Emmy Grows Up
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From the imagination of Chase Shivers

July 5, 2018

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Chapter 14: Ready for the Night

Chapter Cast:

Emmy, Female, 12
- Daughter of Julie and Bob, cousin of Ken and Charlie, niece of Diane
- 5'0, 100lbs, beige skin, straight blonde hair
Julie, Female, 36
- Mother of Emmy, wife of Bob, sister of Diane, aunt of Charlie and Ken
- 5'6, 135lbs, pale skin, bright red red hair
Alice Davis, Female, 11
- Best friend of Emmy, daughter of Will
- 4'6, 75lbs, pale freckled skin, orange-red hair to shoulders
Will Davis, Male, 32
- Father of Alice
- 6'1, 200lbs, tanned beige skin, short dark-brown hair
Sharon Connors, Female, 41
- Neighbor of Will, mother of Chrissy
- 5'7, 150lbs, tanned beige skin, dark-brown hair to shoulders
Chrissy Connors, Female, 11
- Daughter of Sharon
- 4'11, 115lbs, tanned beige skin, dark-brown hair to shoulders
Jersey Parker, Female, 13
- Daughter of Paola and Lowell
- 5'4, 130lbs, dark-mocha skin, semi-wavy black hair

The bed might have been crowded, but Alice was warm and comfortable between Emmy and Chrissy. Snuggled close together with the air conditioning turned low, the room rather cold, Alice was perfectly happy with all the sweet, hot flesh of pretty friends around her. Emmy even had her head right beside Alice's arm, breathing warm air on her skin every second or two in her sleep.

Jersey was on the other side of Chrissy, curled around the chubby preteen. Alice thought they looked so sweet together. Chrissy's head was against Alice's shoulder, a bit of saliva wetting Alice's nightshirt there. Jersey's arm draped over the girl's body and was tucked between Alice and Chrissy, another pleasure for the redhead to enjoy.

She had no clue what time it might be, but she didn't really care. She was comfortable and warm and happy. And also pretty horny. Alice had been dreaming of watching her dad fucking Sharon, and the dream had taken her to joining in, eating out the woman while her father slid into her pussy. Alice thought she might have even climaxed in the dream, though she couldn't really tell. Carefully moving one arm down her body, she pulled up the nightshirt and pushed a finger down into her panties, past smooth skin and between slender pink folds, pulling it back coated in thin, slippery liquid. Alice smiled in the darkness, bringing the finger to her mouth and tasting herself. If I didn't orgasm, I must have gotten really close!

- - -

Chrissy was aware of movement, but held still a moment. It seemed to be Alice, the pretty, thin redhead beside her. Their shared warmth had made the girl sweat a little, which was sometimes uncomfortable, but this moment felt really nice. The movement happened again, then again. Alice is masturbating!

She could tell the twelve-year old was doing so very slowly, just moving her arm a little and her hips rolling very softly. Alice made no sounds, but her breathing matched the rhythm of her movements. Chrissy felt her own pussy swelling with excitement. She wondered if Alice might enjoy some help.

- - -

Fingers slid onto her thigh and Alice froze without thinking. She opened her eyes, and in the dim light of the room, could just see Chrissy watching her with a smile. Alice grinned and unfroze, spreading her thighs just a little wider and letting her friend know she wanted her to explore.

The girl's fingers weren't awkward nor were they hesitant. It was like Chrissy knew just what to do and went about it. Slipping under the edge of Alice's panties, Chrissy's finger was soon buried inside Alice's tight vagina. Her cunny twitched on its own and Alice felt very full from just a single finger. The girl palmed over the panty-covered nub above, and Alice's hips rose on their own to meet the girl's movement.

Another hand slid down her thigh and Alice was shocked to see Jersey was leaning up and watching them, her hand the one which was now stroking Alice's flesh. The redhead shuddered, growing warmer and warmer as Jersey's fingers slid beside Chrissy's and began to tickle her sensitive places.

- - -

Jersey knew this was rather odd, really. She had just, basically, fallen in love with Chrissy in a really short time, under weird circumstances, seeing other girls making out nearby, and here she was, helping her new, girlfriend?, masturbate the little redhead. Jersey chose not to worry any more about it, and really started to enjoy the soft, slippery flesh between Alice's legs.

