replied.

Fred cut in, "Don't put up with any shit from anyone. No means no, okay?"

"Yeah. Karen told me the same."

Karen nodded. "Also, no overt sexual stuff in the bar area. Kissing, light petting, that's okay, but nothing that wouldn't fly in a normal bar. No tits out. No cocks. And so on." She sipped from a tall glass holding an orangish-red cocktail, two cherries hanging over the rim. "Did you bring condoms?"

I nodded. "Always."

"Good. Use them. I don't know what you're used to, Jae, but don't let someone you don't know fuck you without one. I never do."

"I don't," I replied. It was true. I'd never actually let a guy bareback me. I was too scared of pregnancy since I wasn't on birth control. My parents, though they were very kind, were fundamentalist Christians who would have freaked out at the thought that I was even considering having sex. As far as they knew, I was still a shy virgin too young to even look at boys. Silly, really. Ludicrous, considering how much experience I already had at seventeen. They'd go insane if they knew where I was at that moment.

"It's a good idea to take things in first. Go over and watch and see what goes on. It's pretty casual in the common areas. People make out or fuck or do whatever. If you're interested in someone, you just ask. That's expected. Don't be afraid to say 'no' and don't take it personally if someone tells you the same," Karen said. "I turn down and get turned down all the time. Not everyone is over there to swing or swap. Some just like to watch. Others are sharing an experience with a spouse or lover."

I sipped my drink, then took a longer swallow. "I understand."

"I bet Fred forgot to bring you a towel."

"Did not," the man said, "Hers is in the locker as well."

"Good man," Karen purred at him, then turned back to me. "On the other side, always sit on your towel. You're supposed to clean up after you sit and do whatever, but it's still easy to leave something nasty behind. Wherever your skin is exposed, make sure you've got your towel under you. We've got these two color towels. Dark side is for putting down, light side is for sitting on. That way, you never accidentally sit on the wrong side of a towel that just soaked up someone's sweat. Or cum."

We sat quietly while we people-watched. A man and woman were on the dance floor together along with two men, each dancing alone. Another couple was kissing in one of the booths. Three men were seated at the bar further down, chatting loudly and laughing.

Most of the people in the bar were well dressed. Sharp-looking shirts and slacks and blouses. Two of the women wore sexy skirts and heels. There were a mix of races, though all but three people appeared to be white. There was a black man, alone, and two hispanic men who were moving around talking to others.

I finished my drink and ordered another. A woman walked up behind me and said, "Hey there. I understand you're a first-timer?"

I nodded.

"Great! I'm Krissy Swallows, one of the managers here. Welcome to the Swingset. I'd like to go over some rules with you, if you'll listen for just a moment." She was blonde with a ponytail, average height, tanned beige skin, slender, wearing a collared, white button-up shirt with the Swingset logo embroidered over one breast. Krissy gave me the same general overview of what was expected and allowed in the bar and play areas that Karen had just briefed me on, then the woman asked, "Would you like a quick tour?"

I looked at Fred and he said, "Go for it, we'll save your seat."

I agreed I would enjoy a look around, so I took another long swallow of my drink and followed Krissy through a door along one wall. We went down a short hallway and three different doors before the last one opened into an area that was rather cold and brightly lit with a half-a-dozen low couches. The music playing was soft lounge with a jazzy, trip-hop beat. There were two men and a woman in the room, sitting together. They all looked flushed and sweaty as they talked softly. "This is the cool-down room. It's a great place to come to if you get a bit overwhelmed. We ask that you treat this room like the bar. No overt displays, okay?"

I nodded and Krissy led us through one of the four doors other than the one we'd first come through. It led to a larger area than the cool-down room, the lights low and reddish, the music a bit more upbeat and clubbish. A couple of blacklights cast purplish shadows on the sides. More low couches and large, oversized footstools, all of them faux-leather and dark. There was a pole and small dance floor along the back wall. Mirrors were prominent on three walls. I saw several stations where there were paper towels and sanitary wipes. No one was inside.

"When you finish in this room, please clean up well. Use the towels and wipes wherever you've left sweat or anything else. That includes the pole. There are bathrooms and showers through the door on that side," she told me, pointing. "You can also get to them from the next room we're going to."

I followed her back to the cool-down room then through another door. This one had melodic, dreamy electronic music playing, the room lit with soft blues and greens. The couches were lighter in color, still faux-leather, a few covered mattresses on the floor, as well. More mirrors, this time even on the ceiling. More paper towels and wipes. Again, no one was inside.

Krissy took me out and through another door that led to a hallway of about ten or so more doors. "If the door is open, you are free to use it after ten o'clock. We rent these out ahead of time, but if no one reserves them by ten, we open them to be used freely. You can shut the door but not lock it. If you don't want anyone to come in and join you, flip the color spinner to red. That means 'do not disturb.' Sometimes, people will still come in, but just ask them to leave. If they give you any shit, just come find me or someone else wearing one of our staff shirts. First come, first served on the rooms. If the spinner is green and the door is closed, it means you are allowed to come in."

I took all of what Krissy said in, growing more excited by the moment.

She stopped me and turned, looking at my face and down my body. "Sorry, I bet you hear this a lot, but you don't look you are out of your teens."

My practiced reply, one of many, "Thanks! And yes, I do hear that all the time. I hope people always say that about me."

Krissy laughed, "Lucky you."

"Oh, please," I smiled at her, "you barely look old enough, yourself." I knew that was a bit of a stretch given that Krissy was clearly pushing thirty, but I also knew that most women liked to hear that.

Krissy laughed again, "I wish. Anyway, come on down this way and we'll continue."

She explained the purpose of the rooms. From dungeons and leather accented ones to a French chalet and a Japanese geisha room, there was an intriguing theme to each we passed by.

