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When he returned, I was lying on my tummy on his bed, still in my school uniform. White blouse, white socks and navy blue micro-skirt. The school has a purge on tiny skirts every few months, but they’re fighting a losing battle. I heard him chuckle when he saw me, but I just pretended to carry on reading. Then I felt him climb onto the bed and sit astride my thighs. His big warm hands slid up the backs of my legs and under my skirt, lifting it to my waist. He chuckled again when he saw that I was not wearing panties. I saw him reach for the bottle of lube that he kept by the bed and heard his trousers being unzipped. I imagined him smearing his erect cock with lube, making it all slippery and even harder. I trembled with excitement. I was pinned to the bed, helpless for his pleasure.

He pulled my small firm buttocks apart and let some lube drip onto my arsehole. Then I felt the big head of his cock pressing against my ring. I imagined him bending it stiffly downwards, his hips rising up to get it at the right angle. Slowly and remorselessly he pushed it into me, stretching my hole bigger and bigger, his hands spreading my buttocks wide. It was a bit painful but I knew I could manage - after all we had been doing this at least twice a day for the past few months.

He grunted as the massive head of his cock popped through my tight ring and into my hotness. I had put aside my book and was lying with my face against the pillow, all my attention concentrated on the thing invading my arse. Older girls had told me that he was very well endowed, but of course I had nothing to compare him with. His hands went to my shoulders and he held me down on the bed as he knelt up and slowly pushed deeper and deeper into me, until I could feel him pressing up almost into my stomach, it seemed. Then he started to move slowly but firmly in and out of me, leaving only the head inside my tightest part and then sliding the entire length of his cock back into me. It was exquisitely dominating, a heady mixture of pain and pleasure. I could feel my hard little nipples, unencumbered by a bra, rubbing against my shirt, as he slowly increased his pace.

He lay full length on top of me, his weight pressing me into the mattress, his cock filling my insides. I was like a butterfly pinned to a display board. Then he put his arms around me and rolled sideways, carrying me with him until he was underneath and I was lying on my back on top of him, still impaled on his erection. He hooked his ankles around mine and gripped my arms and flat chest firmly with one arm, so that I was unable to move almost any part of my body.

He reached for the vibrator that he kept by the bed and I started to shiver with excitement. I could feel my bare pussy starting to leak hot droplets of fluid. He pressed the buzzing tip of the vibe against the top of my slit, teasing my little clit out of its hood. I squirmed but it only served to part my buttocks so that a few more millimetres of his cock slid into me. The vibe buzzed and hummed directly on my sensitive clit, bringing me quickly to the edge of orgasm. I steeled myself for the explosion.

It came. The climax burst inside me and my anal muscles clamped down painfully on his solid rod. I heard myself mewling and sobbing in pain and bliss. He was merciless - the vibe remained firmly in position on my clit while my orgasm throbbed its course and was immediately replaced by another one. My poor muscles squeezed the base of his cock convulsively, over and over again. Still he kept the vibe in place and I was helpless to prevent it. I must have climaxed continuously for five minutes or more. It was as if my entire insides were massaging his shaft. Stars swam before my eyes.

Finally I felt him swell even more, his hips rose and his cock began to pump, filling my insides with sperm. Only when his orgasm had run its course and his balls were empty did he take the vibe away and let me subside. Fiery aftershocks quivered through my body, still skewered on his slowly deflating organ.

Eventually he rolled us sideways and pulled put of me. My anus closed up with a sudden spasm. I felt him hold an towel against my arse and burying my face in the pillow I relaxed and let out a long loud bubbly fart, feeling the liquids splattering out of me. If my school-friends could see me now, I thought. I hope he’s kept my skirt out of the way.

‘That’s it, little sis, let it all out,’ he chuckled. ‘I’ll have another dose for you later.’



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