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From the imagination of Chase Shivers

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Chapter 54: One Last Release

Chapter Cast:

Gene Polanski (Mason Shay), Male, 45
- Business VP, husband of Tamara, father of Lauren, Finch, and Logan
- tanned beige skin, 6'1, 210lbs, short peppered grey-black hair
Tamara Khouri-Polanski (Quincy), Female, 43
- Professor, wife of Gene, mother of Lauren, Finch, and Logan
- dark olive skin, 5'6, 150lbs, shoulder-length curly rich brown hair with natural red highlights
Lauren Khouri-Polanski, Female, 15
- High school freshman, daughter of Gene and Tamara, sister of Finch and Logan
- medium olive skin, 5'8, 150lbs, back-length curly black-brown hair, colored white-streaked highlights
Finch Khouri-Polanski, Male, 14
- Eigth-grader, son of Gene and Tamara, brother of Lauren and Logan
- dark olive skin, 5'6, 145lbs, ear-length curly rich brown hair with natural red highlights
Logan Khouri-Polanski, Male, 12
- Sixth-grader, son of Gene and Tamara, brother of Lauren and Finch
- medium olive skin, 5'1, 110lbs, ear-length straight black hair
Holly Bridgewater, Female, 19
- Agent of Marker 1, sister of Anna
- Bronze-tanned skin, 5'1, 100lbs, straight shoulder-length straw-blonde hair
Anna Bridgewater, Female, 22
- Agent of Marker 1, Sister of Holly
- Bronze-tanned skin, 5'2, 120lbs, straight shoulder-length straw-blonde hair
Marcus Hannigan (O'Leary), Male, late-30s
- Former agent of M1 and Playa Gordo
- Pale, freckled skin, 5'11, 185lbs, short sandy-red hair
Adam (Silver) Silverbaum, Male, late-20s
- M1 Technician
- Ashy beige skin, 5'7, 150lbs, ear-length black hair
Aristotle Bridgewater, Male, late-40s
- Former M1 Executive
- Bronzed beige skin, 6'2, 185lbs, short blonde hair
Erol, Male, 16
- Turkish student
- Light-brown skin, 5'7, 135lbs, short, wavy black hair
Major Ingrid Danielson, Female, late-40s
- M1 Officer
- Tanned, freckled beige skin, 5'11, 175lbs, cropped coppery-red hair
Jesus, Male, 40s
- M1 Agent
- Black skin, 6'1, 210lbs, dark-brown hair in cornrows and braids

"I don't understand," Gene said with frustration, "you mean that Victor suddenly knows where to find it?" The hum of the jet's engines were light but droning. The interior held a cockpit and two sections, a general seating for a dozen people in the middle, a smaller room with a central table in the rear. Tamara and Gene were holding hands in two of the seats around the table, Finch and Lauren close to each other opposite.

Tamara's mellow had built strong over the hours spent waking from the Cambridge, the hurried ride up to the surface in a submersible, the divers who attached them each to robes to be pulled onto the waiting chopper, and the rushed takeoff of the small jet from a remote island airport.

Cruising with no turbulence in the last two hours, the calm speed with which they hurtled towards their home city matched Tamara's steely ease as she tried to explain once again, "Quick knew, roughly, how this might go. It wasn't his only trick, it just seems that way now that we're close to the end. He got to Victor, too, and ensured the knowledge he needed was hidden. Released at the right time should things progress down this path. There were other paths, Gene, I don't know all of them. They either failed or events played out differently. Quick arranged many redundancies into this plan. We only know this one because, so far, we've survived."

Gene muttered something under his breath but said no more.

The calm inside Tamara led her to think of Logan a moment. News that the boy was in Israel had been heartening. He was safe, though the details of his time alone had not been passed on. That added to her mellow, and it made Tamara want to tell Gene a simple truth.

"I'm in love with Marcus..."

"What? Who?"

"Hannigan. Marcus Hannigan..."

"O'Leary? Or... whatever, the guy with you for weeks? The one Utah shot?"


Gene was quiet and though it should have concerned her, resolve was strong and her strength of certainty barely faltered.

"I'm happy for you..."

She wasn't sure how to read his tone, something unusual in all their years together.

Gene continued, "The truth is... I fell in love with Holly... So... I understand how that happens..."

"I wondered," Tamara mused, "the way she looks at you... she really cares about you, Gene."

"She does... and... Marcus... he feels for you what you say you feel for him?"

"Yes. He is married, his wife is out there, somewhere, but... he found in me what I saw in him, and... we fell in love..."

They were quiet a moment.

Tamara broke the quiet. "Does it really change us, Gene? After all that we've been through... does it change what we have?"

