She Wouldn't, Would She? Ch. 2


Charley Ace



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(MF, Adultery?)


In chapter 1, I was goaded into a stupid bet with an obnoxious co-worker and womanizer, Ron. He bet me that he could fuck my wife, Peggy. I regretted making the bet, but stuck by it and watched helplessly, as Ron was about to seduce Peggy in the parking lot of the lounge where the three of us had spent the evening.


I had gotten up from my hiding place and began to move toward them in hopes of stopping the inevitable. I stopped dead in my tracks when suddenly, and surprisingly, Peggy pulled away from his grip and said, "NO! I-I can't do this! I'm married, and I love my husband." She hurriedly put her dress back on and headed back toward the front door of the lounge, leaving her bra behind. Ron was stunned at the turn of events, I saw him standing there with an open-mouthed, dumbfounded look on his face. I turned and headed for the back door, my heart pounding with glee.

'ALL RIGHT! That's my Peggy!'

I hustled back in through the back door and made it to the booth where we had been sitting only seconds before she arrived. I got there before her only because she had to wend her way through the crowd on and around the dance floor.

"OK, honey, let's go," she said as she grabbed her purse, which, fortunately for me, was still there on the seat of the booth.

I decided to have a little fun, I couldn't let sleeping dogs lie. "Wait, what's your hurry? Besides, where have you been for the last 15 or 20 minutes? I've been looking all over for you."

Even in the dimly lit lounge, I could see her face flush noticeably, as she looked at me briefly, dropped her head, said nothing, turned and walked out the door, and I quickly followed. I watched her get into her car and pull out of the parking lot. I looked around for Ron's van, but it was nowhere in sight, so I hopped into my car and followed her home.

Peggy arrived home a minute or so before me. I entered the house and found her in the bedroom in the process of getting undressed. She was standing there with only her panties on, as she had been earlier in the parking lot.

"Did you lose something?"


"Your bra. You had a bra on when you showed up at the lounge tonight."

Her face flushed a nice shade of red again, and she looked down at the floor. "I-I took it off earlier. It was bothering me."

"Of course, where is it then?"

"I-I don't know, I must have dropped it somewhere."

'Yeah, you dropped it somewhere all right.' "Its so obvious that you're hiding something, talk to me, I want you to tell me everything that happened tonight. You had such a guilty look about you when you ignored my question as to your whereabouts at the lounge, and again now when I asked about your bra."

The guilt of what she had almost done overwhelmed her, as she began to cry. I moved over to her and hugged her. "It's OK honey, don't cry, you can talk to me, I love you."

"Sob, I know, I love you too, sob, sob. I love you more than I can say, sob." It took a few minutes, but she calmed down somewhat, and asked, "are you sure, sniff, you want to hear what I was up to?"

"Yes, I have a pretty good idea, but I'd like to hear it from you."

"What kind of an idea do you have?"

"Well, you were certainly enjoying Ron's company all night, the way you were dancing with him and looking googly-eyed at him. I figure he tried to put the make on you, did he succeed?"

"NO! No, he didn't, but, yes, he did try. I'm so ashamed of myself for allowing the situation to get as far as it did. Yes, I enjoyed his company, he's a great dancer and he kept complimenting me all night, making me feel really special. I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but there was a point where I was just tipsy enough, and aroused enough that I forgot that you were even there."

"That would be about the time you went off with him?"

She looked at me sheepishly, then looked away, "yes, he took me out to his van to show me the way he'd recently re-finished the inside, or so he said."

I laughed, "is that what he told you? That's almost as good as the old line about the etchings."

"I know, actually, I knew what he wanted, but I was having such a good time, I wanted it to continue for a little bit longer. I felt that I could stop him anytime, please don't be angry with me, but I almost fucked him. I mean, he had me so aroused while we were standing in the parking lot, that if he had tried to stick his cock in me right there, I probably would've let him. When he broke our kiss and tried to get me into the van, I came to my senses, and broke away from him. That's when I came back inside."

Astonished, I looked her in the eye and asked, "you mean you would have fucked him?"

She dropped her gaze, hung her head and responded, "I mean, I'm not sure, I might have. Are you angry with me?"

