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Primary Story Codes: MF Mf Fm fmb Fmb MFfmb MFfmm anal creampie inc mother/daughter mother/son father/daughter brothers brother/sister

Husband and wife Gene and Tamara share an open marriage with rules, and their sexual lives are satisfying, their relationship together strong. Their children, fifteen-year old Lauren, fourteen-year old Finch, and twelve-year old Logan have all the normal curiosities and urges as other teenagers. Together, the five of them are forced to take flight when an international anarchist organization targets Gene and Tamara, and much of the rest of the world.

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Author Date Comment Chase's Response
Anonymous 26 July 2018 You're obviously a good writer, and I was pulled in by the "Clancy" type storyline, but I made it as far as chapter 34 before I had to call it quits. The sex is icky and disturbing (to me) and far overshadows your plot, which I regret I could not find. Not trying to be unkind. Perhaps you are attempting to attract a more deviant reader than I. Maybe someday you'll write a story with a great plot and just enough vanilla sex to satisfy SOL readers. You certainly have that ability. Thanks for the feedback and the attempt to read the story, J. Run was definitely intended as a fap story with a plot wrapped around it. It does bog down a bit around the part where you stopped reading, but picks up soon after, IMO. The explicit sex was always the first priority when I started writing the story, and it's not to everyone's taste. And yes, it was aimed more at those interested in the sorts of sex in the story than a general audience on SOL.

If you would like to try something of my mine which is much more plot and less about the sex, I suggest Semper Fi, which is, at its core, a redemptive romance (though there is explicit sex, it is much less important to the story than the plot.) It is a tale which follows an aging Marine after a global war who rediscovers a reason to live through a teen girl he meets and befriends. There is some action, a lot of dialogue, and character-driven plot arcs, really a redemptive, moral drama with some explicit sex.

Thanks again, and I really appreciate you taking the time to let me know your thoughts,
Anonymous 13 June 2018 Enjoyed the story, but had some difficulty at times trying to keep up with who's who. In addition I found keeping up with who is a good vs who is evil difficult to follow as they seemed to keep changing. I do feel you blew the ending by making Holly a bad guy. Also based on the description of what Tamara did to Utah he is dead. (I based this on my personal experience as a medic). I am not one to tell you how to plot out a story or point out anomalies so please don't think I am trying to criticize. This is the first story of yours I have read so I find as I read other stories I catch on to your style.

Looking forward to reading some of your other works.
Thanks for the feedback! Utah's survival is an open mystery at this point, but I promise to reveal more about that in the sequel. Also, is Holly a bad guy? I'm not saying she's not, but given the twists and feints, you can never be sure the scene is really showing you exactly what you see :)
Rube 5 June 2018 "Run" is a good story with many plot lines to keep it flying along. However, I would have preferred a "they lived happily ever after" ending. At 280k words, it is bordering on too long and could have come to a satisfactory ending.

You are a good writer and I have enjoyed your other stories, such as "Shipwrecked".
Thanks for your feedback, Rube! I know the Epilogue will have put a damper on things a bit, but I promise it will be worth it once I get a chance to write the sequel.
Anonymous 3 June 2018 Really? A guy gets off twice the night before leaving on a road trip and immediately spends hundreds on a whore the first night away? A pick up maybe. Maybe a bit longer away from his last piece he'd resort to an escort. The wife went with a waiter at least. I don't see the issue, honestly. And besides, these characters are sort of uber-humans, anyway. That's half the point, just like Vin Diesel in an action flick. Only, these characters are just really horny and able to perform regularly, more than us "normal" folks.
Anonymous 30 May 2018 Great story, loved it whenyou originally started posting, and so glad you took time to go back and edit so that it would be allowed here. Has been my nightly read as cheater after cheater uploaded can’t wait for book 2 - love your other stories as well. Many thanks!
Anonymous 30 May 2018 WOW a great story can't wait to read more lots of sex love the ages and family sex Thank you so much!
Anonymous 18 May 2018 I just started reading this story, after chapter 13, I have to say something, although others no doubt already have. The AR15 does not fire three shot bursts, if it does, the lower receiver has been modified to make it an M4, the military rifle that has selective fire capabilities. They use magazines, not clips, the much older Garand, or M1A uses stripper clips instead of magazines. Details matter. Thanks for the feedback. I'm well aware of the differences between a clip and a magazine. However, you have to always remember, the characters in the story don't always know such things. A character without training that always thinks or says the exact-correct words is not believable. There are many places in this story (and others) that I've intentionally had characters misspeaking or using incorrect terminology. While I try to make it only a minor intrusion, I find the effect helps maintain character believability.