She wondered if the thin girl might like to be touched somewhere even more private.

Jersey slipped her finger inside Alice's pussy a moment, joining Chrissy's and feeling the tight hole barely open enough. Alice was slick and wet inside, and Jersey drew out the fluids, sliding them down and smearing them all over Alice's tight butthole. The girl squirmed but didn't protest or resist, so Jersey continued touching her little anus until it was completely coated and slippery.

Tight, tight heat stretched around her finger as she slowly pushed inside Alice's butt.

- - -

Chrissy's finger in her pussy, the girl's palm against Alice's clit, had been amazing enough, but now that Jersey had slipped another finger into her butt, Alice was moving and moaning uncontrollably. It caused Emmy to stir, and, not missing a beat, her girlfriend rolled close and slid her tongue into Alice's mouth while teasing her tiny buds over the nightshirt.

The finger in her butt began to slide in and out rapidly, opposite strokes to Chrissy's finger in her pussy. It made Alice's body hum and buzz and fill with glorious tension.

- - -

Alice's butthole was the tightest place Jersey had ever had her finger. It produced suction with each attempt to pull out, dragging the tight ring up and down Jersey's flesh. Not only did Alice seem to love it, but she was clearly nearing an orgasm just a minute or two later. Jersey glanced at Chrissy and saw the arousal on her friend's face, the preteen clearly enjoying fingering the tight redhead. The teen leaned closer, kissing Chrissy, humming into her mouth as they both fingered Alice to orgasm.

- - -

Her holes clamped down hard when she came, her hips rising, buttocks squeezing, trapping two girls' fingers inside her, fluids drenching first Chrissy's then Jersey's fingers. "My goodness!" Alice exclaimed as she climaxed, barely able to take a breath before Emmy again swapped saliva with her. Alice finally had to push both probing hands away as her body spasmed and shuddered and grew very, very sensitive.

- - -

Emmy figured they all fell asleep for some time after the three girls had brought Alice to orgasm in the night. Emmy woke wondering why her face felt all sticky and wet, then remembered the sloppy kisses she'd shared with her girlfriend. It made her smile.

If anyone had done anything after that point, Emmy didn't remember. She barely recalled holding Alice against her while the girl breathed heavily, lightly twitching from her orgasm, Chrissy and Jersey kissing nearby. The next thing Emmy knew, she was waking in the same position and she could hear shuffling sounds in the hallway outside the door.

Stretching as she got out of bed, Emmy saw the other girls waking. They all looked very sleepy, and Emmy figured she looked the same. The air in the room was cool, so all four girls quickly put on pants or leggings of some sort along with socks, but left on the night- or t-shirts they'd been wearing for sleep.

As a pack, the four of them shuffled downstairs to find Sharon and Will already hauling boxes in from outside. "We were up early," Sharon explained, "so we grabbed the last of our things from the old house. Sorry if we woke you four."

"It's okay," Chrissy answered, "Can we help?"

"Sure," the girl's mother replied, "just a few things left. Thanks."

The girls slipped on shoes and collected the remain boxes and bags and unpacked items in three or four trips, the followed then smells of something being cooked in the kitchen.

- - -

"Excited?" Bob asked his wife just before they headed off to work.

"You know I am!" Julie said, the woman almost dancing against the counter as they cleared their breakfast dishes off of the table. "So excited, my panties are already soaked!"

Bob grinned, "I don't believe you, let me check..." He slid down the zipper in Julie's jeans and snuck his hand inside, cupping his wife's crotch and immediately finding the damp spot. "Oh, you are telling the truth!"

Julie stuck out her tongue and moaned once, then jerked herself away, yanking Bob's hand from her pants. "Hold on to it, my lover. Save it for tonight. Cause if you keep that up, I'm gonna want to jump you right now and we'll be late for work!"

Bob chuckled, "There are worse things..."

"True," she agreed, "but we have that big project due today, and Janet's not going to be too pleased if we aren't there to give the presentation."

Bob loved that he and his wife worked at the same marketing agency. He spent almost as much time on the job staring at Julie's ass, or sneaking off for a quickie, as he did doing actual work. "Yeah, I know."

Julie purred against his cheek and whispered, "But feel free to give me a few teases today... I'll do the same for you."

Bob grinned again, "I look forward to it."

