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Whilst writing these stories, a couple of quotes made me smile:

“A sword never kills anybody; it is a tool in the killer's hand.” - Seneca

"The pen is mightier than the sword, unless it's a real sword, in which case the guy with the pen should run away fast." - Roger Escbacher

Title: Clare's Cuming of Age

Keywords: Mg9, Mg9+, MF, MF+g9+, Fg9, Mg7, FF, g9+ g, ped, rom, cons, nc, pett, piv, voy, photo, mast, preteen, humor, coerce, 1st, slow

Summary: Bob was an average guy in an average job, living in an average

house.  That is until Clare, his neighbor's beautiful 9

(nearly 10) year old daughter came into his life.

The trouble started though when Clare's mum asked Bob to babysit

Clare and her sister for a weekend.  Bob soon got to know Clare

in more ways than one and before long they were much more than good friends.  Bob realized he was in love.


Unbeknownst to Bob, greater forces were at work than he was aware of

and in the space of just one week, his life went out of his control with first Clare's mother, then her friend and even the friend's daughter demanding Bob's attention.  They made him an offer he couldn't refuse.


Meantime Bob started to develop his interest in photography with some

very interesting subjects.

Title: Sally and Sue’s Adventure

Keyword: Mg9, Mg10, ped, rom, cons, preteen, humor, 1st slow


Summary: Pete returning home one night from work runs into a gangland hit, when his neighbour is murdered. Having been seen by the hitman, he goes on the run, taking the dead neighbour’s nine and ten year old daughters with him. They head for a safe house where they remain for some months, getting to know each other very well. Finally, they get betrayed, but escape just in time, due to the preparations made for such an event. Taking to the sea, they sail out of harm’s way, where their intimate relationship blossoms further.


Title: The Great Plague

Keyword: Mg6, Mg7, Mg8, Mg9, Mg10, Mg11, ped, rom, cons, pett, piv, voy, preteen, humor, 1st,  slow



The world’s human population is dying from a new virulent strain of plague. Terry Anderson, a medical researcher, finds a cure at the eleventh hour. However, most of the adult population has succumbed, leaving mainly children, and almost all of them girls in the six to eleven year old range. Terry acts quickly to inoculate as many survivors as possible. There is an unexpected side effect though. Everyone receiving the serum who has come into contact with the disease, finds their sex drive goes through the roof. This is regardless of their age. Suddenly Terry finds himself in charge of about fifty young nymphomaniacs.



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