Emmy Grows Up
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From the imagination of Chase Shivers

July 7, 2018

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Chapter 18: Guessing Game

Chapter Cast:

Emmy, Female, 12
- Daughter of Julie and Bob, cousin of Ken and Charlie, niece of Diane
- 5'0, 100lbs, beige skin, straight blonde hair
Julie, Female, 36
- Mother of Emmy, wife of Bob, sister of Diane, aunt of Charlie and Ken
- 5'6, 135lbs, pale skin, bright red red hair
Alice Davis, Female, 11
- Best friend of Emmy, daughter of Will
- 4'6, 75lbs, pale freckled skin, orange-red hair to shoulders
Will Davis, Male, 32
- Father of Alice
- 6'1, 200lbs, tanned beige skin, short dark-brown hair
Sharon Connors, Female, 41
- Neighbor of Will, mother-grandmother of Chrissy
- 5'7, 150lbs, tanned beige skin, dark-brown hair to shoulders
Chrissy Connors, Female, 11
- Daughter of Sharon, sister-daughter of Bret
- 4'11, 115lbs, tanned beige skin, dark-brown hair to shoulders
Jersey Parker, Female, 13
- Daughter of Paola and Lowell
- 5'4, 130lbs, dark-mocha skin, semi-wavy black hair
Julie, Female, 36
- Mother of Emmy, wife of Bob, sister of Diane, aunt of Charlie and Ken
- 5'6, 135lbs, pale skin, bright red red hair
Bob, Male, 38
- Father of Emmy, husband of Julie, brother-in-law of Diane, uncle of Charlie and Ken
- 5'11, 180lbs, beige skin, cropped blonde-brown hair

Errands were completed as quickly as possible on Saturday, and Julie was feeling a little worn out. In a very good way, of course, but she didn't feel like trying to match the girl's energy as they chattered and played and swam in the pool. So, she showered and hung out on her bed, nude but under the covers, and pulled out a book to read.

"Sharon called, she's going to drop off Chrissy early in the morning," Bob told her. "I made sure that Emmy would be up by then. It will be after we leave for work. Bret just left. Sharon sounded a little sad about that."

"Thanks," Julie replied, "and I expect she is. Big whirlwind in their family this week, huh?"

"Huge, yeah," Bob told her as he sat on the edge of the bed. "Can you imagine? Her son fathered a daughter with her... hard to imagine..."

Julie caught her husband's tone and sat her book aside, "Making you think about Emmy?"

Bob nodded.

"She's fertile, you know..."


"Wondering what to do about that?" Julie asked.

"I am..."

"Well," Julie suggested, "why don't we talk to her about it, see what she wants to do?"

"Make it her choice?" Bob asked a little tepidly.

"I think it should be, Bob," Julie replied, "I mean... I don't know that I want our twelve-year old daughter getting pregnant... but... you know... if she wants to risk it... it's her body..."

Julie could tell the idea was bouncing inside her husband's head, and she had no doubt it was turning him on.

- - -

Bob was aroused by the thought of impregnating his own daughter. Sure, given how many men and boys had been cumming inside Emmy, it would be impossible to know until much later which one might have set his seed in her, if she got pregnant, but just thinking about Emmy's belly swelling up with a baby had Bob's cock rising eagerly. "Okay... we'll talk to her... Maybe in the morning if she's up in time... I think we need to make sure we're doing what she wants. If she doesn't want that risk..."

"Then we'll get her an IUD and won't worry about it any longer."

"Yeah..." Bob said, just a hint of disappointment in his tone.

"Aww, don't let that thing go down just because you might not get a chance to knock up your own daughter, Bob," Julie grinned, stroking his thigh, "and besides... it turns me on too, so... I'm kinda hoping... maybe... maybe Emmy will want to get pregnant..."

"You are?" Bob asked, not believing his ears.

"Sure... I mean... you know how often we've fantasized about having a pregnant woman join us in bed..."

"I sure do," he smiled, "one of our favorites..."

"And now that we've got our Emmy involved, just think how amazing it would be to see her swell up over nine months..."

"God, Julie... I'm so fucking horny right now."

"Me too," Julie purred.

"Almost forgot, with all this talk of breeding our girl," Bob said, reaching over beside the bed and pulling up the three pairs of panties he'd saved, "I snatched these when putting in the laundry earlier... I think Jersey might be ovulating right now..."

- - -

Julie pressed the teen's damp panties to her nose and inhaled. The odor was strong and wonderful, and Julie knew immediately that Bob must be right. "Oh, god. She is! Oh, do you think maybe Will got her pregnant last night?!"

"Maybe... hard to know... Hope that doesn't cause problems..."

"Well... can't do a thing about it right now, I suppose..." Julie mused.

"Oh," Bob grinned, "there is something we can do..."

"What's that?"

Bob yanked back the covers and revealed Julie's naked body. "We can sniff her panties, and Emmy's, and Alice's, and have ourselves a nasty time together."

"Fuck me hard!" Julie demanded, so turned on by the smell of a fertile, ovulating teen that she just needed Bob's hard cock inside her right that second. She pressed Jersey's panties to her nose and sniffed the girl's scent while Bob shed his clothes and slid right in between her legs.

- - -

Bob brought Emmy's panties to his nose, smelling his own daughter's lovely aroma, "God, Emmy was so horny when she wore these!" he told his wife as he slid his cock right into her wet, welcoming cunt.

