Hello everyone, welcome to the planet called Aquamarine!

  My name is Cathy and here is recorded the times of my life from the time I thought it was about to end until today.  I hope you'll find my life as interesting to read about as I found it to live.

  Here are a few of my 'charm' points:
  • I am bisexual as will become obvious from the stories.  I like men a lot, but sexually I have a slight bias toward women.
  • I have some 'unique' talents, including getting myself into interesting trouble.
  • Sex of all sorts is pretty much a hobby of mine and I exercise very little restraint as to place, time or type.
  • There's a good deal more to me, but the stories are the best place to find out.

See the ABOUT page for more general information on the interesting planet where I live.

The SEXECUTIONS page has documents covering other people and their, ummm..., ends where I am either not there or am just an  'innocent' bystander.

Have fun here and in your own life.  I'd love to hear your thoughts on my writings.

[That's me there to the left.  As you can see I'm in a bit of a jam.  Read my first story to find out more.]

A Different Kind of Earth

Cathy's Life
My history and my life on Aquamarine.  Sometimes, a sexecution will be part of what happens around me.  See the ABOUT page and for more information about this unique place.  See the SEXECUTIONS page for other stories occurring on the same planet.

Cathy's First Adventure  (updated 25Apr10)
Say hello to Cathy as she has been selected to experience her own fantasy of how she would like to die.

Into the Web - with Denise (updated 5May10)
Denise has been selected by the Lottery Board for sexecution and asks Cathy to accompany her on her last adventure.

Intermezzo - with Nancy and Kasey
Cathy continues to discover her second life and meets some new friends.

Smugglers - Cathy's First Mission (updated 29Apr10)
Cathy is sent by the OSA to discover the source of military mechas.  She meets Mary again, with unexpected results.

Icelandic Hot Springs - with Tanika
Work in progress - Cathy and Tanika discover that there are more dangers in Iceland than volcanos.

More to come - Look especially for a story about Aquamarine and what it would be like to live there that is being written by my partner.

Acknowledgement and Warning:
I wish to acknowledge the invaluable assistance of my partner in editing, providing ideas and criticism, but any fault rests on me.

These stories are not based on real people, living or dead and any similarity is strictly coincidental.

The sexual behavior in the stories is not something I would encourage in real life.  This fictional world has no STDs and women can easily prevent pregnancy.  Unfortunately, our world is not that lucky yet.

Do not try this at home!!  Or you may end up like some of these girls do.