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 Dream Husband

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As soon as I awoke I knew that something was different. Normally I surface with a slight headache and a feeling of impending dread about the day ahead, coupled with a few aches in my joints. I’m 45 and unfit, and the menopause is only a few years away. But today I felt different – happier, relaxed, fitter, and unaccountably horny. My sex life has dwindled away to a trickle, what with my husband working away so much and being too tired when he is here, and I’ve trained myself to ignore the occasional longings that I get.

Mentally I examined myself to see what might be different. I did ache, but not in the joints! My vagina felt … not exactly sore, just well-used. And my anus! That felt toned and well-used too. I’d only tried anal sex once, with a previous lover, and it hurt so much that I went off it for life. But now both my holes felt as though they had had a satisfying workout. The thought made my nipples start to swell and harden, and automatically my hands went to stroke them.

I got another shock – I was naked. The usual cotton nightgown had vanished. And the bed sheets felt softer, more luxurious. My hands found my breasts – they were firmer, more sensitive, with no sag. The nipples were hard and puckered, and tender as if they had been sucked. Trembling, I explored the rest of my body. My stomach was flat and firm, my skin satiny smooth – no spots or hair. And my puss! It was completely bare, as smooth and silky as the rest of me. My labia were crusted with dried something, as was my cleavage, and – shock! – my cheeks.

I’m not such a prude that I couldn’t reconstruct the event: I had had repeated and varied and strenuous sex that night, and not all the ejaculated sperm had ended up inside me. You little slut! I said to myself, and felt a warm liquidity growing inside my pussy. My hand strayed downwards to caress my clitoris.

But what about the changes to my body? I had somehow become fitter and toned overnight. Did sex do that to you? I opened my eyes and peered into the dim light of the bedroom. Everything seemed normal … no, the furniture was more opulent, the curtains heavier. The bed was bigger and more comfortable. And yet it very much resembled my bedroom.

Belatedly I realised that there was another person lying next to me, and I examined him closely in the half-light, wondering if I had got drunk and been taken to a hotel for a one-night stand. At first the man seemed like a stranger, and then I realised that it was my husband, Rick – but a very different Rick. He looked 20 years younger: he had more hair, more muscles, and was considerably more handsome than he had ever been. I fell in love with him all over again. What had happened? Were we in some sort of alternative universe?

At this point my mind seemed to divide in two. Part of me continued to remember my old life, the humdrum round of work and lonely evenings, while another ‘me’ knew that I was a successful and attractive businesswoman married to a virile, handsome man with whom I had sex as often as we could. The new me was feeling more and more horny, and it was a feeling that could not be ignored.

Gently I drew the sheet down over our bodies, marvelling at the perfect physique of my new husband – and at my own physique: I almost wanted to make love to my own body, it was so beautiful. But my eyes were drawn to Rick’s cock, lying erect and straight on his flat stomach. It was half as long again and at least twice as thick as the cock I had lived with for the past 15 years, a magnificent specimen. His balls were full and solid, the size of hens eggs. Could I really fit that monster inside my entrances? Of course, the other me responded, it’s what you crave constantly, to be filled with his maleness.

From then on my brain took a back seat and my pussy was in control. I flung the sheet off and climbed onto his hips, expertly gathering the tip of his cock between my labia. I sat up and sank down onto the monster, marvelling at the way my vagina opened up to receive it. It felt so good and so natural! I bounced up and down, testing to see if I could really fit it all in without discomfort. Apart from a slight ache which bespoke of extreme exertions the night before, nothing had ever felt so blissful.

Rick’s eyes opened and he smiled in delight, as well he might at the sight of a beautiful naked wife riding his cock (for I was under no illusions about my new appearance). He gathered me in his arms and pulled me down to crush my hard breasts against his chest, my hips continuing to buck up and down his shaft.

‘You’re insatiable,’ he growled in a voice which sent shivers into my clitoris. ‘What am I going to do with you, lover?’

I gave him a wet, open-mouthed kiss. ‘Just fuck me,’ I said – something I had never said to any man before. Where had this uninhibited sex-goddess come from?

‘I’ve fucked you umpteen times already tonight,’ he chuckled, gripping my hips and synchronising my rhythm with his own.

‘But it’s morning now,’ I gasped, out of breath, and then there was no room for conversation. He squeezed my breasts in his hands, the nipples drilling into his palms, and bucked his hips vigorously so that his cock slammed into me again and again. I rode him like a cowboy on a bronco, revelling in the huge shaft pummelling the insides of my vagina. I could feel an orgasm growing inside me remorselessly – a novelty, as I had never come from intercourse, requiring prolonged clitoral stimulation to achieve a release.

We got into a powerful rhythm, loud sucking and farting noises created as his shaft pumped air into my vagina on every in-stroke. I heard myself laughing through the grunts and moans that I was making – normally I am pretty quiet during sex. Juices squelched out around my labia and spread over my thighs and buttocks. I could feel sweat beading on my shoulders and back.

The animal fuck, for that’s what it was, powered through a long crescendo and, with his hands gripping my hips and forcing his cock even deeper into me, his back arched and he shouted and began to pump his sperm into me, just as my own orgasm crested and crashed through me. I felt my vagina squeezing his pulsing shaft. I could even (I think) feel the jets of spunk hitting my cervix, although I knew there weren’t supposed to be any nerves there. It was the first simultaneous orgasm I had ever experienced, although the new me remembered that it was not a rare event.

I collapsed onto his sweaty chest and we panted in unison, while his cock continued to pulse within me. I could feel the fluids leaking out, and this delicious messiness just made me feel happy and horny.

‘I love you,’ I murmured into his ear.

‘Love you too, babe,’ he said, dabbling his fingers in my crotch and smearing the juices over my arse. ‘Another cream pie down there.’

I laughed. ‘And whose fault is that?’

‘Guilty as charged! Better clean you up.’ Without more ado he rolled us over and slid down. Automatically I parted my legs before I realised what he was doing. By then it was too late – his head was buried between my thighs and his tongue was delving deep into my sopping wet slippery tunnel. Oh god! My (old) husband was never that keen on oral sex and especially not when I was leaking cum. Now Rick was slurping and sucking and chewing and tonguing as if his life depended on it. And the sensations as he caressed and sucked and nibbled my clit were so delightful that I couldn’t have stopped him if I’d wanted.

His cunnilingus skills were excellent – he didn’t go all out for a quick orgasm, but took me up the slope gradually, stopping every now and then to let me realise how desperate I was to climax again. Finally he let me go over the top and I thrashed and writhed and howled as he fastened onto my clit as if he was a baby at the nipple. It was by far the best orgasm that my (old) self could remember.

He kissed his way up my stomach and breasts as I lay there momentarily exhausted. When his face reached mine I kissed his wet cheeks and nose and lips hungrily, tasting our mixed juices there. We snogged tenderly, savouring the stored liquids of my pussy that he had held in his mouth. It felt delectably sluttish – and right.

Just then the alarm went off.

‘Fuck,’ he groaned. ‘Why can’t we stay in bed all day?’

‘I don’t think I could take it,’ I laughed, and he looked at me. Had I said the wrong thing?