- - -

Sharon would much rather have been naked and enjoying Will or the girls but she was also one who hated clutter and things left undone. Plus, it sounded like there would be company that night. Whether in her new house or over in Will's, she wasn't completely sure, but she didn't want to have new friends show up and see the rows of piled boxes and the rest of the mess left over from hauling their belongings from the old house.

So, she took charge and had all four girls plus Will moving boxes here and there, carrying them up stairs or off to the basement. A few in the attic, some in the kitchen. It took hours and a quick lunch break to get everything shuffled. There was still all the unpacking and sorting left to do, but at least the clutter in the main living areas was now gone.

"How about a nap?" Will suggested Sharon and the girls after the last crate had been taken down into the luxurious basement which featured two large televisions, a top-end sound system, and all sorts of amenities for watching movies or sports or playing console games. "Probably wouldn't hurt to rest up for tonight."

Jersey asked, "What's tonight?"

Sharon's skin tightened and she saw Will tense up. She tried to cover as best she could. "Oh, uh, I'm meeting Emmy's parents for the first time. They're coming over. Here or next door, one or the other. Just getting together, that's all." Sharon hoped she'd covered well enough.

- - -

Jersey had long been able to spot hesitation when adults told her things. It was a great skill to have, for sure, and she had no doubt that Chrissy's mom wasn't telling her the whole truth. She was hiding something, but Jersey had no idea what it might be. Jersey shrugged it off, agreeing that a nap would be especially nice after all the effort that day.

It had taken her mind off her parents, and Jersey was thankful for that. Plus, she was heading upstairs to snuggle with Chrissy and the other girls. Jersey wondered if maybe the adults would all go next door and leave the girls behind to play and get to know each other a little better. Jersey's clit tingled at the possibilities.

- - -

The nap had been a quick one, no more than an hour or so before Alice began to wake up. Emmy wasn't in bed any longer, but Chrissy and Jersey were snuggled together, Jersey's head on the younger girl's shoulder. Alice smiled. They look so sweet together!

Crawling carefully out of bed, Alice went into the hall bathroom and peed furiously before wiping herself. She figured she might as well get a shower to prepare for the fun that night, so she slid out of her clothes, heated the water, and stepped inside.

The door opened and Alice froze, then she heard her Dad say, "Just me, Hun! Uh, you decent?"

Alice grinned, sure he already knew the answer, but maybe he was just covering in case Jersey came by. "Yep!" she said brightly.

The door closed. "We're getting set to start on dinner, you want to make your mashed potato and bacon cakes for us?"

"Sure!" Her father had taught her how to make those wonderful fried treats a couple of years earlier, and Alice had perfected it by adding bits of onion and cheddar cheese to the bacon already inside. "I'll be right out!"

"Thanks, Sweetie!"

Before he closed the door, Alice called to him, "Oh, Dad?"


"I forgot to bring my clothes in. Can you go get them for me?"

"Sure thing."

"Jersey and Chrissy were still sleeping. Try not to wake them!"


- - -

Will tried his best to be quiet, but he softly knocked on the door first so that he didn't accidentally walk in on one or the other girl naked. Or doing some thing more interesting. Though, of course Will really wanted to see such things, but he would rather not clue Jersey into what they were up to if he could help it. The teen had enough on her mind already.

Not getting a reply, he turned the knob and saw the girls cuddled together, asleep. Jersey was on the far side, her back to the younger girl, with Chrissy's arm holding her tight. They looked so innocent like that, but Will knew they were neither the shy virgin the scene might have suggested. He scanned the room for Alice's bag and spotted it on the far side. Creeping slowly, he made his way over and, rather than trying to find an outfit, just grabbed the bag and turned around.

From this side of the bed, hidden from when he was on the other, he was able to see an arousing sight.

The sheets were partially up where Chrissy's hand was over Jersey's body, and to Will's surprise, the younger girl's hand was stuffed right down in Jersey's sheer panties! They were both sleeping, he thought, but the sight made his cock straighten right up. Even in the relatively-low light in the room, he could see the pretty teen's dark, curly hairs poking out around the edges of the panties, and underneath the fabric, he was sure he could see more trying to push out around Chrissy's fingers. God, that's so hot!

Will would love to have looked longer, but he felt a little guilty and decided he better head back out, quietly closing the door behind him and heading back to the bathroom with Alice's bag.

