Emmy Grows Up
MF MFg msolo ped inc mother/son father/daughter brother/sister
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From the imagination of Chase Shivers

July 7, 2018

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Chapter 17: Family Reunion

Chapter Cast:

Emmy, Female, 12
- Daughter of Julie and Bob, cousin of Ken and Charlie, niece of Diane
- 5'0, 100lbs, beige skin, straight blonde hair
Julie, Female, 36
- Mother of Emmy, wife of Bob, sister of Diane, aunt of Charlie and Ken
- 5'6, 135lbs, pale skin, bright red red hair
Alice Davis, Female, 11
- Best friend of Emmy, daughter of Will
- 4'6, 75lbs, pale freckled skin, orange-red hair to shoulders
Will Davis, Male, 32
- Father of Alice
- 6'1, 200lbs, tanned beige skin, short dark-brown hair
Sharon Connors, Female, 41
- Neighbor of Will, mother-grandmother of Chrissy
- 5'7, 150lbs, tanned beige skin, dark-brown hair to shoulders
Chrissy Connors, Female, 11
- Daughter of Sharon, sister-daughter of Bret
- 4'11, 115lbs, tanned beige skin, dark-brown hair to shoulders
Jersey Parker, Female, 13
- Daughter of Paola and Lowell
- 5'4, 130lbs, dark-mocha skin, semi-wavy black hair
Julie, Female, 36
- Mother of Emmy, wife of Bob, sister of Diane, aunt of Charlie and Ken
- 5'6, 135lbs, pale skin, bright red red hair
Bob, Male, 38
- Father of Emmy, husband of Julie, brother-in-law of Diane, uncle of Charlie and Ken
- 5'11, 180lbs, beige skin, cropped blonde-brown hair
Bret, Male, mid-20s
- Son of Sharon, brother-father of Chrissy
- 5'8, 165lbs, beige skin, short brown hair

"So... everything is okay? Chrissy, you're okay with everything?" Julie asked after the two girls and Will had come down to the living room.

Bob and the others had stopped their play and even put on their clothing, fearing things might be swinging the wrong way and wanting to be prepared for whatever happened. He still felt a little nervous, not knowing for sure how Chrissy was feeling. The girl had excitedly given a short explanation for what she'd learned about her brother-father, Bret, but given that she was eleven and likely overwhelmed, Bob didn't trust the happy expression on her face.

Chrissy grinned and nodded, "Oh, yes! I know who my father is, and it's someone I just adore!"

"Is it odd to know your brother is your dad?" Alice asked.

"Yeah, I suppose," Chrissy replied, "but... you know... my family has always sorta been different, ever since Mommy and I started doing things together... I don't know why I never thought to ask her if she had ever did it my brother, it just never crossed my mind!"

"So... she got pregnant with you when he was fifteen," Bob offered gently, "and then cut him off and didn't tell him you were his daughter... I guess that must be really odd for him, both being cut off and then not knowing he had a child... Just finding that out today."

"Yeah, but he's happy, too," Chrissy assured them. "You should have seen his face. I think it made him feel good that it was me, too. He always was good to me, and now, we have this special thing between us... Well, several special things. My daddy took my cherry!"

Jersey giggled and squeezed Chrissy's hand, and Bob had to admit it seemed the preteen was taking it rather well. He didn't know what to think about the girl being the product of incest between a mother and her son, but there was some exceptionally arousing to know that Chrissy had been conceived by a woman and her own teenage boy mating without protection.

It made Bob glance over to Emmy. He'd cum inside his own daughter many times. She wasn't protected, either. Did he stop doing that? Did he make her stop letting anyone else cum inside her pussy? Bob shuddered, turned on to think maybe he, too, might deliver seed which caught inside his blood relative, that maybe Emmy might get pregnant with his child.

He didn't voice his concern or arousing thoughts, though, as everyone congratulated Chrissy on giving her virginity to her brother-father. Chrissy told them, "And now, Mommy and Daddy are having some alone time like they used to do when he was young."

"Well good for them," Julie said, "I love my Emmy so much, but there are some days I wish I had a son like Bret. Really turns me on to think about that..."

"He's not your son," Bob told his wife, "but Kenny will be around in a few days... I seem to recall you having a rather fun time with our nephew..."

Julie purred, "Oh, my yes... I can't wait!"

- - -

Bret was in heaven again. His mom was straddling his body, hands caressing his face, kissing him like she did so many years earlier, "I've missed this so much, Mom!"

