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Chapter 51: Unconventional

Chapter Cast:

Gene Polanski (Mason Shay), Male, 45
- Business VP, husband of Tamara, father of Lauren, Finch, and Logan
- tanned beige skin, 6'1, 210lbs, short peppered grey-black hair
Tamara Khouri-Polanski, Female, 43
- Professor, wife of Gene, mother of Lauren, Finch, and Logan
- dark olive skin, 5'6, 150lbs, shoulder-length curly rich brown hair with natural red highlights
Lauren Khouri-Polanski, Female, 15
- High school freshman, daughter of Gene and Tamara, sister of Finch and Logan
- medium olive skin, 5'8, 150lbs, back-length curly black-brown hair, colored white-streaked highlights
Finch Khouri-Polanski, Male, 14
- Eigth-grader, son of Gene and Tamara, brother of Lauren and Logan
- dark olive skin, 5'6, 145lbs, ear-length curly rich brown hair with natural red highlights
Logan Khouri-Polanski, Male, 12
- Sixth-grader, son of Gene and Tamara, brother of Lauren and Finch
- medium olive skin, 5'1, 110lbs, ear-length straight black hair
Holly Bridgewater, Female, 19
- Agent of Marker 1, sister of Anna
- Bronze-tanned skin, 5'1, 100lbs, straight shoulder-length straw-blonde hair
Anna Bridgewater, Female, 22
- Agent of Marker 1, Sister of Holly
- Bronze-tanned skin, 5'2, 120lbs, straight shoulder-length straw-blonde hair
Marcus Hannigan (O'Leary), Male, late-30s
- Former agent of M1 and Playa Gordo
- Pale, freckled skin, 5'11, 185lbs, short sandy-red hair
Adam (Silver) Silverbaum, Male, late-20s
- M1 Technician
- Ashy beige skin, 5'7, 150lbs, ear-length black hair
Aristotle Bridgewater, Male, late-40s
- Former M1 Executive
- Bronzed beige skin, 6'2, 185lbs, short blonde hair
Lee Lee, Male, 50s
- Neurological scientist
- Pale tan skin, 5'6, 130lbs, short black hair, wire glasses

The sputtering motor had earlier signaled to Logan that he was running out of gas. Or something else was wrong, he really wasn't sure, but the hesitation in the four-wheeler's momentum told him enough to start looking for his next steps.

He'd only gotten maybe ten minutes away from the air and port complex before he'd had to abandon the four-wheeler along a rough trail which led up a small rise somewhere beyond the complex. He'd seen only one person since escaping his pursuers, an old woman carrying a bundle of dirty rags down a dirt path. She hadn't even looked up as he zoomed past her.

Whether his pursuers had given up, Logan had no way of knowing.

He gathered his wits after leaving the vehicle and found a high spot on the rise which overlooked the complex. The sounds of gunfire had exploded below him and Finch's heart raced with fear and excitement. This hero stuff is intense! Three or four large black high-hull boats raced up towards shore and several helicopters sprayed burst of heavy ammunition down onto the few soldiers still around the port. Logan realized that if he'd been captured, those bullets would surely have been hammering down on him right then.

Instead, he watched in awe as soldiers in dark suits swarmed up the dock and rappelled out of the helicopters, the invading forces calming the situation almost immediately, gunfire gone quiet within two minutes of their arrival. Whoever the new group might be, they'd certainly had no qualms about using deadly force against Logan's captors, and for that, the boy was rather thankful.

But he'd been through enough by then to trust nothing. He knew there were more than two sides in this war, and there was no guarantee he'd be in trustworthy hands should he make an approach back to the port.

Logan was exhausted, though. Beyond exhausted. Starving, thirsty, every muscle spasming and locking up in pain. It was enough to force down his instinct to keep moving. He found a spot covered by bushes and hidden from anyone not close by and curled up, twitching in painful muscle cramps. The exhaustion won out over the pain, but it was a hard slog right till the end.

- - -

"Gene!" Tamara exploded in arms extended and rushing legs. She all but leapt into his body. He'd barely stepped through the doorway when she'd practically tackled him.