‘That’s not the impression I got last night, babe. You were a sex machine. I couldn’t keep up with you!’

‘I love you,’ I said, as a catch-all. ‘Come on, shower time.’

I scrambled out of bed, noting the rumpled sheets with large wet patches, and headed for the door of the bathroom. Since when did we have en-suite? my old self asked. But I knew where to go and stood in front of the mirror admiring my new body. My legs were longer and slimmer, my breasts high and firm, my hair glossy (if a little caked with something here and there). My lightly tanned (all over!) skin was smeared with dried and not so dried semen.

I needed to pee and sat on the toilet. Rick came in, his cock limp but still fat, and I felt no embarrassment at taking a piss in front of him. He gave me a kiss and turned on the shower. I hopped in while he added his piss to mine. It seemed natural that he would join me in the shower. We soaped each other down and massaged shampoo into each other’s hair, caressing each other’s slippery bodies. Gradually the washing turned to deliberate teasing, sensuously rubbing our wet skin against each other, hands exploring every crevice and bump. His cock grew hard again and my nipples ached under his strong fingers. I knew that I had to be fucked again.

I turned to face the wall and rested my palms against it, pushing my arse back against him. His cock slid along the valley between my buttocks. Wordlessly he parted my labia and fitted his great plum of a cockhead into my hungry puss. I pushed back as he held my waist and thrust forward, sheathing himself in me. I gave a moan of contentment – I realised that I only felt complete when he was filling my vagina.

I braced myself against the wall as Rick got into his stride and fucked me vigorously, the water cascading off my back. On each stroke his cock rubbed against my G-spot (which I had never managed to locate, but now it seemed obvious) and pumped up another mighty orgasm. Faster and faster he thrust, slamming his organ into me, until he shouted and buried himself up to the hilt and spurted another load of sperm deep inside me. I found myself climaxing in sympathy with him.

He held me tight as I sagged back against him, his cock softening and slipping out of me. A flood of liquid poured down my thighs. Gently he hosed us down and turned the water off.

He wrapped me in a big soft towel and dried me, paying particular attention to my nipples – the towelling sliding across their hard nubs sent shivers of bliss down my spine. Eventually I recovered enough to take over and rub him down too.

‘I’ll put the coffee on,’ he said, and disappeared downstairs, still naked. I put some talc and deodorant on, wanting to sing with happiness. The two orgasms had released so many endorphins in my brain that I felt like I was high on drugs. I gave my short hair a quick brush, cleaned my teeth, and went back into the bedroom.

I heard a cry of ‘breakfast!’ and looked around for a robe. But the new me remembered that I didn’t need one, that we always wandered around the house nude. Feeling daring, I went downstairs still naked, conscious of my breasts bouncing excitingly. I wondered if we would have more sex over breakfast – well, I was up for it!

Rick had put orange juice, coffee and cereals on the breakfast bar – what a treasure he was, not like the previous model. I wanted to look around the house, to see what improvements we had made, but I found it hard to tear my gaze away from his superb body and sexy smile. I found myself flaunting my own body at him. He kissed me tenderly and caressed my arse.

‘Come on, eat. Keep your strength up.’ Somehow I knew exactly what he meant – I was in for lots more exercise.

‘I love you,’ I said, sitting down next to him so that my thigh rested against his. We ate and drank companionably – I was ravenous and had two bowls of cereal. Eating gave me time to try and sought out the conflicting voices in my head. The old me kept saying that it was all a dream, that I would wake up in my old, saggy body in an empty house, and drag myself off to work (I was a desk clerk in a travel agency). But the new me was the owner of a design house; I was looking forward to meeting some new clients that day, I knew exactly how I was going to pitch it to get the contract. And most of all I was looking forward to plenty more sex with my husband.

‘Where are you off to today?’ I asked him. I knew he was still a software engineer, but a much better-paid one who had his own business and could choose his own work to some extent.

‘Oh, talking to _____ about their new network. Should be back by 4. I need to catch up on paperwork anyway.’ He kissed me again (more kisses than I usually got in a week) and stood up. ‘Come on, time to be dressed.’

I followed his pert arse (yes, it really was pert) up the stairs. The smell of sex in the bedroom hit me, and I wondered about stripping the bed and putting the sheets on to wash. Then I remembered that we had a maid who came in every day, who would put fresh sheets on and air the room. I remembered, without a trace of embarrassment, discussing sexual preferences with her. And, although I could not conjure up an image of her, I definitely knew that there was some sexual chemistry, as yet unexplored, between us. The thought of some latent lesbianism did not alarm me. In fact, was it latent? There were lots of memories there in the new me, and I would enjoy bringing them to the surface when I had time.

But now Rick was getting some clothes out for me – this was one of our little rituals. He laid out a lacy black bra and thong set which was far sexier than anything I thought I possessed, and then lacy-topped hold-up stockings. I had never worn them in my life! Tights were good enough for the old me.

Carefully he dressed me in the fancy underwear and smoothed the stockings up my legs. The feel of the sheer nylon and silky lace against my skin was incredibly erotic – I had to stop myself grabbing his cock, which I noticed had started to swell. He helped me on with a soft silk blouse and then a short – daringly short! – pinstripe skirt with matching jacket. Finally, black pumps with three-inch heels completed the outfit. I looked every inch the sexy, sassy businesswoman – and the sight of myself in the mirror made my pussy go hot and moist.

‘Jesus, you look sexy,’ Rick said, with a catch in his voice. His cock was standing up straight now. I felt myself melting. We flowed into each other’s arms and kissed passionately. His erection pressed hard against my stomach. I let myself fall backwards on the bed, taking him with me. My thighs opened of their own accord and my ankles hooked behind his waist. I felt his urgent fingers pull my thong to one side and then his great cock slid satisfyingly into my hungry puss. I groaned with ecstasy as my vagina was stretched like a balloon.

I covered his face with kisses as he thrust powerfully into me, lifting my hips off the bed with every stroke. His nakedness contrasted excitingly with my business suit; I had to be careful that my heels didn’t scratch his back. I just let him plough into me, clinging on with my arms and legs, feeling my juices seep out and run down over my arse. There was probably quite a bit of his semen still in there too, I thought happily. I hoped that my skirt had ridden up around my waist, so that it wouldn’t be stained, but I couldn’t be bothered to check.

Soon his thrusting reached a climax and his cock swelled and jerked and pulsed. Without much surprise I felt myself orgasm too, a slow, hot wave deep inside me, like the throbbing of a bass drum. I clung to him as our ecstasy slowly ebbed.

Rick pulled out and put my thong back in place, then helped me stand. My legs felt wobbly.

‘I’ll be leaking into my knickers all day now!’ I grinned. ‘I’ll just have to take them off when that happens.’

He groaned. ‘Ring me when you do, eh? Don’t be late, now.’

We kissed again and he gave my tightly skirted arse a final caress as I went into the hallway. ‘Love you.’

Driving to work in my top-of-the-range car, trusting to autopilot as I wasn’t really sure where the office was, I was acutely conscious of the tenderness in my pussy and the fluids that threatened to ooze out if I laughed or coughed. It was a nice feeling, though, to carry around that memento of my husband, and I didn’t want to stop and wash. The thong would absorb a certain amount of fluid, and then I could take it off and call him on my mobile. Already I wanted to hear his sexy voice again … I realised that I had an inane grin on my face.

