Towel Dare 

Part II

By Carrie


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The following is the second part of my wild towel adventure story.  It was the result of a dare I did one weekend when I got a little board.  Please try to read the first part to get the full picture.


Surviving the Gym we headed home. Somewhere along the way Karen said she was hungry and I was afraid she was going to suggest stopping for something to eat along the way.  I almost jumped out of my seat saying there was no way I was going into a restaurant dressed like this.  She then suggested a cook out.  Sue said she had some ground meat for burgers at home but didn’t think she had any rolls or soda.   Karen suggested stopping at the Quick Check saying she needed some other things as well. 

I figured one of them would run in but when we pulled up Sue suggested we all go in.  I said no way but at the same time felt the excitement fill my nipples once again as they pressed hard against the towel.  I must have been getting braver because I didn’t fight them that much this time.   

I looked around to see if anyone was looking and opened the door.  Naturally the slit in the towel was facing the door so I carefully held it together as I slid out of the door.  Ever so carefully I slid my legs out the door like a women with an extremely short mini skirt.  I stood up and tightened the towel as tight as I could and looked at my reflection in the window.  My bare feet felt funny against the rough pavement.  This towel provided considerably more coverage than the other.  It reached from my boobs to about 4 inches below my butt with hardly any gap unless I bent over.  My heart was beating like a drum though as I tentatively looked around to see if anyone was staring.

Again I took a deep breath and followed the others into the store.  I thought they would give me a hard time for not having shoes on but everyone at the counter was to busy looking elsewhere.  If I was lucky perhaps people would think we were on our way back from the beach and I simply had a towel over my bathing suit. I didn’t consider the extreme difference between what I was wearing and my fully dressed friends in coming to that conclusion however.  

I tried not to fidget but it was impossible not to.  I had to fight the thought that the towel was slipping and tighten the knot.  I figured that if I didn’t move anymore than necessary perhaps the towel would stay in place until I got back to the car.  Karen whispered in my ear to calm down and leave the knot alone and dared me not to touch it I got back in the car.

The whole idea of walking around a food store in nothing more than a towel  was extremely arousing but nothing like back at the Gym where I was on the verge of an orgasm.  We got all our stuff and headed back to the car.  A couple more people had noticed me by now and were looking our way now.  Karen said, “Why don’t you give them a flash.”  As aroused as I was I didn’t need any more excitement but the idea was fun.  I told her if the knot slips they’ll get their flash and more.

I knew the people looking must have been wondering if I had anything on under the towel so as we walked out I looked around to see who was looking.  I waited till Sue had unlocked the door.  I knew the knot was on the verge of letting go so all it took was a sharp inhale for it to pop.  With the pressure off the knot, it came undone immediately.  I acted surprised and grabbed it with my free hand as it hit the ground and got in the car. By then everyone was certain there was no bathing suit involved and that I had just walked through the store in nothing but the towel. 

Again we were as giddy as school kids as we headed home.  At home Sue and Karen got things ready while I got the grill out.  Our yard is pretty well hidden from view for the most part but certainly not completely.  There are a lot of bushes on one side and woods behind.  The other side has some bushes but isn’t exactly as private as it should be especially when your walking around naked.  Luckily the people on that side are a younger couple and have an open mind about my antics.

We all helped ourselves to a beer and chips as we laughed about my adventure. Somewhere along the way Sue invited two of her friends Linda and Nicole over.  I was surprised when they arrived since I wasn’t expecting it and was not looking forward to explaining why I was walking around wearing only a towel.

Karen and Sue cooked in exchange for me cleaning up.  After being left alone with Linda and Nicole and explaining my dare I think I would have rather been cooking.  Linda having a pretty nice body and thought the whole idea of getting that aroused was neat but Nicole seemed to turn up her nose at it.  Linda kept asking what it was like and how I felt.  She was genuinely interested and kept asking me more and more detailed questions.  Karen told her about a couple of my other dares which I had to explain over dinner.