Krissy walked me back to the cool-down room and said, "That's the quick tour. We do have private rooms available other than the theme rooms. They're really just hotel rooms for people who don't want to drive home, should they be needed. Just let us know if you and your friends require one. We have several available right now, but they fill up later in the evening when the drinking and fun gets going."

"Thanks, Krissy."

I returned to the bar and swallowed the rest of my drink, starting to get a nice buzz going, and it wasn't just the alcohol. A few more people were inside now, including a younger black couple, two women in their forties who were dressed like they were going to a ball, and several men of various races and ages.

"Enjoy the tour?" Fred asked me, putting his hand on my thigh.

"I did. So much to see!"

"Anyone back there now?" Karen asked me, stroking Yuniel's thigh.

"No one active. Three people in the cool-down room, cooling down, I think. No one else that I saw."

"Maybe we should go get things started," Karen suggested. "Yuniel," she said, turning to her boyfriend. "┬┐Quieres cogerme?"

His grin said he understood the question, though I did not. The intent, however, was pretty clear. She told him, "Get our towels. Towels." He got the idea, soon heading towards the entrance where personal belongings could be put in lockers. When Yuniel returned, he gave each of us one of the towels.

Karen took his hand and asked Fred and me, "Coming?"

Fred looked at me and I smiled, "Sure."

He grinned and took my hand and the four of us went across the bar area. Many eyes strayed our way and I made a show of letting my thighs shift, swishing my dress as I moved. I loved it when I was the object of sexual interest, and I enjoyed milking it for all it was worth.

We passed through the cool-down room which was now empty, and entered the low, red-light room. It, too, was empty. Karen pushed Yuniel onto one of the low couches, straddled him, and pressed her face to his.

I looked at Fred and he pulled me to him. We kissed a moment. I liked to kiss men. They had a strength, a raw desire that I fed upon. His hands slid over my ass and he squeezed my buttocks. I could feel his erection pressing against my stomach. Fred kissed down my neck, then whispered in my ear, "I want to taste you, Jae..."

I tossed my towel down and sat on the low couch, spreading my legs, slowly drawing up my dress to my thighs, just enough to show the top of my black stockings. Fred grinned and got on his knees, peeling back my dress further and looking at where my silky red panties almost certainly had a dark wet spot in the crotch.

He sniffed and nuzzled my thighs, his hands moving along my calves and down to my ankles. He lifted my legs high and pressed his face into my crotch. I sucked in my breath as he ran his nose up and down my covered slit. I knew my wetness was spreading on Fred's face.

I heard a sharp smack and saw Karen bending over the the couch, Yuniel behind her, smacking her latex-covered ass with his palm. Another smack. Another. Karen started to squirm. I turned back to Fred as he reached under my dress and started to draw off my panties. He left them to hang off one of my ankles then spread me wide, again burying his face in my pussy.

His tongue was slightly rough but wonderful. I liked being eaten out. Maybe not as much as I liked sucking cock or being fucked, but I liked it. Sometimes I came that way, sometimes I didn't. Fred was good at it, though, and I knew just a minute or so in that if he kept licking me like that, I was about to explode.

Burning tension built quickly in my pussy. I rocked against Fred, grinding myself over his face. My clit tingled when he lapped it and I grabbed Fred's head, pulling him against me. More! I thought. Give me more! Fred buried his tongue in my vagina and I rode it, using his nose against my nub. I cried out, "Oh, fuck! Yes... Oh... Fuck... Yessssssss. Arrhh... arh-arh-uhnnnn-ahhhrrrr... Uh-uh-uh-uh-uh... Uhhhhhhmmmm." I clamped my thighs around Fred's head as I came, slowing and loosening only when I had the presence of mind to remember to let him breath.

"My god, Jae," Fred said, face covered in my juices, "You taste so fucking good. So fucking good, Jae."

"Mmm... I know what you'll like even more..."

"What's that?"

"Fuck me and find out..."

He grinned, yanking off his shirt and starting on his slacks. I turned to watch Yuniel pulling down Karen's latex pants only so far as her mid-thighs. Her ass showed marks from his smacks, and Yuniel added more to it. Slap! Smack! Slap! She was writhing with each blow, and clearly loving it. In the low light I could see just well enough to notice that Karen's cunt was bald and smooth, a lovely pink shade turned darker by the red light in the room. Yuniel moved to the other side of her ass and continued his smacks with his other hand.

Warm pressure against my vulva brought me back to Fred. His cock was covered with a condom as he pushed into me. I sucked in my breath and closed my eyes. I loved being penetrated. Loved it. I spread as wide as I could, pulling my legs back and holding them with my hands. Fred's cock went deep into my vagina before he was all the way in. He moved over me, holding himself inside, and ran his hands under my ass, gripping them as he started to move at last.

Fred was quickly pounding me hard. It's what I wanted in that moment, and I grunted my pleasure. He was very vocal. "God, Jae. God damn. God Damn your fucking pussy is so hot. So hot. Fuck, Jae. Fuuuuuuck."

I let go my legs and wrapped them around his waist, running my hands over his chest and face, letting one hand move down between us, playing with my clit while Fred fucked me. His erect penis spread me nicely and I felt the lovely pressure inside my vagina with each thrust.

"You like being fucked, don't you?" he groaned.

"I love being fucked."

"Where's my cock, Jae?"

"Inside me."


"In my pussy."

"Fuck yes. I'm fucking your pussy, Jae. Your little Korean pussy. Got you're so hot. Fuck. Fuck. Fuuuuuck."

He started to shudder and I knew he wouldn't last much longer. I clamped down as hard as I could with my vagina, making it as tight as possible for his pleasure.

That set Fred off in a burst of jerking thrusts. "Uh-uh-uh-uh fuuuuuuuuuck. Fuuuuuuuck, Jae, fuuuuuuuuck..."

He spasmed and then held still, breathing heavily, his fingers digging into my ass from below. He jerked hard once, then again, and slowly fell back onto his ankles, Fred's cock pulling free from me, the tip of his condom full of cum.