As to the AR15, I get it, but as you said, it can be modified. Also note, the characters in M1 use their own vernacular and show regular misunderstandings about various aspects of process, technology, and even location. Would that instructor know to call it instead an M4? Only if he'd been in the military which used M4s and we aren't shown that person's background. Never assume expertise in characters which are not experts, and be aware that cultural (organizational, territorial, etc) leaves different terms/slang/misused descriptors in the real world and it is quite extensive. Details do matter, but a "perfect narrator" or "perfect actor" ruins the story for me.
Anonymous 5 May 2018 The short black driver of the van had hands like white rocks on the steering wheel? Not the first break in continuity. Spoils the story. Will see how it goes. Okay... Have you ever seen black people? They aren't monochrome. The visual was intentional. And what 'break[s] in continuity' did you find? I'd love to know so that I can clean them up.
Ron 1 May 2018 I liked "Shipwrecked" slightly more(still waiting for more) but your novels are hard to put down. The action is non-stop, edge-of-your-seat exciting. The way you write I can see the environment surrounding the characters, see the emotions in their faces...the passion, the lust. You are my favorite erotic novelist of all time and I've been reading this stuff for 50 years. Wow! Thank you so much, Ron! That is very high praise, and I'll continue doing my best to live up to it!
Mac 11 April 2018 Hi I found this story among my unfinished stories. Went on to Stories online were I first got it from but it was not on your story list. But thanks to you I have found the rest of the story and a new site to look at. Thanks Mac Thanks, Mac! I will eventually update the version of Run on SOL, but the problem is that I have to 'age' the younger characters due to SOL's restrictions on characters engaged in sex who are under fourteen. It's a pain in the ass, but I do want to get it finished at some point.
Clay 20 March 2018 I’ve enjoyed this story very much, thank you My pleasure, thanks for coming along for the tale!
Anonymous 12 March 2018 With you to the end. Great family love. Great war, honor, love, human condition. (rating: 9) Thank you so much for reading!
Anonymous 20 February 2018 Just finished run last night and wanna say wow wow wow,had me on the edge of my seat alot to think what was going to happen, then in the epilogue with holly been the behind everything one has to wonder when she said that she loves gene is it really true or just to back stab him.

But like you said in your authors thoughts many unanswered questions

I have still many things to say about this story and others you wrote but dont know how to write it out/down.

But also would just like to say thanks and congrats on another excellent story.
Thank so much!

I have a ton of ideas about the sequel, but I'll give it some time before I jump in again. I really want to do it justice when I decide it is time to write the follow up. I can't wait to use Holly as a POV character, for sure.
Feel free to send me feedback/comments any time!
Aussieray 10 February 2018 Bravo, Bravo

The Holly episode at the end, indicated a return of the cast, and, as you mentioned, the unfulfilled sexual ambitions of virtually every character in the story.

I enjoyed the accention of Logan into a hero, I am not sure whether you are going to use a "Rose Cottage" scenario to handle the disfigurements, (check your old Robert Young movies), or rely on the technical brilliance of Israel's medical R&D.

I understand the loose unresolveable ends, but you are a writer of erotica and that's what idiots like me want to read. Although inserting the erotica into a substantial novel was genius.

I will try to list the outstanding missing threads

Tamara=Quicks daughter, does she have his worried genes to contend with, and her comment that she made Gene think the money was from his father, seems to indicate some knowledge culpability on her part.

Henderson=how can his family exist without involving hIm, his repeat of mild swearing in his last appearance indicates he is not as staid as would be presumed.

Bridgewater=again, what wonders can be applied to his reconstruction by the Israelis.

Charles= obviously you needed a replacement for Victor and indicated further writing was expected.