- - -

Jersey roused when she heard the door close. She briefly turned her head back but saw no motion. Emmy and Alice were gone, but Chrissy was snuggled close. It made Jersey smile, especially when she realized that Chrissy's hand was stuck down in the teen's panties. Jersey didn't really want to move, enjoying the girl's warm fingers down there, but her bladder was straining. Very carefully, she extricated herself, leaving the younger girl to sleep, and slid on a pair of leggings before heading out of the room.

Rubbing the sleep out of her eyes, she turned towards the bathroom and stopped in her tracks.

With the door already open, she could see inside the bathroom. Alice's father had his back to her. Just beyond, Jersey saw that Alice was completely naked! Her dad was handing her a pair of panties from a bag as if it was completely normal to see his young daughter nude.

Never had Jersey been naked in front of her mom and dad. Well, at least not since she was six or seven, probably. But here was eleven-year old Alice, slipping on a pair of underwear, spreading her legs wide as she did, with her father clearly watching her dress. Jersey worried that something awful might be going on between them. Was he abusing her? Jersey backed away slowly, almost peeing herself in the process. She raced to where she knew a second bathroom was at the other end of the hall and closed herself inside, yanking down her leggings and panties and gushing urine for a long moment, finally finding relief. She knew she had to tell Chrissy what she'd seen as soon as possible.

- - -

"And he was just standing there, watching!" her new girlfriend said, both excited and upset, "Like, Alice was totally naked!"

Chrissy knew she had to be very careful. She was almost bursting, wanting to tell Jersey what she knew, what she'd already done with her own mother, what she wanted desperately to see Alice and her father do, but she couldn't. She'd promised to keep the secret, but it was harder with each passing second. "Uh... That's not really odd," she covered, "I, uh... I change in front of Mom all the time." That, at least, was true, even if it left out all the tongues and fingers and orgasms that usually happened in the middle.

"Yeah, but," the dark-skinned teen shook her head, "that's her dad. Like... He kinda shouldn't see her naked..."

"Why?" Chrissy asked before immediately regretting it. The answer was obvious to anyone not already having sex with a parent.

"Cause! He... You know... He might get... ideas..."

Chrissy shrugged, "Nah... I doubt it... she's not even in puberty... He, uh... he probably wouldn't even notice... uh..."

"Uh, hello?" Jersey said with narrowed eyes, "You're not in puberty either, and I definitely notice you."

Chrissy grinned, "So I've seen. And I like it. Maybe... uh... maybe Alice likes it, too..."

"But what if he's hurting her?"

"He's not. Promise you he's not," Chrissy said, her shield starting to fail.

"How do you know? You barely know them..."

"Uh... Uh... I mean... Like... I'm sure he's not hurting her, Jersey."

"What what if he is?" Jersey demanded.

Chrissy's will to lie to her girlfriend broke right then. "Because... She likes it when they do it!"

- - -

Jersey's jaw dropped open. "What?"

Chrissy looked really nervous after what she'd said. "Because... she likes having sex with him!"

"What?" Jersey repeated, unable to believe what she was hearing.

"Emmy does too..."

"Emmy has sex with Alice's dad?!"

Chrissy nodded slowly. "And her Dad. And her mom... That's why they're coming over tonight... so that we can all... you know... do it together..."

Jersey's brain couldn't quite process things enough to make a complete sentence come out, "Her Dad and... She and Alice's... And her Mom? Wait," Jersey stopped herself, realizing what Chrissy had just said finally, "what do you mean, we?"

"Jersey... Like, I should have told you but I wasn't supposed to..."

The teen waited, heart pounding, mind spinning, for her new girlfriend to go on.

"I," Chrissy told her, "I... I have sex with my mom, too..."

Jersey's eyes were huge, almost straining in disbelief. "I can't believe it!"

"I know... it's crazy, but... It's awesome! I just love it so much!"

"You... you sleep... with your mom?!"

Chrissy just nodded.

"This is... crazy!"

"Yeah... I'm... I'm sorry..."

Jersey couldn't think of any way to respond, so her automatic response was, "How did it happen?!"

And Chrissy told her how she and her mother started having sex.

