Completed Dares


I started to write up my descriptions of how I completed each of them.  There are a couple more but I need to write them up.

Please email me with more ideas. I always love hearing them along with your similar experiences.  

Bikini Skiing skiing
Wear my tiny black dress with no panties  part 1    part 2 
Blouse whose buttons wouldn't stay closed 1
Towel dare 1
Body paint jogging suite 1
Shopping wearing next to nothing 1
Revealing Dance 1
Luck of the Draw 1
Walk from your room to the hotel pool completely naked ski trip report. 
Wear of those low ride pants without touching them. Lisa trip story 
Suite jacket with nothing underneath Jacket
Vibrator worn under my cloths Walk
Sun-Dress dare Sun-dress dare. 
Sundress 2003  
Wear a tiny bikini to a water park  Water Park
Run in a Mini Triathlon Run 
Wear a see through top with no bra Run 
Go Shopping at a mall of grocery store in a bikini Water park (end)
Get dropped off naked some distance from home and find my way home sun-dress dare.


Go to or host a party naked or topless I danced naked for a while over Halloween. I thing that counts.
Really low ride pants. Butt baring pants Shave Pants
Go cloths shopping and change on the floor The Quick Change
Rollerblading topless Rollerblading
Wear and ultra short crop top The Crop Top
Wear a crochet bikini with a real loose weave to the beach Rollerblading