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 Socks 2

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Although my mouth isnít small for my age and I can open my jaws pretty wide, still I canít get more than the head of his cock into it. Any further and he just creates a complete blockage at the back of my throat. Also I have to remember to keep my teeth away from his shaft ... But I love the feel of the great taut plum inside my mouth, and the smooth silkiness of it against my tongue. I can get the tip of my tongue inside his pee-hole too, which he likes. A lot of smooth, thick, tasty pre-cum oozes out once he gets excited.

So weíve had to devise other ways of my giving him a blow-job. I canít get my fist around his shaft but I can use two hands and wank him thoroughly while sucking on his cockhead. His cock is as hard as iron, apart from the soft ridge on the underside. I love the hot, satin firmness of it under my fingers.

When we first started, he used to cum quickly and without warning and I got a mouthful of spunk which would drip all over my white school blouse and navy-blue skirt - a devil to clean off! Now Iíve learnt to recognise the warning signs - his cock goes even harder and his hips start to jerk - and can cut him off by pressing upwards hard right at the base of his shaft, just above the balls. Then I can wait a bit and start again, building him up to the peak and stopping his cum just before it happens. When I do this a few times he drips pre-cum like a leaky tap and his balls get really big and tight. The thought of all that spunk under pressure makes me go weak and juicy.

The other thing I do is to wet my fingers (guess how I wet them!) and slide them into his arsehole. Itís tight and hot and he groans with pleasure when I do this. I can get them in up to the knuckle and then hook them round and massage his prostate, which is like a firm little bulge inside, just behind his balls. This makes the pre-cum flow even more and sometimes I smear the tip of his cock all over my face. Of course that only leaves one hand free to masturbate him, so I run my fingertips lightly all along the length of his shaft and then rub the soft bulge on its underside. Also I can lick his frenum - thatís the little tag of skin just at the base of his cockhead - while his precum drips onto my tongue.

After half an hour or so I sit back and enjoy the sight of his great cock, all red and swollen, the purple head glistening, bobbing frantically in the air. I can see him straining, willing himself not to touch it, desperate to feel it enclosed in something. One day he will lose control and rip my clothes off and force my legs apart and plunge it into my tight virginís hole. I squeeze my legs together thinking about this, feeling the wetness ooze out over my bare pussy lips.

I like to make the sessions last as long as I can, stoking him up to ever greater heights of tension and spunk-pressure. Once I did it for close on 2 hours, until my jaw ached and my knees were sore. Boy did he explode! When I finally allow him to cum the sperm jets out of him like a firemanís hose. The longer Iíve been wanking him, and the more Iíve been rubbing his prostate, the thinner and more copious it is. Sometimes itís almost like heís peeing on me.

I try sometimes to keep his cock in my mouth and swallow it all, but usually I end up coughing and spluttering and it all overflows down my chin and onto my blouse. Nowadays I usually see how good my aim is, by keeping my fingers in his arse and the other hand squeezing his shaft just below the head, at armís length, and try to get the jets of spunk into my open mouth. Iím getting quite good at it now, but still some of them hit me on the nose or cheeks or forehead. I donít like getting spunk in my eyes - it stings - but I keep them open anyway otherwise Iíd miss seeing it all squirt out of his cock. Sometimes it goes in my hair too and then I have to wash it before our parents see.

Iíve got another trick which got him hard again almost immediately. I took off one of my white school socks and put it over his cock just as he was about to come - like a condom! Then when he was empty I put it back on again, my toes squishing in the warm spunk. It made me shiver inside.



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