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Chapter III

The Pool Of Semen


Next morning, when Alice woke up she found that she had no clothes to wear as her Mickey Mouse tee‑shirt had disappeared into the laundry basket. “Wear one of my sweaters,” offered Mouse. “It’ll look like a dress on you.” However, in Mouse’s home putting clothes on was not the first thing to do in the morning. Mouse was wandering about in nothing but her bra, while her mother was wearing only her shift.

Alice went into the bathroom to wash her face, and watched Mouse sit astride the bidet and shave. She ran warm water into the bidet, applied shaving cream with a brush to her crotch and then scraped off the blue stubble with a safety razor.

“I have to go to college today,” Mouse announced. “I’m an Arts Student. So I won’t be able to keep you company. I don’t know what you can do.”

“That’s alright dear,” Mouse’s mother said. “I’ll give Alice some money and she can go to the Cinema for the day. You’d like that wouldn’t you, dear?” 

So that was settled. After breakfast, Mouse put on her short dress, her mother put on her very long dress and Alice put on a polo‑necked sweater which came to just below her tummy. It didn’t seem the right place to ask for knickers, and indeed Mouse didn’t appear to have any. Mouse’s mother gave Alice a ten shilling note and Alice set off to the cinema.

Ten shillings was more than adequate as Alice discovered, since the stalls cost 6d and the circle cost 9d. And there was a very wide selection of cinemas, but they were all showing silent films. Alice went into the Mecca Cinema to see a selection of cinema shorts and it was here she gained an insight into the entertainment enjoyed in Wonderground. There were two types of film on the bill: one was comedy and the other romance. 

The romances all featured couples where the girls were dressed like Mouse and seemed otherwise an admixture of the bold and the coy. They were very demure at the beginning of the films, when they first met the romantic heroes. They studiously crossed their legs in their company and, as the subtitles made clear, generally were very modest. They would giggle with their friends and kiss them discreetly on meeting and parting. The hero at the start of the film would be portrayed as being a good sort led by less chivalrous comrades who would pull up girl’s skirts, pinch their bottoms and put their fingers up their vaginas. There would invariably be a scene where the hero would be fucking a black girl together with friends, egged on to put his penis in her mouth and up her anus. The film would continue with the hero becoming steadily more chivalrous as he fell in love with the romantic heroine and the heroine becoming bolder as she got to know him better. There would be a minor tiff, but the hero’s continuing affection was demonstrated by his inability to fuck a black girl later in the film, despite her encouragement and that of his friends who were so engaged themselves. The climax of the film was of the hero and heroine making love and the heroine allowing the semen of her lover to trickle down her front or over her face. At that point, with a climactic scene of general happiness, the film would end.

The comedies likewise used black women in humiliating ways, but here the thrust of the humour was precisely their humiliation. Near the beginning of the film a black girl would do something ‑ like refuse to have sex with people, be seen having sex with a friend, behaving in a way that might be considered uppity ‑ which was considered sufficiently opprobrious for her to be considered fair game for a practical joke. The rest of the film would show the male hero conspire to humiliate her, and the final scene would illustrate this humiliation. This might mean she was fooled into eating her own excrement, suck off a donkey’s prick, get beaten by her mother or be buggered by a succession of men.

After the film, Alice ventured into the light, blinking as she walked along. Despite the treatment of black women in the films, there seemed little evidence that many of the black people she passed (who represented only a small minority) were anywhere near as grotesque or deserving of disrespect as had been suggested. They were less well dressed than most, but generally that entailed their clothes being more modest. The black girls did not all have the large breasts and balancing large buttocks as in the films. Indeed, they were comparatively slim and graceful, and certainly had greater success in keeping on their clothes.

The posters for films outside the cinema had gross depictions of black girls, often smiling or looking foolish, but rarely shown in the foreground. That was reserved for the white stars of the films, who were also shown wearing more clothes than they did in the films. One particularly large poster showed a white man and women kissing in passion, while black women were shown in the background being raped by soldiers in a town bathed in flames.

When Alice got back to Mouse’s home, neither Mouse nor her mother was in. She used the key that Mouse’s mother had given her to get in and searched around for something to do.  Mouse’s younger brother, Bunny, was sitting in the living room just by the doors into the garden, where there were beds of bright flowers and a water‑sprinkler. He was only a year older than Alice but he had his trousers and underpants down to his ankles and was stroking his penis. “Suck me”, he pleaded on seeing Alice regarding him with curiosity.

It was all very well to say “Suck me”, but the wise little Alice was not going to do that in a hurry. However, the penis looked so very tempting, so Alice ventured to taste it, and, finding it very nice (it had, in fact, a sort of compound flavour of strong smells), she very soon had it all in her mouth.

“Bigger and bigger!” cried Alice. “Now it’s growing like the largest telescope that ever was!” Certainly, Bunny’s penis wasn’t a little thing any more but long and thick with an even richer aroma than before. It reached right to the back of her little throat: in fact it was now rather more than nine inches long.

Suddenly, it gave a little tremble and out came a warm trickle. “Uggh!” exclaimed Alice, pulling it out of her mouth. “Stop this moment, I tell you!” But it went on all the same, shedding semen, until there was a large pool on her dress dripping through the fabric.

After a time she heard a little pattering of feet in the distance, and she hastily lifted her head to see what was coming. It was Mouse with a friend of hers. This friend had very short hair and like Mouse wore clothes that didn’t cover her vagina. Unlike Mouse she didn’t shave her vulva at all nor did she shave under her armpits. Her clothes resembled less a dress and more a vest, which came just about level with her navel.

“What a mess you’ve made of my dress!” exclaimed Mouse. “You better take it off right now!”

Alice promptly did so and put it in the laundry basket. She was led away by Mouse and her friend, who was called Dodie. 

“It’s gone all the way through!” exclaimed Dodie feeling the semen on Alice’s chest with the back of her hand. She bent over and licked it with her tongue. “It tastes very nice!”

“Not as nice as down here!” exclaimed Mouse who had pulled off her dress and was licking Alice’s vulva. “You got nicely excited didn’t you?”

Dodie and Mouse lay Alice down on her back on Mouse’s bed. Mouse sat by Alice’s legs while Dodie sat knees astride Alice’s waist and pulled off her vest. Her small breasts flopped out from the flimsy protection provided by the vest and it was no surprise to see that they were long nippled. Dodie and Mouse stroked and licked Alice who gradually became more and more excited from their attention. Dodie leant forward to run her tongue inside and out of Alice’s mouth, while Mouse transferred her attention from Alice’s vulva to Dodie’s.

“Uuggh! Why don’t you ever shave?” gasped Mouse, pulling hairs out of her mouth.

This went on for ever such a long time, until Mouse’s mother called the girls down for dinner. It was over dinner, that Alice learnt that Dodie dressed the way that she did because, although she was a theatre‑goer like Mouse, she was, unlike Mouse, a modernist and modernists didn’t believe in shaving their bodily hairs and sported a more daring hemline. 

It was over dinner that Mouse arranged for Alice to come to the theatre with her that evening to a play that she wanted to see. Dodie wasn’t interested in going but she suggested taking Alice to see a modern play: “So that you won’t think theatre’s necessarily dull.”


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