I parked in the ‘director’ space and walked purposefully to my office. The building was light and airy and trendily decorated (as befitted a classy design agency) and I felt a sense of comfortable familiarity which sat awkwardly with the old me wondering what the hell was going on. Various people greeted me and I found that I could recall their names and roles and personal details.

My secretary was a woman slightly older than me, pretty, blonde and curvy. Her name was Julie, I remembered.

‘Hi, you’re looking pleased with yourself,’ she grinned. ‘How many times last night?’

‘Oh, I lost count!’ I said, remembering that we regularly discussed our sex lives. ‘But three this morning.’

‘Three in the morning! You must start early. I only got four last night and the fourth one I had to work hard for. Oh well. Mr Bryant rang already, says he’s not happy with the latest packaging. He’s a PITN.’

‘Don’t worry, I’ll sort him.’

For the next hour I threw myself into my new job, ignoring all inner voices from my old self wondering how on earth I knew what I was doing, until Julie told me that the new client, Miles, had arrived. I sat at the back while my team made the presentation, observing him critically. A tall handsome man in his 40s, piercing eyes and a wide smile. I wondered how he would compare to my husband in bed. I found that I had no guilt feelings at the idea of having sex with him; I knew somehow that Rick would not mind, in fact would be aroused at the idea.

When the presentation was over I took him into my office, Julie provided fresh coffee, and we sat in the easy chairs across a low table. I arranged myself so that my long nylon-clad legs were displayed to their best advantage. Miles’ eyes were drawn to them, and especially to the shadow where they disappeared under my skirt – what man’s wouldn’t be?

He told me he was impressed with our proposals and wanted to take them further, but was hesitant about the cost. I re-arranged my legs, giving him a flash of my stocking tops, and said that everything was negotiable, with a subtle emphasis on the ‘everything’. I saw him surreptitiously adjust his trousers – I had given the guy an erection! I felt renewed moisture stealing into my pussy.

I said that I thought we needed to discuss things again; perhaps he was free for dinner one evening this week? At the same time I uncrossed my legs; my skirt had ridden up far enough that my stocking tops were now just visible and from his angle some paler flesh of my upper thighs too. The poor man didn’t stand a chance – he was now being led by his cock and not his brain. I could feel my nipples hardening and I licked my lips carefully – perhaps I was being driven by my pussy too.

We fixed on a place and time, and stood up. We shook hands, perhaps lingering too long over the touch. I hadn’t decided whether to have sex with him after our business dinner – I would discuss it with Rick first. As Julie showed him out I congratulated myself on a job well done – the contract was as good as ours.

‘He’s a bit of all right, isn’t he?’ my secretary remarked as she returned.

‘Hands off, he’s mine,’ I grinned. ‘You can have him when I’ve finished.’

I retired to my office and rang hubby on my mobile. I was feeling pretty horny and wanted to hear his voice. Fortunately he could talk. I told him about Miles.

‘Sounds like my wife is on heat again,’ he chuckled.

‘God yes, I’m creaming into my knickers,’ I said, wanting to talk dirty (unlike the old me).

‘Better take them off before they get spoiled.’

‘Hang on.’ I went across and locked the door, then wriggled out of my thong one-handed, describing what I was doing.

‘Pussy nice and wet?’

‘Sopping,’ I murmured. ‘Mostly my juices but a little bit of your cum still in there. Are you hard?’

‘As a rock. But I can’t do anything about it just now.’

‘Save it for me, won’t you? I want you huge and hard in me. I feel so empty.’

‘Use your fingers,’ he suggested.

‘I am,’ I said, ‘but it’s not the same.’ And indeed I was. I had hoisted my skirt up to my waist and spread my legs, tilting my chair back. I was rubbing my clit and plunging four fingers into my soaking wet pussy, imagining a cock – my husband’s or Miles’, it didn’t matter which – pumping into me relentlessly.

Rick went on talking, describing to me how he was going to fuck me when I got home, fuck me so hard that his cock would come out of the top of my head, and then when he had filled my insides with his hot cum he would fuck my arse (yes, he really said that) and fill me up all over again. By this time I had my heels on the edge of the desk, my thighs spread, and was incapable of rational speech. Trying to stifle my moans of pleasure I crested and climaxed, feeling hot juices ooze out around my fingers.

‘Feel better, babe?’ my husband asked with a chuckle.

‘Oh god yes,’ I gasped. ‘But I’m still horny.’

‘You’d better go and see Jenny, then,’ he said. ‘Look, I’ve got to go. Customer’s paying for this. See you tonight, sex-pot.’

‘Mmm, see you, stud.’

I sat there for a minute, getting my breath, then got up and smoothed my skirt down, inspected the wet patch on the edge of my chair, and unlocked the door and asked Julie to fetch me another coffee. Back in business mode, part of my mind wondered what he had meant by the reference to Jenny. Gradually the data surfaced. Oh my! I ought to blush, but the new me thought there was nothing to be ashamed of – quite the opposite, in fact. Obviously hubby knew and approved.

I managed to get some more e-mails answered, despite the feeling of my bare puss still oozing wetness, but eventually the call of nature intruded. I went to the washroom and relieved myself, half tempted to masturbate again. As I was washing my hands and checking my face I heard a chuckle behind me.

‘Not avoiding me, are you?’ It was a young woman, with spiky blonde hair, in a very tight vivid blue minidress. She looked like sex on legs. Instantly I knew this was Jenny, one of my staff. I felt a sudden rush of excitement.

‘Why would I want to avoid you?’ I grinned.

She smoothed her hands down her hips as if trying to stop her thighs from parting.

‘Maybe you’re bored with me.’ She licked her lips and I saw naked lust in her eyes. I’m not quite sure what happened then – I seemed to lose all sense of the world around. Within a few seconds we were in one of the stalls (the door still open), our mouths locked together, her hand between my thighs and mine between hers. Like me she was not wearing panties, was shaved and was already wet. Our tongues danced together, our fingers caressing each other’s clits expertly. Our orgasms were swift, simultaneous and fierce. Holding each other tight, gazing into each other’s eyes, we did not remove our hands.

‘God, I needed that,’ Jenny husked. ‘Shall we do it again?’

We did it again, climaxing slightly slower but just as strongly. When our throbs had ebbed away Jenny removed her hand and sucked her fingers sensuously.

‘Fuck, I love older women,’ she grinned.

‘Less of the old,’ I said. ‘Remember your position.’

‘Mmm, 69,’ she replied, and we laughed. ‘Tomorrow?’

I nodded. This was too good to give up.

Lunch was a rather boring working affair with the heads of department. I amused myself by trying to recall which of them I had had sex with, and what it had been like. 4 out of 7, I decided, but I didn’t let them take any liberties because of it.