- - -

"And... like I said... I love it. And so does Alice with her dad. That's how I know he's not hurting her. He loves her, Jersey! Like, loves her! And they feel really great when they do it! That's what she told me. And Emmy, too! Oh, I wish you could understand."

Jersey certainly could not understand, but she loved her new girlfriend too much to keep making her feel bad. She felt a little jealousy, honestly. "Will you... you know, keep sleeping with your mom now that we're... together?"

Chrissy shrugged, looking sad suddenly, "I hadn't really thought about it. I mean... I won't if you don't want me to..."

"I... I... I don't know!"

"She's really good, Jersey..."


"Like... When Mom licks me down there... I cum really hard!"

Somewhere, right between Jersey's closed thighs, a tingling began and wouldn't stop building. "So... she sticks her tongue in your pussy?"

Chrissy nodded, "Yeah... And she likes to suck on my little nub, too. And... Like... Mmmm... She tastes so good, too! She says I'm really good at eating her, too..."

"I thought you seemed to know what you were doing... like... you were really good when you ate me out... Now I know why..." Jersey couldn't stop the urges building between her legs.

"Are you mad at me?"

Jersey shook her head. "No... no... just... overwhelmed. Like... I can't believe you let your mom eat you out!"

Chrissy didn't respond.

Jersey had only one thought in her mind right then.

- - -

Jersey pushed Chrissy back on the bed hard, and for a few seconds, Chrissy thought the teen might start hitting her. Instead, her girlfriend yanked down her panties and pressed her face right into the preteen's hairless pussy. "Mmmmmmm..." Chrissy moaned when Jersey's tongue snaked into her soft folds. "Mmmm, Jersey..."

"You like that, don't you... You like it when you get eaten out..."

"Mmm-hmmm... Mmm-hmmm..."

- - -

Jersey was taken with her urge like never before, devouring the chubby girl's puffy slit and lapping like she couldn't be bothered to pause and take a breath. It took no time at all for Chrissy to moan and shudder her way into orgasm. Jersey didn't stop with one, lapping against the preteen's hard clit until a second climax had the girl thrashing and vibrating and moaning even louder.

Jersey climbed over her girlfriend's body, yanking down her leggings, and nearly smothered her when she pushed her hairy cunt right on the young girl's face. "Eat me," she commanded.

And Chrissy did, that expert tongue dancing just perfectly between her legs, lapping up all the sticky cream leaking out of Jersey's horny pussy. She came once, then again, was on her way to a third when the door opened and Emmy came in.

- - -

Emmy froze and grinned to the two lovers on the bed. "Surprise, surprise," she giggled.

Instead of climbing off of Chrissy's face, or responding in any way, Jersey bucked and trembled and Emmy could tell she was orgasming through gritted teeth, soon flopping over onto her side and breathing really heavily.

"Just came in to tell you that we're making dinner soon. Thought you might be hungry."

Something was off, and Emmy wasn't sure what. Chrissy looked both aroused and nervous, her face flushed, but her eyes saying something wasn't right. "What is it?" Emmy asked.

"I told her everything. I had to..."

"Oh..." Emmy wondered exactly how badly this was about to go. But then she realized something. If Chrissy had just told the teen what Emmy thought she meant by 'everything,' Jersey's response hadn't been anger, it seems, but arousal. "And...?"

Chrissy didn't reply, watching Jersey's face for answers.

- - -

Jersey didn't really know what to think, but one thing was clear: she was in love, and she damn sure wasn't going to let this come between her and Chrissy. No way was Jersey going to stop riding her new girlfriend's perfect tongue. And, she quickly realized, after sharing the moment in the night, where the three of them had joined in to make Alice cum, things might get really interesting with her new friends and their parents really fast. Hell, she thought Alice's dad was rather hot, and given how cute Emmy was, Jersey figured her parents were hot, too. This might get really interesting, she understood.

"It's fine," Jersey said finally, "maybe a little... weird... but, we're fine. I won't tell anyone... But... I have a request..."

Chrissy looked at her and then at Emmy. The blonde twelve-year old replied, "What?"

"When your parents come over tonight... I want to play, too..."

"You do?" Emmy and Chrissy exclaimed in unison.

Jersey felt the smile spreading on her face, "I do. Cause... there's no way some orgy is going on with the rest of you while leaving me behind... Sounds fun, actually... It's been a while since I've seen a guy's dick. Sounds like I might get to see a couple of them... and some really nice pussies, too..."

