Now that I have your attention, Hello, I am Carson Linus, as far as you know, and this is my little piece of A.S.S.T.R.

First of all: everything, including but not limited to everything, here is fictional (much to my frequent dissapointment), much of it is also illegal irl and if you, for instance, have sex with an underage boy you are evil and he could be emotional scared for life, or something like that. Any way don't do this, it's bad. If you can't tell the difference between right and wrong, and real and not real please leave.
Oh, and if you are a minor, please leave, you can't be here, reading stories about minors, aren't morals fun?

Oh, and if you are a member of the Westboro baptist church please leave! I dont like your beliefs, sorry, but the general consensus among my characters is that God is either not real or is but still dosen't care about your/their sexuality.
Oh, and if you are a minor who somehow made it past my first notice please leave, you're clearly pretty clever but reading this stuff is aginsat a whole lot of really good laws, well, laws anyway, not good ones, actually they probably wouldn't even be enforced, but still, laws.

Before you read anything, there is no straight adult sex anywhere here (or gay adult sex for that mater), there is some man/boy, boy/boy, boy/girl and girl/girl stuff with the vast majority of the characters being preteens, so of that's not your thing, there is a lot of way better stories out there, actually there are a lot of way better stores on these subjects as well.

What you can also expect is nudity, lots of naked kids, both in sexual and non-sexual situations (note that every story is marked with 'exhib'). There also seems to be recurring themes of night time (I am a nyctophile) and water (not sure about this one, I suppose I find skinny dipping to be hot, perhaps I'm an aquaphile too). There also seems to be a lot of kissing, hugging and otherwise touching, which is odd for me (human contact is not my thing) and even a bit of crying (again, not somthing I do, I'm a tough, stony hearted guy, or emotionaly screwed up, either works) all quite emotional stuff. There are also ocasional touches on incest, gay only, none of that stragit stuff, (cause that's yuck), but it shouldn't be enough to squick anyone. For some reason pizza comes up a alot, go figure. You will not find any violence, bdsm, rape or any of that kind of stuff, I really can't stand to see children hurt, It makes me sad for the rest of the day, which may not end till 4am.

Anyway, if you still want to them, here they are.

First of all: News
"We all miss The News Meg, but Huey Lewis needs time to create"- Peter Griffin.

-A new standalone story, Lucas

The Jamie series
Note, this is the first story series finished to a publishable standard, Hoorah!.

A boy, Jamie, runs away from home and is found by a man, Carson*, who takes him in and gets sucked off for his troubles.
Codes: Mb, bsolo, exhib, toys, yng

Another young boy shows up to be adopted by Carson and Jamie. He gets a party for his troubles.
Codes: bb, gg, bg, gsolo, bsolo, group, exhib, voy, toys, yng

Ava, Kelly and Josh
Carson and the boys have another sleep over and we finally get some boy/girl action.
Codes: bb, gg, exhib, bg, yng, 1st, voy, Mb, group

*I gave him the name first, then took it as a pseudonym, copying is the most sincere form of flattery, after piracy and the making of chocolate effigies, this is also a good time to mention this is all mine, you can't republish it without consent.

The Too Dark Park series
Note, these are written in no particular order, the order presented here is the order they go in  but the individual episodes can be read individually and in any order. The numbers, letters, mathematical constants and other markers are not indicative of any thing, I'm just to lazy to give each episode a proper title and to something else (neurotic?) to give each episode a number or a fraction along a number line indicating the order, I'm kinda strange. (the markers in the file names are smiply to keep them together in the ftp part)
Note 2, the name Too Dark Park is probably copyrighted by either Skinny Puppy or Nettwerk.

The continuing adventures of Alexi, an 11 year old Nyctophile** in Too Dark Park

Episode The First

Alexi decides to visit Too Dark Park for the first time and finds he isn't the only one there.
Codes: bb+, 1st, exhib, anal, yng,

Episode The Second
Alexi visits the park again and learns a new game.
Codes: bb+, exhib, yng,

Episode W
Alexi meets a girl, (oooooooh)
Codes: bb, bg, exhib, 1st yng,

**Nyctophile= Night lover

Standalone Stories

The Dionysus
A day in the life of a young boy, Damien, a crew member on the luxury Cruise ship, The Dionysus, with his boyfriend and many other kids, all very nice and innocent.
Codes: bb+, gg+, Mb, exhib, yng, voy, anal


A story about a 12 year old boy, who is esentialy me when I was 16***, who falls in love with a younger boy, Lucas, and eats pizza while watching horror movies, oh, and has some sexual stuff, but I'm sure you'll prefer to see my choices in movies.
Codes: bb, 1st, exhib, anal, yng, toys

*** In personality, I never had a cute 11 year old boyfriend, unfortunatley.

Note, this is the first story I've written that passes 10,000 words at just over 11,000, Hoorah! also making it my first novelette according to wikipedia, Double Hoorah! Note 2, This is set prior to the Jamie series, hence Carson wishing he had kids

So, ah, enjoy.