The woman's eyes sparkled with her love and desire, "So have I, Bret... I'm so sorry we ever stopped... I just thought it was for the best... I'm sorry I never told you Chrissy was yours..."

He kissed her back and wrapped his arms around her, "It's okay, really. My life's turned out pretty great thanks to you, and now that I know... well, I'm just so happy to be a dad!"

- - -

Sharon could feel her son's cock throbbing against her thigh. She smiled at him and reached a hand back down between them. "You always did recover quickly, son..." It pulsed when she grabbed it, still a little slick from being in his sister-daughter's pussy, the first penis Chrissy ever had inside her. "I'm so happy that you were Chrissy's first man!"

"Me, too! Oh, it was so nice, too! She's real tight, Mom."

"Well," Sharon said, "I'm not so tight as I was many years ago... but... if you think you might like to fuck your mother again..."

His eyes said everything. Sharon stood up a moment and quickly shed her clothing, dropping them in a pile nearby. Bret's gaze was on her heavy tits, then her bald pussy. "Like it?"

"Oh, yes! Last time I saw you naked, Mom... you weren't shaving anything down there. It looks like Chrissy's!"

Sharon laughed, "Well, maybe an older Chrissy, but I think I have a rather lovely pussy..."

"Can I eat it? Like I used to?"

Sharon purred, "Oh, god yes, son!" She knelt with her knees beside her son's head and pushed her crotch right down on his lips. "Eat me like when you were a boy!"

- - -

Bret's tongue slid out and he began to lap at the salty, tart, and savory flesh between his mother's legs. It took his mind back to those amazing days in his youth when his mom, in the same position, would press her then-hairy cunt right down on his face. His tongue pushed through her majora and into the inner folds, wetness there creamy and dry like wine. "Mmmmm..." he moaned into his mom's hairless twat.

"God, Bret... oh, that tongue! I never forgot that tongue!"

He licked up and down her slit and she began to writhe over top of him.

- - -

"Much as I hate to do it, your father and I are going to have to head home before too long," Julie told Emmy. "We have some errands to take care of, then we're back at work tomorrow..." Their jobs often required Julie and Bob to put in Sunday hours, and this weekend was no exception.

"Aww... that sucks!" Emmy replied.

Julie smiled at her, "You're free to stay, of course, though I'd like for you to be home by Tuesday. Can't have you wearing yourself out completely playing with your new friends, and wearing out your welcome, you know..."

"Well... okay..." Emmy said, pouting slightly. "Maybe... uh... maybe Alice and Chrissy and Jersey can come stay with me?"

Julie looked at where the other three girls were talking excitedly nearby, Chrissy still over the moon to have finally known her father, her own brother having delivered the seed into their mother which created the girl eleven years earlier. Not only had Chrissy learned her brother was her dad, but just before that, she'd given her virginity to him! Julie's pussy was soaking wet at the thought. "Maybe," she told her daughter, "let's play it by ear." Julie lowered her voice, "Plus... we don't know what's going to happen with Jersey's parents, remember. That could change quickly and they might get out of jail if their lawyer does her thing."

"Yeah, I know... Chrissy will be all lonely if Jersey has to leave... but if not, please let them all come stay with me!" Emmy pleaded. "We'll clean up everything and be good!" The girl offered her trademark smile which said she was trying to appear as sincere and innocent as possible.

Julie laughed, "Sure, why not. So long as Will and Sharon are okay with it. Will has to work tomorrow, too, I understand, and Sharon's heading out on Sunday, as well. Maybe we'll see about bringing you girls with us when we leave today. Not sure about Jersey, I'll need to speak with Sharon..."

- - -

"Oh... Mom!" Bret was still in heaven. After he'd eaten his mother's pussy until she orgasmed and coated his face with her delicious tart-sweet juices, she'd slid down and now had his thick cock inside her mouth.

"God, you've gotten big down here!" his mom told him.

He smiled, still unused to being so complimented. He'd been complete chaste ever since he was fifteen, too self-conscious about his weight to even seek out partners, though he'd always had a strong sex drive, regularly masturbating three, four times a day. He'd jerked off thousands of times over the years, and his usual fantasies involved reliving the couple of years he'd spent fucking his own mother.

"I just have to have you inside me... Here, son," the woman said.

- - -

Sharon put her arms on the back of the couch, bent over the cushions, offering her naked body to her son to use as he wished. This had always been his favorite position. Well, one of his many favorite positions. Sharon loved that it was a little vulnerable, her back to Bret, her ass up, legs spread, her welcoming holes all ready for him to penetrate her.