"Tamara!" he exclaimed, his arms squeezing her so tight she couldn't breath. Tamara cared not one bit to be in Gene's vice.

The reunion was sudden and so long in the waiting that Tamara nearly mounted the man right then, the same emotions which had driven her to take her son inside her made her need to mate with Gene powerful and almost unstoppable. It was only when she saw Lauren step in that a different set of emotions won out. "Oh, God!" she cried as Lauren joined her embrace with Gene.

"Mom!" The three hugged tightly and soon a fourth, Finch, wrapped himself inside their arms.

Tamara simply couldn't believe they were all together again. It had been weeks. So many hard, difficult, confusing, exciting, dangerous weeks on the run.

It wasn't complete, though, she realized with horror. "Where's Logan?" She hadn't heard his name mentioned, and it was clear he was not about to step into the room.

"No one is sure right now," said the tall, deep-voiced man who'd broken the news about Gene and Lauren coming to see her. "He was in Malta, of that we're certain. But he hasn't been seen since Sagal got you two out of there. She spotted him in the warehouse, but there was no way to get all three of you out."

"She just left him there! Fuck!" Tamara exploded. "You left my son behind?!"

Gene's calm voice took the edge off, but just a little. "Easy, Tam... I understand it was a rather hot location. Damned lucky to get the two of you out. Damned lucky. We're trying to find Logan right now, though..."

He trailed off and the tall, handsome man nearby finished his thought, "There are... other priorities..."

"Other fucking priorities?" Tamara exploded again.

"Your son is most likely fine, and... if he's not... we likely cannot help him." When Tamara drew in breath to shout at him, the man rested a hand on her forearm and said calmly, "Mrs. Polanski, I'll do everything I can for your son, I promise, but right now, we're racing against time. The whole world is at stake, and we're still trying to figure out where to find all the puzzle pieces we need to put together to regain control."

Tamara spat, "Who the fuck are you, anyway."

"Aristotle Bridgewater. You're on my boat and under my protection."

"Holly's father," Gene added evenly.

Bridgewater continued, "We almost rescued you in Vecchio but Utah got to you first."

Tamara's head swam trying to recall the details. "Utah? You mean Chaster Haul?"

"Same," the man replied. "He goes by many names."

"He killed my friend..."


"Marcus Hannigan."

"Red-haired man, shot in Vecchio?"

"That's him," Tamara groaned, feeling the weight of his loss.

"He's quite alive, I'm happy to say," Bridgewater told her, "not well, exactly, but alive, last I checked."

Tamara's heart swelled and raced, "Is he here?"

- - -

Gene could tell his wife's attachment to O'Leary was more than just as companion. He knew her well enough to read between the lines and see the emotional weight of her concern. He wasn't exactly sure how to deal with that, but given how Gene and Holly had developed something more than just friendship, he was not about to think too deeply on things.

And he utterly refused to recall the details of his mating with Lauren hours earlier. That was a can of worms he simply couldn't deal with in the middle of all this.

His reunion with his wife was something difficult to fully grasp. Gene had been overwhelmed, both joyous and in disbelief. When Holly had told him on the chopper that they had rescued Tamara and Finch from Malta and were taking them to the Cambridge, he'd refused to let himself get too excited. He hadn't even told Lauren since it seemed that every time they got close to seeing each other again, his wife ended up being moved elsewhere or captured again. Only when he'd seen her face, her body covered only in white underwear, did he give in. Gene might have even cried a little, but he'd done his best to wipe away the tears before the four-way embrace broke apart with concerns for the missing Logan.

"No," Bridgewater said in reply to Tamara's question about O'Leary, "he's in a medical ward in Israel. Certainly had a bad day, that man, but last I'd heard, he was stable. Unconscious, but stable."

Gene saw a measured relief wash over Tamara's face. She grasped Gene's hand and squeezed it as if she needed reassurance that he was still there. She asked, "So what happens now? How do we find my son?"

Bridgewater didn't hesitate to completely destroy any fantasy of prioritizing Logan. "We need to unlock you, Mrs. Polanski. We need to know what you know."

"What I know?"

