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Oh, fastmail is pay-only now …
… and Georgie Porgie hasn’t posted a new email yet, so: where you link to my links page, you wrote: I'm a little afraid you'll never come back to my site, but whatever pleases my readers is for the best.

Georgie, that’s what target="_blank" in your <a> is for.

May you forever have blank in your a๐Ÿ˜


‘Can’t thank you enough’, part three:
Authors write for many reasons: to create something that wasn’t there before. To see an idea become a thing. To scratch a reader’s itch. To scratch our own itch. To get feedback—which, let’s be honest, is validation that we done good.

As wonderful as your response to my efforts has been, there is perhaps no higher honor than to hear from another author that you helped inspire them to share their efforts, too.

Thank you, Renpet—and keep up the good work.

‘Can’t thank you enough’, part four:
Perusing the recent uploads, I caught this little gem from Georgie Porgie:

“If you like my nice stories, but not the nasty ones, [Admiral Cartwright]’s stories are just what you’re looking for. The only reason I hadn’t added a link to his site sooner is that one does not lightly presume to link to a god.”

Wow—first: holy fuck, thank you! Second: I’m just a lowly admiral, and even that’s fake. Third: I refer you to the very famous “CLAPTON IS GOD” poster. ๐Ÿคช

Meantime, I just noticed I hadn’t linked to your site; that has been rectified.

Hilo Blow’. Enjoy!


Arrest those men!
And so we enter day four of ASSTR’s security certificate expiration, which is of course a bit unnerving for those of us of a paranoid bent. No doubt some authors are riding that paranoia as they wait to resume their uploads. Many others may not be aware that the site is “up”.

Rey and company, may we expect a resolution soon? ๐Ÿคจ


Thank you, LSR. You guys rock! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป


‘Can’t thank you enough’, part one:
Many readers have honored me and my work with their feedback—“the best I’ve ever read”, or “a masterpiece of erotic fiction”, or some such. One went straight to, “You are the greatest writer of our tiny little planet.” Hyperbole, definitely; an honor, absolutely.

This week brought my favorite response, ever, from an anonymous reader who made a “strictly tangential” observation: “that you ‘bothered’ to employ ‘Independence Day’ to name the holiday speaks to your character. You see the storm, and know it is much closer than the horizon.” (‘Good Things Cum’)

I’ve always been detail-oriented, occasionally throwing in little tidbits that (I hope) blend into the narrative while adding that speck of realism, or humanity, or whatever else seems to fit the moment. It’s immensely gratifying to see their effect.

‘Can’t thank you enough’, part two:
To LSR for the shout-out. I’m so eagle-eyed, in fact, that I noticed my name doesn’t link to my page. What the fuck, people … ๐Ÿคช๐Ÿคช๐Ÿคช

Story recommendations:
The Girl On the Train’ by Tempest. A most enjoyable quickie.

Movie Night’ (part 1, “may or may not be end of story”) by Dayvid Notellin. Three words: hot. As. Fuck.


A reader offered a bit of constructive criticism with respect to ‘Double Take’: there were some passages in which he had to backtrack a line or three to be certain which character was speaking. I’ve made some fixes to address that.

Q & A:
(General comments): “Have you thought about doing some Asian girl stories? I love those.”
I have indeed. Check out ‘Missy’.

(‘Missy’): “Maybe a new series with Missy’s kids?”
The protagonist is ‘fixed’. Of course, that can be fixed …


I’ve noticed that some authors tend to engage better with their readers if they offer something a bit more interactive than merely posting feedback.

So, just for the fun of it, I’m going to try keeping a log on this page to answer your questions and provide any updates.

I recently extended the final passages of ‘Nine for Eleven’. I felt as if I had rushed the ending, but a new encounter here was illogical. A new POV, on the other hand, was perfect.

Q & A:
(‘Missy’): “You care for these girls?”
The story is 100% fiction; instead, we would have to assume it to be true for any response to be meaningful. That said, were I the protagonist in a hypothetical such situation then, yes, I would.

(‘Good Things Cum’): “Are you going to keep writing?”
As inspiration strikes.