And Bret was no slouch, either, even at fifteen, before his cock had even grown to its full size, he'd been a great lay. Sharon had never had a better male lover, at least not until Will and Bob, that is. As soon as she felt a hand on her buttock, she braced herself, and seconds later, warm pressure began pressing into her pussy as her own son began to penetrate Sharon's cunt.

- - -

"Oh... Mom!" Bret exclaimed as he sank his dick deep into her mother's vagina. Sure, she was nowhere near as tight as his sister-daughter, Chrissy, but that didn't mean she was all loose, either. Bret felt his mom's hole stretching to take him inside, and even though his weighted stomach pressed against her butt, he still penetrated deep inside her. He felt her vagina clenching as his mother's moans started to grow louder.

Bret started to thrust and for several minutes, the two rutted like animals. He relived his teen years spent fucking his mom, but better, his new adult life now returned to those pleasures, his mother's body his once more to enjoy.

And enjoy it, he did! She was already creamy and slippery. Bret was thankful for his earlier orgasms because he was in no rush to cum. He fondled his mom's ass, remembering how she liked to have her butthole fingered while they fucked. Slathering saliva onto his finger, he carefully pushed his hand between their bodies and felt her tight, wrinkled backdoor, spreading spit there a moment before probing inside.

- - -

"Uhnnn..." Sharon moaned as her son's finger opened her anus and stretched it. God, he remembered! Bret's thick cock felt so wonderful inside her pussy, heavy and hot, plunging into her vagina with a force and a drive which made her quickly approaching another orgasm. The finger sliding through her asshole made her release speed towards completion. "Uhnnnnn!"

Bret's cock was swelling in her cunt and Sharon felt a second finger join the first, driving deep into her rectum. She'd not had a chance to clear things out there before mating with her son, so she hoped it wasn't especially dirty. Not that Bret had ever cared, even when things did get dirtier than Sharon might have wished. It didn't gross him out at all, she remembered, and the same was true for Sharon.

She felt her body's tension starting to hone in on the pleasure center between her legs. Sharon threw back her head as her son's cock and fingers thrust repeatedly inside her. She let out a long, "Mmmmmmmmmmm!" and then felt pleasure rush in like she hadn't felt in many, many years as she climaxed around her son's cock.

- - -

"Cum, Mom! Oh, god, cum!" Bret breathed, slamming his hips forward, two fingers buried up inside his mother's butt. The smell of her orgasming pussy and dirty butthole were driving him wild. He loved being inside his mom, and even after two orgasms, one each with Julie and Chrissy, Bret was nearing a third release.

He stroked in and out of her as she came, her body growing limp, sweaty. Bret managed to slide a third finger partially up his mom's backdoor, enough inside her rectum that he could feel that penetration against the upper side of his cock. Bret swelled and gasped, bucking, mating with his mom frantically, so close, so close!

"Cum in me, son!" his mother called back, "God, fill me with cum! Like you did when you made Chrissy in me!"

"Oh, God!" Bret cried out. His cock spewed semen deep into his mother's pussy, right up into the same hole where he'd fathered his own sister, right where Chrissy had been conceived. His mom's cunt clenched and creamed as Bret emptied his nuts inside his mom's vagina. It seemed to last minutes to Bret as he tried to catch his breath, spurting his last drops of semen and quickly beginning to soften.

- - -

"Mmmmm..." Sharon purred as her son's cock shot his cum into her for the first time in many years. "That's so nice, Bret... that's so nice, my sweet son!"

He was breathing heavily behind her, slowly withdrawing his fingers from her butt, his cock slipping free and letting the sticky cream leak out of her body. She drew her hand down between her legs, scooped some of the cum from her gaping hole, and sucked it clean off her fingers, savoring her own son's salty, pungent semen like she hadn't in many long years. "You still taste so good, Bret... Mmmmm..."

- - -

Bret sat back on his ankles and grinned, "That was so amazing, Mom! I've missed you so much!"

"That makes two of us!" his mother replied.

He looked down at the mess they'd made between her legs and buttocks, signs of his ejaculation still dripping from her cleanly-waxed snatch, a filthier mess near her anus and also on his fingers. He chuckled, "Suppose we should go shower after that, huh?"

"Just like old times. You always did have a knack for getting your mother all dirty..."

"My favorite thing ever!" Bret agreed.