I slowly closed my legs and sat upright a bit. Fred slid the condom off and started to toss it into a nearby trashcan. "I'll take that," I smiled at him.

He handed it to me and I turned it upside down over my mouth. It had a bit of a latex flavor, as it always did from a condom, but the salty, buttery semen still tasted great as I let it sit on my tongue where Fred could see it. I swallowed slowly and deliberately, then showed Fred that I'd sent his seed into my stomach. He groaned and smiled, then kissed me.

I heard loud grunting and watched as Karen rode Yuniel, reverse cowgirl, her latex pants only pulled down to her knees. She was watching me and Fred and she clearly had just orgasmed. The young Cuban guy under her cried out something in Spanish and I saw him thrust up several times in a jerky rhythm then grow still.

Karen stepped off of Yuniel and trickles of the man's cum rushed out of her bald pussy, some sliding down her latex-covered leg, the rest onto the floor. She turned, bent over, and kissed him.

It was only then that I realized the four of us were not alone. Two men were on opposite ends of another couch, both had their cocks out, and both were watching Karen bending over or me licking Fred's cum off my teeth.

I also saw that the black couple who I'd spotted at the bar were watching us, each with a hand inside the other's pants, slowly masturbating their partner.

My god did that all turn me on. I only realized in that moment that I was truly an exhibitionist and a voyeur. I didn't really know those terms at the time, but watching and being watched took sexuality to a whole new level for me. Knowing that those two men had watched me being fucked was so fucking arousing. And watching the black couple playing with each other made me want to masturbate myself.

Fred saw me watching the others and said, "Go have fun, if that's what you're thinking."

Despite how I'd made it clear that I wasn't going to be exclusive with Fred that night, I did feel a little guilty for looking for new partners before his cock had even softened fully after ejaculating inside me in his condom. "You sure?"

"Absolutely," he assured me. "Besides, I love to watch, too."

I grinned and kissed him a moment, then rose, pulled my panties back up, giving the two men a brief show of what was being covered, then righted my dress.

I walked to the couch with the two men, both probably in their fifties. They were several feet apart, and I thought maybe they were there together but wanted everyone to know they weren't gay. Whatever was going on, I made eye contact with each. The one on the left was tanned and tall, his cock thin and long, maybe seven inches, with a narrow, uncut head. The other guy was shorter, much heavier than the first. His cock was also shorter, and due to his belly, harder to judge in length. Still he was hard and jerking off. That's all I needed to know. Both stopped stroking as I got closer, but neither put their dicks away, either. "Hey there," I offered with a smile, "nice cocks you guys got there."

The one to my left said, "Thanks. Say, that was pretty fucking hot just now, watching you eat that guy's cum..."

"Damn sure was," the other said, a quick jerk of his fingers up and down his shaft.

"Well," I said, "I love sucking cock and I love swallowing cum, so..."

"I've got a load ready pretty soon," the first guy said.

"I'd really like," I told them, "to suck you both together. But you have to get closer..."

The first guy looked at the second guy and shrugged, "I'm game."

"Same here," said the bigger guy, moving himself to within a few inches of the first.

I got down on my knees between them, then grabbed a cock with each hand. I smiled and purred my approval, "Oh, yes... very nice cocks..."

I slid my lips over the taller guy's longer penis. It tasted a bit sweaty and meaty. He'd been jerking off a while, I thought, and I could taste a bit of warmed precum on his flesh. I hummed as I sucked him. The guy ran his fingers along my head and then grabbed my braids, using them to pull me up and down on my cock. I knew he was already close to blowing his load, but I wasn't ready for that, so I pulled back, letting saliva trail in a heavy string from the tip of his dick to my lips, a big, open smile on my face.

I shifted to the larger guy and ran my hands around his shaft and under his balls. "Very nice," I told him, massaging his testicles gently. They were probably the biggest balls I'd had in my hands. Cupping them, I slid my lips down his cock, pushing his stomach back so that I could go all the way down. He was bigger than I'd first thought, and possibly as long as his slender friend. But considerably thicker. I stretched my jaw around his girth and I felt myself drooling in his lap.

I moved back to the slender guy, trying to deepthroat him but failing to get the last inch in my mouth with my gag reflex trying to kick in. I was still working on getting good at that. Back to the big guy, more sucking of his nice, fat cock.

I went between them for five or ten minutes, keeping them both on the edge. I got lots of small spurts of precum that was delightful and sweet, but I didn't let them cum until I was ready.

Finally, I decided it was time, and when I felt the big guy's thick cock swelling between my lips, I finished him with steady suction, wet lips, and deliberate rhythm. He flooded my mouth with his jizz and I held my breath until his shudders subsided and the flow of cum against my tongue finally stopped.

I pulled off and left my lips open. The guy grinned as he saw the big load he'd just shot in my mouth.

I didn't swallow immediately, instead, moving back to the first guy and grabbing his cock with my fist. It took a lot of control to not spit or swallow the cum in my mouth, but I held off long enough to jerk off the slender guy to orgasm. He ejaculated thin, tight jets of semen into my already overflowing mouth. I did my best to catch it all, but some of it splashed on my cheek and nose.

When he finished, I let his cock go, then finally closed my lips. God, I had a lot of cum in my mouth! I swallowed it all, flushing it into my stomach, then opened my mouth for the men to see how I'd cleared their ejaculate down my throat.

"Jesus Christ," the fat guy said, "that was fucking amazing."

I grinned, "Thanks. Like I said, I love sucking cock and swallowing cum."

There was an awkward silence a moment. I actually wasn't sure what came next. Did I kiss them? Talk to them? When they both looked a bit uncertain what to do, I was about to just say 'bye' and go back to Fred when Karen's voice behind me said, "Damn right that was amazing. Nice job, Jae."

I turned and smiled.