Gene spoke up, "It seems... you were as much a part of Whitehead as I was... We were... brainwashed, I suppose. Brainwashed to forget your involvement. I only remembered when we found a key to my lost memories. But I'm just a key into yours, it seems, and Victor, and Utah, and who the fuck else knows who all want whatever it is inside your head to disappear, or reappear, or, fuck," Gene growled, "whatever is in there is important, that's about all we know. Something Victor needs to disappear or open or turn on."

- - -

Tamara thought a moment, then said, "Haul mentioned something... that I knew... while we were in his sub. He didn't say what," she added quickly, "only that he wanted to access it. He didn't want me dead, at least not immediately. He seemed to think I had knowledge which could turn Victor's plan against him. Haul wanted revenge against Victor, I—"

Bridgewater cut her off. "To the status room. Hurry. We need to record everything you know. Hurry!"

Tamara jogged beside Gene, her head turning to ensure Lauren and Finch were with them, as they raced down one metal corridor after another, Tamara trying to recall every word Haul spoke to her on the submarine.

- - -

She'd been so urgent and needful that Finch wondered if what he'd done with his mother might have meant she was not in her right mind. The idea that she wasn't herself while she fucked him made Finch cringe as they were settled in status room, another metal-walled enclosure with an oval table with seating for two dozen people. Only half that were inside. He and Lauren, his parents, Bridgewater and Holly, a few others.

His mother began talking rapidly when Bridgewater had insisted she continue.

"I don't know much, really," she said, "but there's something inside me... and not just information, I think. Haul made it clear I had a tracker in me somewhere, possibly more than a tracker. I've had it for years, he said."

Bridgewater nodded and Finch wondered if the man knew more about his mother than he'd let on.

"Victor wants billions dead, Haul said, but Haul wanted to turn the tables and instead kill Victor and some 'thousands' who had made some wrong choice."

"The Carthage Event," Bridgewater nodded again, "please, go on."

"Haul said that whatever was inside me could be used against Victor and that he needed some horrible man he called the Mantis to unlock me. Whatever it is I know, Haul was going to use it to make a change in Victor's plans. That's really about all I know."

Finch could see the way the weeks on the run had aged his mother. Lines and blemishes, dark patches, rough skin, they all added years to her face and hands. She was gorgeous, without a doubt, but even Finch recognized how difficult the journey had been for her. He didn't know the details of her weeks running, and Finch really hoped the worst sorts of things had not happened to her.

- - -

Gene spoke up, "Does this mean anything, Tam? Don't Disturb the Monkey with the Golden Tambourine. Anything?" Gene's pulse throbbed in his veins in expectation.

Tamara remained rather calm, shaking her head, "No, sorry... nothing."

"Nothing?!" Gene exclaimed, sure that the phrase was the one needed to open her up. "You feel nothing when I say don't disturb the monkey with the golden tambourine?" He couldn't believe the words had no effect.

"Nothing," she comfirmed.

Gene looked at Bridgewater and Holly in shock. "I was so sure..."

Bridgewater betrayed nothing of any additional concerns from that non-event. "We're missing something here." He turned to Holly, "See if our man has arrived."

When the blonde left the room, Gene asked, "Who?"

"Lee Lee, an old... friend... of the family, of a sort."

"The mind-fuck guy, Anna's ex or something," Gene replied.

"Basically. He should be here by now. If anyone can get inside her head, Lee Lee can."

- - -

The phrase had meant nothing to her, nothing at all. It sounded like some silly line from a children's rhyme or perhaps lyrics from a philosophical rock song out of the seventies. Whatever it was, it didn't match anything currently accessible inside Tamara's head. She had seen the confusion on Gene's face when she had no meaningful response.

The door rolled open a moment later and Holly slid through the opening, followed by a thin, good-looking Korean man with short, black hair and a wetsuit to match his locks. His glasses were thin and oval, resting on thin wire frames curled behind his ears.

"Lee Lee, good to see you after so long," Bridgewater told the man while shaking his hand, "Sorry we have no time to catch up. This is her. This is Quincy."

"Huh?" she heard Lauren say, "Who's Quincy?"

"Ah, right," Bridgewater said, "old habit, using that name... Tamara. This is Tamara Polanski."