In the lift back to my office, I met one of our regular clients, who was visiting his project manager. The sudden bolt of sexual lightning which shot through me was frightening. My pussy, still moist from the morning, grew hot and started to drip, so it seemed. My nipples ached painfully. An image flashed into my head of me kneeling on all fours on my desk while the man fucked me strongly and deeply from behind. This had happened more than once, I remembered. God, what a slut I was! And Rick knew about it and was completely at ease with it – he knew that he was the number one man in my life. All the other partners, male and female, were just there to work off my excess urges.

‘I’d love to call in and see you,’ he said, in a dark brown velvety voice which made my pussy throb, ‘But I’m afraid I’m late already. Next time maybe?’

‘Any time you want,’ I purred, on autopilot, ‘I’m always available.’ He grinned at the blatant double entendre. But I had meant it. I would have stripped off and had him there and then in the lift if he had so much as touched me. I was just a walking sex toy.

After that, the afternoon was even more boring than lunch (I decided that being a CEO was not all it was cracked up to be), enlivened only by an text from Rick telling me he was going to lick my cervix. I wondered how the predictive text had managed to get that right. I texted back to say I was going to swallow his balls, revelling in the novel freedom of expression.

By 4 pm I had had enough. I was so horny I couldn’t concentrate. Either I went to see Jenny again – I knew she would be happy to oblige – or I went home and hoped Rick was already back. He had texted me to say he was on his way home. Wifely duty won out, and in any case the needs I had could only be satisfied by a big cock.

I realised that as boss I could leave whenever I wanted. I had no appointments, so told Julie I was heading home. She grinned at me.

‘Can’t wait any longer, eh? I know how you feel.’

Was it that obvious? Maybe it was.

I negotiated the traffic with half a mind on my hungry puss and pulled into our drive. Thank god, Rick’s car was there. I barged in the front door and dropped my briefcase. Rick appeared, dressed in a silk dressing gown. I remembered that he liked to shed his work clothes as soon as he got home. He looked surprised to see me, but pleased, and took me in his strong arms.

‘Fuck me!’ I gasped, reaching down for his already swelling cock. He pushed me up against the wall and hoisted my skirt, lifting my thighs. I locked my legs round his waist and felt his cock find its way between my gaping, wet, swollen labia. Kissing him madly, I let myself slide down, impaling myself deliciously on the vertical organ. My clit came to rest jammed against the base of his cock. He began to thrust, ramming me against the wall, and I knew that a climax was imminent. I had never realised that it was possible to be so orgasmic – it was heaven!

Rick was grunting with exertion as he skewered me fiercely, my spine rubbing against the wall. I relaxed in his embrace and just let the orgasm swell and burst inside me, feeling my vaginal muscles contracting around his hardness. A wonderful feeling of satisfaction flooded through me.

‘I want to suck you,’ I managed to gasp, suddenly desperate to feel his cock between my lips. He lifted me off and I sank to my knees, rasping the big rod of flesh around the base and closing my mouth around its head. It was wet with my juices, and very tasty they were too! I squeezed his fat balls gently with one hand, and wormed a finger of the other into his anus, while giving him the sort of blow-job that I didn’t know I was capable of. I slobbered and licked and sucked and blew and nibbled and deep-throated his erection with consummate skill, holding him just below the point of no return for ages, heedless of his groans and pleas for release. I wanted his eruption, when I finally allowed it, to be massive ...

Finally the urge to drink his spunk was too much for me. (I never knew how much a woman can desire the taste of semen.) I renewed my assault and he gave a shout of ecstasy and his cock swelled to ultimate hardness and my sucking mouth was filled with a great gout of hot thin silky liquid. I swallowed it down in time for the next, feeling my husband’s sperm sliding down into my stomach. After three swallows I took my mouth away and let him spurt the rest over my face, knowing how much he loved the sight of my skin splashed with cum. His pulses gradually died away to a few drips which joined the mass of cloudy fluid dripping off my chin and into my cleavage.

Rick took my head in his hands and looked at me tenderly.

‘God, I love you,’ he murmured. ‘You’re an unbelievable woman.’

‘You’d better believe in me,’ I said thickly, through a mouthful of cum. His words had suddenly reminded me of the double life I seemed to be living. The old me had frankly been amazed at how expertly and sluttishly I had accomplished the blow-job. Obviously I had years of practice.

He kissed my cum-smeared lips. ‘I’ll believe in you if –‘ he grinned ‘ – I can suck your cunt. Right now.’

A shiver of bliss shot through me at his crude words. In reply I lay back on the stairs and spread my thighs obscenely. My skirt rode up to my waist, my stocking-clad legs framing my pussy which I knew was gaping and dripping from its recent fuck. Rick moaned and sank to his knees and buried his face in it.

I was unable to think clearly, or indeed much at all, for the next half-hour. I was merely a bag of sensations, many of them connected with orgasm, attached to a clitoris which never seemed to get tired. I was vaguely conscious of Rick’s thumb in my slippery anus, intensifying the climaxes. I haven’t a clue how many times I came. But when finally we ran out of steam I realised that my back was hurting where it had been pressed against the stairs, and my thigh muscles were aching from being spread so wide for so long.

Rick got up, his knees red, and helped me to my feet. His face was dripping with my sex juice. We kissed wetly, tenderly.

‘Time to get you undressed,’ he said. ‘Although you do look very sexy in your business suit.’

‘I flashed at Miles,’ I murmured. ‘He got an erection.’

‘Yes, you told me on the phone. Did you meet Jenny today?’

‘Mmm, she found me in the loos. We had a quickie – well, two quickies actually.’

Rick chuckled. ‘That’s my babe. When are you going to bring her home?’

‘I don’t know, I mean, we haven’t mentioned it. Do you mean when you’re here too?’

‘Whatever you like. I can leave you to it if you want. Or maybe she’d like a threesome.’

‘I don’t know ... she’s got a boyfriend. Shall I ask her? I’m sure you’d like her.’

‘If you like her, I will,’ he said. ‘But don’t spoil a lovely friendship.’

‘It’s not really a friendship,’ I said. ‘Just sex.’

By this time Rick had steered me into the lounge and was carefully removing my clothes – he had already shed his gown and was stark naked, with the windows giving anyone in the street who cared to look a fairly good view. Somehow I didn’t care. He unclipped my bra with expert fingers (unlike most men) and fell to kissing my breasts. His tongue circled my nipples making me moan with sudden desire. Already hard, they swelled painfully, and he nibbled them gently.

‘More sex needed?’ he whispered, and in reply I thrust my breast into his mouth. He laid me on the soft rug and knelt next to me, his cock waving in the air. His hands wandered over my body, now naked apart from the stockings, caressing and stroking and finding erogenous zones I never knew I had. My thighs parted automatically and he laid between them, sliding his cock gently across my clit. I grasped it and let it slide between my fingers, pressing the soft underside against my sensitive lips and nub. Then I lifted my hips and inserted it into my hungry, insatiable, wet and wanting pussy.

Taking his weight on his elbows and knees, Rick fucked me slowly and deeply while I looked into his eyes and squeezed him firmly, stroking his strong back and buttocks. After a while we turned on our sides and lay there, his cock moving gently in me, kissing tenderly. So this was what married life was really like, I thought, not the pale imitation I had been living up to then. Loving sex on a rug at 5 o’clock in the afternoon, the sun streaming in on us, my clothes strewn around on the floor, my body and his ready for endless pleasure. I bucked my hips and gathered him deeper into me, hugging him tight, gripping his cock with my muscles.

