Caitlyn's Comfort Mg ped inc oral creampie father/daughter

Short Story #10

From the imagination of Chase Shivers

October 20, 2017

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Main Character:

Caitlyn, Female, 10
- 4'7, 85lbs, pale freckled skin, light-red/orange hair in a pony tail

It was one of those days where every little thing seemed to go wrong.

At least until they started going right.

I slept through my alarm, enough so that I had no time to shower before taking my ten-year old daughter, Caitlyn, to school. I rushed to work only to have a tire blow halfway there. My boss happened to be in the office earlier than usual that morning and was not terribly happy to find me arriving almost twenty minutes late.

I cut my hand filling the copy paper. I spilled soda on my slacks. I locked myself out of my corporate email account.

Yeah, it was one of those days.

I worked over my regular hours to make up for being tardy and my general inefficiency throughout the morning and afternoon, so I arranged for one of the other parents to pick up Caitlyn and look after her until I was freed up. I left work and went to get her after six, then drove us home.

Absolutely beat, I ordered a pizza for delivery while Caitlyn showered, then sank onto the couch to doze until it arrived.

I woke to the sensation of warmth against me. Caitlyn, freshly showered, wore her nightshirt, her long orange-red hair swept back into a pony tail. She smiled and the freckles on her cheeks and nose danced. Despite my weariness and the day I'd had, there was nothing like my daughter's beautiful smile to turn my day around.

“Rough day, Daddy?”

“Rough day. How was yours?” I asked her.

“Oh, fine. Don't worry about me. I just want you to feel better.” I felt Caitlyn's hand slide along my knee to near mid-thigh. “Can I make it better for you, Daddy?”

I groaned, my muscles and joints aching. “I wish, sweetheart, but Daddy's a bit tired today...”

“Just relax, Daddy. I'll take care of you.”

- - -

Caitlyn and I were not like most fathers and daughters. Her mother, from whom Caitlyn got her brilliant, light-red hair, cheated on me with a good friend of mine when Caitlyn was two and I got custody in the nasty divorce. My daughter and I grew very close, but it was nothing unusual for most of her life.

But during her seventh year, she and I became lovers. She'd caught me masturbating to blow job compilation videos late one evening, and instead of turning away and being horrified, Caitlyn sat down beside me to watch. It scared the shit out of me for any number of reasons. She watched women giving blow jobs and swallowing cum while I sat, frozen, my cock deflating as my anxiety rose.

Yet, my daughter's curiosity went beyond just watching. She asked me, “Can I try that?”

I should have told her 'no.' I should have never allowed her to do more than ask. But I didn't, and it took no time at all for Caitlyn to learn how to please me with her mouth. I soon returned the favor, tasting her sweet juices and eventually, making her orgasm, yes, orgasm, for the first time when she was nine. That was also the day she told me “I want you to put it in now” for the first time. Oh, God, was she amazingly tight and wonderful! The orgasm I had that day, my penis buried as far inside my daughter as it could go, was the strongest I'd ever known.

We kept our private times private. She seemed to understand the need to say nothing to anyone. Caitlyn always had a knack for such discretion, and the private moments we shared behind closed doors were our way of bringing each other pleasure like no one else in the world could know.

- - -

“Just relax, Daddy. I'll take care of you.”

Despite my aches and weariness, my daughter always had a way of making me feel good. Her hand shifted from my thigh to my zipper. Sliding it down, Caitlyn tossed her ponytail behind her and took hold of my penis. I was flaccid but with a few strokes of her small fingers, I was brought to life, and as I closed my eyes and relaxed, my daughter's lips slid down my cock, slow and gentle, as she always was. She never cared that I hadn't showered in over a day, didn't care that I probably smelled and tasted sweaty. When Caitlyn wrapped her lips around me like that, she committed without reservation.

Unlike the women she saw that first time, and the many hardcore scenes we'd watched together since, Caitlyn didn't suck me like a porn star. No, she was both deliberate and soft, taking her time to work up to my release, and I loved the edging sensations she brought me as she slid her mouth up and down my shaft.

I caressed Caitlyn's shoulder as she sucked me, moving my hand to her back, sliding my fingers down over her nightshirt to where it had slipped up just high enough to leave her soft, smooth, freckle-covered flesh exposed below. As usual, my daughter wore no panties after her shower. I massaged the top of her buttocks which had begun to round and curve over the past year. I tickled the top of her cleft and slid my finger along the edge of her cheeks, moaning in pleasure as Caitlyn's mouth moved slowly up and down, up and down, up and down, her suction light but so pleasing.

