Crimson Dragon

Alone, millions of miles from home, Kevin finds himself desperate for companionship. And sometimes, when one is desperate enough, one can deceive oneself into seeing something that isn’t there. Only unlike most prostitutes, Sindy is ready and willing to do anything -- well almost anything. Some things are beyond even Sindy’s capabilities with her perfect breasts, her insatiable sexual drive, long tanned legs and willing mouth. And Kevin needs to learn this
the hard way.

In Cyberwhore, Bradley chose a focus and flowed languidly from presentation to the inevitable conclusion. This is not necessarily a happy, Hollywood story, no siree, but it is satisfying in a way that many erotic stories in this forum lack. It has character, growth, plot and atmosphere -- a true story.

This story is certainly worth reading. If you are looking for decent fiction amongst the chaff -- grab this one.

Technical :   10
Eros :   10
  Character/Plot :    10
Crimson  :   10


Wonderfully written...

I do not normally read sci-fi erotic stories, and I have no idea why I picked this one, but I am so glad that I did. The clarity of the writing and the depth of the main character and what he goes through is amazing.


What the last guy said

I don’t read the sci-fi stuff, but this one is excellent. I didn’t get a rise out of it, mind you, but it was such a good story. Anyway, this was excellent. I’d love to see more of your writing, regardless of its genre.