‘Babe, I want to fuck your ass,’ he murmured. ‘Are you up for it?’

The old me almost jumped. No way, I thought. But I heard myself saying, ‘Of course I am, lover. I thought you’d never ask. In fact I’m so juicy we won’t need any lube.’

He slipped out of me and hurriedly I turned over to present my arse to him. I knew exactly what it would feel like and how enjoyable it was. His fingers massaged my anus, which as I predicted was thoroughly lubricated from all the thick juices which had been flowing out of me. He slipped a couple of fingers inside, loosening me, and I relaxed and opened up for him. Then I felt his great cockhead pressing against my sphincter, and happily dilated my muscles and let him stretch me and push his way in. I reached round and held my buttocks apart, feeling his shaft with my fingertips as it slid slowly inside me. Soon he was all the way in, his pubic hair tickling my anus, and I felt completely full and utterly possessed and, for some reason, very very feminine. It was a strange feeling for the old me, but one I quickly grew accustomed to.

Rick’s arms enfolded me and we lay there like spoons, his cock moving gently in my arse, his hands caressing my breasts. He kissed my neck softly, telling me how much he loved me. I just lay there in a blissful haze, pushing my arse back against him in time with his thrusts, trying to get another half-inch of him inside me.

After a while I realised that I needed to come again. Wordlessly I directed one of his hands down my belly, positioning his fingers over my clitoris. He got the message and started to rub. The climax built gradually, undetectably slowly, but the more intense for that. After an infinite amount of time I screamed softly and started to pulse deep inside. My anus clenched hard around his unyielding erection, not painfully but with an explosion of pleasure that was close to pain. He kept stroking me, keeping my orgasm going like the throb of a big drum, and just when I thought I couldn’t stand it any longer and would pass out from sheer bliss his cock swelled and jerked and he pumped spurt after spurt of semen into my bowels.

He hugged me tightly while our climaxes died away and his cock softened and eventually slipped out. I lay, sated, utterly content, gradually conscious of the hard floor under the rug. Suddenly I farted wetly, a warm trickle running down my buttock, and Rick chuckled.

‘Better get cleaned up, I suppose,’ he said. ‘I’m hungry too. Wonder how much food there’ll be at this party?’

I was too relaxed to be startled. I hadn’t known we were going to a party. Or maybe I had forgotten, I realised, searching my new and unfamiliar memory. A couple who lived in the next town. I fancied him and her; Rick fancied her and had said he would not be averse to trying sex with him. Nothing had happened yet, though.

‘Maybe we should have something now,’ I said, making no attempt to get up. The soft rug against my naked and post-orgasmically sensitive skin was very pleasant. Rick knelt behind me and wiped my buttocks with tissues, cleaning up the semen that was now trickling out of my anus. Such an intimate act felt completely natural to me – I knew too that he enjoyed it intensely. There was no discomfort down there – my anus just felt well-exercised and ready for more.

Just then the phone rang and Rick went to answer it. I could tell from his voice that it was a client. I had been hoping that we could shower together again but I guessed he would be on some time, so I toddled off upstairs into our bedroom. The maid had put fresh sheets on the bed and aired the room – it was now ready for more romps involving bodily fluids. I turned on the shower and stood luxuriating under the strong spray (much better than our old model). I felt the need to pee and just let go there and then, adding my warm flow to the water sluicing down my legs, remembering how Rick liked to stand behind me while I voided, cupping my pussy, my piss squirting between his fingers. I resisted the temptation to masturbate – I didn’t want to take my pleasure on my own. I fetched a douche bag, filled it with warm water and oil and cleaned out my arse thoroughly, hoping that he would have a chance to fuck me there again later.

I could hear him still on the phone, so I dried off, carefully felt my pussy to make sure I didn’t need to shave (it was as silky smooth as the rest of me), and wandered downstairs, naked, revelling in the firm bounce of my breasts and the sight of my body in the mirrors. Rick was in his office, slouched in the big chair, his cock flaccid but still big. I grinned at him, wondering whether to suck his cock while he was talking. But I knew that teasing him was unfair and unsatisfying. I decided to prepare some salad to keep us going until the party. It felt very odd, and at the same time utterly natural, to be doing ordinary household tasks stark naked. I wondered idly what I would do if someone rang the doorbell. I found a cucumber, about the same size as Rick, and was very tempted to use it as a dildo. My god, what was I thinking? Here I was, a mature woman, a successful business leader, totally enslaved to my pussy (and my arse). I longed to be filled totally in all my orifices, to taste Rick’s semen in my mouth, to feel it splashing against my skin, to have him use my body in any way he desired. This must be like drug addiction.

I heard him finish his call and go upstairs to shower and make his cock clean for our next coupling. I pressed my legs together in sudden excitement at the thought that soon he would be touching me again. I laid the food on the breakfast bar and put some coffee on, unable to stop my hand sliding between my legs to smear some juices around my labia, so that he could enter me without any hesitation.

I felt his arms go round my waist and his cock rested fatly in the crack of my arse, and I nearly swooned.

‘Mmm, what shall I eat first, you or the salad?’ he chuckled.

I spread my legs and pushed my arse back at him. ‘Fuck me, please,’ I begged, hearing the tremor in my voice. ‘I’m desperate!’

He spun me round and sat on a stool, his cock pointing at the ceiling.

‘Sit on that, babe,’ he said. ‘We can fuck while we eat.’

I climbed onto him and fed his massive organ between my wet lips, lowering myself onto it until his balls squashed against my arse. It felt so good to be filled by his maleness. I rocked back and forth gently, my eyes closed, savouring the sensations.

He put a piece of cheese against my mouth and I ate it automatically. We fed each other while we fucked, sometimes passing the morsels of food with our lips or teeth. I loved the taste of his saliva. He spread mayonnaise on my nipples and sucked it off; I spat some into his mouth and licked it out again. He dipped a cherry tomato in the juice which coated my clitoris and ate it sensuously, then gave me a similar one. I wanted to have him come in my mouth while I was eating but I didn’t want to remove his cock from my vagina where it belonged.

Before the food was finished our desires overcame our hunger. I steadied myself on his shoulders and bounced up and down on him, driving his cock right up inside me, rasping its upper surface against my clit. I could hear the squishing sounds as he churned the fluids inside me. Rick held my hips and lifted me high, so that only the tip of his cock was still between my lips, then rammed me down to bury himself in me to the hilt. My tits bounced against his face and he tried to catch my nipples in his mouth.

We reached a peak of speed and strength and gratefully, almost enforcedly, climaxed together. Again I felt his spunk jetting against my cervix. Gasping and groaning, I rested my head on his shoulder and let the orgasm take me and wring me out. We clung together, sweaty and panting.

His cock slipped out and I reached down and gathered up the thick gouts of cum that were leaking from me, sucking them from my fingers while he watched, smiling. It was better than the mayonnaise, and I told him so.

‘Plenty more where that came from, lover,’ he said. ‘We’ll have to wash again before we go out, though.’

