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My novels and short stories are publicly available on other web sites that showcase erotic fiction. Inevitably, they have attracted the critical attention of some of the readers. These readers are not professional reviewers, but that does not necessarily mean that their observations are the less valid. In the interests of shameless and blatant self-promotion, I include here reviews that have been complimentary to my fiction. These reviews are already publicly available.





Neil Anthony

I admire a writer with range, and Bradley Stoke certainly has that. Truth to tell, you’re never quite sure with Bradley what’s coming up next.

I’ve seen stories from him about the drug culture, the musician’s culture, the gender-confused culture, the nasty lesbian bitch culture, the seedy nightclub culture, and the soccer hooligan culture. And I think I’ve missed a few.

I’ve also seen historical stories, romance stories, near poetry stories, and a bunch of other stuff only classifiable by saying it belongs to Bradley Stoke.

The constant in all this is that Bradley is one hell of a fine writer. Never mind the width, feel the quality.

We are delighted to host so many of Bradley’s new stories here at Ruthie’s Club. He’s good, and he’s different. It is obvious he puts a lot of thought and work into his stories, and he has the uncoachable gift of placing strings of words together so that they resonate, and look and sound beautiful.

Congratulations to this not-so-staid Englishman on this day of his first Ruthie’s Club Festival. He’s one of our best guys, and for that I’m even prepared to forgive him his Joycean indulgences.



One of the things I like about your writing is how you make outrageous characters seem the norm. It makes me think you live in an outrageous world.



A few days ago, Bradley Stoke posted the last chapter of this story about the young hermaphrodite Innocence, which was posted chapter for chapter since November 4th, 2003.

The story is similar to earlier stories Bradley wrote for our pleasure and for entertaining us; e.g. “Alice” or “Escape From Buggery”. On ASSM you also find the 50-chapters-novella “Emma” and a dozen short stories, which also can be recommended to read.

Go read the story, in which you will find humour, parody and a lot of hot sex.



Reading Bradley Stoke is always something of an intellectual treat for me, because it reveals a mind that is questioning, testing, teasing, never doctrinaire, and with a rich vein of humour that manifests itself in unique ways, and provoking fascinating reflections.


You’re one of the authors whose collection of works I have plumbed through entirely. I have this general criticism of your work: Write more of it!



Bradley Stoke is a talented writer of excellent, quirky erotic fiction. I’m normally no great fan of “erotic fiction” but Bradley’s work is literary, entertaining and has a delightfully dry (and very British) sense of humour, far above the sophomoric sex stories one normally finds on the net. Like me, although he enjoys sometimes dabbling in the “dickgirl” genre, his work covers all sorts of subject matters, sexualities and situations, and I heartily recommend his website.



Bradley Stoke - A great craftsman of erotica. His work covers many themes and moods, but for me his best is when families are in conflict, flux, or just plain horny for each other! Well worth your time, his writing is a great model for how to do it right.



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