Holly=I agree with you, apart from a woman I would love to fuck, she is a great foil for a writer, and a superb character for readers. I am thinking of changing my name to Gene. How I would like to inject some of my genes into her.

You ruined or enhanced every readers (irrespective of gender) wet dream with her involvement with Charles, who out Victor's Victor and obviously Quick in his evilness.

The Kids=the five kids must at some stage be reunited, imagine, the Henderson's, Gene and his family and Holly and Marcus at the farm, and of course with so many dicks and Fannie's a baby, or babies would result.

A suggestion, all the females get pregnant, including Hannah, Those Israelis can fix anything. Last but not least,

Logan=he ended being my second favourite character, and I would suspect the only one able to combat Charles, with his mothers help and vagina.

Well that's it folks!!!!!

Not quite, I have a name for the new venture, "Walk", don't laugh, with all the injuries, especially Ari, no one would be able to run, all they could do is a gentle walk.

Chase, as you can see I did have fun reading Run, and am looking forward to 2019, if you are looking for a reviewer I would enjoy the task.
Thanks so much, Aussieray! As you pointed out, there are a lot of ways the sequel can go. I've got a lot of ideas but I'm not ready to get started writing the story yet. I do know what the first scene will be (it involves Lauren) but I want to continue to let the ideas percolate a few months before jumping back in. I hope you enjoy the result when I get to it!
Anonymous 10 February 2018 What a Run! (rating: 8) :)
RS Jenkins 9 February 2018 I just finished the last of Run one word description of it; Infuckingcredible, that is the best I can give it. I had always felt like I was along for the ride, I could even see some of the locations at least the ones I have been to. I know when I get transported into a story as a "ghost" viewer it has to be good. Loved it and can hardly wait for the sequel. (rating: 10) Thank you, RS! I'm really happy you enjoyed the story and the conclusion. It was a lot to keep track of and a lot of work, but work I definitely enjoyed and loved sharing. I'll let it get some distance before I start doing any serious thinking about the sequel. I have a lot of other stories to write for now, including the sequel to Groundhog Nights which I hope to get started soon.
Anonymous 8 February 2018 Wow. That was quite the story. I had no idea it even existed until the final chapters showed up yesterday in asstr's recent files list.

Still trying to sort out in my mind exactly how everything fits together. Which in my experience is a sign of a good tale.

You mention there will be a sequel at some point. I'm excited to read it when that time comes, there are quite a few unresolved pieces I want to see get closure. (rating: 10)
Thank you so much! I'm glad you found it and enjoyed the discovery. I'm also trying to sort out in my mind how everything fits together :)
Anonymous 8 February 2018 Aaahhhh!! That's not where Holly is supposed to be! After all that?? And we have to wait until "at least 2019" for the sequel?!?

Seriously, between the action and the amazing sex (at times, yes, a bit enviously easy), this was an absolutely fantastic story! I loved every moment of it. Great work! I am excited to know there will be a sequel, far into the future it may yet be. Like you as the author, I have come to really like and be invested in these characters, and will wait with barely contained anticipation for the next stage of their journeys.
Thanks so much for the comments, and I'm glad Run hooked you so much that you were not happy with the Epilogue! :) Such a fun story to write the past few years, and I definitely look forward to working on the sequel at some point in the future once I've had time to let some ideas simmer.
Aussieray 7 February 2018 I started reading Run, and realised that it is unfinished, is it on your agenda to continue or will it remain in an unfinished state. It appeals to me greatly, the action plot with all the sexual agendas makes for good reading and it would be good to have an end. Good news! I just finished writing the series late Tuesday night. The story concludes with Chapter 55 and an Epilogue (up through #49 have been published so far.) I'm going to be editing/proofreading the unpublished chapters starting today, and once that's complete, I'll publish them on my site. Hopefully you enjoy the way it wraps up!
George 7 February 2018 So hot. Very exciting. I got so turned on (refers to Chapter 1; rating: 8) Thanks, George! I hope you continue to enjoy the story! I have the last 6 chapters, including the finale, written and will be publishing them soon. I hope you like the conclusion!
Anonymous 7 February 2018 when are the next chapters coming? Soon! The story is completely written, but the final few chapters need editing and proofreading before I publish them.
Aussieray 7 February 2018 Hi, I started reading Run, and realised that it is unfinished, is it on your agenda to continue or will it remain in an unfinished state. It appeals to me greatly, the action plot with all the sexual agendas makes for good reading and it would be good to have an end. Hi Aussieray! Good news! I just finished writing the series late Tuesday night. The story concludes with Chapter 55 and an Epilogue (up through #49 have been published so far.) I'm going to be editing/proofreading the unpublished chapters starting today, and once that's complete, I'll publish them on my site. Hopefully you enjoy the way it wraps up!
Bill 5 February 2018 Thanks for getting back to this outstanding story. Personally, I think it is one of your very best. So, it was good to relink with the thread of the story. Hope to see this one get more chapters in the near future. (rating: 10) Thanks, Bill! I really have enjoyed writing this series. It moves fast and I can spend more time on the action and dialogue than in my usual stories. It's been great to finally get into it again in the past few weeks, and I'm almost done writing the tale. I've got chapters 50 and 51 written, almost done with 52. The story is plotted out to conclude with chapter 55 along with an epilogue. Getting close, hoping I've caught all the plot threads I need to tie up! :)