The woman groaned with pleasure, then let Bob press the crotch of Emmy's panties against her nose. "Mmmm... oh, god, yes, our little girl is such a horny one!"

Bob started to thrust hard into his wife. Julie held up Alice's panties for him to sniff, then Jersey's, then Emmy's again. "Look, Julie," he said, already getting tense, "Emmy left a nice creamy stain in the crotch!"

- - -

Julie could feel Bob swelling inside her. He wasn't going to last long while fucking her pussy and sniffing the girl's naughty odors. "Mmm... so wonderful. Let me suck on them!" She brought Emmy's panties to her nose, sniffed once, then twice, the pressed the underwear right into her mouth, crotch first, so that Emmy's creamy discharge was slathered onto her tongue. "Mmmmm!" she moaned through the panties.

"Goddamn, Julie! Uhn! Uhn! Oh, fuck, that's so hot! Suck Emmy's juices into your mouth!"

- - -

Bob pulled Jersey's panties to his nose, her scent full of arousing, tempting aromas. Ovulating or not, her odors were full and rich and so powerful that Bob wanted to taste her essence right then. He stuffed Jersey's panties into his mouth and sucked in the flavors, the dark-skinned girl's juices sliding all over his tongue. He swallowed and moaned loudly, banging his wife hard and fast. He was so, so close.

And then Julie began to orgasm.

- - -

Julie's body thrashed under her husband, the rich flavors of Emmy's cunt in her mouth, thoughts of watching Bob impregnating her rushing into her brain. God, the thought of her twelve-year old daughter getting pregnant was so hot! Julie burned with pleasure, clamping down just as Bob began to release, Emmy's panties muffling Julie's cries of passionate lust.

- - -

Bob's cock pulsed out jets of scalding jizz inside Julie's pussy. Jersey's juices were flushing down Bob's throat, his tongue coated, the panties damp and almost gagging him, but in a deliciously wonderful way. He spurted and spurted, filling Julie's hole, imagining he was filling Emmy, or Jersey, delivering the very seed which would impregnate the girls. God, it was such a turn on!

He collapsed over Julie, yanking Jersey's panties out of his mouth just as Julie did the same with Emmy's. They kissed and Bob exclaimed, "I love you so fucking much! You are such a pervert, and I love it!"

- - -

Julie giggled and tried to catch her breath, "I love being your pervert, Bob. I love sharing such naughty things with you! Never stop fucking me and letting me fantasize without limits!"

"I'll always fuck you, Julie," Bob grinned, kissing her, "always, always, always, whether there are little girls to arouse us or not. You and me... Mmmm... we just fuck so good together, yeah?"

"Oh, yeah," Julie nodded, squeezing Bob's ass and pulling him against her even as his cock began to soften, "and one day, I hope you do get to impregnate Emmy... or Jersey... or even Alice. How hot would that be? Seeing little Alice, maybe right after her first period, getting all knocked up?"

Bob groaned his approval and Julie felt his dick jump inside her. "You're gonna get me started again if you keep that up!" he laughed.

Julie put her other hand on his ass and held him firmly inside her cunt. "Oh? And why is that a bad thing?"

"Mmmm," Bob purred, "just warning you..."

"I'm good for another round if you are," Julie chuckled, "just think... little Alice's tiny body, rounding and filling out... Maybe her own father knocking her up and you get to cum all up in that little pregnant pussy? Or her ass?"

Bob began to harden again inside her, and Julie spread her legs wide once more and started fantasizing with her husband in a whole different direction.

- - -

Jersey was yawning by the time the girls rose out of the pool, each naked, and the teen barely had the energy left to do more than run a towel over her body. She had a mess of thoughts in her head. Some great, like her love for Chrissy, others scary, those about her parents. She also missed Chrissy tremendously, the girl staying the night with her mother. More thoughts about Chrissy's father-brother were confusing and arousing.

On top of that, she began to realize that she'd let Alice's dad cum right inside her pussy. Jersey was about two weeks away from her last period, and even at thirteen she knew that was the most fertile time in her cycle. Part of her was scared to death to think she might have gotten pregnant, but a bigger part was excited by the thought. Had she gotten impregnated that night? She kind of hoped so.

"Are... are either of you on birth control?" Jersey asked Alice and Emmy as they finished drying by the pool.

"Nope," Emmy replied, "hadn't even thought about it..."

"Me either," Alice added, "I don't think I need it, right?"

"Probably not," Emmy agreed, "you haven't had your period yet, so... yeah, you don't need it."

"But," Jersey said, "are you worried, you know, about getting pregnant, Emmy? I mean... how many guys have cum inside you already?"

Emmy replied, "Ummm, several, yeah."

"And what if you got pregnant?"

Emmy shrugged, "If it happens, it's cool."


"Sure," Emmy replied, "I mean... I kinda want a baby, you know. Plus... it's kinda hot to think that maybe Dad might be the one. Sorta like Chrissy's brother and their mom. Isn't that seriously hot?"

"Definitely," Jersey agreed. "I'm not on the pill, either..."

Alice said, "And you let my dad squirt it in you the other night..."

"Yeah," Jersey replied, "and... I was probably ovulating when he did, so..."

"What's ovulating mean?"