She spun around and wrapped her arms around him, kissing his lips, "I'm so glad this all happened, Bret. I'm so happy you know about your daughter... our daughter... and that we could be together as lovers again..."

"Me too, Mom. Mmmm... Me too!"

- - -

Will and the others had not resumed their activities after Sharon had arrived, instead they sat in the living room, the television tuned to some silly kids show. Three of the girls were chattering excitedly, Chrissy still beaming and glowing from all the amazing things she'd learned and done about her brother, Bret. Her own brother was also her father, and Will admitted the knowledge that Chrissy had been a product of mother-son incest was incredibly arousing. She showed none of the signs of such a coupling. No odd appearance, no deformities, nothing to suggest that her parents were mom and child.

Will was sitting with Bob, Julie, and Emmy, the three of them discussing plans for the afternoon. It seemed Bob and Julie had to take care of errands and then would be working the next day. Sunday was a work day for Will, as well. He had a client coming to his office early to take care of some paperwork, and he'd scheduled three different clients to go view houses for sale. Will hated that he would miss whatever fun might be going on, but even though he was rather well off and could afford to miss out on some work from time-to-time, he still needed an income to keep making progress in life, and besides, he did really enjoy what he did for a living.

He spoke up when he heard the suggestion from Julie, "Sure, it's fine with me if Alice goes home with you all. I really should catch up on some work of my own this evening... this past week has sort of been... distracting."

Bob laughed, "Fucking your own daughter can do that to a guy, eh?"

Will grinned, "Something like that. You should know, right?"

"Oh, believe me, I do indeed."

Julie spoke quietly, "Any idea what might be going on with Jersey's parents?"

Will shrugged, "Last I heard, their attorney was still working on getting them out on bond. I dunno if Sharon might have heard anything new."

"Well," Bob replied, "the girl is welcome to come over and stay with us, though I imagine Sharon will expect to keep her close just in case."

Right then, down the stairs came Sharon and Bret. Will looked up to see them both wearing clothes and big smiles. "So," the woman announced, "I suppose since everyone already knows, my son and I have... resumed... our previous relationship..."

"That's great!" Emmy exclaimed.

Sharon nodded, "Very much so! Chrissy, dear, can the three of us talk a moment?"

The girl stood and said, "Of course!"

"Uh, Sharon," Will asked, "any word about... Jersey's parents."

The woman shook her head, "Nothing new, sorry."

Will looked at the teen and saw the disappointment clear on her face. "Ah, well, it takes time, I know. Chin up, Jersey, I'm sure everyone is working hard to get them out."

"I know," the teen replied quietly, "I'm just really worried about them."

Sharon said, "I'll let you know the moment I know something, but, since you're all here, I'll let you know that I have to head out early tomorrow for at least a week on assignment. Not sure when I may be back. Is it okay if Chrissy and Jersey stay with you, Will? Here is fine, I just need to ensure someone is around for them."

"Of course, though," Will offered, "Bob and Julie are heading home in a bit, and I believe Alice and Emmy are going with them. Perhaps Chrissy and Jersey might like to go stay there this week? I've got a ton of work, starting Sunday, and I'll have long hours the next few days."

"Girls?" Sharon asked, looking at the eleven- and thirteen-year olds.

- - -

"Sure," Chrissy replied, "if Jersey wants to go..."

"Yeah, I'd like to," Jersey said. The teen was starting to feel a little depressed again after all the excitement for Chrissy. Jersey had been incredibly happy that her new girlfriend had learned that her brother was also her father, but it just reminded the teen that her own father, and mother, were still in trouble and there was nothing she could do to help. "But... how will I know anything about my parents if you're going to be gone?"

Chrissy's mom nodded, "I thought of that. I'm going to contact your parent's attorney right now and give her a new contact number. It's a number I can forward anywhere when I'm out of touch. I'll have it go to Bob and Julie's house number, if you're going to stay there. Don't mention that I'm away, okay? I'm supposed to be the one responsible for you, and we don't want to complicate things by trying to explain what you're doing somewhere else."

Jersey nodded, "Sure, that sounds good. Thanks."

"Now, if that's all settled," the woman said, "I'd love to have some time with my son and daughter while we're all still together..."

- - -

"How about you girls go gather some things since it appears you're going to be staying with us a few days," Emmy's mom told the three of them. "Jersey, do you have some clothes and whatever else you need with you, as well?"