She popped open the button on my slacks and helped me move them lower to my mid-thigh, then my daughter straddled my hips, facing me. My erection in her small fingers, she pushed herself down until I felt the heat from her bald, slightly puffy vulva on the tip of my penis.

Her mouth open half-way, Caitlyn sank down slowly, engulfing me, taking me inside her little vagina. She stretched to allow my penetration. My daughter was still so tight, even after she'd had my cock inside her body dozens of times over the previous year. Caitlyn's pale, freckled flesh gave way to subtle, light-pink folds between her legs, and I watched as her small opening parted just enough to take me inside.

I groaned again as Caitlyn slowly worked up to taking me deeper. Her vagina was not deep but instead tight and shallow, and with only three inches or so inside her, I felt the tip of my dick push up against her cervix. Caitlyn grunted, her eyes closed, a look of determination and concentration on her face. Her hand moved from my shaft and she wrapped her arms around my neck.

My daughter's eyes opened, glazed, her lips wet, and we kissed like we'd done thousands of times before. Her little mouth was so warm and arousing moving with mine. Her tongue sought my own and we twirled together as she began to rise over me.

Caitlyn worked her legs and knees to slide up and down my penis. She'd started growing slick and wet on her own only in the last couple of months, puberty perhaps just a spare few weeks away. Her wetness coated my cock and I could feel little trickles of her arousal tickling my balls as her juices drooled out of her vagina. Up and down her hips moved and the heat inside my daughter's pussy was simply the best feeling in the world.

I caressed Caitlyn's head as we kissed and made love. I moved my lips to her cheek, kissing her flesh. “I love you, Caitlyn...”

My daughter whispered in my ear, breathlessly, “I love you, Daddy...”

Up and down... up and down... up and down...

I began to swell inside Caitlyn's little pussy. The slickness was coating my shaft, her opening allowing me to penetrate her more fully. Each time she moved down slowly, she stopped only when the tip of my dick was pressing on her cervix. I hugged her tight to me, kissing her lips again. “Oh, God... Caitlyn... Oh, God...”

She grunted and moaned, “Mmm... Mmm... Mmm... Mm-mm-mm... Mmmmmmm.”

“Oh God, Caitlyn...”

“Oh, Daddy,” she breathed, “Oh, Daddy...”

She did all the work, focused on my pleasure, focused on ensuring I had a good ending to the earlier bad day. Her body told me what it wanted. Her vagina clenched around me, drooled slick juices on me, her movements a plea to release my seed inside her little pussy.

I felt it rising up slowly. Caitlyn never did what the porn stars do, the hyperactive slamming and silly, over-the-top moaning that she'd seen in so many videos. No, my daughter moved carefully and rhythmically, full, gentle up and down movements so that I could feel every inch of her thin, slightly-puffy labia trailing along my shaft, every slick cell in her vagina pressed tightly against my dick.

She tossed her head in slow rolling movements, her orange-red pony tail swishing against her back. Caitlyn's eyes opened to look into mine, her mouth agape, lips wet, her expression one of desire and longing, pleading with me to cum inside her.

“Oh, God... Caitlyn...”

“Cum inside me, Daddy,” she said, knowing how much I loved to hear her say such things, “Cum in my cunny.”

I groaned, my hips rising up against her, straining, boiling, “Caitlyn! Ohhhhhhhh... Ohhhhhh... Uhnngg... Uhnggg.. Oh, Caitlyn...”

“Mmm... That's it, Daddy,” my daughter whispered, “that's it... I feel you shooting inside me... shoot it all, Daddy... shoot it all...”

My ejaculation overwhelmed me. I writhed under my daughter's slow moving body, forcing cum into her tiny, tight, bald pussy. My cock swelled with each spurt, my heart racing, my breathing quick. Caitlyn watched me, the love in her expression so clear. Her mouth was open, her breathing like mine, her eyes dancing with pleasure and delight as I filled her with my seed.

My cum gushed out around my cock as Caitlyn rode me through my orgasm. She slowed and stilled when I began to soften. “Oh, Daddy...” she whispered softly. We kissed again and I tasted the powerful love between us. My dick twitched inside my daughter's vagina, pulsing out small spurts of semen. I felt her little pussy clench randomly, as if it wanted to be sure I'd given every drop.

