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Epilogue and Author's Reflection

Author's note: If you like the 'happily ever after' ending of the story, skip the Epilogue. You've been warned :)

- - -

The fingers poking near his throat were rougher than one should expect, but the man said nothing.

The doctor finished his exam, "Yep, still seems to be right where it should be. No adjustments today."

"Are you quite certain?" The man's voice still surprised him, as if someone else in the room had spoken instead. It was mechanical, somewhat auto-tuned so that he did not speak monotonously. The muscles in his throat were barely able to work it properly, and it would take much more work to train his new, digital voice to produce his usual charismatic tones.

For now, it would do. "Leave me then."

The doctor nodded and swept out of the man's bedroom.

The door opened again and the woman arrived, finally. "Where have you been? Were you on time? Did you succeed?" someone else seemed to ask.

The woman smiled that devious smile and said, "I'll tell you later. You'll like what I have to say, I promise."

When he raised his eyebrows, she laughed and repeated, "I'll tell you later."

"Why not now?" He was a patient man, but only to a point.

"It's too long."

"Are you're certain they still are ignorant of the rest of my plan?" he demanded.

The woman shrugged, "As certain as can be. And that's pretty fucking certain." She smiled at him, "You know, aside from that designer hole in your throat, it all went off about how you thought it would. A bit more fire, perhaps, but still on track."

"So it seems." The man could see the delight on the woman's face that their progress was continuing as expected. "You're so much like your grandfather it's frightening."

Fondling her breasts through her shirt, the woman replied, "He never had any tits of his own to play with, though."

"They'll never see it coming," the man said, ignoring her tease, "not in a million years. When they find out your part in this... I hope I can see that bitch's face when she gets hers."

"Enough talking," the woman told him firmly while quickly sliding off her clothes, revealing her short, pale, athletic body, "I really want to use my mouth for something else right now."

"And what would that be?" he said with mild irritation.

"Just watch and relax..."

The woman slid onto the bed and ran hands down the man's thighs and inside his legs, then drew down his zipper, springing his flaccid cock from below. "Charles... you do have a lovely cock, you know..."

"So I've been told," the man replied evenly, squashing a memory of a different woman, a different time. A wholly different opinion of said woman.

He brushed the blonde hair from her face as she slathered her saliva along his shaft, his dick swelling, the woman swallowing him down her throat once he'd hardened fully. He throbbed in her mouth, holding her head tight against his cock, short thrusts through her lips. He could feel her resistance melt, as it always did, and before long, the man ejaculated, throbbing his cum into her throat. Like she always did, the woman swallowed calmly and let him finish before pulling away.

The man told her, "One of these days, I'm going to treat you by eating your pussy. I know you want it. I'll give it. When you are ready."

He swept the yellow hair once more, then cast a wave towards the door. "You really do give me the very best blow jobs, you know, but that's finished now and I expect to hear your full report."

When she stared at him with a disgusted look, still licking sperm from her lips, he repeated, impatiently, in auto-tune, "Your report, Holly?"

The End

- - -

Author's Reflection

What a journey! Not just for the Polanski family, their allies, and their enemies, but for me, and hopefully, you!, as well. I've thoroughly enjoyed telling this story, and I found it intensely gratifying to play in the lives of these characters since I launched the series in 2014. It took time to tell, sometimes months or more of space between new chapters. The plot deserved consideration, and consider it I tried to do when not writing it.

It started off as a pretty simple incest-action story, little in the way of plot ever really worked out more than a chapter or two ahead of time. Twenty or so chapters in I realized I had more on my hands than something so easily written and published. The story deserved some planning. I did a little, but the honest truth is that much of the plot's details were known to me only as I wrote them down. It let me freely wheel through the characters and the world, bringing in small twists and turns, always trying to keep things moving.

What that means, I admit, is plot holes. I'm sure there are some, hopefully not too many bad ones. I've read and reread the story as it went along to ensure I caught the holes I'd created, providing explanations or hints of explanations along the way. I started to take notes to ensure I remembered the important bits, and even now, as I type this reflection out, I'm skimming through my notes to see if I've missed anything.

Note that failing to provide a resolution or omnipotent descriptions within this series is not a plot hole. The over-the-shoulder narrator only ever had the focused character's mind to work from, and that means incomplete information, or worse, unreliability, especially, as you read, those involved had already had their memories manipulated. The story was never meant to give everything a full explanation. There was far too much going on to tell everything.

You might ask what happened to Victor's wife? Why didn't Logan get to finally consummate things with his mother? What happened to the Mantis? Petra? The Hendersons? Panthea? Hilda? What's going on with the world war? No Limits? Playa Gordo? What about Poppy? What about Bridgewater's legs, or his wife / Anna and Holly's mother? Hannigan's family? Wasn't there a mole in Bridgewater's team?

There was waaaay too much to wrap up in this story without bogging it down with a dozen more chapters. Many (most) of these will fit quite easily into... something to follow...

So, naturally, as you see in the Epilogue above, I've set you up to expect a sequel. Yes, there will be a sequel! I already have some notes on where I think things will go, some backstory, more reveals of characters, motives, and plots. I'm nowhere close to starting the first sentence in the followup story, so don't expect it soon. 2019 at the earliest, I'd expect.

But there will be a sequel. I love these characters and the world they have been forced into too much to let them go without more. My initial ideas involve moving the story forward a few months or as much as a couple of years before picking up again. I also expect to add a handful of new point-of-view characters, though I haven't thought too deeply on this.

Holly is an obvious one to follow over-the-shoulder (what the hell is she doing with Utah in the Epilogue?!) Holly has become one of my absolute favorite characters in all my stories. I love writing her, and a big part of the drive to do a sequel is due to not having access to her 'shoulder' to look over in this first book. I expect to do so in future installments.

I'm not sure what else to say about the series. It's imperfect, flawed, silly in places, with over-the-top sex, too-easy incest and adult-kid intimacy, but that's the heart of what it was supposed to be: sexy characters getting together as they raced around the world, scared for their lives. In some ways, it's perfect, too. I didn't want things to get too harsh nor too happy. It was a difficult mix, at times, and I relied a lot on each character to 'tell' me how to make that happen for them.

So this has been Run! I hope you've found it enjoyable, and as always, please reach out to me if you have any comments, questions, or feedback. If you've spotted a plot hole or some other piece of the story where I've not given proper resolution, let me know and I'll be glad to make small adjustments if I feel such resolution (or fixing of holes) is necessary, or I'll explain why I'm not in a position to give you the answers... yet.

Thanks for reading!

All my best,

– Chase