Alice turned to see their dark-skinned friend looking a little sad. The girl said, "Yeah... I've got some, thanks. I'll go get them."

"I'll help," Chrissy suggested. The two disappeared up the stairs.

Alice said, "I'll go pack a bag. Emmy, your stuff's over at my house."

"Alright," Emmy replied, "I'm coming."

The two left the house and raced over to Alice's home. Inside the eleven-year old's bedroom, Emmy said, "I'm so excited, Alice! Getting to spend a week with you has been great, and now another one ahead! My pool's not as nice as yours or Chrissy's, but we can swim in it naked, too, like we used to do when we were both little!"

Alice smiled and patted Emmy's bottom, "I bet this will be so much fun! I don't know if your bed's really big enough for all four of us, though..."

"Oh, we'll manage," Emmy grinned, "it just means we'll have to get really close."

"Yeah," Alice agreed, "like that would ever be a problem!"

Alice picked through her dresser to collect some leggings, shirts, underwear, and night clothes.

"Hey," Emmy said after stuffing her bag with the dirty clothes she'd collected over the week staying with Alice, "we should totally grab some of those outfits from the play room!"

"Oh, yes!" Alice exclaimed, "Definitely! And... maybe some of the other stuff, too, not that I know what any of it really is..."

"I bet Mom and Dad can help us learn," Emmy giggled.


- - -

Chrissy sat on the king-size bed in the master bedroom beside her brother-father, holding his hand while their mother started to pack a suitcase. The woman paused, then turned back, "Sorry, I got distracted in preparing. I hate having to leave in the morning, but, Chrissy, you of all people understand that's the way it goes for me sometimes."

Chrissy nodded, "Of course. I understand."

"And you, Bret, you'll be off tomorrow, too?"

"Unfortunately," Bret said, "I wish I could stay longer..."

"Well," their mother told him, "at least you two know the truth of things... and... you're both taking it so well..."

"It's great, Mom!" Chrissy exclaimed. "I'm just so happy to know my dad finally! And he's so awesome!" She squeezed Bret's hand and felt his love for her in his warm fingers. "I just wish we had more time to... you know... play with each other..."

- - -

"I'm so sore right now I doubt I could even get hard again without screaming in pain," Bret admitted, then he smiled, "but since there's still some time before I have to go back to my place to get prepared for my trip... maybe you two might enjoy some of my other, you know, talents?"

His mother smiled at them, "I thought you'd never ask..."

Bret had a desire. "You know... now that I know you two have been together the last couple of years... I'd really love to see what that looks like..."

Chrissy giggled, "You want to watch Mommy eat my pussy?"

Bret nodded, chuckling, "And I want to see you eating Mom, too!"

"Okay! I'm in. Mommy?"

"Absolutely... I'm always wanting that, Chrissy. Always!"

- - -

Emmy picked through the racks, wishing she could just take all of the two hundred or more outfits, underwear sets, and other accessories with her. She had a hard time picking. "Oh, this one is delightful and your size!" Emmy told Alice as she pulled off a peach and cream colored camisole with matching sheer panties, the edges of the top lacy white. "It would look so good on you since you're so pink down there!"

Alice laughed, "Ok, grab that one!"

All together, they collected a dozen outfits or more and stuffed them into a spare bag Alice had brought for just such a purpose.

They moved over to the other racks and shelves which held objects naughty but mostly unknown to the girls. Some were shaped like penises, others short like plugs. There were straps and whip-like devices, blindfolds, fuzzy handcuffs, feathered boas and spiked collars. Emmy grabbed something that resembled a dick which was attached to a set of straps and stuffed it into the bag, along with a few other items which looked interesting. Like the outfits, she wished she could just bring everything.

"Girls?" Emmy heard her mom call into the room, "We need to get a move on. A lot to do this afternoon."

"Alright," Emmy replied.

Her mom was grinning at them from the doorway. "Grabbing some toys to play with?"

Alice giggled, "Oh, goodness, yes, though we don't know what most of this stuff is!"

Emmy's mother laughed, "Well... I'm sure you can figure some of it out, but if Bob and I have some time in the evenings, perhaps we can show you a thing or two..."

Emmy grinned, "Yes, please!"

"Alright," her mom replied, "well, if you're ready... let's be off, then!"

- - -

Bob heard the feminine moans coming from down the hall from where Julie was gathering Alice and Emmy and figured that's where Sharon and her children had gone. He stopped and peered inside the master and saw that Chrissy was on her back on the bed, right in the middle, her head on a pillow, naked, legs spread wide around her mother's head. Bret had his back to Bob, reclining on his side, watching his mom and sister-daughter together for the first time.

