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 Teen Climax

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John, my older brother, was sitting on the settee with his friend Mick, and I was at the table doing my homework, listening to my iPod on headphones. Except that I wasn’t – I had my ears uncovered so I could hear what the two 17-year-olds were talking about. They were looking at some magazines which John had, called Teen Climax. Glossy colour photos of girls looking younger than the 18 years that the law demanded, naked, showing everything they could, sometimes doing things with other girls or boys. I had seen it all before, but Mick hadn’t. He kept exclaiming crudely.


‘Shit, look at that!’ ‘Cor, look at the cunt on her!’ ‘Just imagine having that sitting on your prick!’


John was goading him on, as he does. ‘Bet she’s tight.’ ‘Look at her little arsehole just begging for it.’ ‘Imagine those lips round your cock.’


Then the first strike. ‘Bet you wish you had a girl who’d do all that.’


‘Christ, not half.’


‘Girl you could do anything you wanted with.’


‘Jesus. I’d give anything.’


‘She’d just let you do what you wanted, never complain.’


‘Stop it!’


John twisted his head and called to me. ‘Jenny – come over here.’


I smiled to myself and stood up. Walked across to stand in front of them. In my white blouse, short navy school skirt and white socks, I looked the picture of innocence. Mick’s jaw dropped.


‘My mate here wants a young girl who’ll do anything.’


I tilted my hips, smiled at him, the virgin coquette. I bit my lip in mock shyness.


‘You’ll do anything, won’t you?’ John asked me. I nodded, holding Mick’s eyes with my own.


The boy was having trouble speaking, or even breathing, it seemed. He just stared at me, open-mouthed.


‘Why don’t you take her clothes off, for starters?’ John suggested.


When the lad didn’t move, I slowly undid the top button of my blouse.


‘Go on, she won’t bite.’ said my brother.


Mick stood up unsteadily. He was a head taller than me, and had a gratifyingly large bulge in his trousers – whether from Teen Climax or from me, I couldn’t tell. He reached out slowly as if he was expecting me to scream or kick him in the balls. But I didn’t, just looked submissive and relaxed. His fingers fumbled with the buttons of my blouse. I could smell his maleness – the sexual excitement mixed with a hint of fear. John just sprawled on the settee, enjoying the show.


Eventually he got my blouse undone, tugged it out of my skirt and slipped it off my shoulders. I don’t really need a bra yet but I was wearing one anyway – it gives the boys some practice. Which he needed, fumbling with the catch at the back for ages. I nearly gave up and helped him, but then it snapped open and fell away from my front. My firm little titties stuck forward, the puffy nipples starting to harden. Mick moaned softly at the sight, but he didn’t touch them.


He turned his attention to my skirt, which unzipped at the side. This was easier, and it fell to the floor, revealing my skimpy plain white thong. He knelt in front of me, his eyes devouring my pale slim body. I wondered if he could see the line of wetness on the cotton over my pussy.


‘Go on, panties too,’ John encouraged. ‘She doesn’t mind.’


From the casual way in which I stood there, it must have been obvious that I didn’t. Mick hooked his fingers into the sides of my thong and pulled them down slowly, groaning softly as my mons with its thin tuft of blonde hair was revealed. Then the top of my girlish slit. Then the rest of my crotch, lightly dusted with blonde down. My thighs don’t touch at the top so once over my hips the scrap of cotton fell to the floor, and I was naked save my socks.


The boy’s eyes were riveted to my pussy. ‘Can I ... touch?’ he whispered.


‘Of course,’ John said. ‘That’s what she’s here for.’


Mick reached out and stroked my stomach with his fingertips, surprisingly gentle for such a big, urgent bloke. My skin tingled. Then his fingers moved upwards to examine my breasts and nipples, cupping them in his hot hands. It felt good, and I arched my back slightly to thrust my aching nipples against his palms.


He touched almost every square inch of my body, from the shoulders down to my knees, avoiding my pubes for the moment. Either he was a consummate master of teasing or he was afraid to touch my most intimate bits, even when I moved my feet apart to give him easier access. I closed my eyes, relishing the feel of his hands roaming over my naked skin.


Then I felt his fingers on my mons, sliding between my legs, palpating my soft puffy labia.


‘Oh God, she’s wet,’ he murmured, slipping a finger between my lips.


‘Taste it,’ John suggested, and the other boy withdrew his finger and licked it hesitantly.


‘Tastes good?’


‘Shit, yes.’