"You missed a bit," she said, nodding towards my cheek. "Mind if I get that off of you?"

I honestly thought she was just going to wipe my cheek with a towel, but instead, she pressed her face close to mine and began to lick the sperm from my skin. I smelled her perfume strongly, a spicy mix which reminded me of winter and holidays. Her breasts pushed against my shoulder as she cleaned me and I admit that I enjoyed feeling them pressing down. I found myself rather liking the way the woman licked me so deliberately.

"There," she said, pulling back, "all clean."

"Th-thanks," I said, unsure of myself for the first time. I wasn't attracted to women, remember? Why was I getting wet from Karen licking my face? "I, uh, I could use a drink and a smoke."

"Me too, come on."

Fred was sitting on a couch near the black couple, his dick in his hand while the woman sucked her partner's dark penis. Karen motioned that we were going to smoke and he nodded and returned to watching the scene beside him.

Once we were outside the bar with our cigarettes lit, I asked, "Where's Yuniel?"

"Had too much to drink earlier and got a bit dehydrated. I sent him home in a cab."

"Oh, no. Hope he's okay," I said.

"He's fine. Bit a lightweight, really. But we have fun together."

"Is he a, you know, serious boyfriend?" I inquired.

Karen shrugged, "Meh. He's a plaything. We don't do much more than go dancing and then go fucking. He's good with that. I mean, if you were a guy, you'd be good with that, right?"

"I don't have to be a guy to be good with that. I like having lovers and not boyfriends. Always been that way."

Karen looked at me, pulling on her cigarette, "Tell me something... Are you really twenty-three?"


Karen shrugged. "Not saying I don't believe you, just you don't look it." Another drag. "Anyway. You suck and fuck like someone with a lot of experience, so you're old enough to be here, for all I care. That was really hot, by the way, watching you suck those two dudes. You had them edging like a pro. I doubt they knew when you'd let them cum."

I laughed. "Guys like that. Oh, they'll say they want it hard and fast, but they always cum so much harder when I tease it out of them."

"No doubt," She took a long drag. "So was my husband up to your standards?"

"Fred? Oh, of course! Don't know that anyone's ever licked my pussy better, honestly. I don't usually cum that way..."

"Hmm... I almost always cum that way. Wonder why you don't..."

I shrugged. "Just the way it is, I guess. I cum from being fucked sometimes, but usually I have to jill off while he's in me. I guess I just need to be fucked to cum."

Karen laughed. "Nothing wrong with that, I guess. Listen," she said more gently, "I know you said you aren't into women, and that's fine. But, later, if you want to try it out with me, I'd really love to show you how much fun it can be. I just know you'll love it."

I looked at her evenly. I wasn't so sure. "Maybe," was all I replied.

We finished our cigarettes and went to the bar for a drink. Fred was there and already had our glasses filled and waiting. "There they are," he said with a smile.

I kissed his cheek and so did Karen, then I sat down and swallowed half my drink.

Krissy walked up and put a hand on Fred's shoulder, "Everything alright so far?"

"All good, thanks," Fred told her.

"And you," Krissy said, looking at me, "your first time fun?"

"Amazing," I replied honestly.

"You have the look of someone enjoying herself," she said, grinning, "just let me know if you need anything." Krissy moved on to a man sitting further down the bar.

The place had almost filled up since we'd gone to play. Every booth and seat and stool held someone, and several people were dancing. One short, thick, older woman was sliding her tight, dark, slacks-covered ass up and down one of the poles while a couple of older men looked on.

"So now that Yuniel is gone, I'm in need of a new plaything," Karen told us. "Got my eye on a couple."

I laughed. "Your husband's right here!"

Fred chuckled, "Oh, she doesn't come here to fuck me any more, no more than I come here to fuck her. We get enough of that at home, right Love?"

Karen giggled, "Oh, I'm not opposed to fucking you anywhere, you know that."

"Not what I meant."

"I know. But, yeah," she said, looking back at me, "we come here to mix it up with other people. Sometimes it just means watching, but usually, we each find someone to play with. Several someones..."

I started looking around the room, figuring I might as well see if anyone especially caught my eye. The two guys I'd sucked off had just been in the right place at the right time. With so many options in the bar, I could try to be choosy.

One guy stuck out immediately because he was so out of place. He was the very model of a Japanese businessman. Sitting alone at a high-top table, he looked nervous, rapidly sipping his cocktail. My first thought was that this guy is too anxious to get hard. And that made me not particularly want to try to fuck him. But I could offer him a different kindness that might be a little less stressful. "I'll be back," I told Karen and Fred.

Taking my drink, I walked over to the man and said, "Hi. I'm Jae."

"Hello," he said in moderately-accented English. "I am Hiroto."

"Can I sit?"

He offered a nervous smile and nodded.

I pulled one of the high seats closer to him and climbed up, setting my drink on the table. I leaned over towards him so that he could hear me clearly over the dance music. "First time here?"

He nodded, "Yes, uh, First. I'm here for conference. A conference."

"My first time, too," I watched the dance floor a moment then asked, "Did you take the tour?"


"See anything interesting?"

I swear he blushed then said, "Yes."

I realized he'd come in some time while I was in the red-light room. "Oh, I see... Did you notice me on the tour?"

He smiled nervously, "Yes."

"What was I doing?"

"You were with two men."

"What was I doing with them?" I grinned, enjoying teasing the shy man.

"You were, err. You were... pleasuring them."


"With your mouth."

"Mmm, now I remember," I laughed, "I like pleasuring men with my mouth."

Hiroto did not reply.

I asked him, "Would you like to be pleasured, Hiroto?"

He nodded sharply, "Yes."

"Well, finish your drink and follow me, then..." I put a hand on his thigh and he jumped. I slowly rubbed him over his slacks as he downed the rest of his cocktail. "Don't worry, Hiroto, I'll be gentle."