Bob grinned, not wanting to disturb their fun. He reached into his pocked and scribbled a quick note that they needed to leave on the back of a receipt, then put it right on the floor in the doorway where he hoped it would be noticed. He said he would he or Julie could come pick Chrissy up if needed, or they were free to drop her off later or in the morning.

He stepped back down the stairs where the others were gathered. "Alright, let's get going."

- - -

Chrissy moaned loudly, sometimes watching her brother-father's face to see his reaction. Her mom's tongue was just perfect between her legs. Chrissy knew the remains of Bret's cum was still inside her most likely, and it thrilled her to no end to know their mother was lapping up the pungent cream.

The tongue passed through her hairless slit then circled her clit. Chrissy cried out as her hips flared, "Oh... Oh... Mmmmm... Mommy! Ohhhhh..." Her orgasm pounded into her from down below and she held her mom's head firmly against her for long seconds before the sensations were too much, then she pulled back, Chrissy's head tossing and rolling as she moaned her pleasure. She looked up and said, "My turn!"

- - -

Sharon switched places with her daughter, smiling at her son, the young man looking like he wished his cock wasn't really sore. But he'd already emptied his nuts in three different women that day, including his sister-daughter and his mother, so Sharon hardly felt sorry for him. Her waxed cunt splayed open, wet and slippery, and quickly, Chrissy's delightful young lips and tongue were teasing all the right places between her legs.

- - -

Bret couldn't believe how amazing it was to watch the two together. He'd never even imagined that Chrissy and their mother might have become intimate, that his sister, also his own daughter, was surely too young for such things, not that he ever even considered it might have happened. But seeing Chrissy orgasm on their mom's tongue, then watching the girl expertly bringing the woman to orgasm made Bret exceptionally horny and delighted.

He just had to be involved in some way, so he rolled off the bed as his mother's cries grew louder and more insistent, sliding behind Chrissy and planting his face right between her buttocks. His tongue probed the slippery, hairless flesh, his nose pushed right up against the eleven-year old's anus. He inhaled her sharp, wonderful scent, and tasted the most amazing flavors inside his his sister-daughter's vagina.

- - -

Chrissy felt her mom starting to orgasm and she did what the woman always loved, sliding a finger right up her pussy, another up through her anus, and probed deeply as her mom's climax racked her body. Her father's tongue on her pussy moved up to her ass, and Chrissy just loved that Bret was licking her somewhere even more naughty!

The girl lapped up all the slippery juices from her mom's pussy, her brother's finger soon dancing around her hairless folds while he licked her butt, his tongue even pushing in a little, stretching her little ring open. Chrissy's knees started to buckle, but Bret pushed a finger deep into her pussy, stroking that really sensitive spot just inside her hole, and with his tongue slathering around the inner parts of her butt cheeks and over her tight backdoor, the eleven-year old climaxed and shuddered and fell out from between her mother's legs.

- - -

Bret caught his sister and carried her up onto the bed, the scent of her ass and the taste of her special places filling his mouth. He turned her, kissing her, while their mother wrapped her arms around them, sweaty flesh on sweaty flesh, and together, the three buzzed together in shared euphoric love.

- - -

The three girls went with Bob and Julie to their house where they dropped off their bags and Bob started a load of clothes. He'd had all the girls put their dirty laundry in a basket while Julie used the bathroom, and one piece at a time, he pulled out their things and put them in the washer. Bob couldn't help sniffing each one of the girls' panties as he found them. Some were stronger and more heavily scented of wet pussies and unwashed asses, odors Bob found had his flesh rigid and pounding.

He inhaled what had to be a pair of Jersey's panties, some of the curly dark hairs there could only belong to the thirteen-year old. Emmy's hairs were lighter and sparse, and Alice had none at all. Bob inhaled Jersey's scent, full of musky aromas that hinted at the teen's fertility. Could she be ovulating? Bob had noticed that when Julie was between periods, her scents were often richer and more full of arousing odors. Jersey's panties were similarly rich and pungent, sharp and fragrant.

Will had cum inside Jersey the night before. Was she even on birth control? Had he sent his swimmers up into her womb right in the most fertile moment in the girl's cycle? Bob worried just a second before the idea of impregnating the teen made him more horny than scared. Might Jersey be interested in letting Bob have a go at her fertile pussy? God, he hoped so!

