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From the imagination of Chase Shivers

January 2, 2017

Please read my Explicit Disclaimer before you read my work.

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Chapter 0: Author's Introduction to Emmy Grows Up

Emmy Grows Up is the rewrite and extension of the classic story May Grows Up by author Kathleen. Chapter 1 holds the same story as the original, with a few changes. You'll meet Emmy, daughter of Bob and Julie, and Emmy's cousins, boy Ken and girl Charlie. They share a fun vacation together at a campground and explore each other as a family. A fun little incest tale follows.

If you, the reader, are unwilling or unable to read about preteen and young teen sexuality, adult-teen sexuality, incest, and other controversial and possibly troubling concepts, or you don't feel you wish to challenge some of your thoughts on these subjects, please read no further: You likely won't enjoy this story and there are thousands upon thousands of other stories out there which contain subject matter you'll enjoy much more.

Still here? Great! As the author of these stories, I want to reinforce to the reader that this is all fantasy. Many of the negative and otherwise damaging consequences of the acts herein are never encountered by the characters as they would be in reality. I generally enjoy reading, and writing, stories in which the participants struggle with conflicting emotions about the events within and then find ways to enjoy and grow strong from what they have experienced.

My standard note of caution: Don't mistake this for anyone's reality. In the real world, many of the events that follow would probably lead to physical and mental illnesses, unhealthy fixations and addictions, abuse, trauma, and/or prison time for participants. In this fantasy, however, events are allowed to progress without encountering those vastly more realistic outcomes and tragedies.

Emmy Grows Up is told third-person from various viewpoints, just like the original story. Chapter 1 is a long (22k words) and complete retelling of the story in May, with details, such as ages, names, and relationships, changed in places. This is an incest fap-story first, and not my usual introspective morality tale, in keeping with the original story. Chapter 2 will begin my original material and is meant to be an extension of the story originally told in May but in the Emmy version of that universe. I explain my reasoning and motivations more fully as an author's note at the beginning of Chapter 1.

Please note that all the credit for the ideas and characters in Chapter 1 go to May's author, Kathleen. Anywhere I seem to use her words and ideas, I only seek to give homage to Kathleen's fun little tale. I hope she would enjoy reading this tribute to her story which has stayed with me for many years.

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