"Yes, I'm also disappointed that you let things get that far. I'd never do that to you, and I guess I never expected that you'd ever do it to me."

Looking straight into my eyes pleadingly, "I know, I'm so sorry, I hope you can forgive me. I do love you very much and I feel so ashamed of what I did, and what I almost did."

"I forgive you, but there's something you need to know, too."

"What's that?"

"I was watching you in the parking lot, I saw everything. I saw you kissing him, I saw him taking your dress and bra off, everything."

"Wh-why didn't you stop me? Why did you let it get that far?"

"You're a big girl, I had to see if you'd really go through with it and cheat on me. I was glad that you stopped it when you did, but I'm still disappointed that you let it get that far. Whatever got into you?"

"I-I don't know for sure, but the alcohol and your indifference had something to do with it. You wouldn't dance with me, or pay any attention to me all evening. When Ron stepped up and filled the gap, I just got carried away. You know he was kissing me and feeling me up on the dance floor too?"

"No, I didn't see any of that. You let him?"

"Yes, I tried to stop him at first, but he was so persistent. I loved the way he touched me in places that I had only let you touch me before. He did these things only when he maneuvered me into that dark corner. I was so hot, and you were ignoring me, I don't know, my head was spinning and I was thinking only with my wet pussy."

Noticing the wet spot on her panties, I asked, "and what might that sweet little pussy of yours be thinking right now?"

She chuckled, "it's thinking that if it doesn't get some cock soon, its going to go on strike."

I attacked her, pulled her panties off and proceeded to fuck her like a crazed animal.

I laid her back on the bed, dove between her legs and began to lap her pussy with my tongue. God! Did she taste good to me at that moment, the best I had ever remembered. I brought her to several small orgasms and one volcanic one by flicking, licking and sucking on her clit, before I got up and straddled her chest. She immediately took my rock-solid cock into her mouth and began to give me a blow-job. I reached over and took her head in my hands and proceeded to fuck her face. I controlled the action until I came in her mouth, which took but a few minutes. She gagged a bit, but managed to swallow it all, and believe me, it was quite a load.

I released her head and she continued to lick and suck my cock until it became hard again, and it didn't take very long. Man! I was hot!

I hopped off her, turned her over and rammed my rod into her pussy from behind. I fucked her doggy-style for about 10 more minutes, during which time she came at least three times. Finally, I could feel the dam about to burst again, "Oooh, yeah, I'm cuming babe, I'm cuming!"

"Oh, yes, cum in my pussy. I want to feel your hot jism all the way inside me!"

She screamed and moaned, "Ooooh, fuuuck, I'm cuuuming! Yessss, Ooooh, Yessss!"

"Ughhh, Ahhh, Ughhh, ughhh, ughhh," I grunted as I came deep into her well-fucked cunt.

A short time later, I fucked her again, first missionary style, then her on top. She had more orgasms than I could count, and I came once more, which made three times in less than an hour, a new personal record for one session.

As we lay quietly, well spent after the intense fuck-a-thon, I asked, "well, my sweet, what's your pussy saying now?"

"It's saying WOW! Where did that cock and tongue come from, it's the best fucking and licking that I've ever had."

"Yeah, me too, do I have Ron to thank for that?"

"He got me started, but you finished up pretty good on your own."

"Thanks. Um, now it's my turn for true confessions."

"What do you mean? What did you do?"

I hesitated a while, then proceeded to blurt out the truth, "I made a bet with Ron that he wouldn't be able to get into your pants."

She reacted predictably, "YOU WHAT! Why you asshole, you son-of-a-bitch, you're no better than he is!"

"I didn't expect you to be happy to hear about it, but it is a night of mistakes, confessions and forgiveness, isn't it?"

"I don't know, why would you make a bet like that?"

I explained the entire scenario about how Ron had goaded me into it, and she calmed down enough to forgive me. I believe the fact that she was thinking of how she could spend the two grand, had some influence on her quick forgiveness.

When she finally had time to grasp the whole situation, she focused her anger on Ron, "you mean that bastard told me all those nice things just to win a bet?"