The Korean man looked at her and replied to Bridgewater, "Don't think I'll let you being alive slip away from further conversation, Aristotle, but I appreciate your... urgency. Tamara," he said, directing his words at her, "I understand you've a bit of a blockage that needs my assistance. We should start immediately."

Tamara was confused and exhausted and in an odd state after such traumatic and erotic experiences over the last few weeks, including mating with her son. It caused her to joke wryly, "Jeez, Lee Lee, you should at least buy a girl dinner before you start probing inside her..."

The room was quiet. No one laughed. Lee Lee turned to Bridgewater with a very confused look.

The tall, handsome man's mouth turned into a small smile. "A joke, my friend. One day, you'll get those."

There was a rush of motion as Lee Lee led her quickly out of the room and down into a medical bay, settling her on a cushioned seat. There was not much room inside, only Lee Lee and Gene in the room itself, others gathered around the narrow opening to observe.

"I'm afraid some of this might hurt a bit, but I'll do what I can to numb you as I can."

"What are you going to do?" Tamara asked with a bit of panic at the image flushing into her head of the bespectacled man sawing open her skull to look at her brain.

"Well," he said in a cool, emotionless voice, "first I'll give you a sedative to help you relax, then I'm going to try to find this device in your body. It could be very small, but if it is like the one I found in Poppy weeks ago, it should show up on a scan. Don't wish to be forced into anything more... unconventional."


He shrugged, "Best not to worry right now..."

Lee Lee managed to stick the needle in her arm before she even realized it was in his hands, and the sedative took effect quickly. It left her with some awareness and alertness, no fear of falling asleep, but it certainly took the edge off of many of the swirling, troubling thoughts in her head.

- - -

It was nervewracking to watch as her mother was under the Korean man's care. Even seeing the needle stuck into her arm was difficult for Lauren to witness, and she worried about just what sorts of horrible things he'd do to discover her secrets. None of this much made sense to Lauren. The terms, the people, it was beyond her understanding. All she was sure of was that she wanted her mother to be safe and to get this over with as quickly as possible. That, and to slide into bed with her father again.

Lauren couldn't help that those moments played out as they did in her head, even when more pressing, mostly frightening, thoughts were already crowding her mind. But the warm strength stretching her vagina, the powerful spurts of her father's seed, those had left her brain full of arousing memories and her mind was unwilling to let them go. Perhaps it was a defense mechanism, Lauren acknowledged, a way of going to a happy place when everything else was shit. Certainly, she knew, it was a very happy moment, sharing her bed and her body with her father.

"I'm going to need to focus," Lee Lee called calmly to those watching from the doorway, "please... leave me to work."

The tall man Bridgewater ushered those watching back into the larger room and said, "I'll go and keep watch. I'll let you know if anything changes..."


Lauren's attempt to protest was cut short by the man's raised hand. "Right now, Lee Lee needs silence and patience. You can't help, and you're only going to get in his way. This will take some time. It would be best, for everyone, to get some rest. Here or your bunks is your decision."

Lauren certainly wasn't leaving right then so she settled, as best she could, into one of the oval-shaped lounge chairs and rested her head on the backrest, frightened and exhausted and aroused all at once.

- - -

"Easy, friend!"

Logan stirred from a thick, painful sleep. His head was full of sharp concrete, his limbs not any better. He felt panic rising when he tried to push himself to his feet and failed.

"Easy, you're okay!"

Logan's eyes weren't quite able to focus but he looked up to see a young man, not much older than Logan himself, standing a few feet away, a rifle slung over his shoulder and pointing down and away from Logan. Logan tried to speak but his throat and tongue had their share of concrete, as well, and he sputtered and coughed for several seconds.

The young man knelt down and pushed an open canteen to his lips. Spilling much of it, Logan swallowed several gulps of the best thing he'd ever put in his mouth, then said, "Who are you?"

"My name's Erol," the armed man said, "and... if I'm so lucky, I believe you are called Logan?"

Logan squinted, too thick to let the situation get a proper wary treatment. "Yeah."

Erol's eyes lit up, "Oh, Major Danielson will be so happy! As am I! You're Tamara's son, yes?"

"Uh... How did you know?"

Erol laughed lightly, then said, "I'll tell you on our way back... Do you think you can walk, or...?"