"You sure, Jersey?" Chrissy asked. "I mean, I'm really happy to just stay with you and do what we just did all night long, just the two of us. I don't need anything else."

"No, I'm sure. You want to go... and... I kinda want to see you eat your mom's pussy..."

Chrissy blushed but smiled broadly.

Emmy giggled, "You're gonna fit in around here reeeeeeal nicely."

- - -

"What do you mean 'she knows'?" Will said, sucking in his breath.

His daughter looked at him with a sheepish expression, blushing but grinning a little. "Uh... she knows about us... and Emmy, too... and about Chrissy and her mom..."

Will felt Sharon squeeze his hand suddenly. He looked at her and saw the growing concern on her face. The woman drew out the word slowly, "Annnnnd?"

Alice replied, "She's cool with it. She wants to be included tonight."

"She does?" Sharon said in disbelief. "Where's Chrissy? Please go get her."

"Ummm, showering, I think, with Jersey and Emmy..."

Will just shook his head, "Good grief... are we sure that's a good idea?" he asked, his cock not nearly as worried about things as his head, his erection already starting to tent his slacks. "You know... for her well-being? With her parent's situation and all?"

Alice shrugged, "I think it's good. She's, you know, Chrissy girlfriend and all... plus... the three of them all made me cum last night."

"Oh?" Will asked, his erection definitely taking notice.

"Uh-huh," Alice said, smiling, "Chrissy and Jersey fingered me and Emmy played with my nipples and kissed me. I came really good, too!"

Will's cock throbbed in his pants.

"Plus,"Alice told him, "Jersey stuck a finger up my butt... and, Dad... I kinda want you to put your dick in there later... you know, like you did Emmy?"

Sharon purred her approval, "Oh, I definitely want to see that... I've always enjoyed watching a thin girl like you, Alice, taking a nice cock in her ass... I do believe I'm starting to get wet just thinking about it."

"Well, damn... You had me already at Jersey joining us, but getting to put my cock up my little girl's butt? That's the best thing I've ever heard!" Will exclaimed, barely able to keep from trying it right that moment.

But the grill on the deck was heating up, Emmy's parents were on their way over, and Will surely didn't want the fun to start until everyone was ready. "Sharon, I could use a shower myself. Can you and Emmy handle the steaks and check the potatoes?"

"I can, you sexy man," Sharon smiled, smacking Will's ass with delight, "Go soap up and get clean so all us horny girls can get some of your lovely cock this evening..."

Will gave her a quick kiss, then slid his tongue into Alice's mouth, the girl moaning sweetly. He left them to head up to the master bathroom, but decided, instead, to see if the other girls might yet enjoy some company.

- - -

"Mind if I join you?" Alice's father said.

Jersey wasn't sure what they should do. Sure, she'd thought about what might happen that night, that she might actually get to fuck the man, or at least suck his cock, but he wanted to come in now while the three of them were all soapy and naked?

Emmy giggled and answered for them, "Sure, come on in, Will!"

The door opened and Jersey felt butterflies in her stomach like the first time she knew she was going to have sex with a boy. That boy had been kinda fun, kinda awkward, definitely a hour to remember spent in the woods behind the park near her middle school. Will, though, he was an experienced adult, a man in all things. Jersey wondered if his dick was big or thick, thin or short. She didn't really care much. All she wanted to do was see it. And touch it. Hopefully suck it and, if she was really lucky, feel it slide up into her pussy until it spurted.

Through the glass blocks, Jersey could see Will coming inside. Chrissy and Emmy were giggling and looking at Jersey, the teen bouncing on her toes. "Is he really gonna come in with us?" The three of them were completely naked, suds still being scrubbed around. She'd just been playing with Emmy's lovely little puffy boobs, and Chrissy's weighty, immature chest, enjoying the way each tit felt so soft and supple on the girls. And both Emmy and Chrissy seemed to really like playing with Jersey's much larger tits, squeezing them and pushing them together and teasing her hard, dark nipples until the teen felt all giddy inside.

"If you don't want him to, just say so," Chrissy told him, "I'm sure he won't if you're not cool with it..."

"It's cool," Jersey assured them, "just... kinda nervous!"

"Want to see his dick?" Emmy giggled.