Update! Story complete, will be publishing the final chapters soon!
Anonymous 4 February 2018 This story is superb! I can't wait for each new chapter to arrive! I love the mix of intense action and the incredibly hot and varied sex in it! (rating: 10) Thank you so much! The story has been completed and the final six chapters will be online soon!
Rude 27 December 2017 This is great story wiring Chase. You are an expert with the use of detail. Very very professional. On to chapter 4. Many thanks, Rude!
Anonymous 18 December 2017 Excellent work as usual. Can't wait for more!!!! You are the best! (rating: 10) Thank you so much!
94goodtimes 1 December 2017 thank you for the additional chapters. I read them like I watch a tv show I enjoy, binge watching, but in this case, binge reading. I really think this series could be remade into an action movie with an r rating. I am looking forward to the conclusion! Thanks! I really love writing Run and am working on the last few chapters. I just want to make sure I tie up all the loose ends, so that's what is taking time right now. I've got 3 or 4 more chapters written with a few more planned beyond that. Once I'm satisfied that those chapters are setting up the conclusion properly, I'll get those published.
Anonymous 22 November 2017 Love the story... you going to add the dozen or so chapters any time soon? Thanks! And, yes, I'm working on finishing up the series now. I've got chapters 43-50 written but not yet edited, but I'll have them up soon while I finish the last chapters. Thanks for the patience!

On StoriesOnline, there is an age restriction for characters involved in sex acts. I primarily publish this story on ASSTR and then I have to 'age' the youngest son to be at least fourteen, adjusting the ages of the other two slightly, as well. So, the version on SOL is slightly different due to the age changes, and also behind what I've published on ASSTR. I'm working on finishing up the story, so I'm going to do that before I pick back up the 'aging' I have to do to put a version of the story on SOL.

Thanks for reading!
Anonymous 20 November 2017 Run is such an engrossing story!!! It’s plot is so strong. Please write more chapters. Thank you! More chapters on the way very soon!
Anonymous 20 November 2017 What a great story. I am waiting with great anticipation for the next chapters. Cheers. Thanks, anon! I've got up through chapter 50 written (but not edited or published) and I'm starting to close out the story. I'll get new chapters up very soon. Thanks for reading!
94goodtimes 18 November 2017 I have really enjoyed this story. Thank you for the 2 latest chapters. I like the way you go from scene to scene following the various characters. I enjoy geography, so it has been fun following the characters as they travel to and fro. Thanks, 94goodtimes! It has felt great getting the series going again and finally heading towards the conclusion.