I shook my head. ‘I’ll lick you clean,’ I said. ‘And I don’t mind going to a party leaking cum. It won’t be the first time, after all.’

I knelt before him and carefully, lovingly, licked his cock and balls and surrounding areas clean of spunk. I could feel more sperm and juices dripping out of my open pussy onto the tiled floor. Oh well, more for the maid to clean up.

He caressed my arse as he followed me up the stairs.

‘What shall I wear?’ I asked. ‘How do you want me?’

He laughed. ‘I want you naked and dripping, just like you are,’ he said. ‘But not even you could get away with going out like that. Why don’t you wear that holey dress, the gold one? You’ve been looking for an excuse.’

Vaguely I recalled which one he meant, and got it out of the vast walk-in wardrobe, which Rick lay back naked on the bed, his cock already swelling again. God, was the man insatiable? I hoped so ...

The dress in question was loosely knitted or woven out of gold thread, with short open sleeves and a hem about halfway up my thighs. I shucked it on and shivered as the cool threads caressed my warm skin. It felt as though it was hardly there. I looked in the mirror. The thread was close enough to my skin colour to make it ambiguous whether I was wearing anything underneath. Of course, if I hadn’t been shaven, my pubic hair would have been visible.

Rick cuddled up behind me, easing my hard nipples through holes in the dress.

‘That’s better. You look good enough to eat.’

‘Maybe I’ll get eaten, then,’ I smiled. ‘What about you? You ought to hide that great thing, at least temporarily.’

My husband pulled on a white T shirt and skin-tight white trousers that outlined not only his superb physique but also his massive erection which lay vertically, almost sticking out from the waistband. I felt my reserve weakening. I took him in my arms and kissed him wetly.

‘Oh, lover, all I want to do is fuck you till I die of exhaustion. But I suppose we ought to go to this party. Let’s not stay too long, eh?’

He squeezed my arse. ‘You’ll have to drag me away from all the gorgeous women. I ‘spect you’ll have something special to tempt me away with, though.’

I squeezed his cock. ‘You bet.’ Already my new mind was thinking of special treats I could give him.

I pulled on a pair of 4-inch strappy gold sandals and tidied my hair. No make-up – Rick always said that I looked just perfect without it, and anyway it only got smudged once the sex started. I found the shoes surprisingly comfortable – the old me hated high heels, but now I revelled in the way they tightened my already firm legs and made my hips swing and my breasts thrust.

My husband drove – just as well because I was not at all sure where we were going. He stroked my thigh and I parted my legs and directed his fingers between my labia. After a mile or so the urge overcame me and I unzipped his trousers and bent my head into his lap. His protests sounded rather half-hearted as I fellated him slowly, hoping that other drivers might spot us. Just as his cock was as rock-hard as it could get and his pre-cum was flowing strongly, he stopped the car and said ‘Time’s up, we’re here.’

With considerable difficulty I helped him to tuck the massive shaft back into his pants. I was itching to be fucked and wondered if we could slip away somewhere private as soon as we got inside, but it was not to be. The host, Gary, effused over us (especially me) and immediately we were surrounded by people whom I apparently knew or who knew me. Eats too were offered and as one of my mottos is ‘never refuse food’ (the other is ‘never refuse sex’), I got stuck in.

The dress was very popular, both among the men and the women – a couple of the latter said how they wished they had the courage to go without underwear. So it was pretty obvious, then. The hostess, Tessa, found me and we kissed with restrained excitement. Yes, there was definitely a strong attraction there. She was a petite, slim woman with curly red hair, a pretty face with bedroom eyes, wearing a skin-tight red halter-neck dress that left her back bare down to her waist and her legs bare almost up to it. What was not on show was outlined under the thin material, especially her prominent pubic mound and hard nipples.

She stroked my arm while we chatted about people and places. I could feel the heat radiating off her body and it made my head swim and my pussy leak afresh. Then she had to break off to greet someone else and I got chatting to a guy who immediately told me that I was much sexier than his wife and did I fancy a swap.

And so the evening progressed, inhibitions becoming looser and the talk becoming louder. I noticed a few couples snogging openly, perhaps not with their partners. Suddenly Rick was at my side.

‘Hi, babe, how’re you doing?’

I put my free arm (the other one was holding a glass) round his waist and kissed him. ‘Not bad. I’ve been groped twice and propositioned four times. You?’

‘So-so. Three women want to fuck me, though not all at once, I suspect. And Tessa’s on heat. She asked me if I thought you’d fancy a threesome.’

‘What did you say?’ The sound of his voice was cranking up my arousal.

‘I said she should ask you. I said you wouldn’t bite, and she sort of shivered and muttered something about biting. She’s hot.’

‘So am I,’ I whispered. ‘And my pussy’s dripping. Let’s find somewhere private.’

I pulled him up the stairs. On the landing we met a couple coming out of a darkened bedroom. The woman had a string of semen across her forehead. ‘Don’t tell my husband,’ she gasped with a note of desperation.

Rick dragged me onto the top flight of stairs and pushed me onto my back. I spread my thighs wide automatically, and he dived between them and buried his head in my sopping wet pussy. His strong tongue lashed my clit, and I came loudly and with surprising speed. He was just working me up to a second climax when I heard Tessa’s voice.

‘So this is what you get up to when I’m not keeping an eye on you,’ she chuckled.

Rick sat up, leaving my wet pink gaping hole on view. I saw Tessa’s eyes widen.

‘Want to join in?’ I said softly, and she nodded mutely.

‘Is there somewhere less public?’ Rick asked. ‘Not that we mind ...’

‘Our bedroom. Upstairs,’ the woman gasped. ‘Oh god, I’m shaking.’

We followed her pert little arse up the top flight of stairs and into a bedroom that occupied the whole of the roof space. There were big cushions and mirrors around, as well as an enormous bed – just the place for extensive sex.

‘I’ve wanted you both so much,’ Tessa breathed as I stood behind her and kissed her neck, cupping her small but firm breasts. Rick kissed her open mouth, running his hands down her sides. I could feel her trembling with lust. I undid the tie at the back of her neck and let the dress fall away from her front, squeezing her breasts gently and holding them out so that Rick could bend and kiss them. I caught her hard little nipples between my fingers and fed them alternately into his mouth.

‘Bite them,’ I whispered, and felt the woman shudder. He nibbled them and she cried out softly. I knelt behind her and eased the tight dress over her hips, revealing a flimsy white lace thong that bisected her firm buttocks excitingly. My fingers explored her crotch.

‘She’s very wet,’ I said. ‘Soaked. Taste her.’

My husband knelt and pressed his face against her pubes, inhaling the hot musk of her sex and sucking the thin material. I slipped the garment down her legs and gently parted her labia with my fingertips. Her pussy was shaven, only a tuft of hair remaining on her mons. I felt Rick’s tongue slide between my fingers, seeking out her clit, and Tessa gave a little cry as he found it.

