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Please read my Explicit Disclaimer before you read my work.

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Chapter 0: Author's Introduction to Run

Run is a serialized erotic fiction set in the present era with strong themes of incest throughout. A father, mother, two sons, and a daughter are the featured characters, and the taboo subjects of incestuous relationships and late-preteen / teenage sexuality are core to the plot. The youngest participant in the family is a twelve-year old boy, his brother is fourteen, and his sister is fifteen. All become involved with each other and adults sexually.

If you, the reader, are unwilling or unable to read about preteen / teen sexuality, incest, adult-child relationships, and other controversial and often troubling concepts, or you don't feel you wish to challenge some of your thoughts on these subjects, please read no further: You likely won't enjoy this story and there are thousands upon thousands of other stories out there which contain subject matter you'll enjoy much more.

Still here? Great! As the author of these stories, I want to reinforce to the reader that this is all fantasy. Many of the negative and otherwise damaging consequences of the acts herein are never encountered by the characters as they would be in reality. I generally enjoy reading, and writing, stories in which the participants struggle with conflicting emotions about the events within and then find ways to enjoy and grow strong from what they have experienced. This story came about from a lot of angles, but mostly I wanted to explore a story that put a family into flight-mode, where they found only each other worthy of trust, and where there situation led them to explore sexuality together.

My standard note of caution: Don't mistake this for anyone's reality. In the real world, many of the events that follow would probably lead to physical and mental illnesses, unhealthy fixations and addictions, abuse, trauma, and/or prison time for participants. In this fantasy, however, events are allowed to progress without encountering those vastly more realistic outcomes and tragedies.

Run follows Gene, a successful businessman, and his wife, Tamara, holder of a PhD and an academic. Their children are the moody Lauren (15), curious Finch (14), and introspective Logan (12). Gene and Tamara have an open marriage with a few rules that keep them sexually satisfied and attracted to each other. The three kids are in various stages of sexual growth. Caught up quickly together in an international plot against business and government organizations alike, the family must take flight to save themselves.

The series is written in the third person from the perspectives shifting through each of the five family members. Like most of my stories, I use a descriptive narrative and I won't shy away from naturalistic observations of smells, sounds, and other appeals to the senses.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the series and any scenes you would like to see in the future. I can't include all ideas, and some don't make sense with the way the characters progress or the themes of the series, but if I'm sent something that catches my eye, the characters may soon participate in the scenario for you to watch.

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