He didn't look at me, but he did follow when I stepped off the high seat and led him through the cool-down room and into the blue-and-green lit one.

There were several others engaged in a variety of acts, maybe twelve or thirteen people in all. Two couples fucking. Several single men watching and jerking off. Two women fingering each other.

I pulled Hiroto to a free spot on the couch near one of the single men, a sixty-something guy with his cock out, and sat Hiroto down. He let me take charge, and it was a role I loved to play. I smiled at him then pushed my hand against his crotch.

There are lots of stereotypes out there about cock size. Well, in my experience, it doesn't usually hold true. I once sucked a black guy with three-and-a-half inches. I fucked a fellow Korean guy who was probably eight-and-a-half. Maybe some demographics were longer or shorter, but individuals varied greatly. When I felt Hiroto's erection through his slacks, I knew he would not be fitting the stereotype.

I unzipped his pants and fished his dick out. It was nice, too, and I told him so. "Beautiful, Hiroto. What a lovely cock."

He said nothing, not quite looking at me as I slowly stroked his length.

"You want me to suck it?"


"Tell me what you want."

"I want you to suck it," he said quietly, his eyes never acknowledging that others were in the room, some of them surely watching us.

"Suck what?"

"My penis."

"Call it your cock," I told him.

"My cock."

"Now put it all together."

He was shivering. "I want you to suck my cock."

"That's a good boy," I said, purring as I slid my lips down over the head of Hiroto's dick and swirled it with my tongue.

It was probably the cleanest penis I'd ever had in my mouth. Usually, there was a bit of saltiness from sweat, or a touch of stale urine, or some signs that he'd leaked precum. No, Hiroto's cock was pure and unadulterated penis. I loved the taste. I slid my lips slower and took more of him in my mouth. He was easily eight inches. Not especially thick, but good enough. I couldn't get him all in, unfortunately, and it almost gagged me with a couple of inches to go.

I started to slowly suck Hiroto's penis and watched him begin to relax. I saw from the corner of my eye that the single guy beside me was jerking off watching us. I made eye contact and smiled around Hiroto's cock, then refocused on the man in front of me.

He started groan, "eeh-nnnnnnng... eeeeeeeh-nnnnnn."

A spurt of precum splattered in my mouth and I purred my approval, the fluids sweet and slippery on my tongue. I ran a hand up and caressed Hiroto's balls. They were very hairy, like his pubic mound, and I massaged the scratchy folds gently with my fingers.

"Eenhnnnngg... uuuuhnnnnhhgg... Jae... Jae... Jae... Jae..."

Hiroto called my name over and over as he swelled. It became a rally cry in my head. I matched the rhythm of his words, "Jae... Jae... Jae..." and was soon rewarded with a mouthful of cum shot out in what felt like one, ten-second long, ejaculation. He flooded me and I almost choked. But I was a pro, I figured, and I managed to keep the cum in my mouth along with Hiroto's spurting cock.

He pulled his dick out of my mouth quickly and stuffed it into his pants, his eyes closed. I swallowed his sticky load in two or three gulps, then sat beside him, resting my hand on his thigh. "Mmm, Hiroto... your cock is wonderful, but your cum is the best..."

I saw him really smile for the first time, "Thank you."

"You're welcome." I rose and smacked my lips and Hiroto quickly stood. He shook my hand, which seemed an odd way to thank me, and then made his way back out of the room.

I made eye contact with the single guy on the couch, and as soon as I did, he panted, "Can I cum in your mouth, too?" His grip on his cock was so tight it was bulging above his fingers.

I grinned. "Sure."

I dropped down and opened my mouth. The old guy yanked on his pudgy cock, which didn't even look fully hard, and within five or six strokes, he ejaculated in rapid bursts. I put my mouth close to the tip of his dick and felt the salty fluids splattering against the back of my throat. I purred as he finished, then swallowed down my fourth load of the day.

"Thank you, thank you," he groaned as he panted, "I almost lost it when that got shot in your mouth, but I held out hope you'd let me shoot it there, too. You are one sexy young lady, miss..."

"Jae," I said, licking sperm off my lip.

"Charles," he replied. "Never seen you here before."

"First time."

"Well, I'd have never guessed it after that. Whew," he said wiping sweat from his brow. "I need a cool down and a drink. Care to join me?"

I shrugged and said, "Alright."

I followed Charles into the cool-down room and sat on the couch next to him. And then he decided to share his life story with me. He told me about his parents and his childhood, his career in the Army, his first wife and kid, then his second wife and two more kids. Now he was divorced again, his kids were away, and he spent a lot of weekend jerking off at Swingset. "Not many seem to go for me, I guess. My pecker don't work like it used to," he admitted, "so I have to just be happy to watch. You sure made it a nice night, though."

"I didn't even really do anything," I protested, "you did all the work. I just opened my mouth."

He chuckled, "Well, that was pretty damn nice of you, anyway."

I said seductively, "I'd love to suck you off, if you want."

He chuckled, less happily than the last, "Nah. I wish, but there's no way I can get that thing up again tonight. One and done for me, these days."

"Have you tried that drug, you know, the boner pill one?"

"Viagra? Nah, I don't want to have to take a pill for that."

"But I bet you take pills for other stuff. You said you had high cholesterol and blood pressure issues." He had described a litany of major and minor health issues in his life.

"Yeah, but to get a boner? That's not how it should work..."

"Maybe, but, uh," I said, drawing out my words, "if you had a chance to have your cock sucked by someone like me... that'd be worth it right? Maybe even get fucked after?"

He laughed, then shrugged, "Perhaps you're right. Might be worth having that chance. Wish I could get up for it now, I'd sure like to do what that other guy did."

"Maybe I'll see you back here some time. We'll see where things might go..."

"I'll be here most weekends. Heck, maybe I'll go see my doctor on Monday and have a little conversation..."