"Like, that's the most fertile time of your period. When you're most likely to get pregnant."

"Oh, my goodness!" Alice exclaimed, running a towel between her legs. "Do you think...?"

Jersey shrugged, "I dunno yet..."

"What if you are?"

Jersey replied, "My parents will be pissed... if they ever get out of jail, that is... They'll probably make me get an abortion..."

"Ugh... it should be your choice, Jersey," Emmy told her. "I mean, I'm cool with whatever you would decide, but it should be your decision..."

"Yeah... but I just know they'd be angry. I dunno... can't do much right now..."

Alice chimed in, "I heard there's this pill you can take... like... after you had sex..."

"The morning-after pill," Emmy nodded, "yeah, you have like two or three days... I bet... if you wanted... Mom would take you to a pharmacy right now..."

Jersey shook her head, "Nah. If I'm pregnant, I'll deal with it. I kinda... kinda like the idea that Alice's dad might have given me a baby."

Alice grinned at her, "Yeah, me too. Think Chrissy will be alright with it?"

Jersey shrugged, "I'll ask her tomorrow..." She yawned again. "Any chance you two are tired? I'm totally drained..."

"Yeah, me too," Emmy replied, "wanna come snuggle and go to bed?"

"For sure!"

- - -

Chrissy hugged her mom as tight as she possibly could. "I'll miss you so much!" she told her.

Her mother replied, "I love you, Chrissy. You enjoy your week, okay? I'll try to check in each night, but you know that's not always possible. Hoping to be back next Sunday, but I'll let you know if that changes."

"Love you, Mommy!"

The woman was gone moments later as Emmy welcomed Chrissy inside.

The house was well-kept but nothing like the mansion where Chrissy now lived. It was humble, she thought, and sort of perfect for the new family who had befriended her. It felt comfortable even if not extravagant.

"You doing okay?" Jersey asked her as Chrissy slumped her bag onto the floor in Emmy's bedroom.

"Yeah. Sad that Mommy and Daddy are gone, though..."

Jersey hugged and kissed her.

"So glad you're here, though," Chrissy smiled, licking her lips and enjoying the taste of Jersey's saliva.

"So... I want you to know something," Jersey told her. "I think it's so hot that you call your brother 'Daddy' now. So hot..."

Chrissy giggled, "Well, he is, so..."

"I know... I just love hearing you say that word..."

"Daddy. Daddy. Daddy," Chrissy laughed. "You want to call someone Daddy, Jersey?"

- - -

Jersey shrugged, having not really thought much about it, "Maybe... I dunno. I don't really see me and my own dad doing anything. He's kinda... a jerk, really."

"Oh?" Alice replied. "How so?"

Jersey said, "He's mean all the time. Angry. He treats me and Mom like shit. Though, Mom's a jerk, too... Sometimes I can't stand them..."

"But," said Emmy, "you don't wish them harm, right?"

Shaking her head, Jersey said, "No, never. No, I miss them, too. I want them out of jail. I hope we hear something soon!"

Chrissy hugged her again and said, "I'm sure we will."

"We'll listen for the phone in case the lawyer calls," Emmy assured her, "Chrissy's mom was having the calls forwarded here just in case."

Jersey nodded, "Yeah, thanks. Just nervous for them, but, uh, no, Chrissy... I don't think I could do with my parents what you do with yours... just makes me feel... a little icky, to think about it. Not when it's you and your parents," she added, speaking to all of them, "just not for me..."

"Well, that's fine, of course," Emmy told her, "never have to worry about that with us. We're just, uh... specially fucked up, I guess?"

Jersey laughed, "In a great way!"

- - -

"So... what do you all want to do today?" Emmy asked as they snacked on fruit cups and pudding and glasses of milk.

"I could go for a swim," Alice suggested, "in a bit."

"That sounds good," Jersey agreed, "so long as we can listen for the phone..."

"We've got a line outside, so yeah," Emmy told her, "we'll hear it."

Alice smacked Chrissy's bottom, giggling, "So, what's it feel like to have your cherry busted, Chrissy? I know it felt pretty great to me the day after."

Chrissy grinned, "Oh, very much so! I still can't believe I had a dick in me! I hope it won't be the last one!"

"Believe me," Emmy laughed, "if you want it, I'm sure my dad will be more than willing to stick his in you..."

"Oh, I hope so! I was gonna, you know, give my cherry to him, but... you know... when the chance with Bret came around... well..."

"You did the best thing," Alice said, "cause that was super special. I'm sure Bob won't mind at all. You're still super, super tight, anyway."

"Though, your brother does have a really nice thick one," Emmy told Chrissy, thinking about how it seemed like it would be impossible for it to fit inside Chrissy's hairless pussy. "Can't believe it actually went all the way in you!"

"I was stretched, for sure!" Chrissy agreed. "It almost hurt, too. Like, really stretching me. Oh, bother! I'm getting worked up again!"

Jersey patted her thigh, "I could go for a second breakfast... served right between your legs... if you want..."

Emmy saw Chrissy grin and stand up, yanking down the tight leggings she wore and tossing them and her panties onto the floor, then sitting back in the chair. "Oh, yes, I'd like that!"

- - -

"Horny, too?" Emmy smiled at Alice.

"Goodness, yes!" Alice replied.

"Well... get naked then!"

