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My name is Carrie and these are my stories.


Sorry I’ve been so busy this summer but even though I survived Hurricane without any damage, one of my friends houses got flooded out.  I’ve been spending a lot of weekends helping her repair the damage.  It hasn’t been that bad however because she lives two houses in from the Ocean and we’ve been frequent breaks and take off for the beach.  And who can complain about doing work in a bikini top and shorts.   I keep telling her it keeps the guys motivated but it may be working in reverse.

I updated the last chapter of the Passion for the Game story since I inadvertently posted the un edited version.   I also finally got around to posting the Sponsor’s Diner chapter which I think could be the best of the series.  Please make sure to tell me how you like it since I’m thinking of winding this story down unless people can help me with some new ideas.

As always, I can always use some more ideas and love to hear you comments so please let me know what you think. 

Email me at with your comments and ideas.











Older Stories

8/1/2013 – The Sponsor’s diner   Passion for the Game – Sponsor’s Diner


5/22/2013 – Carrie and Tanya at their next match  Passion for the Game – The Next Tournament


8/17/2011 – A fictional story about a girl who bares all for the sake of her team   The Lost Uniform


5/10/2011 – Carrie, Tanya and Lisa have some fun   Passion for the Game – Tanya’s Place


10/7/2010 – Carrie, Tanya and Lisa grab something to eat  Passion for the Game - Cafe


8/27/2010 – Carrie, Tanya and Lisa try surfing  Passion for the Game - Surfing 


7/23/2010  - Carrie, Tanya take a break from their practice schedule to relax at the beach with Lisa   Passion for the Game - A day at the beach.


6/7/2010 – After the Photo Shoot in the Passion for the Game beach volleyball series


9/29/2009 – The next week in the Passion for the Game beach volleyball series


6/8/2009 – My naked water skiing adventure


2/19/2009 – My Mexico Vacation win Bob,  Lots of fun in Mexico


1/20/2009 – OMG this story has been on the burner for 2 years and finally gets published.  Total fiction but hot as hell.  Enjoy.


Passion for the Game Part 1 -   I think you’ll like it!

Passion for the Game Part 2

Passion for the Game Part 3

Passion for the Game Part 4   The photo shoot




7/5 – Painting – Bob and I just bought a house and had some fun while painting.


3/18 – A Nice Quiet Jog in the Park – Spring has Sprung


6/24 – Playing in the Rain – It’s raining again but it didn’t stop me.


6/24 – Spy Girl Carrie – The Hotel Chase – Another fictional adventure of out spy girl


2/22 – The Pool Party - I know it’s the middle of the winter but should warm you up a bit. It’s certainly helping me get through winter.


12/12 – Snow Fun – A story I read inspired me to have a little fun with our first snow-storm of the year.


12/12 - Vacation Sequel Part 1 and Part 2 – This is a fictional story someone wrote about me that was inspired by my original Caribbean Vacation Adventure


10/13 – Jet Skiing Adventure - Earlier in the summer Lisa and I went up to her parents place and had some fun on their new Jet Ski.


10/13 - Spy Girl Carrie – A Day at the Beach - My friend Daisy was kind enough to add a mission to Spy Girl Carrie adventure. It is FULL of excitement.


7/6 – The Pizza Delivery – This is a hot story from when I help Lisa move.


7/6 – Spy Girl Carrie – The Conclusion – This is the conclusion to the initial mission.


5/27 – Spy Girl Carrie – The Rescue - Again a fictional story that I picked up on. It’s been a long time in coming but I think you’ll like it.


5/27 - Awakening Down Under Part 2 - the continuation of the story a friend of mine wrote about her awakening. Please check it out and email her your comments at


3/31- Snowball Fight – This is a quick story about how I manage to get through winter without going insane.


3/26 - Awakening Down Under - This is a story that a friend of mine wrote about her awakening. It is mostly fictional bus is based one some real live revelations. Please check it out and email her your comments at


2/17 - New Years Get Away - This is how I spent New Years weekend this year. Not exactly as exciting as Halloween but I think you'll like it.

12/30 - Ladies Night Out - This is an old story from last winter that I I got motivated to finish since I got my nipples pierced recently.

11/26 - Halloween 2004 - A party to remember, that's for sure.

10/15 - The Quick Change - I was dared to change in a clothing store without using the dressing room.

7/12 - Rollerblading - I love rollerblading so I thought I'd try to do my part to bring a California thing to the east coast. I went rollerblading along a ocean front bike path in my crochet bikini.

7/12 - Spy Girl Carrie part 2 - Finally the next chapter. A fictional story that has been sitting around for a while.

5/28 - Spy Girl Carrie part 1 - A fictional story that has been sitting around for a while. Hope you like it.

4/27 - Shave Pants Story - Back around Halloween I found on the Internet a pair of the lowest low ride jeans you could possible imagine. Here's how it went the fist time I wore them

4/6 - Disney World Adventure Part 1 - This is a fictional story my friend Sara wrote. I think you'll like it.

4/6 - Carrie in Training - The End Sorry but in updating my site I realized I never posted the end to Sara's training story about me. Sorry about that.

3/15 - The Crop Top - Well how could I resist with the weather that nice.

3/4 - A Taste of Summer - Finally a nice warm day, so I just had to take advantage of it.


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