Gene shook his head and leaned from his seat, bringing his face close to hers, "No. I love you, Tamara. That never changed. If anything, I feel it stronger for all this..."

"I feel exactly the same way," she replied, parting her lips, glancing only briefly at Lauren and Finch, and pushed all of her love into Gene's mouth and body.

- - -

Logan dozed for a while. They'd left Israel abruptly, no more than an hour after he had shared Anna's bed. He still smelled her sweet, bald pussy on his body, and if Logan had his way, he'd never smell like anything else ever again.

Anna was on the flight, as were Erol and the man people kept calling Jesus. The dark-skinned man had an odd cadence to his words and movements, a little jerky and exaggerated. He seemed nice enough, but Logan got an odd vibe from him.

The four of them were in the small cabin, resting in wide, comfortable cushioned seats. The pilot and copilot were the only other people aboard.

Logan drifted in and out, relaxing as best he could. It was decent sleep, when he got it, but what woke him and caught his interest was the sound of moaning nearby.

His eyes flickered open to see that Anna was bent over a seat, pants down to her ankles, and Jesus had his dark cock sliding in and out of her.

Logan glanced around and saw Erol watching, too, the young man's mouth slightly open, but no shame on his face.

Logan turned back to see Anna looking at him, "Your turn?"

It took but an instant for him to stand and shuck his pants down. He heard Jesus laugh lightly as he pulled out of Anna and gave way, slumping into a seat while slowly stroking his glistening erect penis.

Logan was inside of her like an animal. He had to stand on his toes to get the position just right, but Anna's cunt was wet and slippery and in no time he was humming to himself as they mated.

His eye turned to Erol a moment and the youth looked just about to burst from arousal. "Can he?" Logan asked Anna with a grin.

"I'd love that," she panted. "Erol?"

Erol seemed to want permission from Logan for some reason, staring until Logan nodded and pulled back, his little dick wet and throbbing. Erol unzipped his pants then stood stroking himself a moment, staring in awe at the pink, wet flesh between Anna's legs.

"Gonna fuck me or not?" Anna laughed.

"Oh, of course!" Erol replied, bending his knees and pushing the head of his cock inside Anna's pussy.

Jesus was still stroking himself watching Anna get fucked, and Logan stood and did the same. The young man lasted only a moment inside the blonde's pussy, Erol crying out as he filled her in sharp jerks of his hips. Anna purred as Erol's semen blasted into her vagina.

Jesus jumped up and pushed his penis into Anna before much of Erol's cum had slid out. The dark-skinned man bellowed, "Fuck damn shit! This pussy is legit!" Logan started to laugh but then realized it wasn't a joke. Jesus was bucking hard and Logan realized the man had ejaculated his load rather quickly after sliding back into the short blonde.

When Jesus fell away, Logan was there. Bubbling cream tried to slide out of Anna's pinkish-red opening, but Logan pushed the cum back inside her when he penetrated her again. Her pussy was sloppy and a little looser than before, but it was an amazing sensation, fucking Anna with her vagina full of cum from the men who had ejaculated in there moments earlier.

Logan pounded and heaved, he felt Anna's pussy clench. He thought she was cumming. All Logan could hear was his own deep growl as he emptied himself deep in the beautiful blonde's cunt. Anna's pussy overflowed in a rush, cum coating Logan's throbbing shaft, his soft pubic hairs, even his balls. The sperm from three sets of balls was inside Anna's pussy and all over Logan's groin. He squeezed out the last spurt and fell away and onto a chair.

Anna collapsed laughing. "Mighty fine work, you three!"

Logan grinned and buzzed and let this pleasure-filled moment be his only memory for as long as possible.

- - -

"They're gonna fuck!" Lauren whispered in Finch's ear.

Finch grinned, already erect, "I know... I can't wait to watch!"

He slowly stroked his cock through his pants as his mother's pants were pulled off and she straddled their father. Lauren's hand was between his legs suddenly, just as their mom's first lovely moans started in earnest. "Oh, my god, Finch!" Lauren breathed to him.

Finch teased down Lauren's bottoms and openly fingered his sister's wet pussy while she jerked him. Her mouth was over his cock a moment later, their parents rutting faster. He swelled quickly but didn't cum before Lauren turned away and settled her cunt down on his cock.

- - -

Gene watched the kids fucking a moment, almost cumming in Tamara's cunt, when he had an idea. "How's your ass feeling right now?"

Tamara purred. "Willing..."

Gene smiled and kissed her, then leaned his head around his wife's body and said, "Your mother would love for someone to lick her somewhere special. To his delight, Lauren rose to her feet and immediately settled down on her knees between their legs. It was like his daughter knew exactly what was desired.