I stood up again and held her tightly from behind as he licked her nub expertly, running my free hand up and down her spine and into the cleft of her arse, teasing her puckered anus with my fingertip. The woman spread her thighs and tipped her head back to let me nibble at her neck, writhing slowly under the ministrations of my husband’s tongue. Despite her initial arousal he didn’t let her come too quickly. She was shaking and almost falling by the time he lashed her clit into a fury and she convulsed in my arms, loudly crying out her ecstasy.

We carried her to the bed and I lay down on my back, my head at the edge. Tessa was arranged (for she had lost the power of independent action) above me, head to foot, with her pussy poised and gaping a few inches from my face. I felt her head rest on my pubes and I drew my legs up and wide to give her access to my pussy, now urgently demanding attention. She buried her face in it and began to suck my clit like a baby at the teat.

I reached up and held her labia wide open and watched as Rick placed his engorged cock at her entrance and slowly slid inside, displacing a certain amount of fluid. She was obviously not used to such a large organ because she gave a muffled moan as he stretched her. I held her hips steady while he buried himself ball-deep in her petite body.

To give Tessa her due, she tried to continue sucking my clit, but the unaccustomed massive cock pounding in her made it hard for her to concentrate. I lifted my head to lick her own clit, now dripping with juice, and to suck Rick’s tightening balls into my mouth every time they came within reach. I got my arm free and reached back to slide a couple of fingers (lubricated with Tessa’s juices) into his anus, hoping to make his eruption a particularly big one.

I was not disappointed. My tongue sent the woman over the top just as my husband gave a mighty shout and buried his cock right inside her. I could feel the underside of his cock, pressed against my nose, pulsate as torrents of spunk shot down it and out into Tessa’s cunt. Her body, all its weight on mine, shook with release.

When Rick was spent I let go my hold on his anus and held Tessa’s now swollen labia open. I sensed my husband kneeling behind me to watch as his semen flowed out, firstly in a little spurt, and then a veritable flood, right into my waiting mouth. I sucked the last dregs out and held the hot silky mixture, savouring its tastes – his sperm and her juices.

He lifted her off and rolled her onto her back, and I struggled up, keeping my mouth closed. I kissed Tessa full on her mouth, which was wide open as she got her breath back after her shattering orgasm. I released the load of my husband’s sperm, mixed with her own juices, and kept my lips on hers until she had swallowed it all.

Watching this, Rick was hard again (did he ever run out of energy?). I gave his cock a few long deep strokes in my throat to lubricate it anew, then squatted over Tessa’s head and lowered my demanding pussy onto her face. I heard the squish of juices as my labia slid apart over her cheeks.

As her tongue began to flail around inside me, I pulled her legs up to her chest and spread her thighs wide. I massaged her copious juices into her anus and slipped a couple of fingers in, easing her tight muscles. I didn’t know if she liked anal sex, or, if she did, whether she could accommodate someone of Rick’s girth, but frankly I didn’t give a damn. I grasped his hot slippery shaft and pulled it into position, leaning forward to watch closely as he gripped Tessa’s hips and pushed firmly into her.

Her mouth, buried in my crotch, gave a muffled scream as her anus was stretched open to receive his erection. Remorselessly he continued to push, sliding slowly between her taut pale buttocks. I held them apart, easing her sphincter around his shaft, while she writhed under me. Eventually he was in up to the hilt, and gave me an evil grin. I began to rub the woman’s clit, fast and hard, and Rick started to pump. I ground my own clit against her chin, hearing little squawks of pleasure/pain emanating from between my labia, working myself up to another climax.

Soon my husband was giving her his full length on each stroke, even withdrawing completely so that her reddened anus gaped emptily before plunging back in. He was grunting with exertion and I could see the telltale signs of impending eruption. Skilfully I coordinated the three orgasms so that all of us hit the peak at once. Rick buried himself into Tessa’s bowels and pumped another load of semen into her while she shook violently and her hips thudded into the bed. I pushed my pussy down onto her face and felt the juices flooding from me in hot waves.

When we had spent, we took pity on the poor woman and left her sprawled obscenely on the bed, a thick string of spunk trickling out of her gaping anus. Her head was awash with my sex juice. I wondered if Gary or one of the other guests would find her like that.

Rick kissed me tenderly. ‘Hope we didn’t overdo it,’ he said.

I shrugged. ‘She got what she wanted. Now you need to take me home and give me what I want.’

‘And what might that be?’ he grinned, rolling my nipples between his fingertips.

I shuddered, my mind exploding with ideas. ‘I want sex, endless sex. Just use me as a fuck toy, anyway you want.’ The ‘old’ me, pretty much shocked into silence by this time, couldn’t believe what it heard me saying.

I slid into the dress while Rick washed his cock and pulled his clothes on. It felt strange to have my body covered up, however scantily – I couldn’t wait to be naked again. We skipped downstairs, leaving Tessa sleeping, and snuck out without saying our goodbyes – very rude, but many of the guests seemed to be in the early stages of coitus anyway and didn’t notice us.

In the car, I rested my heels on the dashboard and spread my legs, trying to distract my husband from his driving. My hand undid the waistband of his trousers and teased his cock into hardness again.

‘Did you enjoy Tessa’s pussy and arse?’ I asked. ‘Was she tighter than me?’

‘Mmm, a bit more resistance, I’d say, but you can squeeze tighter. You do that trick with your anal muscles, sort of wanking me inside – I don’t know any other woman who can do that.’

‘Is that why you married me?’ It was refreshing to be able to talk so freely about sex – an unaccustomed pleasure for the ‘old’ me.

‘One of the reasons.’ I heard the laughter in his voice.

‘What are the others?’

‘Oh, like you’re the sexiest woman imaginable, you have the most delicious pussy juices in the world, you can suck my cock like an angel, your breasts make me want to come all over them every time I see them … and your intelligence and personality, of course.’

‘Stop the car,’ I moaned. ‘I want to fuck you.’

He pulled over to the side and as soon as the handbrake was on I leapt on top of him and impaled myself on his cock. There was a loud farting noise as my gaping pussy was filled with his flesh, and we both laughed. I leaned back against the steering wheel and ground my hips against him, stirring his massive hardness around inside me. He pushed the dress up to my neck and attacked my nipples with lips, teeth and fingers. They were so hard and sensitive that I felt an orgasm growing inside me, and rubbed my clit against his pubic bone. I tipped my head back and howled with pleasure as the hot sparks radiated outwards from my nipples, through my breasts and down my body to my pussy, where they smashed together and set off a string of orgasmic contractions. My god, was that what was called a nipple orgasm? The old me had heard of such things but didn’t believe they existed.

I was limp and sweaty, Rick’s still hard column holding me in position. He lifted me up and fed his cock into my anus, letting me down again so that it impaled me deeply.

‘Sorry, babe, I need your arse,’ he muttered.

‘Don’t be sorry. Fuck it hard, lover,’ I whispered, unable to move a muscle as a great wave of love for him engulfed me. I sat there, skewered like a moth, luxuriating in the feel of his hugeness filling my rectum, while he stirred my clit with his thumb, stoking up another mighty orgasm.

When it finally came the powerful squeezing of my anus was enough to trigger his own climax. I felt the hot sperm gushing into my bowels, somewhere up towards my ribcage, and shuddered with joy.