Alice laughed and pulled off the t-shirt and panties she'd worn to sleep and followed Emmy into the living room, plopping down on the couch.

"Want to eat me at the same time?" Emmy said.

Alice smiled and nodded.

Emmy slid down her panties, letting her gorgeous light fur show between her legs as she step up and over Alice's head, putting her knees beside the redhead's shoulders, and settling her beautiful little pussy right onto Alice's face. Alice loved looking at Emmy's pussy. It was pink and soft and already a little wet. She licked the moist flesh and felt Emmy's tongue starting to slide between the folds of Alice's hairless cunny.

- - -

"Ohhhh... Ohhh... Oh, yeah... eat me..." Chrissy moaned.

Jersey loved the way her girlfriend sounded when she was being pleasured. Such a sweet and high voice, almost innocent, matching the hairless slit under Jersey's tongue more than the acts the eleven-year old had been doing with her mother, and now her brother-father, as well as the other girls.

"Call me Daddy," Jersey giggled.

Chrissy laughed, "Sure... Daddy... Eat my puss, Daddy!"

Jersey did just that. She lowered her voice to a growl and said, "You taste so good, Chrissy... Daddy likes eating his baby girl's bald pussy!"

"Oh, Daddy... Daddy! You're gonna make me cum, Daddy!"

"Mmmmmm," Jersey growled, her fingers inside her own panties and already playing with her erect clit. "Cum for Daddy, little girl. Cum for Daddy!"

- - -

Chrissy didn't fully know why it was such a turn on, using that word, but it sure had her firing up quickly, and she could tell Jersey was totally into it. "Oh, Daddy!" Her hips were rising and falling with each lick from Jersey's tongue. When the teen started lapping her clit firmly, Chrissy nearly exploded as her orgasm rushed in, "Daddy! Uhnn! Uhnn! Uhnn! Daddy! Ohhhhhhh... Mmmm..."

- - -

Emmy could hear Chrissy's orgasm in the other room and she had one of her own building up from Alice's delightful motions between her legs. The pale, hairless pussy below her was wet and sticky, and Emmy danced her tongue across Alice's pink folds, darting into her vagina to suck out the light cream inside. "That's it, Alice... Eat me... I'm gonna... Oh... Oh! Oh! Ohhhhhhhh!" Emmy quivered in pleasure, rolling her hips across Alice's face, drooling her own cream right onto the eleven-year old's tongue. "Ohhhhhhhhhh!"

- - -

Alice started orgasming seconds after Emmy put her tongue back onto her clit, her twelve-year old friend's body still writhing above her. She felt the burning rush in down there, then it spread as her hands and feet started to tingle so wonderfully. "Oh! Oh! Oh... my goodness!" Alice came and buried her face between Emmy's legs, muffling her cries as her climax waved through her and made her sweaty, pale flesh turn rosy and warm.

- - -

Jersey always loved the taste of pussy, and Chrissy's might have been the most delicious she'd ever had. The girl's orgasm was barely starting to wash out as Jersey dipped two fingers inside herself, rubbing up in her vagina against the rough spot where it felt really great to touch. She bucked, her clit grinding on her palm as she sucked Chrissy's juices down her throat. "Oh, God! I'm cumming, Chrissy!"

"Cum, Daddy! Oh, Daddy!" her girlfriend moaned, sending Jersey into the heights of pleasure as her wetness dripped down her fingers and into her panties.

- - -

"What do you suppose those four are up to today?" Julie asked her husband as they took an early lunch break at a cafe near their work.

Bob laughed, "Is there any doubt?"

"Not really," agreed Julie. "The only real question is how many of their classmates have they already gotten involved, and which of their parents have they fucked!"

Bob chuckled, "That's the truth. Let's hope not too many... the wrong one and this all comes tumbling down..."

"Yeah, I know... still fun to think about our daughter leading some sort of sexual revolution in town. She sure seems built for it."

"Mind and body," her husband replied.

Julie was getting wet at the thought. She was still rather horny from the fantasies she'd had with Bob the night before about the girls getting pregnant.

As if he was reading her mind, Bob asked, "When was Emmy's last period, anyway?"

"Umm," Julie thought a moment, "it should be due any day, actually. If..."

Bob finished her thought, "If she's not pregnant..."


Julie leaned forward, her eyes darting to the single bathroom. The cafe was empty except the single clerk and the two of them. "You feel like a quickie?"

"Always," Bob grinned.

"Follow me."

- - -

Inside the bathroom, Bob locked the door and turned around to see Julie already bent over the sink, her pants and panties pushed down to her thighs. He was no fool and wasn't about to waste time when such an amazing offer was before him. He yanked down his zipper and fished out his rising cock, fondling Julie's ass a moment before leaning down to lick his wife's pussy, his nose pushed right between her lightly-sweaty, lightly-odorous buttocks. He did love that smell on Julie, the sharp and rich scents from her ass always turned him on.

Julie seemed to notice his interest, especially when his tongue moved up from her creamy pussy and slid along her twitching anus. "Feeling like something a little more dirty?"

"Uh-huh," Bob replied.

"Get me good and wet first, then... Can't promise I'm too prepared..."

"Don't care," Bob grinned.

- - -

Julie never minded when Bob fucked her ass without her having a chance to clear things out first. It was actually a real turn on, the spontaneity. Sure, it meant that sometimes things got a little dirty back there, but Bob never seemed to mind. In fact, it seemed to make him plow her harder.