"Ohhh, that son-of-a-bitch, if I ever see him again..."

It took awhile for her anger to subside, but it did and we both dozed off.

It was mid-afternoon the next day when the phone rang, and Peggy answered it. I was down in the basement and couldn't hear the conversation. When I came back upstairs, I caught the tail end of it.

"OK, Monday for lunch it is," Peggy said just before she hung up.

Peggy had a huge, devilish grin on her face, turned to me and asked, "guess who called?"

Knowing Ron, I had a feeling that he wasn't going to give up so easily, and responded, "I'll take a wild guess and say Ron."

"You win the prize! He wants me to meet him for lunch Monday. He obviously thinks that he can still get into my pants."


"I told him that I'd meet him."

"WHAT! Why in the hell would you do that?"

"Payback, that's why. I want to pay him back for the line of shit he was feeding me and the trouble he almost got me into."

"Look, let's let this thing go, don't push it. We'll get his $2000, let's be happy with that."

"Why not let me have a little fun? Don't you trust me?"

"You seem to forget that I watched you out in the parking lot and saw how close you came to giving in to him. You said yourself that you might have fucked him."

"I was very tipsy then, this time I won't drink, I'll be totally under control."

I tried to put my foot down, "I don't want you to meet him, damn it!"

But she was determined, "get over it, because I'm going to do it."

I was shocked and upset at her attitude, but I could see that she wasn't going to be dissuaded. However, I needed to make sure that she was aware of the consequences, should she slip up. "I won't forcibly stop you, but you need to understand several things. First, if you do fuck him, you can find another husband. Second, if you think that you can keep it a secret, you don't know Ron, all he ever does is boast about his conquests. If he should somehow succeed in getting into your pants, he'll let it slip to somebody, and probably sooner than later."

"So, you're giving me an ultimatum, is that it?"

"That's exactly it. Let me put it this way, what would you think if I told you that my secretary has been flirting with me, and I was having lunch with her on Monday?"

"Why would you do that, it could only lead to trouble."

"My point exactly, so why would you do that?"

She turned and walked away, choosing not to answer my last question. I was fuming, I couldn't believe that she would see that prick again, especially after all that had happened the previous night. I was so distraught that I seriously began to wonder if our marriage would survive this latest whim of hers. 'She wants to get even with him? How in the hell is she planning on doing that?'

We hardly talked the remainder of the weekend.

Technically, Ron had already lost the bet. He changed the rules and put everything on the line the previous night. However, being the asshole he is, I figured that he would either try to weasel out and claim that he still had until the coming Friday, or he might try to go for double or nothing.

Monday rolled around and we were off to work again. I sought Ron out and asked for my two grand, he reluctantly wrote out a check, but smirked knowingly as he handed it to me. I suppose he thought that I didn't know about his lunch date with Peggy.

"You wouldn't like to make another bet, to give me a chance to win my money back?"

I had to give him a little credit, he didn't try to weasel out of the bet by claiming that he still had a week to go, as I expected he might. "What do you mean?" I asked, but I knew damn well what he meant.

"Give me another week to get into Peggy's pants for another two grand, you know, double or nothing."

Since I had anticipated this as one of his possible tactics, I had given it some thought and decided that it was too risky. I had little confidence in Peggy, even though she had said that all she wanted was to pay him back. The scene in the parking lot was etched into forefront of my brain. "No, thanks, I'll just take my winnings and run."

He continued to try to talk me into it, but I merely turned and started to leave his office.

Finally, as I opened the door to leave, he cut me to the quick, "don't have much faith in the little woman, eh? You're obviously convinced that I'm a better man than you and can fuck Peggy anytime I want."

He certainly knew how to get to me, as I responded in anger, "you little prick, I ought to smash you right here and now!"

"You know damn well that I'm going to fuck her, so I don't blame you for not wanting to risk the two grand that you've already won."

He did it again, he upset me and challenged me to the point where I couldn't refuse and still maintain my self-respect, "OK, prick, you're on for another two grand, I'll be back to collect it in a week."

He laughed as I fumed, turned around and stormed out of his office, thinking of what a dumb prick I was, again! 'Dumb shit! Dumb shit! Dumb shit!'