When I softened enough, my penis slipped out of Caitlyn's body and my cum rushed down over my groin. Caitlyn carefully stepped over me and knelt between my legs, gently and methodically lapping up the large pools of sperm caught in my pubic hairs and on my balls. When she'd finished cleaning me, she flopped onto the couch and curled herself into a ball in my arms.

“Would you like an orgasm?” I asked her, full of love and pleasure, my long, hard day forgotten completely.

“Not right now, thanks, Daddy,” my daughter replied. I could hear the smiling satisfaction in her voice, “I just wanted you to have a better day...”

“So much better. I'm so lucky to have you, Caitlyn,” I told her, kissing her forehead and stroking her beautiful red hair, “I love you so much.”

The End

Comments on Caitlyn's Comfort:

Author Date Comment Chase's Response
Anonymous 3 June 2018 Needs a second chapter. The pizza gets delivered and he unthinkingly opens the door naked and finds caitlyns babysitter in her new job... the babysitter who has a crush on him... just an idea. (rating: 8) I doubt I'll reopen this story, and if so, it would only be to focus on Caitlyn's relationship with her daddy.
Anonymous 13 April 2018 A short but lovely tale (rating: 8) Thank you!
Rude 8 March 2018 Perfect. Thanks!
Anonymous 27 February 2018 Man, I love your stories like this - soft and sensual. None of your stories involve nonconsent or force and I like that. I also like it when the girl starts the contact. And most of all - it's all fantasy! I would never violate the innocence of a child, but it is hot to think about it. ;-) Thanks so much! I love the soft, gentle, loving relationships, and it is definitely all fantasy. Too many little girls (and boys) have been hurt by people who can just let their imaginations be enough. If I can help more people find outlets which don't hurt kids, then I hope I'm doing good.
Anonymous 5 February 2018 Great story (rating: 10) Thank you!
Jim 1 February 2018 Wow, loved this story. Who in their right mind wouldn't love to have his young daughter do everything she could to make her daddy feel better after a hard day...her ultimate desire. Great story. Thank you. Thanks, Jim! Caitlyn is certainly a very special girl we can all dream of being included of our lives :)
Papa JOHN 23 December 2017 great story I came when U did . Any more stories like this with younger daughters or sons (rating: 10) Awesome, Papa John, glad you enjoyed the story! :)

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Anonymous 21 December 2017 Damn, that's so hot! (rating: 10) Many thanks!
Anonymous 15 December 2017 perfect story (rating: 10) Thanks!
Sheri 30 November 2017 Write about them more and have him breed her, make her get pregnant. It’s what I’d want if I was her. Thanks for the feedback, Sheri! I don't know that I will return to this story. I kinda like that it is a single drop-in moment in the life of Caitlyn and her father which doesn't have to go through all the context and reasons and plausibility I usually work into stories.
Anonymous 23 November 2017 MMM ...MMM...MMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
TempestErotica 22 November 2017 Very nice short stories. Mine tend to balloon to several thousand.I need to start writing small ones like this one. My pleasure, thanks for reading!

I've had some fun with these short stories, just dropping into a payoff scene without worrying a lot about the reasons and context that a longer story compels me to consider. Kinda fun to get right to the 'point' sometimes. :)
kputana 20 November 2017 Oh wonderful, Caitlyn is a very hot and expert babe despite her young age Thanks, kputana! Glad you enjoyed the story.
Mike 14 November 2017 A beautiful story told so well to make me wish I was there!!! Thank you so much, Mike!
anaanab 7 November 2017 love it! Thanks, anaanab!
Liz 4 November 2017 Wonderful story! Such a loving daughter to help her father like that, such a lucky dad to have a sweet and sexy girl like her. Thank you so much, Liz! Caitlyn is a sweetheart to be so understanding of her daddy's rough day. We all need someone like Caitlyn in our lives :)
Bedroom_fantasies 2 November 2017 My husband and I love this story. I love to imagine that one day we have a daughter that treats her daddy this well. Lovely, Bedroom_fantasies! Sounds you and your husband have an erotic imagination!
Hottdaddy 1 November 2017 I just have to say that this story, well, it moved me lol. Such a turn on. The closeness of daddy/daughter, the connection between the two, the deliberateness of Caitlin in her one objective - to make her daddy feel better. I also loved the normalcy of her eating up daddy's cum when she finished. She knew what daddy needed, and she gave him exactly that. Because she loved him. She enjoyed his pleasure as much as he did. Mmm. Loved it. Thank you. So glad you liked it, Hottdaddy! Caitlyn is a sweet, lovely girl :)