He inhaled one more time, then moved on to Emmy's wonderful scents, then to Alice's. Bob couldn't decide which was the most perfect. It was like deciding between a nine-point-nine-nine and a ten. The differences were obvious and delicious and each girl's odors were fully and wholly arousing. He decided to set aside one pair of each girl's panties to share with Julie later that night.

- - -

Julie stood outside the women's restroom at the restaurant. The five of them had gone shopping for some things needed around the house, including new panties for Julie. Most of hers were worn and in need of replacing. A trip to the super store had provide two cartloads worth of items they needed, and before going to the grocery store, Julie and Bob decided to treat the girls to an early dinner at a nice Italian restaurant nearby.

She and Bob had eaten there often together, taking Emmy usually, and loved the food. Order already in, Julie waited with Alice to pee. The bathroom had two stalls on the women's side, and, as usual, there was a line of women trying to get in, five women still ahead of them and who knew how many inside the bathroom queued up.

Alice whispered, "Ugh... I'm going to pee myself!"

Julie looked to the other side of the narrow hallway and, also as usual, no such line was there for the men's room. She tapped Alice's arm. "Come with me," she whispered.

Julie poked open the door to the men's side and saw no one inside. She ushered the two of them in.

- - -

Alice stopped short and stared. She'd never been inside a men's room before. The things on the way, next to the single stall, she realized, were what men used to pee. Urinals, she thought they were called. How fascinating!

"Hurry up, then," Julie told her, "unless... you want to try something neat real quick..."

"Huh?" Alice replied, squirming, already feeling that she'd wet herself a bit trying to hold it in.

"Do what I do!" Julie exclaimed. She yanked open the door to the stall, rolled out some toilet paper, then handed a clump to Alice. The woman then rushed up to one of the urinals, yanked her pants down a little bit, low enough that her ass cheeks were bared, then leaned back as Alice stepped close to the other urinal. Julie held her pussy open and in a second, urine began to spray out and into the porcelain.

"Wow!" Alice exclaimed.

"Hurry up if you're going to do it!" Julie told her, yellow pee streaming out of her cunt.

Alice pushed down her leggings, accidentally letting them fall to the floor around her ankles along with her panties, but she was too desperate to worry. She matched Julie's position, then leaned back and spread open her lower lips. As her pee sprayed out, she giggled and said, "Wow! This is neat!"

She let her stream go strong and Julie finished up beside her, soon wiping herself, front to back, with her wad of tissue, Julie's eyes delightful as she watched Alice peeing. "I always did love watching that."

- - -

Julie felt more than heard that they were no longer alone. Her eyes tore away from Alice's perfect, beautiful pink, hairless pussy and saw that a young man had entered, maybe no older than fifteen. He swallowed hard a couple of times, his eyes shifting from Julie's ass to Alice's and back again.

Julie froze, then recovered, trying to cover herself quickly, giggling like a child. She didn't warn Alice, afraid the girl might piss all over the place.

The boy rushed into the stall and closed himself inside.

- - -

Alice heard the stall door close and lock just as her stream began to dribble. She jumped and looked to see Julie quickly stuffing herself back into her pants. Alice knew they were not alone any more and rapidly brushed the tissue through her crotch, leaving it there to soak up the pee still draining out, then reached way down to pull up her underwear and leggings. "Oh, no!" she whispered.

"Let's get washed up and get out of here," Julie told her, moving them towards the twin sinks.

Before they turned on the water, Alice heard the sound of rhythmic, metallic jangling. Julie grabbed her arm and brought a finger to her lips. They both crept over and saw that there was a quarter-inch gap in the stall door, and Alice ducked lower to look. Inside, a boy, perhaps in his mid-teens, had his pants down around his knees, buttocks bared. His belt buckle shuffling was what made the sound Alice had heard, and it was obvious immediately that the teen was jerking off.

Alice watched his arm moving quickly. She wished she could see his dick. The eleven-year old almost opened the door, not thinking, but thankfully Julie seemed to read her mind and caught her wrist just as she started to do so.

The boy jerked it hard for about thirty seconds, then he groaned very lightly, "Uhhhhh..." Alice saw his buttocks clench and the teen's hips rolled.

His aim was pretty terrible if he was trying to hit the bowl because Alice saw several spurts of white jizz splash against the back wall of the stall, more splashing onto the back of the commode. He groaned again, his butt straining, then he fell still.