He pushed lots of saliva into her rectum as Julie started to masturbate. She told him, "We gotta be real quick, or we're gonna get caught..."

"I'll race you!" Bob chuckled, putting the head of his cock right against her slippery anus.

Julie laughed, "Go!"

Her butthole stretched quickly and Julie sucked in her breath. Bob usually took his time when he fucked her anally, enjoying eating her ass and then fingering her, then working his cock in and out for several minutes before finally shooting his load some time later. That was Julie's favorite, too, but they were in a rush if they didn't want someone to catch them in the act, so Julie relaxed as best she could, Bob's sudden, forceful thrusts going deep into her rectum, almost painful, but in a good way.

Julie fingered her vagina a moment, using the slippery wetness to then swipe her fingers over her clit. It didn't take long for Julie's body to go stiff. Bob knew how to fuck her in public, putting a hand over her mouth so that her cries didn't echo in the small bathroom.

She started to climax, clenching her anus tight around Bob's penis, and she rocked in pleasure right as she felt him starting to swell.

- - -

Bob liked soft anal best, but sometimes, there was just nothing like a two-minute rough assfuck in some nearly-public place. He loved sodomizing his wife in a restaurant bathroom or a park or behind a building. Whatever it was about such things, it made him cum fast and hard. When Julie started orgasming, Bob clamped his hand over her mouth and really drove himself on, slamming her ass, the sink creaking a little too loudly but Bob wasn't about to slow down.

His groin smacked her buttocks, his balls swinging up to slap her vulva. He could smell her dirty ass in the room and looked down to see that Julie was beginning to soil his cock nicely. That made Bob groan in pleasure, trying to be quiet. His penis swelled, swelled, he drove home again and again and then he emptied his nuts as deep in Julie's bowels as he could spurt.

- - -

Alice picked through the bag of items Emmy had snagged from the play room, uncertain what some of the items were for, but others were obvious. "This one is way too big for me!" she told Emmy as she held a large beige dong which was easily ten inches long and really thick. "I think it might hurt!"

"Yeah," Emmy giggled, "too big for me, too!"

Jersey and Chrissy were kissing on Emmy's bed, relaxing from their earlier play. Jersey laughed at them, "You two just can't stop yourselves, can you?"

Emmy grinned wide, "Why would we want to?"

Jersey replied, "Oh, I think it's great, honestly. Can't believe how horny this all makes me!" Alice could see her hand already sliding along Chrissy's thigh, just teasing the girl's flesh. No one had bothered to put on clothes, and it was really exciting to see the wetness on Chrissy's pink, hairless pussy.

"Hey," Emmy said, "check these out..."

Alice looked at her friend and saw her holding a pair of black restraints of some sort, two buttons on each, the wide bands attached by a tough leather strap which was easily six feet long. Emmy pulled out a second set which was similar.

"I wanna try them!" Emmy proclaimed.

"What are they?" Chrissy asked.

"I think they're for holding a girl down on a bed or something."

"You want to be tied up?" Chrissy said doubtfully. "Why?"

- - -

Emmy smiled and shrugged, "I dunno... seems like it might be kinda hot, actually... to not be able to move and all... Getting pretty wet just thinking about it."

"I'm game," Alice told her with a grin, "and I have an idea I just know you're gonna love!"

"What?" Emmy asked, already fitting one of the cuffs around her left wrist and snapping the buttons into place.

"There's a blindfold or two in there, too, right?"

"Uh, yeah, think so..."

"Then let's get you in position!"

"For what?"

Alice giggled, "We're gonna play a guessing game with you!"

"What do I get if I win?" Emmy grinned.

"We'll think of something good, I promise!"

- - -

Chrissy slid off the bed with Jersey and let Emmy settle right in the middle, delight clear on the girl's face. She wasn't sure exactly what Alice had in mind, but she had no doubt it would be quite naughty. Chrissy helped run the strap for the restraints around the headboard, then snapped the other onto Emmy's right wrist.

"Pull it tight," Alice told her.

Chrissy did so, leaving Emmy's arms up above her head, in the air a bit, the cuffs pulled taut by the strap. Jersey and Alice attached the other restraints to Emmy's ankles after wrapping the strap behind the headboard, forcing Emmy's legs to be held apart and feet up over her shoulders. The were pulled in such a way that Emmy couldn't even bend her knees, her limbs stretched back over her and spread wide open. The twelve-year old's cunt dripped wetness already.

Chrissy's pussy tingled at the sight of Emmy's beautiful lightly-hairy slit glistening with excitement.

- - -

Emmy closed her eyes as soon as Alice put the blindfold on her and ensured it was tight. She reopened them again and could see nothing but blackness, just a hint of light around the lower edge. Alice asked her, "All dark?"

"Yep," Emmy replied.

"So," Alice explained, "first, we're gonna find out if you can tell which of us is eating you out."

"Ohhh," purred Emmy, "this will be fun!"

She heard Alice tell the others, "No touching except for your tongue, don't let her know who it is any other way! And Emmy, no guessing until all three of us have gone, okay?"

"Okay." Emmy heard giggling, then low tones of hushed whispers. She couldn't make out what was being said and that added to the thrill.