I still didn't know what to think about Peggy and her date with Ron, but my curiosity had gotten the best of me. She didn't tell me the name of the restaurant where they were planning to meet, but I told my secretary that I was taking an extended lunch break, left work fifteen minutes before noon and waited in my car just outside the company parking lot. When I saw Ron leave in his van, I followed.

He proceeded to a nearby restaurant and pulled into the parking lot, and I parked down the street a ways and waited. I was in a good position to see his van and most of the parking lot. It wasn't but a few minutes later when I saw Peggy pull into the lot, get out of her car and enter the restaurant.

I waited for about an hour, until I saw the two of them exiting the front door of the restaurant, hand in hand, laughing and smiling at each other. My stomach churned at the sight, as they proceeded to Ron's van and both got in.

'DAMN HER! Why would she do this to me, to our marriage?'

He pulled out, and I followed at a safe distance. I could only assume that they were headed to his apartment, and I knew where that was, however, they surprised me by driving past his apartment building. 'Where could they be headed?'

It soon dawned on me that they were headed toward our house! Sure enough, I followed until they pulled into our driveway, and I stopped, still out of sight, and parked up the street behind one of my neighbor's cars.

I watched as they entered the house, and I exited the car and stealthily made my way through the neighbor's yard, through my back yard and into the back door, which accesses the basement. I quietly made my way up to the top of the stairs, and listened through the closed door that opens into the kitchen. I could hear their voices coming from the living room, but couldn't make out what was being said. It wasn't but a few minutes when I stopped hearing the voices. Another few minutes passed, and I heard Peggy loud and clear, "ohh Ron, you're soo sexy, you turn me on like no man has ever done."

'Damn it, Peggy, he's nothing but a big prick.' I was pissed at her, even more pissed at myself for making the bet in the first place.

I could hear muffled moans and slurps, as if they were in a passionate embrace, then Peggy's voice again, "let me help you with those pants."

'It's all over now,' I thought as tears actually swelled up in my eyes. I was about to lose my wife to the biggest prick I knew. Not only that, but with the way he boasts, the whole damn world would soon know that he cuckolded me. I had considered barging in on them, but it would have made me look like an even bigger fool. She knew full well what the consequences were.

I heard Peggy again, "c'mon, it's such a nice day, let's go out onto the pool deck, I've always wanted to get fucked out there."

The pool deck is spacious and secluded, surrounded by an 8 foot high wooden fence, and many large shrubs and trees. I didn't grasp the significance of what she had said even though I knew that we had fucked out there several times. I listened carefully, and heard Peggy giggling in girlish excitement. Then I heard the sliding glass door open, and her giggling became muffled as the door closed behind them. I was tempted to leave, but decided that since I had come this far, I would see it to its bitter, ugly conclusion.

I opened the door and went up into the main level of the house, over to the sliding glass door, positioned myself where I couldn't be seen, and watched. I saw them both naked as jay birds, Ron with his modest-sized, but fully erect cock bouncing erratically as he chased Peggy around the pool, and she giggling all the way. He caught her, and began groping her tits and ass as best he could. After a few minutes of groping, she wriggled free, sat him down on one of the deck chairs and put her index finger up as if she were telling him to be patient and wait right there.

She started toward the house and the sliding glass door, where I was positioned. I quickly moved into the living room, hid behind the couch and listened. I heard the door open, then close, and much to my surprise, I heard the latch close. 'Why would she lock the door?' I wondered.

I could see her again when she entered the living room, and watched as she began putting her clothes back on. I was totally puzzled as I continued to watch her finish dressing, make a quick trip to the powder room to fix her hair and make up, pick up Ron's clothes and exit the house via the front door. 'What the hell?' I thought.

Then it hit me, 'She's gonna leave him stranded without any clothes or transportation! Hot Damn! That's my girl.' Hee, Haw! Son-of-a-bitch if she isn't getting her payback, and then some! Love that gal!

