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I am blessed with two daughters, whom I love to bits, of course. Sarah is 14, tall like me, already curvy and womanly, with long blonde hair, full lips, and a killer smile. She’s always happy and contented, fends off boys without upsetting them, and generally sails through life. Catherine is just 12, still a tomboy, skinny, without much in the way of breasts or hips. She’s serious and worries a lot more, but when she smiles it lights up the world. They are devoted to each other, which makes my life as a divorcee a lot easier.

I bought Sarah a digital camera for her birthday. She used it a lot initially - she was doing a photography course at school - and delighted in showing me her efforts on her computer. She had some lovely ones of my parents. I decided to get some prints made for the family, and sat down at her desk while she was at school one day. Now Sarah is not the world’s most organised person, as you can tell from her bedroom, and it took me a while even to find the folders where she had stored the pictures. The subfolders were named by date, which is the default setting, and I had to go through them all to find what I was looking for. Unfortunately I found something else.

She had obviously set the camera up on a shelf and used the self-timer. It was basically a strip-tease, starting with skirt and T-shirt and progressing to bra and panties. I was amused; we have never had any hang-ups about nakedness or sex in our house; I taught the girls the facts of life even before they did it at school; we often walk around naked in the mornings while getting ready’, and Sarah was indeed a very attractive and (youthfully) sexual girl. She pouted and posed and strutted just like a model - she had obviously copied some of the poses in the rather raunchy magazines they sell to girls these days. She pulled a bra cup down to expose one big pink nipple, hooked her fingers in the sides of her thong and bared one bum cheek - all very professional. She could get a job as a stripper, I thought.

The series of pictures progressed. She had discarded the undies and was now completely nude, but coy and shy (or pretending). She cupped her breasts and covered her pussy with her hands, grinning at the camera. But then she got bolder and showed her little tuft of blonde hair with the fat pink labia beneath, and soon was spreading her legs and touching her puss like a porn star. On her back, on her side, on all fours to expose her crotch and arsehole as blatantly as a woman could.

I realised I was sweating, and realised too that I was starting to get aroused. My own daughter, whom I had seen naked almost every day! But never as a sexual animal. The next pics were even worse, Sarah lying on her back fingering her vagina, touching her clitoris, arching her back in real or simulated orgasm. She must have been looking at porn on the internet and thought ‘I can do that’. She could too - her young body, revelling in its sexuality, was supremely erotic.

I had to see more, though, so I continued to look through the folder. What I saw next shocked me even more. The pictures were of Catherine, in her bedroom, and she too was stripping - rather more amateurishly than her big sister, but none the less enthusiastically. She revealed her young pubescent body eagerly, posing and flaunting herself for the camera, pulling her nipples out as if she was trying to make her breastbuds larger, finally hooking her ankles behind her ears and pulling her thin pink slit wide apart in a truly obscene pose.

Something struck me, and I scrolled back through the last ten or so shots. Yes, that was it. The camera position had moved between shots. That meant ... that she hadn’t been using the self-timer, that someone else had been taking the pictures! My heart missed a beat. I hoped truly and sincerely that it was Sarah (although that was bad enough) rather than some third person - even a boy.

There were a few photos remaining in the folder. I hardly dared open them. They were all of Sarah lying on her back, naked, taken by her, looking down her body, over her perky breasts with their hard nipples, to the wide V of her thighs. Catherine’s grinning face peeped out from behind her sister’s blonde bush. In one picture you could clearly see her tongue extended ...

I groaned, closed the files and staggered into the bathroom. I sat on the edge of the bath and plunged my hand into my panties. I was not surprised to find that they were wet. I rubbed hard and fast, and came very quickly.

When I had calmed down I went and phoned my sister, who lives a few miles away.

‘Hi Wendy. It’s started.’

‘What do you mean?’

I told her what I had seen on Sarah’s computer. She chuckled.

‘Well, good for them. It was only a matter of time. It’s never done us any harm, has it?’

‘I suppose not.’

‘But what should I do?’

‘You mean now, or in the future?’

‘Well, both.’

Wendy paused. I could almost hear her grinning.

‘Well, now, you should get your ass over here so we can do a bit of what your daughters have been doing. In the future ... buy them a camcorder!’



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