- - -

"Jersey goes first, then Chrissy, then me, and don't make any noise!" Alice whispered, hoping Emmy couldn't hear her. "What are we going to do if she guesses right... or not?"

Jersey's eyes had been drawn to the items laid out on the dresser which had included the restraints and blindfold. One item really made her get wet. "I have an idea..."

"Oh?" Alice said quietly.

Jersey picked up a dark-brown dong attached to several black straps. "If she gets any wrong, we all get to fuck her with this. And if she gets all right, she gets to fuck us!"

Chrissy grinned, "Oh, I like it!"

"Me too," Alice agreed, "excellent idea, Jersey!"

The teen stroked the dong a moment, then said, "Either way, this is gonna be fun!"

- - -

Emmy felt someone ease onto the bed. It was hard to tell just from the shifting of the mattress who it might be. She purred as soon as a wet tongue slid over her pussy and the darkness under the blindfold made her mind envision each of the girls in turn. Could it be Jersey? Maybe. Or Alice? The tongue was not tentative and super soft enough to be her pale friend. But Emmy had a hard time deciding if it was Jersey or Chrissy. Both girls knew how to eat pussy, that was for sure, and whichever of the two was between her legs, Emmy's clit hardened from the attention and she started to moan.

After a moment, Emmy still undecided, the tongue between her legs was replaced by a different one. This one, too, was determined and excellent, so Emmy thought it had to be Chrissy or Jersey, but again, she wasn't sure. There was a decided different in technique. This tongue lapped in circles around her lower lips, dipping into her vagina before sliding right back up to her clit, then down again to tickle Emmy's anus. It was hard to know which girl was bringing her such pleasure, but Emmy just smiled and moaned and enjoyed the attention.

Another change took place and this time, Emmy was fairly certain that Alice was licking her pussy. The tongue moved more gently and with less confidence. Not that Alice was anything but amazing between Emmy's legs, but the young redhead had far less experience eating pussy than either Jersey or Chrissy, and the delightfully-tentative movements had to be Alice and no other. By the time the girl pulled away, Emmy was close to orgasm, dripping wet from her own juices and saliva from three wonderful tongues.

- - -

"So," Alice said after the three of them had backed off from the bed, "who was the first one?"

Chrissy was so wet that she was slowly rubbing her pussy as they waited for Emmy to respond. She loved seeing the cute girl held in place and restrained. Chrissy didn't know why that turned her on so much, but there was something wonderful about having easy, unobstructed access to Emmy's most private parts. Emmy's pussy was wet and pink and soft, and Chrissy could still taste the girl's juices in her mouth. She felt a hand slide over her ample buttocks and grinned at Jersey as her girlfriend began to part her cheeks and slip wet fingers over Chrissy's butthole.

"Hard to know for sure!" Emmy exclaimed, panting lightly, held in place by the restraints.

"Well, you have to guess," Alice smiled, "or else we'll have to spank you for disobeying!"

"Ohhh," Emmy laughed, "maybe I'll just not guess then!"

Chrissy giggled, "Oh, please guess! But, uh, we can still spank you either way!"

"Hmmm," Emmy thought for a moment, "if I had to guess... I'd say the first one was... Chrissy..."

Chrissy stifled another giggle, Emmy already wrong in her guess.

Alice said, "And number two?"


"Which makes me number three then?"

"Yep, definitely sure on that one!"

"Why sure?"

Emmy laughed, "Oh, Alice... you are so obvious when you lick me, I'd know your tongue anywhere!"

Alice grinned, "Well, thanks!"

"So how'd I do?"

"You were right about me, I was the third, but, uh, you got Jersey and Chrissy backwards!"

"Darn!" Emmy replied. "So, uh... what happens now?"

"Now," Jersey cut in, starting to put her legs through the elastic bands of the strap-on, "we're all going to fuck you silly!"

"Oh... oh!" Emmy exclaimed. "With the dong thing?"


- - -

Alice said to her, "And you can't move, either, cause, damn, Emmy... you are so fucking hot all tied up like that..."

Emmy grinned, "Oh, I don't wanna move. Come fuck me, cause... cause I'm a slut!"

Emmy heard Chrissy and Jersey laughing. Jersey replied, "You asked for it, slut!"

Someone crawled onto the bed and leaned over her. Though she couldn't see the girl, Emmy sniffed the air and detected Jersey's unique scent. It made Emmy tingle with excitement, her clit throbbing in the air, juices drooling down her crack.

Pressure started building against her pussy and Emmy felt something hard and thick press up inside her vagina. She let out a long moan and then sucked in her breath. Although it wasn't warm, it sure felt like being penetrated by a cock and Emmy knew immediately she was going to love it.

"Take me, you slut!" Jersey laughed as she started to thrust.

Emmy's instinct was to reach towards the girl starting to fuck her pussy, but her arms were held in place and couldn't move. It added to the intensity something fierce, Emmy so open and vulnerable and yielding. "Oh, God! Fuck me, Jersey! Fuck me like a slut!"

- - -

Jersey had no practice being the 'man' in the situation, but her hips seemed to find a rhythm that worked, plunging the dong deep into Emmy's pussy before pulling back and slamming in again. With Emmy's legs pulled back over the girl's body, Jersey angled down and forward, holding Emmy's outer thighs as she humped her. While it did nothing to stimulate Jersey's own pussy, she was nonetheless dripping wet with excitement.