Karen started telling everyone about my vacation where the airlines had lost my bags and how that’s what got me started in all this.  I was getting embarrassed that I actually did all these things but at the same time recounting them was getting me turned on as I answered all the questions.  I explained that the constant light arousal was a great feeling and that after I get over my initial nervousness I have a great time.  I told them that I always liked challenges and that this fills that need now that I don’t swim competitively anymore.

We had some wine with dinner and after a bit Karen and Sue started talking about seeing how daring I really was.  I’ve grown to expect this from my friend Lisa but now Karen and even Sue were getting into it.  To make a long story short they bet me my share of this month’s rent that I couldn’t make it to Monday morning without putting anything else on.  Since I had made it this far I figured it wouldn’t be that bad and besides with money on the line I agreed without really asking any details.

Nicole reconfirmed her displeasure with me saying the whole idea was stupid.  I probably should have listen to her concerns but I was quickly developing a dislike for her. 

Sue and Karen reminded me that I was in charge of cleaning up.  I started clearing the table and carrying the dishes into the kitchen.  Nicole made some other snide comment that got me thinking she was a real snotty bitch.  I wanted to say something but held back as I came up with something that would probably get her even madder and hopefully get her to leave.  I made a comment about the towel being a real pain and took it off throwing it on the back of one of the chairs.  There was a slight sigh out of Linda as she admired my body making a comment about my almost perfect tan.  Nicole on the other hand got up in a huff and went into the next room. 

In the other room everyone was talking about going out to this club Karen and I had mentioned.  That’s when it hit me that they weren’t going to let me just hang around the house until Monday morning. 

My arousal was continuing to rise as the conversation seemed to change to a critique of my naked body.  It started by noticing my near absence of tan lines.  My entire upper body was completely tan without a line anywhere.  My only faint spot was a small spot around my bush and one in the center of my butt.  Quite a challenge living where I do. Nicole made some disparaging comment that confirmed my feelings towards her.  Linda surprised me when she said, “If I had a body like that I’d be showing it off every chance I got.” which came as a bit of a surprise since she looked pretty good herself.

Becoming a bit self-conscious I wrapped the towel around myself and grabbed another glass of wine.  Somewhere around there I heard Sue talking about this other dare I told her I wanted to do sometime.  I couldn’t believe my ears when she started telling everyone that I always wanted to try this tear away dress dare but never had the nerve to go through with it.  Karen said,  “This is the perfect opportunity” and ran to the bathroom. She came back with this black towel with gold trim around the edges.  She said it looks a lot like a tube dress and that it could be rigged to come off if someone yanked on it.  My heart was beating like a drum as the conversation continued. 

Again I said no way as my nipples stiffened up at the thought.  Karen insisted I try it on to see how it fit. It was more of a bath towel so it reached from my boobs down to my knees with no gap at the side at all. I said it covers pretty well but it not going to stay on.  Karen yelled,  “That’s the idea silly.”  I said, “ It would be nice if it stayed on long enough to get in though.” After hemming and hawing about how it wouldn’t work I noticed Karen had changed without me noticing. She had on a mini skirt with a nice matching top.   Nicole was disgusted that we were even talking about it much less planning the details of actually going though with it. 

I told them that this was too much and that I couldn’t do it.  Karen went on to tell me how exciting it would be.  I told her that that was the problem.  I had an almost had an orgasm when I thought they had left me at the Gym.  I told her I didn’t think I could handle being stripped in a place full of people.  She went on to explain how it could be made to look like a total accident.  “No one would know that you were getting off on it.”

I think I had already had too much wine since I was actually considering it.  What was I thinking?

We went through a dress rehearsal of the plan as Sue changed.  Linda and Nicole left saying they would meet us there.  We tried it out a couple of times with Karen acting like she tripped grabbing my dress/towel to break her fall.  If I had it too tight it didn’t work.  If I had it loose enough for her to tear it off, it felt like it wouldn’t stay on while I walked.  Karen suggested a couple of pieces a thread strategically placed in order to hold it together while I walked but let it tear away when she pulled.

Eventually after a lot of convincing and another glass of wine I got up enough nerve to go along with it. 


End of Part II


Let me know what your thought and ideas for other dares.  Part III to follow soon.





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