He was getting me more excited, so I turned round and put my hands against the wall, bending from the hips, planting my feet apart and thrusting my arse towards him. I knew that he would be able to see every detail of my little puckered arsehole and bare pussy with its fringe of soft down. His hands massaged my taut slim buttocks and slender thighs. Fingertips examined my anus and tight perineum. I made my anus wink at him, and felt a finger against it.


‘Lick it, it’ll slide in better then,’ John said softly, and Mick did so, penetrating my rear entrance up to the first knuckle. I knew then that he was mine.


Further fingers slipped between my labia, needing no extra lubrication. I squeezed tightly with my juvenile but already strong muscles. Many boys took ages to get this far – Mick was going fast, thank goodness.


‘Do you want to watch her wank?’ John asked.


‘Oh god, yes!’ Mick moaned.


I eased myself off his fingers and led him to the settee, so that I could sit between the two boys. I threw a leg over each of their thighs and put my arm around Mick’s neck, using the other hand to masturbate myself. Mick craned sideways to watch as I spread my lips with two fingers to reveal the pink membranes within. I knew that my little clit was standing up proudly and my peehole and vagina were both exposed and open. I began to circle my clit with a finger, closing my eyes and resting my head against Mick’s shoulder. I lost all sense of what was around me as I concentrated on my rising orgasm.


Although quick to arrive, it was a good one – satisfyingly intense and quivery. I stroked my clit gently as the heat and tension slowly drained away.


‘She’s all yours,’ my brother said. ‘She’ll do anything.’


I stayed limp, my limbs heavy over the two lads, wondering what Mick would do. I felt his hands touching me, hesitantly.


‘Go on, tell her what you want,’ John urged.


‘I want her to suck my cock!’


I smiled to myself. Boys were so predictable.


I scrambled off the settee, no doubt leaving a wet patch, and knelt between his legs. His trousers were distended and it was quite hard to get the zip undone. His cock sprang out, big and fat and already fully hard. I could barely get my little hands around it. I licked the taut purple glans, tasting the pre-cum which had already leaked. I could tell he was close to orgasm and knew I had to be careful. But the special grip that John had taught me could keep him on the edge, but not tip him over, for as long as I wanted.


My jaws would only just open wide enough to get him in. The first three inches of his organ were enough to fill my mouth completely, but my fists would enclose some of the rest of his shaft. I looked sideways – my brother was watching me intently, ever fascinated by my technique. I got to work, sucking and licking and swirling my tongue around his hardness, squeezing his taut scrotum, bobbing my head up and down and every so often looking him in the eyes as I wormed the tip of my tongue into his peehole.


‘How old do you think she is, Mick?’ John asked casually.


‘Oh god ... I haven’t a clue. She’s done this before, I can tell.’


‘Jenny’s not like the girls in the magazines. They’re older than we are. Shall I tell you how old my sister is?’


Mick nodded, 99% of his attention concentrated in the top three inches of his cock.


John leaned forward and whispered in his ear, and suddenly Mick groaned loudly. His sudden eruption caught me by surprise and filled my mouth with warm thick gooey sperm. Several more spurts followed as I held his pulsing erection firmly, relishing the feeling of total power over this big male. I managed not to spill any, holding it in until his cock softened and shrank. Then I showed him my spunk-filled mouth, swallowed, grinned, and showed him that it had all gone. His face was a picture of shock and awe. I burped softly.


I clambered onto his knees, sitting sideways, resting my nudity against his chest and putting my arm around his neck. His arms went round me automatically. I loved the feeling of utter helplessness in the grasp of this big male.


John said, ‘Did you enjoy that? What else do you want to do? Remember she’ll do anything you want.’ I felt Mick’s prick, resting against my thigh, began to stir already. Boys of his age had very fast recuperation, I knew. In a few minutes he would be hard and ready again.


‘Go on, tell her,’ John urged. ‘You’ll never get a chance like this. Just think, anything at all. She won’t be shocked.’


I kissed Mick’s cheek gently. He squeezed my waist with his arm, and his cock hardened.


‘Why don’t you whisper it?’ John said. ‘Then it’s a secret.’


He moaned audibly, and his mouth touched my ear. He whispered something, and I chuckled, and looked at him with a mock expression of surprise, although of course he was pretty predictable. ‘Really?’ I whispered. ‘And me so young! Do you think I’m big enough?’


‘I hope so.’


I kissed him softly. ‘I’ll try very hard.’


His cock was now rigid and throbbing against my thigh. I could tell I was in for a treat.


‘You want me to hold her?’ John said. ‘Here, pass her over.’