She felt fingers passing down her crack as she fucked Emmy and looked back briefly to see both Alice and Chrissy playing with her buttocks, her pussy, and even her tight anus. Two fingers slid into her cunt, another up her butt, and Jersey started to ride Emmy faster and faster, almost in a race to see which girl might orgasm first.

Emmy won, but only barely, crying out, "Uhnnn! Uhnnn! Fuck me! Fuck me! Uhnnn!"

"Cum, you slut!" Jersey breathed, almost there herself, hips slamming against Emmy's body. "Cum like the slut you are!"

"Uhnnnnnnn... Uhnnnnn... Mmmmmmm... Ohhhhh..."

Emmy's orgasm and the fingers probing Jersey's holes made the thirteen-year old start to shudder and crash into a climax of her own.

- - -

Jersey cumming over her was an amazing sensation. Emmy was held in place, a willing recipient of Jersey's thrusts, letting the girl use her pussy however she wanted. Her own orgasm still warming her, she felt Jersey's lips press against hers as Jersey's body shuddered and trembled, "Mmmm... Mmmmm... Mmmmm... Mmmmmmmmmm-mmm-mmmm..."

- - -

"Me next!" Chrissy demanded, so turned on that she was just on the edge of orgasm. She sniffed the finger which had just been inside Jersey's pussy and smelled her girlfriend's erotic scents, soon licking them clean of the thirteen-year old's cream.

Jersey pulled out of Emmy's pussy, the twelve-year old's cunt gaping, darker pinkish-red than before, clearly well-fucked by Jersey's dong. A light cream was caught in some of the blonde hairs surrounding Emmy's hole, and Chrissy couldn't help leaning down to lap at the raw flesh while Jersey stepped out of the straps.

Her girlfriend passed her the toy and Chrissy pulled it into place. She stood admiring the look of having a dark cock sticking out from her body. In a way, she wished she really did have a dick so that she could fuck the three sexy girls in the room and leave her cum inside each of them. That thought nearly made Chrissy orgasm just by rubbing her thick thighs together.

But she held off, barely, and climbed over Emmy, lodging the head of the silicone dick into Emmy's raw gape, and then pushed her hips forward, sinking it deep into Emmy's body.

- - -

"Uhnnn..." Emmy moaned as Chrissy sank into her. "Fuck, that feels so good! Fuck me, Chrissy!"

Jersey's movement had been a little more natural and properly urgent than Chrissy's, the younger girl less certain how to move like a boy would. But it was no less arousing to feel Chrissy's thick body slamming against her. Emmy dripped excitement, and she could smell her own scent growing thick in the room. She knew that if Chrissy kept fucking her so deeply, another orgasm was soon going to explode in Emmy's body.

- - -

Jersey's fingers were probing her pussy as Chrissy got closer and closer to the edge of her own release. She held onto Emmy's ankles around the cuffs, rocking as best she could, uncertain if her movements were those a man would make. But Emmy seemed to be enjoying it, moaning and grunting each time the dong slammed in. Jersey's hand slid down to Chrissy's clit and the eleven-year old was burning right where her orgasm was ready to flood her.

A wet finger slid between Chrissy's jiggling butt cheeks and started to probe into her tight anus. Chrissy moaned, "Uhnnn... Ohhhh... Ohhh... Gonna... Gonna... Ohhhhh!"

Chrissy's orgasm crashed in and it caused her to buck wildly against Emmy, sending the dong deep into the girl's pussy, and forcing the the fingers in Chrissy's vagina and butt to push even deeper, which enhanced the effect as Chrissy squeezed her holes around the penetration.

- - -

When Chrissy orgasmed, it made Emmy's body hum with urgency. The dong slipped out during Chrissy's frantic bucking movements and the rigid silicone slipped up and down Emmy's slit so perfectly that it rubbed right against the girl's clit, releasing Emmy's climax just as Chrissy's body started to slow a bit.

"Ohhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhh! Oh, yes! Oh, yes! Ohhhhhhhh!"

- - -

Alice pulled her finger from Chrissy's butthole and sniffed it. The scent there was light but distinctive, the result of being inside both Chrissy's and Jersey's asses. Whatever caused it, that smell really turned Alice on, and she had no doubt what she was going to do once Chrissy finally slid off the bed and, sweating and panting, started to remove the toy from her body.

Alice leaned down and licked Emmy's swollen, angry red pussy. It sure showed how well she'd been fucked, gaping open, wet, looking wonderfully raw and creamy. The redhead slid her tongue lower, lower, and soon was probing Emmy's tight little asshole, tickling her friend there before slathering a lot of saliva into her hole.

Soon, the strap-on was in place on Alice's body, her own pussy juice running freely down her thighs. She climbed onto the bed, slid the dong's head into Emmy's pussy a moment to wet it good, then she grinned, "Since no one else has, I suppose I should use your other hole!"

- - -

Emmy giggled, panting and sweaty and feeling rather raw down there. Opened and held in place as she was, Emmy couldn't have resisted if she wanted to. And, boy, did she not want to resist! "Oh, please! Yes!"

She felt her hole starting to yield slightly, though the discomfort there built immediately as she tried to relax. Emmy hummed with mix of sensations as Alice tried to penetrate her anus. After a moment or two, the dong several times slipping away from her backdoor, pain starting to become difficult to ignore, Emmy heard Alice say, "You're too tight, Emmy! I can't get it in!"