- - -

The first touch of Lauren's tongue on her mother's butthole sent shivers through her body. The woman tasted sweaty and a little sharp, the lovely, complex flavor giving way to raw flesh. Lauren lapped against her mom's anus and began to swipe along the cleft just beyond, then down lower where she could taste the cream sliding over her parents labia and cock, teasing the union of the wonderful flesh right where they met.

Her mother moaned in delight and soon climaxed. How her dad held off, Lauren didn't know. Lauren had just touched her own clit in a few quick circles while she probed her mom's bowels with her tongue and the teen had trembled into an urgent orgasm.

Lauren knew what should happen next. Turning back to where Finch was rapidly jerking off, she said, "She's ready, Finch!"

- - -

Tamara felt her sphincter stretching and she sucked in her breath. Her son's hard cock opened her a little roughly but it was such an overwhelming sensation that Tamara climaxed before he'd done more than put the head in. Deeper he pushed, and moments later, her son and her husband were fucking her steadily and in unison.

She felt so stretched, so raw, so vulnerable. And she absolutely loved every second of it.

Her daughter braced herself against the wall and climbed over Gene, pushing her crotch right into his face, leaving her buttocks dangling just in front of Tamara's probing tongue.

She returned the favor her daughter had given her. While Gene lapped her pussy and teased Lauren's clit, Tamara slid her tongue in between their daughter's clenching buttocks and swept it through her tender cleft, tickling the girl's anus with each pass.

Tamara felt cocks swelling inside her holes, almost as if they had planned it just perfectly. Lauren's climax was shuddering and the teen nearly fell over but caught herself as she trembled between them.

Finch's penis exploded first and Tamara heard her son's grunts loudly. "Empty yourself, Finch!" Tamara cried out, nearing another climax.

Her husband added, "Cum in your mother ass, son!"

"Do it, Finch!" Lauren moaned, "Oh, cum in Mom's ass!"

Tamara felt her son's dick twitching and spurting, and seconds later, the cock in her pussy did the same, Gene grunting his pleasure into their daughter's cunt, filling Tamara with his hot, sticky seed.

The mutual satisfaction and relief in the room was measurable and wholly welcome. Though it wasn't the most comfortable seating to do so, the four of them managed to pile together on a couple of seats to kiss and cuddle and whisper love. All that was missing, Tamara realized, was Logan. He'd join them soon, she knew. Then Tamara's perfect world would be complete.

- - -

"They'll be landing within the hour, we're not too far behind," Anna told them much later in the long flight. They'd each managed to use the small lavatory to clean up. All of them except Logan. He was serious about wanting to smell like Anna's pussy forever. Though, if he was honest, the scent was as much wet sperm as anything. "We'll start getting ourselves ready shortly. Not much else to do but wait."

"What's going to happen there?" Erol asked as he slipped his boots over his feet.

"Not really sure. Dad... Bridgewater... will brief us upon arrival or we'll meet him onsite. All we know is that Victor is probably already there."

"Where's there?" Logan asked.


He shook his head. He knew that already. "Where specifically?"

"Your home, Logan. Whatever it is Victor needs is there."


Anna shrugged, "Sorry, I don't know the details. We're still trying to catch up, remember?"

Jesus leaned forward and told him, "It's like this, little man, dig? Victor thinks he's God, right? Thinks he controls everything. He's wrong, dig?"

"How do you know?" Logan asked, confused.

Jesus leaned back, spreading his arms wide, "Because I'm Jesus Fucking Christ, and I'm telling you Victor is not God."

Anna shook her head. "That's not really helping..."

Jesus laughed and rolled forwards again, "Hey, you know any hookups in Atlanta? Been years since I was there last..."

Logan looked at Anna with consternation. "Hookups?"

The man coughed and rubbed his chest idly. "Weed. Pills. Mushrooms, if you can swing it."

"Is he serious?" Erol asked.

"Unfortunately," Anna scowled. "Jesus, knock it off. We aren't going there to score you drugs."

Jesus waved dismissive hands in her direction. "Maybe you're not..."

"Is there anything I can do," Logan pleaded, "to help once we're there?"

"Just stick with me. We'll find my father, and your family, and then we'll figure things out."

Logan sucked in his breath, finding that nugget of resolve which had recently been ever-present. "I need my gun."

Anna looked at him evenly at first, and Logan prepared to try to sound more menacing in his next request. The blonde cut in before he'd finished the first syllable. "Of course."

Logan nodded his approval and managed to keep his expression measured despite the way he was enjoying coming to find his place in events along the run.