I smiled, leaned over and kissed the man's cheek. "I'm in need of that drink now. Coming?"

"I need to cool down more. Thanks, though. And thanks for talking with me."

"My pleasure, Charles, take care."

I came back to the bar but Fred and Karen were nowhere in sight. I found an open seat around the short side of the L-shaped counter and sat down, ordering another gin and tonic and a big glass of water, the latter of which I sucked down. It was really easy to get dehydrated when you're consuming so much salty cum!

I eyed the room again, my clit twitching from all the naughty things I'd been doing. I'd fucked Fred. I'd sucked three guys off, and a fourth had ejaculated in my mouth. This was well beyond anything I'd ever done, and the night was really just getting started.

Although there were plenty of very good looking men in the bar area, no one in particular struck my eye, so I decided to wander back into the play rooms after finishing my drink and another glass of water. My bladder made it clear that I needed a different kind of relief and I ran into Karen as I headed for the bathroom. "Hey, there!" she called when she saw me.


Karen held the door open and we went into separate stalls next to each other. I put a cover on the seat, pulled my dress up, and pulled aside my panties as I squatted over the bowl. I heard Karen's urine splashing down, and then she said, "So what fun are you just coming back from?"

I told her about sucking off Hiroto and then letting Charles cum in my mouth. "That's four loads already."

"Good girl!" Karen applauded. "I'm at two, myself, though I just finished being double teamed by Fred and this cutie whose name I didn't catch. Mmm... I love having two guys inside me. Ever tried it?"


"Do you like anal?"


"You should definitely try it. If not tonight, just sometimes. It's an amazing feeling. Two dicks pounding you at the same time! Mmm," Karen purred, "I'm sore and loving it. About to take a breather at the bar. You heading back in to play?"

"I am. Looking to find a guy to fuck."

"Well, good luck, Darling. You'll have no problem getting that dick."

I laughed as she flushed and decided to sit a moment. Her idea was something I'd thought about but never had a serious chance to try. I'd had guys in my pussy and ass both, but never at the same time. It sounded like the kind of thing I just had to try for myself.

I cleared myself out as best I could then wiped really good. Thankfully, there scented wet wipes available in the stalls, so I spent extra time cleaning up. I wasn't a prude about my ass or anything, but I wanted it to be presentable should I decide to let some guy in there.

I went back to the red-light room and leaned against the wall to look around. There were probably twenty people in there now, half of them standing and watching, the other half engaged in some sex act, either alone or with another. Two couples fucking. Several guys jerking off. A woman masturbating. Fred was fucking a dark-skinned woman with long, beautiful braids. He didn't see me and I didn't distract him.

The sounds in the room were so arousing. Grunts, moans, dirty talk. Comments about wetness and heat and slipperiness and hardness. I grew wetter and wetter the more I watched and heard.

A few of the guys standing around glanced at me regularly, most of them doing nothing more than watching. I decided I wanted a guy to come to me for a change, and so I found a spot on one of the couches and sat down on my towel. I started putting on a show for anyone who wished to watch.

I slid the edges of my dress down over my bra and fondled myself a moment before I reached behind me and unsnapped the strap, letting the bra fall off. I sat it to the side and exposed my breasts.

They've been puffy since I hit puberty, and I knew that was a sight a lot of guys really liked. As soon as my tits were in view one of the guys who had been standing idle suddenly started stroking himself through his slacks. He was probably in his early-50s, decent looking, tall and husky with a well-trimmed beard.

I massaged my tits, really getting worked up, enjoying the many eyes looking my way. I watched the couple on the couch beside me fuck as I played with my tits, the man suddenly jerking and orgasming. I couldn't tell if he was wearing a condom.

Slowly, I slid my hands down to my thighs and began to deliberately draw up my dress. Up to mid-thigh, then just enough to get a tiny peek at my red panties, then up far enough to see the whole thing. The guy who was stroking himself took a couple of steps closer, not taking his eyes off my crotch. I loved the attention.

I ran my fingers over my panties and knew I was spreading the wet spot. I purred and cooed and played up how much I was enjoying myself. I wasn't pretending. I really was that turned on and feeling full of excitement. I was masturbating in front of guys, and women, who were doing the same in some form or fashion. God, it felt great to show myself that way.

But I had more to show, and my close-watcher was eagerly awaiting what he really wanted to see.

I pulled my legs up and slid my panties down over my feet. I brought them to my nose, sniffed and smiled, all-to-aware of the effect on the eight or ten people who were now focused on me. The close-watcher guy took another step or two.

I spread my legs in a slow unfurl and offered every eye in the room the chance to see my nakedness. My pussy was open and glistening, drooling. I was practically begging someone to fuck me.

I started to masturbate freely, moving my hips up and down as I worked up to orgasm. Eyes stayed on my body, on my most secret of places. I moved my gaze from face to face, my mouth open, my pleasure building. Please, I was pleading with every guy I saw, fuck me!

My clit burned and I shuddered and writhed and came hard on my own fingers. My hips jerked forwards, my thighs clenching tight, crushing my fingers between. I cried out, "Uhnnnnnnnn... Uhhhhhoooohhh..."

My eyes had closed as I rode my orgasm. I slowly opened them to see the same guy was now within a couple of feet of me, off to one side, staring at my quivering pussy while he openly jerked his cock.

I wet my lips and purred, "Want to fuck me?"

"God damn, yes," he groaned. "Hell yes..."

"Wrap it and fuck me, then!"

He yanked a condom from his pocket, rolled it down his five inch cock, then knelt between my legs.

He was muttering to himself, "Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god."

The guy pushed in and I gasped. His penis was very hot and had a nice thickness to it. He ground down and held himself deep inside my pussy, continuing to chant, "Oh my god. Oh my god."

When he didn't move for a moment, I worried that he was freaking out. Then he spasmed, jerked, and groaned, "Oh my goooooooooooood... uhhhhhhhhhrrr... uhhhhhrrr..."