Logan tried again to stand and found some strength returning. Agonizing strength, to be sure, but Logan resolved himself to get to his feet and after some effort, he was upright. Weak-kneed, but upright.

"We'll go slow as you need to. Just follow me, okay?"

Logan nodded and pushed aside the concrete just enough to mechanically follow Erol's lead down the rise.

- - -

"Well this has not gone as planned."

The frustration in the Korean man's voice was as much emotion as Tamara had heard from him in the several hours of scans and acutely-painful probes. So far, Lee Lee had not actually sawed into her skull, but Tamara wasn't convinced she wouldn't have rather gotten it all over quickly that way.

"Whatever it is which has been planted in you, Tamara, it is not like the device I found in Poppy. I am at a loss..."

Tamara exhaled slowly. She was exhausted, but whatever had been injected into her body over the previous hours had kept her from sleeping. The drugs, too, seemed to make her more loquatious and vocal, answering simple questions with elongated explanations. It wasn't something Tamara ever found herself doing with a stranger. She wondered if maybe some sort of truth serum had been included in the mix of fluids pushed through the IV. So many questions, so few answers. Tamara was terribly frustrated on many fronts.

Gene, who had been beside her the whole time, asked, "So what now?"

"Now... I must think. Rest a bit. I will return."

Lee Lee left Tamara and Gene alone.

"So sorry, Tam..."

"I'm fine," she replied with as much sincerity as she could fake, "nothing I can't handle."

"How is it," Gene asked, "your time with Whitehead was so lost to both of us? I know this Baron Quick fellow did something, but it just feels... wrong... to have not recalled that."

"Trust me," Tamara mumbled, "I know..."

She found herself thinking about Logan a brief second but forced it away, the sadness too near to embrace. Instead, her thoughts shifted to Finch. His hard cock. The sensation of him orgasming inside her. Tamara shivered, growing wet despite her condition, and without a thought about what she was saying, she told Gene her secret. "I had sex with Finch..."

Tamara didn't watch Gene's face, but she heard his flinch in his response, "Uh... what?"

When Tamara didn't respond, Gene said, "You... slept with Finch... when?"

"Earlier," she muttered, "I was confused, Gene!" Her apologies rushed out. "I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to, it's just..."

"It's okay," he said firmly. Tamara looked up at him then and saw his resolve. "I... had sex with Lauren..."

Tamara's mind whirled. "Oh... my..."

"I know... it wasn't exactly an... accident... and, I have to be honest with you, Tam... I don't regret it."

"Me either," Tamara told him, a pleasant warmth spreading through her, "what Finch and I shared... we both needed it..."

Gene was quiet a moment, then he chuckled and the mirth lifted Tamara's spirits immediately. "We sure knew how to pick our soulmate when we got together, eh? Finch slept with Lauren, too..."

Tamara shook her head, unable to stop smiling, "This is crazy, right? We're insane or something?"

"Or something. Our kids sure got a big dose of our libidos, that's for sure..."

"And our desires... for incest..."

"I think so..."

"Tell me, Gene," Tamara said quietly, "are they going to be okay? After all this finally ends? When the world starts to make sense again? Will all this... incest... make their lives horrible one day?"

"I think," Gene said, taking her hand, "the rest of the world can go fuck itself when this ends. I think we all found something to make ourselves happy enough to get through this shit, and if it means you fuck our son, or our daughter fucks me, or they fuck each other... It was all a good thing during this massively fucked up run we've been on."

Tamara squeezed his hand and nodded, feeling sleepy but still unable to drift off. Her son's penis was once more throbbing inside her, at least she imagined it so, soon replaced by Gene's, then Finch's once more. Tamara's cunt started to drool thinking about enjoying both her son and her husband at once. And maybe, if her dreams really could come true, Marcus would slide inside of her afterwards.

- - -

"I just need to tell you something, Finch... Really not sure how..."

Finch woke from a doze when Lauren had touched his hand and whispered for him to follow her. She'd led him quickly back to a room near the one he'd been in when he and his mother had made love earlier. Inside the room, Lauren sat him down and told him she had to tell him a secret.