I stayed limp and unresisting as Mick lifted me off him and into John’s arms. I loved being the toy of these boys, naked and vulnerable. John laid me on top of him, facing upwards, his erection hard against my spine. He lifted my legs up and out and hooked my ankles under my armpits – being so young, I’m very flexible. Mick stood up and quickly shed the rest of his clothes, looking hungrily at my splayed pink pussy.


Unexpectedly, he knelt and buried his face in it. I find that boys love being sucked but most of them are very shy about tasting a girl’s cunt. I was in luck. He got his tongue right inside me and slurped up my teen juices, making me gasp with pleasure. Then he withdrew, pulled my labia apart firmly with his fingers, and buried his face in my gaping hole again. Despite my earlier demonstration, though, he didn’t seem to understand the function of the clitoris, so although I got very aroused I was in no danger of coming.


Eventually, though, his cock must have asserted itself. He knelt before me, grasping his big erection.


‘Shit, I need a condom!’


‘No you don’t,’ John said. ‘She’s been on the pill for a year.’


Mick groaned and bent his cock down to touch its head against my pussy. I was so wet that the head slid between my labia easily, resting against my tight young tunnel. Actually it’s not that tight any more, but I can make it so with my muscles, which reassures the lads that, if I’m not actually a virgin, at least I haven’t had anyone half as big as they are.


He pushed harder and harder and I resisted, until suddenly I relaxed and he slid in deep as I gave a cry of pleasure into which I managed to force a hint of pain. He gripped my hips and pushed on until his balls were pressing against my taut buttocks. I could see him wondering how on earth my little body could accommodate his sizeable organ. I squeezed him, hard, making on-the-edge-of-pain noises, and tossing my head from side to side.


‘Am I hurting?’ he said, quite a gentleman.


‘No, she loves it,’ said John. ‘Just try not to come too soon.’


He began to thrust, gently at first and then harder as he was reassured that I was not being damaged. I felt the ridges of his shaft massaging my tense vaginal muscles.


‘God she’s tight!’


‘What did you expect?’ John laughed. He held me tighter, as Mick’s piledriving was tending to push me backwards up my brother’s chest. John took pity on me and reached round and gently fingered my clit, giving me the stimulation that I craved. Before long I crested and shook as a violent orgasm rushed through me. I didn’t need to fake the convulsive squeezing in my vagina, just hoped that it wouldn’t bring Mick off.


Fortunately he rode out my climax, kept his cock buried deep inside until I had stopped throbbing.


‘You could fuck her arse now,’ John suggested. ‘That’s even tighter.’


‘Wow, really?’


‘Yeah, girls love it in the arse. You need some lube, otherwise you haven’t got a hope. There’s some in that drawer.’


Fired with eagerness, Mick pulled out and hauled his reddened, solid cock over to the sideboard, while I felt the cool air rushing in to my gaping hole. He smeared some of the clear fluid over his cock and rubbed a dollop onto my taut anus. I could feel his fingers trembling with excitement – as well they might, after all he was just about to shaft a girl of very tender years in her arsehole.


And shaft her he did. My brother held me firmly while my anus was dilated wider than the average girl might have thought possible. But I’m not average, as Mick discovered when he got ball-deep into me without a lot of effort and without any agonised shrieks on my part. He soon made a bit of noise himself, however, when I started flexing my muscles. It seemed to spur him on and he rogered my tiny teen hole with a will until the stimulation grew too much and he erupted a load of spunk into my bowels.


‘Oh Jesus,’ he gasped, as my muscles milked the last drops from his aching cock. ‘She’s incredible!’


‘Told you she’d do anything,’ John observed, hugging me. ‘Better clean her up – don’t want spunk all over the carpet.’


Mick withdrew his shrinking cock, rather too quickly for my liking, and picked up my school blouse and held it against my gaping anus. I let the semen trickle out, knowing that I’d still be farting wetly for a few hours. (I just love walking down the street with my brother, pantie-less, telling him about the sperm bubbling from my arse and running down my legs – but that’s by the by.)


‘Better wash your cock too. You got a long way in, mate.’


Mick went off to the bathroom. I doubt he even knew what an enema was, still less imagined that John had given me one in preparation for this. I unhooked my legs from my armpits and gave a good stretch and a wriggle. John’s cock  was solid under me. I rubbed the knobs of my backbone along it.


‘Leaking yet?’ I giggled.


‘Like a hosepipe, you little slut.’


The other lad returned, his cock flaccid but still fat. He saw me laid limply on top of my brother, and knelt before me and pushed my thighs apart. I just let me do what he wanted, nuzzling my pussy, licking up my slit, only humping my hips into his face when he found my urgent little clit, to let him know he was on the right track. The light must have dawned because he concentrated on the firm nub with his tongue and lips, and I felt another climax growing deep inside me. It was surprisingly intense, and I didn’t hold back on the noise. John squeezed my breastbuds gently as I pulsed on top of him.