Jersey spoke up, "There's some lube, wanna try that?"

Emmy nodded and Alice said, "Sure!"

A moment passed and then a cool, wet finger slid around her butthole, then silky wetness dropped onto her anus, cooling the discomfort there. A finger slid inside, coating her tight channel with slippery lubrication. Already, her butthole felt more likely to take the sodomy.

Emmy felt the dong again pressing against her butthole, but this time, the head lodged inside her tight ring with a pop, causing Emmy to jerk against her restraints and cry out, "Ow!"

"Sorry," Alice said gently, "want me to stop?"

"No," Emmy breathed, "just... give me a second..."

Alice held in place while Emmy got used to the dong. It was rather thick, or so it seemed. She'd taken boys and men there before and surely they'd been at least as thick, but maybe it was easier with a real dick which could stretch and bend and soften a little to get inside.

Regardless, Emmy's anus started to relax, and, with what little movement she could produce, Emmy showed her interest in continuing by trying to hump herself against the dong.

Alice seemed to get the idea and pushed in slowly, opening Emmy's butthole wide, stretching it fully, to the point where pain and pleasure were fighting for control.

A finger slid over her clitoris, then two began to slide into her vagina. That did the trick. Alice was fully inside Emmy's asshole and as the fingers playing with Emmy's pussy directed her pleasure, the twelve-year old felt herself rapidly starting to rise again, the pain fading a little but not completely, and the discomfort adding a distinct and wonderful pleasure to the sensations in her body.

- - -

Emmy's butthole was so tight that Alice had a hard time moving the dong in and out. The straps of the device kept yielding, causing the shaft to mostly stay in place, held tight by Emmy's anus. So Alice took hold of the base of the dong and was better able to fuck Emmy's butt with it.

Her friend started breathing very heavily, crying out, "Uhnnn! Uhnn! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh, God! Oh! Uhnnnnn!" Alice could feel Emmy's body starting to tremble, and while Jersey and Chrissy fingered and stroked Emmy's pussy, Alice started to urgently fuck the girl's ass harder, harder, deeper thrusts causing Emmy to grunt and toss her head.

A finger swept through Alice's crack, silky with lubrication, and as the redhead fucked Emmy to another orgasm, Jersey's finger pushed deep into Alice's own asshole.

Emmy's orgasm was a loud cry, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhfuuuuuuuuuuuck! Ohhhhhhhhh! Mmmmm-mmm-mmm-ooooohhhh!"

Alice bucked as Emmy came, so turned on that her movements were causing Alice's little clit to rub against the base of the dong. Jersey's finger sodomized Alice's butt and in seconds, Emmy's body flushed and sweaty below her, Alice trembled into an orgasm of her own, "My... my... my goooooooooodneeeeeeeesssssss! Oh! Oh... my goodness!"

- - -

Jersey and Chrissy had curled up together after their play, Emmy and Alice off in the pool. Jersey said, "Can I ask you a question? Like... kinda a serious question..."

Chrissy replied, "Sure, always!"

"So," Jersey said, "I, uh... you know I let Alice's dad cum in me the other day..."

"Yeah," Chrissy giggled, "that was so hot!"

"Umm, yeah, definitely. But... uh... I was like, you know... right in the middle of my cycle." Jersey could tell Chrissy didn't understand, so she explained, "I was ovulating... that's when you can most easily get pregnant..."

"Oh," Chrissy replied softly, then more emphatically, "oh! Do you think...?"

"I dunno yet... Like... what would you think if I was pregnant?"

Chrissy squeezed her hand as they spooned, Jersey behind her young girlfriend, "I... I don't know," Chrissy said, "what do you think?"

"I kinda want a baby... Like... it would be so hot to know that Alice's dad gave me one..."

"Okay," Chrissy said quietly.

"Would you, uh... be mad?"

"Mad?" Chrissy replied, "No! No, it would be, I dunno, kinda weird, I guess... but not mad. Like... what would you do?"

Jersey shook her head, "Not sure... I think I'd want to keep it, right? But... my parents... if they found out... they'd be pissed! I bet they'd make me get an abortion..."

"That sucks!" Chrissy said.

"Yeah... I mean, I don't know that I got pregnant, but... you know... if I keep letting guys cum in me... it's bound to happen..."

"Do you want to stop?"

"Never!" Jersey exclaimed, "No, just the opposite, like... I kinda want to keep doing it until I get pregnant!"

Chrissy giggled, "That's so hot! I kinda hope you are pregnant, Jersey. That would be so hot!"

"Saying you'd still love me if I am?"

"Oh, of course! Forever!"

"Good... I won't know unless I get a test... you think maybe Emmy's parents might get one for me?"

Chrissy shrugged, "We could ask them when they get home..."

"Yeah, I think I will..."

Jersey wrapped herself around Chrissy tighter and let her thoughts drift to her parents a moment, worried that no word had come in yet about their bond. Still, it was a Sunday and maybe that's why things were moving slowly. She hoped to have the attorney call soon. At least, Jersey thought, Chrissy was there for her, and Emmy's parents would sure keep an eye on things and take care of Jersey as best they could. "I love you, Chrissy, so, so much!"

"Mmm," her girlfriend replied, "and I love you."

End of Chapter 18

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