He'd done nothing but put his penis inside me and he lost it right then, filling the condom without even really fucking me.

The guy pulled out, looked down at his cum-filled condom, and told me with a frown, "Sorry..."

"That's fine, really," I assured him, "I got you pretty worked up when I played with myself."

"Yeah, that was pretty hot. Oh my god. I'll be good again in a bit, I promise. I'll fuck you right, if you still want to."

"Possibly. I'll let you know if I do."

"Thanks, uh," he yanked the condom off his cock and tossed it into the trash, "what's your name?"


"Jae. Love it. I'm Mac."

"Nice to meet you Mac." I slowly closed my legs as he went went out of the room.

"That didn't look very satisfying," a familiar feminine voice said beside me. Standing near my couch was Karen smiling at me.

"It happens," I replied, "it's okay. I'll find another one."

"What if I told you I could fuck you really good right now?"

"Uh," I said, narrowing my eyes, "I appreciate it, but... I dunno."

"No pressure, Jae. But I think you'll like what I have in mind..."

She was slowly caressing her own breasts as she watched me, and I think that's what made me agree. "Okay..."

"I'll be right back. Just wait one minute."

Karen disappeared and was back quickly, carrying something in her hand. A wicked grin was on her face. "Just takes a moment to get set up."

Fully dressed in her latex outfit, she wrapped a leather strap around her waist and adjusted it snug, then ran an attached strap between her legs and connected it on the other side. On the front, there was an opening through which she fitted a large black dildo, locking it in place then slowly stroking it in front of me. "See what I mean?"

I grinned. "Yeah..." My legs spread eagerly.

Karen laughed and knelt down. "Can I taste you first?"

"Sure." Even if I wasn't particularly attracted to women, something about Karen with that dildo attached to her body made me really want her between my legs.

Her lips kissed my clit and it rose quickly, begging for attention. "Mmm," Karen purred, "lovely..."

The redhead licked my slit from bottom to top then back down around my anus before sliding her tongue between my slippery labia. "Mmm..." she cooed.

I closed my eyes and rested my legs on Karen's shoulders as she ate my pussy. It wasn't that much different, really, than when a man licked me there. Maybe it was a bit softer, maybe a bit less urgent, but it felt just a good. I moaned my pleasure, "Ohhhh... yesss..."

I felt her laugh lightly as she tongued my cunt, then her lips sealed around my clit. She sucked it gently, using her tongue to tease the tip. I swelled in her mouth, rising up with tension, straining for her to keep doing what she was doing.

Karen certainly knew how to read me. She sucked my clit, then lapped it, then sucked it some more. I cried out, "Ohhh, yesss... Ohhh... Ohhh... I'm cumming... I'm cumming... Ohhhhhhhhhh-uhnng... uhnng... uhnng... ohhhhhhhh..." I writhed in pleasure with Karen between my thighs.

Before I was done quivering, she rose up and placed the tip of the dong against my wet pussy and pushed herself inside. "That's it, take my hard dick, Jae," she said to me.

I was vaguely aware that many others were watching us. I swam in the attention and the pressure in my vagina. I started to buck upwards each time Karen thrust into me. I wrapped my legs around her waist and she leaned down to share her lips with me. I tasted my pussy in her mouth. "Fuck me, Karen... Oh, fuck me..."

We rutted in that position for several minutes, me drunk on the sensation of being filled by her. It was so much better than I could have imagined.

Karen made me turn over, my knees on the floor, my elbows resting on my towel on the couch, my legs spread and my ass upturned. She penetrated me again and I cried out in pleasure, "Oh, God... Yes... Fuck me..." Doggy style has always been my favorite position, and it was even better with Karen's hands holding my hips while she pounded me from behind.

"You like that hard cock, don't you, Jae. You like Karen's hard cock," she breathed. "Take it, you slut."

"I love it... Fuck meeeee..."

I felt her hand reach under my body and Karen began twirling my clit as she fucked my pussy with the strap-on. It took just moments for me to cum, my cunt clenching around the thrusting dong, wetness flooding around her penetration. "Holy fuuuuuuuck," I cried as I came.

Karen slowed her fingers, but not her hips, fucking me steadily for another couple of minutes. She had me stand while she sat on her towel, then she said, "Ride me, you slut."

I did exactly what she commanded. I straddled Karen's legs and slid my sloppy pussy down the dong, sucking in my breath. Karen kissed my lips and wrapped her arms around my back as she thrust up each time I slid down. I came again just seconds later.

Finally Karen slowed and I rested, the hard dong fully inside me. My vagina clenched randomly and the full, never-softening dildo inside me made it hard to not simply start humping her again.

"Remember what I suggested earlier?" Karen whispered to me.

I laughed, "I thought we just did that. And I loved it..."

"That was great, but I meant the other suggestion... two men at once..."

"Oh... yeah?"

"Wanna try that now? Only, instead of two men, me and my husband?"

I turned to see that Fred was watching us closely, naked, a big smile on his face and his hard cock in his hand.

There was only one answer I could give. "I'd love to..."

Fred knelt down and fished a condom out of somewhere, and once covered, he stepped behind me out of sight.

"This is going to feel... intense," Karen whispered, "just relax..."

"Okay," I was a bit nervous, but only a bit. I was so fucking buzzed from my orgasms that nothing much would have fazed me in that moment.

Karen shifted me forwards and turned me, then made me push my legs out so that I was on my knees as she moved under me, laying flat. She pushed the dong back in me from below with her on her back. I was in a doggy position of sorts, impaled on Karen's dong.

I felt wetness against my anus and knew Fred was licking me there. I cooed and moved slowly. His tongue pressed in and he did a good job getting me wet. Soon, though, I felt the tip of the condom tickling my asshole before the pressure against my rectum became intense.