I quickly went back to my observation point, and watched Ron. His cock was still sticking straight up in anticipation of the great fucking that he was expecting to get. As soon as he heard his van start up, he got the most startled look on his face, jumped up and ran to the fence gate that opens up onto the driveway. I laughed out loud as I watched his cock shrivel fast enough to set a new, world record. He got to the gate, opened it just enough to stick his head out, and confirmed his worst fears. Peggy had backed out onto the street and appeared to be ready to drive away in his van. She must have seen him sticking his head out of the gate, because I heard two quick beeps of the horn as the van speed off.

I was so overjoyed at what she had done to the prick that I began jumping up and down and thrusting my fist in the air with glee. I know that I was never so happy to see a person suffer, as Ron was at that moment. He was pissed, I watched as he slammed the gate shut and began throwing our deck chairs into the pool in obvious anger and frustration.

I ducked out of sight as he came over to the sliding glass door and tried his best to force it open. He was swearing up a blue streak, if I ever heard one. I continued to watch as he finally gave up on the door, calmed down some, pulled one of the chairs back out of the pool and sat down. He held his head in his hands, elbows on his knees, as he bent over at the waist, trying to think of a way out of his predicament.

I decided that I'd stay home the rest of the afternoon, just to make sure that Ron didn't try anything drastic, like break the glass on the sliding door, etc. I went over into the kitchen, got the portable phone, returned to my observation post, and called my secretary. I informed her that I wasn't coming back to work that afternoon.

I ended my conversation with my secretary, waited another 15 minutes, and called Peggy at work.

"Hello, Peggy speaking."

"Well, did you enjoy Ron?" I chided, with a big grin on my face.

"Yes, he and I hit it off wonderfully," she chided back.

"Did you fuck him?"

"Hah, that's for me to know and you to find out," she replied, as her tone had changed from a jovial one to a challenging one.

I concluded that she was testing me to see if I had been serious about the ultimatum that I had issued. I prodded on, "are you going to file for divorce, or am I?"

She took my question seriously, as she hadn't expected me to follow up on my threat, "I don't know, what do you want to do?"

"That depends on what you did today, and what your future plans are with Ron."

"I have no future plans with him, and today I got my payback. Are you happy now?"

"What did you do, I mean how did you get your payback?"

"I can't talk now, I'll tell you all about it tonight, OK?"

"OK, see you then." Click, we hung up.

I turned my attention back to Ron, who was fidgeting all around in the chair, still trying to think of a way out of his predicament. Time wasn't on his side, as it was fast approaching the time when I would normally get home from work. I knew damn well that he wouldn't want me to catch him naked on my pool deck, so the pressure was on him. Of course, that also eliminated the option of waiting for the cover of darkness.

I watched as he searched all over the deck looking for something with which to cover himself, like maybe an old or used towel or blanket, but he found nothing.

Finally, in exasperation, he sneaked out the gate and began stealthily making his way through the neighbors' yards and between houses. 'I wonder, should I, or shouldn't I?' I considered calling the police and complaining of a naked man running loose in the neighborhood, possibly a mental case. 'Why not!' I thought to myself, as I did exactly that.

When Peggy arrived home from work, she explained the entire escapade to me and we enjoyed a good laugh together. I decided not to tell her that I had watched the whole thing. 'No point in taking a chance of upsetting her now,' I thought.

We had some great sex again that night.

I picked up the morning paper on the way to work the next day and searched for some indication of whether the police had found Ron, and I found it. The article indicated that they had picked him up, and fined him $500. I laughed out loud over his plight, again. 'Couldn't have happened to a more deserving guy.'

I called Peggy and told her to check the article on page A13 of the newspaper.

Peggy called back a few minutes later, "ha, ha, I can't believe it, this is even better than I had hoped!"

I laughed with her, and added, "yeah, I think that you really did a number on him. I suspect that he'll stay away from you, and me, for a long while, at least I hope so, the prick."

I had to wait until the following Monday to collect the additional two grand, as I had given him a week to accomplish his goal. I stopped in his office bright and early, collected the check, which he had already made out, and departed without so much as a word being spoken. I did have a smirk on my face the entire time, though, and made sure he noticed.

Ron seemed to go out of his way to avoid me from that point on, which I consider a good thing, an additional benefit of the recent series of events.

Who said nice guys always finish last?


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