- - -

Watching the strange boy jerking off and spurting his cum all over the place was quite arousing, but Julie didn't dare keep them there any longer. They were already risking being caught by someone else, and this time, they were actively being creepy. As the sound of the boy's urine began splashing in the toilet, Julie grabbed Alice again and directed her to quickly wash up. They did so and got out of the bathroom before the boy had come out of the stall. The line to the women's room still had two members in the queue who had been there before, making Julie quite glad they'd chosen to use the men's. None of the women gave them odd looks, though Julie knew she was flushed and a little sweaty after such an arousing voyeuristic experience.

- - -

"He just jerked off?!" Emmy whispered, leaning over the table.

"Uh-huh!" Alice replied. The three girls were sort of huddled together, Emmy's mom and dad doing the same on the other side of the table, almost certainly having a similar conversation. "Right in the stall! I saw him shoot his stuff and everything! It was so hot!"

"Was it that guy?" Jersey asked, nodding towards a young man of maybe fifteen who was walking along the back wall near where the restrooms were located, soon sitting down with a couple of people who might have been his parents and little sister.

"That's him," Alice confirmed.

Emmy thought he was a rather nice looking boy. Pale skin, tall and lanky, sharp features, lovely black hair that was unkempt and long, at least one earring, sort of a goth type above the neck, perhaps, but a little conservatively dressed in khakis and a collared shirt. Emmy sure wished she had needed to pee when Alice went!

"I sort of know that guy," Jersey said. "His real name's Keith or something like that, but he always goes by Deuce. I think because his father had the same name. I've seen the girl, too, his sister, I think. Don't know her name."

"You go to school with him?"

"Nah. He's always at the gym when I'm down there with Chrissy playing volleyball. I think he plays basketball in a league or something. Cute, isn't he?"

Alice nodded, "Definitely... and he sure did shoot a lot of spunk!"

Emmy giggled. "Think his sister gets to watch him jerking it?"

Alice smiled, the girl seated in the booth with Deuce perhaps similar in age to Emmy or Jersey, the curves under her t-shirt suggesting that, like Emmy, she was in puberty. "I sure hope so. Lucky girl!"

"Maybe you should introduce us, Jersey!" Emmy suggested.

- - -

Jersey shrugged, "I suppose I could..."

The teen had talked to Deuce a couple of times, but didn't know him well. He seemed nice enough. Jersey admitted to herself that any boy which had just jerked off in a stall like that seemed interesting enough to know better.

She rose and Emmy and Alice did the same.

"Where you three off to?" Emmy's dad asked.

"Gonna introduce them to Deuce, uh..." she leaned close and whispered, "the guy who jerked it in the stall..."

Julie grinned, "Well, no giving away any secrets, okay?"

Jersey smiled, "Not a chance."

The three made their way over to the table and Jersey stepped up. "Uh... hi, Deuce. I just saw you sitting there..."

The boy looked up at her and smiled, flushed and a little sweaty. He wasn't doing a very good job at hiding what he'd just done. "Oh, uh, hi, Jersey."

"I just wanted to say hi, and... uh... these are my friends. Emmy, and Alice."

The teen smiled at Emmy, then glanced at Alice and his face froze. "Uh... oh... uh... hi."

- - -

Alice knew the boy recognized her from the bathroom. He started to blush, so Alice rushed to make sure they didn't embarrass him too badly. "Hi, Deuce! Just wanted to say... you know... hi."

"Right, uh... um... this is my mom and dad, and my sister, Alexis."

They mutually greeted each other, then Deuce explained in a stammer, "Uh... J-Jersey... uh, I know her from the rec center... uh... volleyball, right?"

"Yep, and you play basketball," Jersey replied.

"Right, yeah."

It quickly became awkward.

Emmy, always the one to save them in any situation, said, "So nice to meet you all, maybe we'll see you around? Maybe Alice and me, we'll come down and watch you play sometime."

Alice saw Deuce's eyes trail down her body to where her tight leggings probably showed the slight bulge of the tissue Alice had stuffed down there to catch her dribbling piss. Alice blushed immediately, wondering if she'd actually wet herself so much that it was visible on the fabric. She twisted her hips to remove it from sight, but that just turned her bottom right into Deuce's view, and Alice could tell he was trying to once more see her naked ass. Alice giggled and Emmy did the same. "Well, uh... see ya!" Alice said, then deliberately swayed her hips back and forth a little more than necessary to ensure Deuce had even more to jerk off to when he got home that night.

End of Chapter 17

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