Extra Information

Important Notes
(Public service announcement) In all of these stories the characters do not wear condoms and they don't get sick or pregnant (unless otherwise stated, I expect never, pregnant that is, no one will ever get sick in these stories). Remember, you must use one if you do any of the activities mentioned here or you will get sick and have babies, even if you are gay and you and your partner are healthy, trust me I know these things, do you bit to fight STDs and babies.
Also, despite the content of these stories, child labour laws do apply, irl, even if the children in question are naked.
And one more thing, Children/Teenagers irl do not have sex, ever, despite what you may hear or see or what stastics say or you have experienced, "Everybody Lies" -Dr. House.

The Town
The town, as yet unnamed, is a small town located somewhere in the english speaking world, most likely USA, Australia or New Zealand (a most awesome country and it would explain the number (2) of children being assaulted by their parents, not such a good record for child abuse over here, sadly). The occupants of the town are predominantly white and bi sexual, with a high prevalence of gays and a suspiciously low number of straight people (If you've ever heard the radio play 'Acropolis Now' you'll get the idea, if you haven't, go find it its very funny and much better than this). They are generally ok with child nudity and children doing things that other communities would frown upon. The town is located between a lake (Red Lake) and the sea, which lies a few short kilometers away, with a river (Red River) running through it, a tributary of which runs through Too Dark Park. The town has two parks, Too Dark Park, which is on a piece of land that was formerly a piece of disused wasteland with a small river running through it, it was put into its current state by the "Ministry" town council. It is home to the Two Dark Puppies nyctophile club. The other park is Asphodel Park, it is older, has more flower gardens and another river with a fountain in it. It is home to Chrissy's Crusaders, another nyctophile club. Many of the stories are set in this humble burg.

Nyctophile Clubs
Nyctophile clubs are semi-secret orginisations of children and young teens spread around the town, from red lake (The Red lake Lollipops) to Red River Bridge (The Red River Boys). They are loose, fun, dis-organisations where children and young teenagers, predominantly boys although the Puppies and the Kultists both have female members and the Crusaders are all girls, get together, have fun, run around and preform sexual acts, generally naked.  Sometimes the groups get together and play games, the most common being 'Vampires', information about which can be found in TDP ep. the second. Although many aren't mentioned many of the characters are or were nyctophiles of some affiliation, Carson for instance is a Kultist while Kelly is a Crusader.

1.) Don't talk about Nyctophile Club.
Don't talk about Nyctophile Club.
3.) If you really want to invite a friend or whatever it's ok to talk about Nyctophile Club.
4.) Don't leave your teritory by yourself except to go home.
5.) Always get consent, in case someone dosn't want to for whatever reason.
6.) ???
7.) Profit!
8.) If it's your first night at Nyctophile club, you have to enjoy yourself.

Disclaimer (Very important)

I condone absolutely noting mentioned in these stories including but not limited to: Sex involving children, Child nudity, Children wearing clothes, Children getting hurt, Adults getting hurt, Homosexuality, Heterosexuality, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Mud, Parks, Piracy, Night-time, Daytime, Cafes, Garden Centers, Islands, Baths, Showers, Security analysis, Cameras, The Sea, Loincloths, Sex in general, Children in general, Adults in general, Girls, Boys, Men, Women, Skirts, Shorts, Shirts, Clothes in general, Nudity in general, Sand, Jungles and/or Forests, My Chemical Romance, Marylin Manson, Ministry, Skinny Puppy, Motley Crue, Computers, Sleepovers, Clock towers, Masturbation, Pubic hair, Shaving of Pubic hair, Skinny-dipping, Swimming in general, Water with or without bubbles, Cross-dressing, Charlie’s Angles, Hard Rock, Industrial music, Sausage Rolls, Breakfast, Hugs, Card games, Twister, Truth or Dare, Rain, Bare feet, Shoes, Boy scouts, The Simpsons, Blood, Torn clothes, Doctors, Chemicals, Sleeping, Waking, Beaches, Camping, Aeroplanes, Greek names, Russian names, Tickling, Towels, Speedos, Kissing, Moonlight, Clouds, Oral, Anal, Vaginal, Nasal and Group Sex. And the use of commas.

Contact Me
Gosh, you're at the bottom of the page, you must be after something. If you want to tell me how amazing my work was, please, email me. Similarly, if you want to offer creative criticism, please email me, please, I do really want feedback. If, however, you want to tell me that my work was terrible and I wasted a small amount of you're life, forget it, you didn't have to read this, I said at the top there was better stories to be found on asstr. Finally, if you are morally outraged by the content of the stories and want to tell me that I am going to hell for writing them, don't bother, I'm already well aware of that.