- - -

Tamara sighed. Gene's question was hard to answer. "I don't know why I can't say it. It just... fades... when I try." Tamara knew Baron Quick's twist. It was clear as day in her mind, but each time she'd tried to explain to Gene, or anyone else, the words failed and the concept blurred behind a grey shroud. "I think he meant for me to keep it secret. He set it up... He... There will be... Victor... Damnit!" She sighed again. "I can't."

Gene looked frustrated but he nodded anyway. He asked, "But you're sure that Victor's whole plan is to just turn this thing on?"

"More or less. His plan from the very beginning was not humanistic. Victor realized how the resonant proteins could be created to ensure destruction, not recovery or resistance. It is quite simple, really, once all the pieces are in place. I... I think I knew that... at the time.."

Gene stared solemnly. "As did I..."

"Quick got to both of us, Gene," Tamara said quietly, "I... I really don't know what else he twisted when he was in there."

"I've been thinking the same..."

More silence followed, then Tamara added, "It is genius, evil genius, what Victor planned. How to target the ones he wished to die. Or, more accurately, how to protect those who should live. I cannot imagine the logistics of pulling this off, getting it into water and food supplies, accessing wifi networks and towers. It cost him a fortune and then some. I'd love to know who was pulling Victor's strings. His influence and wealth seem an order of magnitude too small to set this up."


Bridgewater's voice came over the intercom. "Rapid descent into the airfield in five mikes. Strap in, be ready to deplane as soon as we're stopped."

Gene gripped her hand and she did the same to his. "This will work, Gene. I'm sure of it."

- - -

Gene tried to believe his wife's faith was well-founded. "I trust you."

Holly entered the rear compartment and looked at him a moment. "So... all these weeks, months, together, and it all comes down to this, Gene." The blonde's eyes passed from him to Tamara, from Finch to Lauren and back to Gene. "I want you to know I'll do anything for you, Gene, Tamara. All of you. It has... been a pleasure to serve beside you on this crazy run."

Gene felt Tamara squeeze his hand again and he looked to see an expression on his wife's face that spoke volumes about her thoughts.

He reached an arm out and Holly leaned over him. Gene pulled her close, Tamara too, and hugged them for all his worth. "I love you... Both of you... with all my heart."

Almost in unison, the women said lightly, "I love you, too..."

Gene didn't know how things would go in Atlanta, or, if they were all lucky enough to survive whatever was to come, what would come of having two loves in his life once things settled down. It was all too complex and distant to let worry him. No, the warm women in his arms, kissing his neck, whispering love to him, that was real. That was what mattered right then.

- - -

Tamara's sensation of joy at feeling Holly embracing her husband was something surprising. It was like the opposite of jealousy. Her husband's love of the young woman was clear as could be, and it made Tamara only wish him this happiness. When Gene squeezed the three of them together, Holly was a part of him in a way Tamara couldn't quite understand. An extension of him. She loved Holly because Gene loved Holly, because Holly loved Gene. "I love you, Holly," she said, meaning it with deep, platonic sincerity.

Holly turned and pushed her lips against Tamara's, tongue probing, almost thanking her for those words. The blonde broke and whispered, "I love you, too."

For a few moments, no more, the three of them washed in energy that lifted them against the dread which rose as the plane began to slow and drop from the sky. Holly took a seat and strapped in, a mix of determination and excitement on her face. She was something, Tamara thought. Not just beautiful but driven. Dedicated. Brilliant. No wonder Gene loves her. Any woman who would put so much on the line for a man would be easy to love. It was the way Tamara felt about Gene.

And about Marcus Hannigan. Perhaps, she hoped, Tamara might one day see him again. Maybe he would survive and wish to be with her. Tamara and Gene could work it out. Holly was now part of their world in more than a casual sense. Tamara not only approved her addition, she cherished the way the young woman made her husband feel. She hoped, too, that when the time came, if they all survived, for Gene and Marcus to finally meet, a similar situation might be easy to fall into.

"One minute out. Deplane as soon as stopped."

Bridgewater's voice jarred her back into the present.

Things weren't settled.

Too much was still up in the air.

Tamara knew the secret. She knew the twist Baron Quick would deliver from his grave. She still worried about loose ends, unforeseen events. She trusted the memory of Quick explaining his trick. What she wished she could trust was the belief that there were no other endings to the game. No secret trump cards pulled out. No missing information which changed everything.

It was a lot to deal with but it had to be.

Tamara reached into herself again, rediscovered her certainty in her knowledge, and calmed her breathing as the jet's wheels bounced and then screamed on the runway some dozens of miles outside of her hometown.

End of Chapter 54

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