Captain Steve and Linda's stories

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Welcome.  These are adult stories with strong sexual content.  If this offends you please leave. If you are over 18 and enjoy a good tale, read on.  We are a couple living in Florida who love life and sailing.  This is the theme of many of our stories.  Please enjoy.  Yes, you can download, but permission is not granted to use any material for pay sites.

If you enjoy our stories please let us know.  Capt Steve and Linda


The Bet Conversations between two business partners. Who wins the bet?  Who wins what?  MF+MF
A Perfect Martini Woman speaks to husband during business banquet. What does she plan? MF adultery.
Street Smart Woman learns about life on the streets in her home town. MF
Just to Relax Misadventures of a libertine.  MF adultery
I Shouldn't Dialogue between a couple who want to...but will they? MF swing
Saigon Remembered Romantic memories MF
Damn Women Golfers Unexpected golf lessons MF surprise.
The Perfect Close Purchasing a house is serious business or is it?  MF cheat.



Coveting Sailboat race and the winner takes...what?  MFF
Longboat Key Couples embark on a sailing weekend in Florida.  Things do not go exactly as planned.  MF +MF.
Long Island Sound Ex college roommates take their wives sailing.  MF +MF
Sail-Three Idiot Steve invites two women to sail in the Caribbean--one gay, one straight.  The women don't know each other and plans go astray. FF?  MFF?
Key West Passage  (New) Sailing to Key West,  Steve and Linda  find they will be shorthanded..  They take on another crewmember and not everyone is "shorthanded."  MF cheat? swing?