I put up chapter #42 on Saturday in case you didn't see that one go up. I have several more chapters written but not yet edited, and I'll get those up over the coming days/weeks as I finish off the story. I will write a sequel to Run at some point, so even once this story is done, the characters should be back for another fun romp across the world in the future :)
Anonymous 17 November 2017 been so long since added chapters, i think a couple of chapters could fill out the series. it appears you have a change of interest into short stories. the novel approach of run, has worn off. so maybe a couple of chapters and put run to rest.

my interest is peaked to find out what the information is that the husband and wife have. but the length of time since chapters i've forgotten characters names. i
I'm sorry the time between chapters has spoiled the enjoyment you had for the series. It honestly couldn't be avoided for reasons I've explained elsewhere. When I'm in a similar situation, such as when it took years for the final novels of the Eye of the World series to come out, I, several times, reread all the books so that I'd be ready for the new one. I suppose that if a story catches your interest enough, that's what you would do. But if you've lost interest, then there's not much point.

As to me being more interested in short stories... huh? I've published a few which I wrote during the ASSTR downtime over the summer, but I've pumped out literally dozens of chapters in Shipwrecked, Flower Petals, Ahead of the Curve, Aunt Jamie's Purse, You Can Call Me Daddy, and, now, Run, since ASSTR came back online a couple of months ago. I much prefer writing long series where I can take the time to explore the characters and the plot. Run is such a series. I love writing it. In fact, other than possibly Shipwrecked, it is my favorite story to sink into. I love it so much that I'm going to write a follow-on sequel to Run. I just love the characters and the world enough to keep going even after this part of the story ends.

I'm also not going to just 'put run to rest.' Readers who are sticking through the gaps deserve better. The characters deserve better. And frankly, I deserve better. I want to tell the whole story, start to finish, and a couple of chapters won't do it. I'd expected somewhere around 50 to complete it a few months back. I will run beyond that as I get down to the concluding actions. I've got up through #48 written (though several are not yet edited and published,) and I'll probably need another ten chapters or so to finish things. Needless to say, if I need to add one or two or ten more to tell the full story, I won't hesitate to do so. I hope you'll reconsider and decide the story is worth digging into again, but if not, thanks for reading and giving it a shot.
David 26 October 2017 I'm enjoying "Ahead of the Curve" and looking forward to the rest of "Run". Keep up the good work! Thank you so much! I've been writing the concluding chapters of Run lately, hopefully I can finish it up and get it published soon. Thanks for the patience!
Skipper 20 October 2017 Thinking you might need a friendly poke. As if you didn't already have too many.

"I do plan to continue and complete the story soon"

I once carried around a Chinese fortune cookie that said "soon."

Well, thirty years down the road and I am still waiting for soon to appear.

Enjoy your stuff !
Thanks, Skipper, I appreciate the poke. I've had Run simmering in my back pocket for a while. I'm trying to finish up the rest of the story before publishing it, mostly because I want to ensure I tie up all the loose plot lines and not have to go back and change something I've already published if I miss one. I'm getting close, but I don't have an ETA yet. I'm looking forward to getting it finished since there are some good long-teased payoff scenes to get out there!

Hopefully it won't be 30 years!
shaggy 12 April 2017 Hi, I have just read your story "Run". I really liked and thanks for the story. Are you planning to continue the story or is shelved for good? Hi shaggy! I do plan to continue and complete the story soon. I have the chapter outlines done, but I still need to finish writing the conclusion. I hope you enjoy it when it is published.
Anonymous 23 January 2017 Enjoying the story! Love to see how it ends! Thanks! I have a conclusion in sight, hopefully the last few chapters won't disappoint!
Anonymous 15 October 2016 Fun story to read Thank you!
Jay Bee 13 October 2015 Can't wait for the next chapters. Great read from all perspectives... Great plot, great character development, great action. Keep up the great work Thanks, much appreciated!
Jay Bee 9 October 2015 Excellent story . Was bummed your u stopped or slowed down on s.o.l Asstr is also good, just not as flexible Thanks, Jay Bee. I still have a few chapters to add over on SOL, but it takes time to age the characters up a bit to meet the site rules. I'll get them loaded up at some point, then I'll get some new chapters going.
Anonymous 16 August 2015 I just finished everything available in the "Run" series. I'd run into a chapter (about 15) on main page, read several more then somehow lost it completely. Then about three weeks ago, I stumbled on a chapter of "Shipwrecked" at the same place, the writing style seemed familiar so I went to the parent directory and found what I had lost. I must say that I enjoyed the action/thriller bits between the main material immensely, even though some of it seems (I'm no expert) wildly unrealistic from geopolitical or technological viewpoints. I suppose I should move on to "Shipwrecked" now and let you keep writing so I can keep enjoying. Cheers! Thank you! I'm glad you are enjoying the series! I definitely recognize the political and technical landscape are 'made up' and not as plausible as they might have been. That said, it is intended as a fantasy, so I take liberties with the world-at-large in order to construct the story setting to fit the plot, rather than the other way around. I hope it is 'good enough' that this isn't a detriment to enjoying the narrative.