"Just tell me!" Finch pleaded, too weary and frustrated to wish the reveal prolonged.

Lauren exhaled and Finch watched her lips twitch a moment before she finally calmed herself and told him, "I had sex with Dad..."

Finch's heart sunk and the rose high and fell again. "You fucked Dad?!"

Lauren nodded, looking a little frightened, blushing. "Yeah... in the bunker..."

Finch's grin spread wide, "Really? What was it like?"

"You don't think it's crazy?" she asked him with a tilted head.

"Of course, but we fuck and it's amazing!" Finch told her. "I think it's awesome you fucked Dad, and, just so you know how much I think that's amazing, I'll be honest and tell you that I did the same with Mom. Just a bit ago."


"I know, right?"

Lauren's confusion remained in place, but her expression changed from concern to relief. "Well, isn't that something? You fuck Mom. I fuck Dad... God, Finch. I'm so horny right now!"

"Me too," he managed to breathe as he pushed himself into Lauren's arms and pressed his hardening penis right between her legs.

- - -

It took just seconds for Lauren and Finch to shed their clothing. Lauren spread her legs wide, offering her brother her slippery hole, and Finch slipped his hard cock deep inside her in one smooth motion. Lauren breathed out of her nose, then inhaled deep, "Oh, God, Finch... yes! Fuck me... fuck me where Dad fucked me!"

She felt Finch's thrusts gain strength and her own arousal was growing stronger by the second, her creamy cunt becoming rather messy as she mated with her brother. Finch looked down, barely pausing his movements, "Did he cum in you?"

Lauren looked up at her brother, lips open and wet, "Yes."

"God, Lauren... God! Dad came in you!" Finch started to hump her again, almost frantic, and it drove Lauren right to the edge of orgasm.

- - -

"Did you cum in Mom?" Lauren asked him, Finch's sister clearly about to climax.

Finch was so close he squirted precum into Lauren's cunt. "Yes... I came inside Mom!"

"Oh, God!" Lauren cried, her body shuddering and writhing under him. "You came in Mom! Ohhhhhhhh... Ohhhhhh, Finch! Ohhhhh..."

Finch's cock swelled and he pressed his groin hard against Lauren's crotch, his abdomen jerking as muscles contracted and forced globs of sticky, hot cum out of his cock and into his sister's vagina. Spewing his load in Lauren, Finch growled, "Oh, Mom!"

- - -

Finch calling her 'Mom' halted Lauren's orgasm's' delicious fall and turned her muscles towards tension and rising pleasure. "Say it again! Call me Mom!" Lauren pleaded.

Finch's cock was spurting inside her pussy. Lauren could feel him cumming hard. Even so, Finch obeyed, still pulsing seed into Lauren's cunt, "Oh, Mom! Mom! Oh, Mom!"

"Oh, Dad! Cum in me, Dad!" Lauren replied, lost in a multiple layers of incestuous fantasy. "Cum inside me, Dad!"

- - -

Finch squeezed out every drop he had and wished he could keep going. His cock felt raw and sore even as it pulsed inside Lauren's tight, slippery pussy. His sister's words had made his orgasm last long moments, longer than any he could remember. He'd called her 'Mom' and she in turn called him 'Dad.' Finch wished in that moment that he might one day get to watch his Dad fucking Lauren. It was such a hot thought, that he started calling his sister 'Mom' again as his dick found strength and his thrusts started again, churning the slippery sperm in Lauren's pussy into a froth as he quickly built towards a second release.

- - -

Gene had left Tamara only long enough to relieve his bladder and find some water. He stopped beside the entrance to the status room when he realized several others, including Holly and Bridgewater, were inside.

Silver was there, saying, "It's a Collins Box, I think. You sure Tamara had it on her when she came aboard? It wasn't just here, somewhere, all the time?"

"Positive," said the dark-skinned Somalian agent, Sagal. Gene had heard she'd been the one to rescue his wife and son, but he hadn't seen her since their drive together weeks earlier, "what the fuck's a Collins Box?"

Silver replied, "It's a cryptex, a sort of lock around some piece of hardware or information. I once built one during intelligence training to slip some sonar readings off a ship. Much less complicated than this one, though."