"Uh-huh. Definitely! Is it a nice one?" Jersey asked.

Chrissy shrugged, "I haven't seen it yet..."

"It's nice," Emmy said with smile, "I've seen several. It's about the same size as my Dad's, and it stretches me out quite a bit. Maybe not as big as ole Gus or Kimmy's Dad's, but I just loved sucking it and letting him put it in my pussy or butt!"

Jersey shuddered and watched the steam building on the glass inside the stall.

The door swung open and Will stepped in.

Jersey caught her breath and saw his cock swinging gently just above two brown, hairy balls even before she felt a little guilty, like she shouldn't have been staring.

Will smiled at the other girls, then looked at Jersey.

- - -

Damn! This teen has the body of a young woman! Will hadn't exactly expected that. Sure, he'd noticed she had big tits under her shirts, and he'd seen the teen's furry mat earlier that day while she slept, but nude, the mocha-skinned girl had hanging, youthful breasts that danced as she moved slightly towards the back of the stall, hips which screamed 'breed me' to Will's eyes. He couldn't help looking several seconds. His cock couldn't help pulsing into an erection.

- - -

Jersey's eyes moved lower again, aware of how Will's eyes stared at her tits and parts lower. Her own eyes took in his groin and she felt herself tingling with excitement as the man's dick went from flaccid to hard in just a few seconds, pointing right at her. Wow, this is so exciting!

There wasn't a thought in her head about her parents, not with Alice's dad nude, in the shower, clearly becoming aroused looking at the teen. "Nice to see you, Jersey," he grinned at her.

"Nice to see you," she said, unable to stop a grin of her own. "Can I soap you up?" She wasn't sure why she was so forward with him, but she figured that he was practically handing his cock right to her. She might as well get to feel it in her fingers!

- - -

Chrissy's eyes were frozen on Will's penis. It was the first one she'd ever seen in her whole life. Well, in person, at least. Her mom had showed her magazines and videos, some of adults, some of little boys and girls, and Chrissy knew what a dick looked like. But to see Will's getting hard right in front of her was something very new, and very exciting! She felt herself stirring down there and wondered if maybe she might actually get to play with that nice dick before the night was over.

- - -

Jersey's fingers were somewhat tentative and she giggled as soon as her hand slid along his shaft. She made no pretense of getting soap anywhere else, going straight for Will's cock, and he surely wasn't complaining. "And may I get your breasts?" Will offered.

The girl nodded and continued to stroke his dick slowly.

- - -

It sure felt nice, holding a hard, wet penis in her fingers again. Jersey had forgotten just how much she liked that feeling. Not like touching a girl down there. Firm and hard, Will's dick made her feel a powerful urge to sink to her knees and start sucking it, soapy or not.

But the man was expertly caressing her heavy breasts, teasing her nipples, pinching them lightly, perfectly milking them and making her body tingle from the tips of her tits down to her clit and then all the way to her fingers and toes.

"Hey you two," Emmy laughed, "Save some for later!"

"I dunno, Emmy," Chrissy giggled, "kinda liking watching this."

Jersey looked over somewhat sheepishly, not letting go of Will's cock and saw that Emmy was behind Chrissy, no more soap to be seen, her arms around the chubby eleven-year old, one hand caressing the very top of the girl's puffy slit. "Jealous?" Jersey asked, hoping she was reading things right and Chrissy wasn't regretting the fact that her new girlfriend was touching a man like that.

"Sorta," Chrissy replied, still smiling, "but only because Emmy won't stick her finger all the way in me right now. Mmmmmmm..." she moaned as her friend did just that thing in response.

Jersey looked up at Will and saw a look of enjoyment and arousal on his face, "I really like your dick, Will."

- - -

Will had almost forgotten the pretty, dark-skinned teen was slowly stroking his cock. He was thoroughly enjoying the girl's large tits, fondling them as if they were the greatest thing in the world. She really did have nice boobs, round and firm but soft and yielding, heavy but still perky with youth, just a perfect set of breasts any man would love to squeeze.

"Say... why don't we get rinsed off, get dry, go have a quick dinner, and... see if we might want to pick things up... afterwards..."

Jersey practically purred, grabbing a detachable shower head and spraying away the soap from Will's groin, "Mmm... promise?"


End of Chapter 14

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