‘Hold it in, babe,’ he said as he softened and slipped out of me. ‘Don’t want to get that dress messy.’

I snuggled down in the passenger seat, keeping my still quivering anus tightly closed, while he drive the rest of the way to our house. Once in our drive, I uncurled myself and walked out onto the pavement, yellow in the glow of the streetlights. ‘Watch,’ I said, and pulled the dress off, spreading my legs and bending forward to rest my hands on our low garden wall, pointing my naked ass and pussy towards him. With a surge of pleasure I let myself fart loudly and wetly, feeling the semen in my arse spray out. Some residual drops trickled down over my hot swollen labia.

Rick laughed and slapped me playfully on the buttocks. ‘You’ll get us arrested!’

‘Why, we’re married? Let’s fuck in the street. Quickly!’

I could tell he was torn between caution and the needs of his insatiable cock. I heard him groan and unzip, and then his familiar hardness filled my sloppy wet pussy. My heels (which was all that I was wearing) and the wide angle of my legs meant that it was just the right height for him. This time he seemed even bigger than ever, and I felt my vaginal walls stretching deliciously to accommodate him. The end of his cock, when he thrust, felt like it was up in my stomach. He held onto my hips and pumped away powerfully, grinding his cock against my G-spot, making my hanging breasts bounce back and forth. Vaguely, through the sexual haze, I wondered if anyone was watching. It’s not often you see a mature woman being doggy-fucked naked in the street.

Quite soon Rick swelled and burst and filled my hungry cavity with another load of his delicious semen – even more than usual, it felt. My own orgasm effortlessly coincided with his. I could feel the warm slick fluids squishing out around the base of his shaft, and when he withdrew I looked down and chuckled to see pale gobbets thickly splattering on the pavement as the contents of my vagina drained.

He slapped my arse again. ‘Come on, inside before the neighbours complain. Then I can fuck you properly.’

To my amazement (although nothing seemed that surprising any more) my husband was still erect, despite having just come, and come god know how many times that day. His cock was larger too, at least a foot long and as thick as my wrist. I shivered with excitement at the thought of it penetrating me in all my holes.

Rick fumbled with the door key as I rubbed my naked body against his back and fondled his erection. In the house, I ripped his clothes off and pushed him into a chair, kneeling between his thighs. I opened my jaws as wide as they could go and engulfed his taut glans, tasting his semen mixed with my own and probably Tessa’s body fluids. My hands roamed up and down the huge shaft, squeezing his fat balls gently, massaging his anus. When I had got his cock nicely lubricated with saliva, I bent forward and enclosed it between my breasts, pushing them together, rising and falling to fuck him with my cleavage.

Rick groaned and tousled my hair, telling me how much he loved me. I was too busy worming my tongue into the hole at the top of his cock, licking up the pre-cum, to reply. His clear fluid was flowing freely, continually, coating the shaft and making my breasts slippery, easing our tit-fuck. I could still feel the remnants of his sperm leaking out of my gaping pussy, and I wanted to reach down and frig myself, to match my climax to his, but I needed both hands and anyway this was his special treat, for I remembered how much he loved my breasts around his cock. Then I realised that the friction of my nipples against his stomach was bringing me up to a climax anyway. I redoubled my efforts, squeezing my breasts around his swelling shaft, fucking his cum-hole with my tongue. His hips were jerking in the chair, driving his cock upwards, trying to fill my mouth.

Suddenly he gave a great shout and started to erupt. Fierce jets of spunk hit the roof of my mouth, and at that moment my own orgasm released, preventing me from swallowing more than a few drops. My back arched and his fountains of sperm splashed against my chin and neck and trickled down onto my breasts and hands. As I came down from my peak I massaged my breasts and the pool of sperm in my cleavage started to run down over my stomach. Rick was still pulsing softly, the whiteness coating his cock, and I bent forward and sucked it eagerly.

He lifted my chin and bent down and kissed me on my spunk-covered lips. ‘You’re a real cum-slut, babe, did you know that?’ he said tenderly.

I nodded happily, still massaging the sticky fluid into my breasts. His cock was still hard – nothing surprised me any more now – and I stood up awkwardly and straddled him on the chair. The huge column of flesh, pointing at the ceiling, was so long that it touched my labia even when I was on tiptoe in my shoes (I decided that there was something ultimately sluttish about having sex wearing only high heels). But I knew that my body could accommodate him, no matter how big he grew.

I pulled my wet, swollen labia wide apart and let them snap back around his monstrous glans. I wriggled my hips to ease my vaginal muscles and let myself slide down onto the gigantic shaft. It was as if my whole body was being cleaved in two. I could feel little sparks of pleasure from the walls of my vagina as they were stretched tauter than they had ever been. My internal organs rearranged themselves to make room for the mighty cock. As my buttocks came to rest against his thighs, I hugged myself stickily to squeeze him even tighter. My whole body was now filled with my husband’s cock. I could feel it growing inside me …

Happily I started to gyrate my hips, stirring his cock around inside me, massaging it along its length with every muscle in my body. Idly I realised that I was coming, a slow, continual orgasm like the roar of a waterfall. I began to rise and fall on the giant obelisk, my labia stretching into thin sheets as I pulled upwards, leaving a ring of white froth at the base of his cock.

Rick steadied me with his strong hands on my waist as I impaled myself over and over again on the organ, now as long and as thick as my thigh. I could feel my pelvis almost splitting as I forced myself down onto the flaring base. And all the while my orgasm continued, pulsing deep inside me, wanking him all along his length. Sweat ran off my body, mixing with the streaks of semen.

My husband now felt the first stirrings of his own climax, the fiercest of all he had had that day. His balls were charged with pints and pints of hot sperm, the pressure growing inexorably. I shuddered anew at the thought of it blasting into my body, filling every pore … He began to thrust upwards, driving his column into me without mercy. His hands forced me down onto the flared base of his cock, stretching my pussy as if with a wedge. His hips bucked, slamming upwards. I was just a limp doll covering his cock like a condom …

He came. It was like a volcano exploding inside me. I felt the hot spunk blasting out, filling every crevice of my grotesquely enlarged vagina, blowing me up like a balloon. On and on he pulsed, the excess liquid squirting out between my taut labia. Dimly I realised that I was having a super-orgasm, my whole body throbbing, my voice howling like an animal. Waves of bliss crashed together inside me.

And still he kept on coming, pumping up into me furiously, stoking up my own climax to even greater heights. The chair was awash with our mixed fluids, my hips and thighs splashing down into a pool of whiteness that frothed tingling against my clitoris. His cock swelled and swelled until it filled my entire body. Blackness gathered at the edges of my vision. With a final explosion of ecstasy I lost consciousness …


I awoke feeling drained and disoriented. My whole body ached and my head was throbbing. I lay there trying to remember the events of that incredible day, but already they were hazy and fading. Gradually I realised that I was lying in bed, dressed in my habitual long nightgown. It was twisted around me and felt warm and damp between the legs. With an awful sinking feeling I turned my head to see my husband – my old, tired, unhandsome husband – lying on his back snoring gently. Forlornly I snuggled up against his pyjama-clad body and tried to stifle a sob. Just then the alarm clock shrilled.



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