"So there's something in this box worth hiding," Bridgewater said, his eyes meeting Gene's as Gene stepped into the room to listen. "Why not just crack it open?"

"Because any decent engineer would have protected its contents against that. Some mechanism, sort of like a trip wire, which wipes a chip or starts a fire or something, should a bypass of the lock be attempted. Plus, we don't know what's in there, nor where inside it might be."

"That thing's... pretty small," Bridgewater commented, scratching his cheek.

"I'm sure you know it doesn't take much space to hold all the world's secrets..." Silver replied.

"True enough. So, what are we going to do?"

"We need to find out the source of the Box. That might give me a clue what it does. This one has an odd board attachment and some tiny pieces which lock into place on it, but its creator surely didn't make it as easy as it appears. There's a trick we need to know."

Bridgewater looked at Gene again, "Lee Lee said your wife was resting. Fetch her..."

Gene paused only a second before doing so. In the room, his wife was listless and Gene's fears rushed in. "Tamara?"

She stirred and stilled his nerves, "Yeah?"

"You okay?"

"Reasonably so..."

"They want you to come down to the status room. Something about a box they think you brought with you."

"A box...?"

"Some little thing..."

"That toy?"


- - -

Tamara's legs were weak and Gene needed to help her down the corridors and into her seat. She stared at the things from the box. On top, the small, folded board had been attached to the container, and a dozen or more tiny miniatures were carefully lined up nearby.

"Where did you come by this?" Bridgewater asked her.

"It was on Haul's submersible. It's just a game, I think."

"It's a Collins Box," Silver said evenly without further explanation.

"Well, whatever it is, I only grabbed it thinking it might be a game to help me pass the time."

"Very fortunate, I think," Bridgewater mused. "Let's see about how we might open this thing. Adam, does it tell you much knowing it came from Utah?"

Silver shrugged, "Maybe. I don't think he actually designed it. No, I've seen a thing or two he's done. This doesn't have his usual... self-congratulations... built into the design. Too simple for Charles Utah."

"So who made it?"

"My guess is someone working for Victor. Perhaps Quick. Simple, functional, damn-near flawless, at least on the outside. Sure seems like it would be his sort of work."

"So," Bridgewater said, beginning to pace, "if Quick made it, surely it is a key to his sabotage of whatever Victor was planning. Why hide it so carefully?"

Gene growled beside her, "Quick never expected to be executed."

"True," Bridgewater replied, "I expect this box was on him when he was killed. Victor or someone close to the scene got ahold of it, and somehow, Utah gained possession. Reasonable progression so far. But... Surely Quick would not have left such a delicate monkey wrench solely dependent on him being around to use it."

"That's where Gene comes in," Holly broke in, "and Tamara. Gene was unlocked with a passphrase which leads back to Quick. Gene, somewhere, holds the key to Tamara, and she, in turn, has the means by which this thing opens."

"Plausible," Bridgewater said smoothly, "and we know there were others similarly placed, now deceased except for Poppy. If Quick was ensuring his plans had a chance should he not see it through, someone else had to know about Genes and Tamaras of the world. Who?"

Silence met his question.

"Wasn't Utah," Holly replied, "and I doubt any of the current Playa or No Limits leaders were in on it. We should have seen signs of that by now."

"Who?" Bridgewater asked again as if a different answer would be forthcoming.

It was Gene who broke the silence. "Gabriel. Didn't someone tell me once that he and Victor were close for years but there was a falling out? When was that falling out?"

Holly rushed to answer, "A few months before Quick was killed."

Silver added, "That would certainly explain what happened here and why we're thinking Gabriel has been trying to track down Tamara himself."

"What?" Tamara sputtered.

"Unsuccessfully. He's a little less effective at this sort of thing," Holly explained, "but he got close to you at least twice. We thought Gabriel might have reconciled with Victor, but that didn't explain a lot of what we saw. No... Perhaps Gabriel had the master plan and he should have partnered more closely with Charles Utah instead since they seemed to be seeking revenge on Victor..."

"Fetch him," Bridgewater growled, slamming his fists onto the table, and making Gene flinch, "fetch the piece of shit who mutinied my boat."

End of Chapter 51

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