I hope you enjoy Shipwrecked!
Anonymous 16 July 2015 Plis can u upload run Sorry for so long since new chapters on this series, I hope to have more very soon.
Anonymous 10 June 2015 Juliana told Lauren that Hannah had an infection when she was little and they had to take her womb. So how can she have a period ? An excellent observation and I'm glad someone noticed. Juliana told Lauren that they took Hannah's womb, but what Hannah had was a partial hysterectomy, meaning they left the cervix. In those situations, there is sometimes uterine lining left which can shed and create menstruation, which is the case with Lauren. I won't go into all the other details here (they may come out later in the plot), but there is a reason that Hannah seems unaware of her condition, as well as the fact that her mother gives her birth control even though she cannot get pregnant.
Bill 12 May 2015 Great story! I'm now caught up with the chapters and looking forward to the next one.... Thanks, Bill! Run has been a lot of fun to write, more coming soon!
karbinkopy 9 May 2015 I love your stories. I am especially enjoying the story set of Run. There is one thing that is bothering me. I'm not sure if you know the definition of "mewling".This is a word you use often and in most circumstances it doesn't fit the actions surrounding it's use. Mewling is best described as a plaintive whimper. So when you use mewling to describe an action that someone is happily doing then it doesn't fit. The word that would better describe a happy action is purr. For example, since Holly initiated sucking Gene's soiled cock, it stands to reason that she is enjoying it and thus she would be purring. If Gene had forced the cock into Holly's mouth and she did not enjoy it then her response would be a mewl or plaintive whimper. Thanks for reading, and kind remarks!

I do use mewling intentionally and know its definitions. The word is used in my stories for its implied sound and tones of a whimper. It gives both a sense of longing and need (like a cat mewling), as well as a higher-pitched tone to the sound (again, like a cat or like a bird of prey).

So together, it's a higher-pitched whimper full of need. That fits exactly what I'm aiming for both its tone and its implied values. It isn't about happiness or lack thereof at all.

I do use purr often for a very different sound and implied values (throaty, full of desire, anticipation, playfulness).
name 22 March 2015 Absolute GREAT story. I love it. Hope there is more soon. Many thanks! I just published chapters 29-35.
Anonymous 8 January 2015 Great story. I'm commenting after the first chapter. Even though I'm not into Mother/Son, Father/daughter incest, I love your work. You are truly a very good author. You have talent! Beyond that, I REALLY like you posting the cast at the beginning of the chapter. I admit that I'm terrible at remembering names so this helps a lot - especially later when a character reappears.

Thanks again. I'm looking forward to the rest of the story and more of your work.
Thank you! Hopefully you enjoy the story as it unfolds, I really enjoy writing it!
Anonymous 13 October 2014 Another great story. I didn't think I would blow through 15 Chapters so quick. Where others may not like the twists and turns it does keep the story moving and then fakes out the readers when trying to anticipate what's next.

As far as the comment on North Korea? The South Koreans are a pretty hardy bunch, and the North wouldn't believe what they got themselves into, and without their Chinese neighbor I don't believe they would last long.

Keep the family apart for a while (as they are) and let them move with their own sub-plot. It makes for a better story as Dad is the one everyone is after, and he is finally starting to get into the game. Might want to start giving him some ideas of his own.

The sex is on par for the situations, though I'm anxious to find when/if the boys finally get together with Lauren.