‘Jesus I’m hard again,’ Mick said with wonder in his voice. ‘She really gets me going.’


‘Sit down,’ my brother suggested. ‘I’ll put her on top. Girls love sitting on a cock.’


Mick sat down with his cock pointing at the ceiling and John picked me up, a dead weight, and held me in front of him with my thighs up to my chest and my head resting back against him. He lowered me gently down onto the column, and to be honest it slid inside pretty easily, I was so loose from the orgasms and the fucking. But when my buttocks rested on his hips, I could feel the head of his cock pressing up into my stomach. John let me fall forward so that I was lying on Mick’s chest. His fingers explored my slippery anus and tightly stretched labia. His hips began to thrust of their own accord. I was being used again, just the way I like.


I closed my eyes and rested my head on Mick’s chest, enjoying the big cock sliding in my puss. His hands caressed my slim back, quite affectionately, I thought.


‘Christ, John, what are you doing?’ I heard Mick say.


‘I’m too horny,’ my brother said. ‘Her arse is so inviting. You don’t mind, do you?’


I giggled silently to myself. Mick didn’t object, and I  felt John’s fingers smoothing more lube into my anus, then the great bulge of his cockhead pushing against me. I relaxed and admitted him to my inner sanctum, his hard ridged shaft sliding deep inside me to lie parallel to Mick’s, only a thin wall of flesh separating them. Mmm, a sandwich, one of my favourite foods!


John’s big hands clasped my hips, steadying me as they pumped in unison. I relaxed totally, my body a mere plaything for these two lads, utterly at their mercy. Their twin poundings, sometimes in synchrony, sometimes random, flung me up and down, my breasts rubbing against Mick’s chest. They reamed my holes for ages – Mick had come twice, so had plenty of stamina, and John was an expert in delaying his orgasm, even when sliding in and out of my tight little anus. (We had this contest going, where I would squeeze him as hard as I could to try and make him lose control. Sometimes I won.)


This time he decided to shed his load in my mouth. He pulled out, knelt on the settee next to me and twisted my head sideways. He fed his cock into my mouth, the taste of the enema oils still clinging to it. He thrust deep into my throat and Mick, whose face was only a few inches away, gave a cry of shock. My brother started to come and filled my mouth with his hot silky semen. I could have swallowed it all – I have plenty of practice – but I chose to let some squirt out around his cock and trickle down my chin and onto my breasts. At the sight, Mick groaned and I felt his cock pulse and jets of spunk hit the back of my cunt.


I faked an orgasm and slumped onto Mick’s chest, breathing hard.


‘Shit, I think she’s fucked out,’ said John, injecting a note of worry into his voice. ‘Here, help me with her.’ He lifted me off and dumped me on the settee, none too gently. ‘Better clean her up – or maybe we should just leave her like that, with spunk all over her tits and running out of her cunt. What do you think?’


Mick’s voice was nervous. ‘Hey, is she all right? We haven’t hurt her or anything, have we?’


‘She’ll be OK, I think. Not used to such big cocks.’ If only he knew, I thought to myself, grinning inwardly. But it did no harm to flatter boys’ egos. ‘Best leave her to recover. I’ll make sure she doesn’t go blabbing to anyone, don’t worry.’


You bastard, brother, I thought. You just want to get rid of Mick so you can have me all to yourself. Oh well, I expect Mick is just about drained anyway. Whereas John has only come once so far. He-he, lots more to follow before we crash out for the night.


The lads got dressed and Mick left, still worried about whether there would be any repercussions from his bout of under-age sex. It was a good ploy – John could now blackmail him into doing whatever we wanted, which of course would be lots more sex.


I was still lying crumpled and leaking on the settee when John came back and stripped off his clothes. ‘OK, sis, you can stop playing the victim now.’


I stood up, grinning, and hugged him, smearing my spunk-slick tits against his chest. His erection pressed into my stomach. I jumped up and wrapped my legs around his waist, hanging onto his neck.


‘What’s it to be then, oh big brother? Sloppy seconds in my cunt or my arse?’


He reached down and fed his cock between my semen-soaked labia, at the same time inserting a finger in my arsehole.


‘I think I’ll alternate until both of them are well sore, little sis.’


I let myself fall until his cock was buried inside me, my clit rubbing against his pubic bone.


‘Oh goody!’ I chuckled. ‘That’ll take weeks!’



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