The head of Fred's cock popped inside my tight ring and I gasped, reaching back to push against his thigh so that he'd slow down and wait. I tried to catch my breath. I felt like I was being split in two. Karen's dong was still half-way inside me and the first inch or two of Fred's dick was in my ass.

"Relaxxxxxx," Karen whispered, "you can take us both. Relaxxxxx."

Her voice was soothing and I tried to let my anus dilate. It did, slowly, while Karen hummed calming words in my ear. I felt Fred's dick jump twice and then I instinctively pushed back against him, sucking in my breath. The worst discomfort was over, at least from the anal penetration, and I wanted him to really fuck me.

I started to moved against the husband and wife, the dong moving an inch or two at a time, Fred's cock pushing deeper and deeper into my bowels. I panted heavily, sweating, Karen's arms wrapped around me as she nuzzled my neck and ear and cheek.

Fred started to move again, his hands squeezing my buttocks. I felt him swelling inside my ass.

Goddamn, did I feel stretched! Both my holes were filled and I couldn't think of anything but the intense pressure it was putting on my body.

Fred's rhythm picked up, really plowing my asshole suddenly, and I met his speed and force with my own. Karen's fingers twirled around my clit and with a long, winding cry, I climaxed around the twin penetrations. "Nnnnnnnnnnnoooooooonnnnnnoooohhhaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrmmmnnnn-oh-oh-ung-ung-nnnnnnnnnooooonnnoohhhaaaaarrmmmmmnnnn"

My pussy unloaded a stream of fluids down over the dong and Karen's latex-covered crotch. I burned in pleasure and moderate discomfort. I rode an unending wave of release, unaware of anyone else but me. Me and the overfilled holes connected to the rest of the world.

Fred's grunts brought me back around. He was still fucking me. I'd lost that sensation during my orgasm. My anus spasmed around him and I felt him swell in my butt. His long, pleasure-filled groan signaled that he was filling his condom inside me.

After what felt like hours, Fred pulled his cock from my sore, raw asshole. If felt like he pulled out a baseball bat. I rose off of Karen's dong and collapsed on the floor, a silly grin on my face. Karen leaned over, "Are you okay, Jae?"

"Oh, yes," I said, laughing, "So fucking fine..."

Karen giggled, "Told you..."

"You were right. That was intense!"

"And it gets better when it's two dicks inside you. Especially if you let them cum in you," she laughed again, "but that's for another day."

Fred flopped on the couch next to his wife and they kissed a moment. "I think I am utterly spent. That's three for me today. Don't think I could even attempt another."

I could feel eyes on me and realized that almost the entire room of twenty or so people had been watching me get fucked. I shuddered at the thrilling thought. God, I loved being watched!

Slowly, I got to my knees and then my feet, stretching out my towel just in time to collapse next to Karen. She smoothed out my dress and put her hand on my knee. "I think my husband and I are done for the night. We're gonna head to the cool-down room until you're ready. Take your time, no need to rush."

"No... No, I'm done, too. I'm so sore right now it hurts to think about doing anything else." My jaw and tongue were so sore it was hard to speak properly. "I'll come with you. Is it okay if I stay at your place tonight? I don't feel like I can drive home."

"Sure, Jae," Karen said, "that's no problem at all."

I collected my bra and panties and Karen helped me get them on. My legs were jelly. I'd experienced many times where I'd been fucked silly, but this was far beyond any of those nights. My pussy felt swollen and raw, and that went double for my butthole.

We made our way to the bar and drank a couple of glasses of cold water before we left the building. Outside, I asked, "One quick smoke?"

"Of course," Fred replied as he got in his car and turned the engine over.

Karen lit one and together we leaned against the wall of the building and puffed quietly on our cigarettes.

Halfway through, Karen laughed and said, "Must feel pretty surreal, huh? All this tonight? Unless... unless that was normal for you."

"Surreal, yeah," I replied, blowing out a lungful of smoke, "I mean... I've never done anything remotely close to all that. I blew two guys at the same time once, but that's as close as it gets."

"You really got off being watched, didn't you?" Karen said in a way that assured me it was as much an observation as it was a question.

"I love being watched. I didn't really know that until tonight, but god, Karen... it turns me on so much when people see me sucking cock or getting fucked. I don't know why."

"I'm the same way. It gets my clit hard as fuck every time."

"I really appreciate that you got me to try something new with you, by the way," I told her, grinding my cigarette on the ground, "I've never had a thing for women, but you're different. I'm totally into you."

"Mmm," Karen purred, "I feel the same for you, I assure you. I hope this won't be the last night I... we... get to spend with you."

"Oh, it won't, I promise you that."

Karen blew out her smoke and ashed her butt, then wrapped me in her arms. "It has been a lovely night, Jae. A lovely night. I know my husband has thoroughly enjoyed it, too. Let's go get some rest and, who knows, if you have nothing better to do, maybe we'll all feel like picking things up again tomorrow. I'm sure Yuniel will be feeling better. I know he was taking a fancy to you before he left, and I think you might be interested in him, too."

"He's a doll. Yes... I'd be very interested..."

"Good. Ready?"

I nodded and we got in Fred's Lexus and headed off into the night.

I get asked all the time if I'm really twenty-one. Or these days, twenty-three. I always say yes, and I can't imagine missing out on all the fun I have by lying about my age. Can you blame me? This was just one of those nights that topped all the others, but it was only one of hundreds of nights the lies about my age brought me, almost all of them good experiences. Judge me if you want, but don't take it personally if I don't give a fuck what you think. It's my life. This is how I'm going to live it.

The End . . . ?

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Thanks for one of the best stories I've read on asstr. I never comment, but you deserved it.
Oh my, thank you so much, Rachel! I'm definitely a man, I promise, but I love to hear that my writing is presenting a woman's point of view so solidly for you! Jae Hwa is a fun character and I'll almost certainly tell a second act in her story at some point in the future. Thanks again!
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