A good cliffhanger that's for sure.
Very glad you are enjoying it! Gene is starting to get more involved in chapters 16 and above, and the boys are definitely getting closer with Lauren. Thanks again!
Marcus 29 August 2014 Hello, I just wanted to compliment you on the story "Run." This is by far my favorite story on your site. I just finished reading what has been posted so far and I have really enjoyed the plot and slow buildup of the story in general. I also like the character development and the reluctance of the main characters in succumbing to their desires. I hope you continue in writing this story and wish you luck on future projects (some of the ones coming out look very interesting to me). Thanks, Marcus! New chapters posted this week.
Ben 29 August 2014 I'm glad that you decided to explore mother son relationships in your stories and your story is great. It's very rare to find them both together. Thanks for the great read. Can't wait for more Many thanks, hope you enjoy the new chapters!
Anonymous 23 August 2014 Run is fantastic. Got any more planned for this series? Thank you! Finally got back to the series, chapters 16-20 posted this week.
Anonymous 19 August 2014 More please Delivered this week :)
Anonymous 15 June 2014 "as he lay prostate." Bwahahahaha!

And, no fucking way that North Korea invades the South and the USA doesn't go to war. Never. Might be WWIII, but we'd stomp those gooks hard. Your politics are clumsy, the story grows more and more complicated with no clear direction yet. Yawn.
You read fap stories for the politics? O_o
Anonymous 2014 June 12 You're such a great story teller, and you manage to keep human sexuality at the forefront without sacrificing the story. Such a rarity.

I'm caught up on all your stories now, except your other new one which I'll start tonight. Run is my new favorite, though I've said that about each one of yours at one time or another.

You're easily my favorite author on this site, and I've enjoyed looking into the other writers you recommended. You've even inspired me to write a couple stories myself, though I haven't published them yet.

I'm amazed how prolific you are. I hope you can keep that up and not go on hiatus too often, because there are a lot of us who hang on your every word.

Keep challenging the limits of sexuality in your stories. It may be off-putting to some (homosexuality, scat, etc), but as a reader I've found it great fun to share in these taboos I would never want to actually participate in. Kind of like shooting people in video games is fun and stress relieving but I wouldn't feel the same about it real life.

Keep unfolding your stories for us. I can't wait to see how Lauren's character develops.
Wow, thank you so much! I'd love to read your stories, feel free to send me anything you'd like to share. You didn't leave a return email address so I can't respond directly, but you can always contact me at chaseshiverstales at gmail dot com. Thanks again for the wonderful compliments!
Tom 2014 June 12 Brilliant F/F scene! Handled so erotically...I normally am not drawn to scenes like this, but I felt like I was right there... --Author's note: refers to Chapter 15 Thanks, Tom! Glad you liked it!
Skipper 2014 June 11 "Gene rushed down the stairs of the interior hallway"

I think you mean ladder and passageway.

As far as I know, boats don't have "stairs" or "interior hallways."

I may be wrong.

Enjoy the story. More so than "Shipwrecked"
Thanks for the feedback, Skipper! Boats can have both 'stairs' and 'interior hallways' though I agree it is more common to have ladders and 'passageways.' Keep in mind two things. First, this is a big boat (60' or so) so it tends to have facilities like a yacht. Second, though the narration is 3rd person, it is 'over the shoulder' of (in this case) Gene, and looks at things through his eyes. He's an imperfect narrator and won't always know the terminology.

Additionally, this is the interior I had in mind when I described the inside of the boat (though it is a sailing ship and old, I just liked the wood interior.) In the caption, it is described as 'interior, hallway.' Also, plenty of large luxury boats have stairs and hallways.
Anonymous 2014 June 9 Great story. Gets better and better. Run is turning out to be my favorite. Shipwrecked followed by Flower Petals are next. Thank you! :)
Anonymous 2014 June 9 Damned interesting storyline, please keep up the good work! Thank you! Chapter 11 just published.
Anonymous 2014 June 6 a good story keep it going Thanks, will do!
Rick 2014 June 5 great story so far, Run. I also enjoyed your other stories, very readable, erotic and well thought out. I like that you take your time. Thanks, Rick! Much appreciated :)
Tom 2014 June 4 Another excellent start to one of your well-crafted stories!!! Thanks, Tom!
Rich 2014 May 30 Fantastic story. Very arousing, satisfying. Thanks, Rich! Should have new chapters up in the next few days, thanks for reading!
Anonymous 2014 May 30 Well done. Need more...SOON Thanks, more soon!