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This is a work of fiction. It contains explicit descriptions of sexual acts. It is not intended for minors.

Mrs. Bennett mashed her butt down on Juanita's face. She giggled as she ran her scummy crack up and down her maid's mouth.

Unleashing The Bitch - Part 4

Juanita had quarters in the house. She shared a bedroom, small sitting room and kitchenette with her eleven year old daughter. Mother and daughter slept together in the same bed. During the bulk of the year, the two of them had the run of the house. When the owners were in residence, the little girl stayed in their quarters. It was not yet noon and the girl was still in school.

Juanita was not in their rooms.

Sandra next went down into the basement where the washroom was. She figured that this was where she would find the traitor hiding.

She was correct.

Juanita was standing at the back of the narrow room, her back against the wall and her apron wringing in her hands. She had watched her employer storm up the stairs a while ago and had known that trouble was brewing. She'd fled to the basement. She had not heard any of what had transpired but the look Sandra gave her left little doubt in the woman's mind that she was furious. It barely registered on the maid that Mrs. Bennett was naked.

Sandra Bennett studied the woman, looking for fear or remorse or perhaps rebellion. She found plenty of fear but little else.

The maid was not a tall woman, standing perhaps 5'4". She was thickset, carrying extra weight all over her body. She was from Nicaragua and her skin was very dusky. The help Sandra employed in her two houses did not wear maids' uniforms. Juanita usually dressed conservatively however, wearing long skirts and simple blouses. She often wore an apron over them.

She was only thirty-two years old but looked at least forty. And not a good forty. Sandra was quite a bit older than her maid but looked like she could have been her niece. Age-wise at least. Physically, it would be almost impossible for them to be any more different.

Juanita Sanchez had had a hard life. She was a single mother with no education and also no looks. In some ways, she was a study in contrasts. She meekly performed menial tasks for her employers and seemed to have very little pride in herself. However, she had gotten her daughter and herself to America against significant odds and would fight tooth and nail for the sake of her daughter's future.

Sandra knew this about her maid... she knew that Juanita's daughter Angelica represented an overwhelming hold on the woman.

Sandra stepped close to the maid, looming over her. The moment she had seen the woman and the fear in her eyes, her feelings of betrayal had come roaring back. The woman obviously knew what had been going on behind her employer's back. "So," Sandra said with scathing heat, "You didn't think to tell me that my bastard husband was screwing around with skanks?" Each word grew in volume until Sandra screamed the final words.

"Mrs. Bennett, please. I didn't... I couldn't." the woman quailed.

Sandra took one step back and backhanded the woman hard across the face. She cried out with pain and fear. "You stupid punta!" she yelled and hit her again. "I give you a job, give you place to live and put your fucking brat through school and you turn around a screw me like this?" Sandra put a hand to Juanita's neck and pressed her against the wall. She pressed close to the woman, spitting in her face as she spoke. "Do you *want* to go back to that fucking shit country you worthless bitch?"

Juanita didn't know why she had remained silent about Denis's extra-curricular activities. Mostly it was because she just didn't like Sandra much. Denis at least was generally easy-going and friendly. Mrs. Bennett was just a cold bitch as far as Juanita was concerned. Even the woman's decision to pay for Angelica's tuition to a private school had been a coldly calculated social ploy to build up her credit as a charitable humanitarian. If she had not been able to casually mention putting a servant's kid through school to her socialite friends, Sandy would have never considered doing such a thing. Juanita was grateful for her position but this did not make her like the woman that gave it to her.

Juanita's dark brown hair was cropped short and made a poor grip so Sandra hauled the woman up the stairs by her collar. The maid did not resist but the bigger woman was being forceful anyway. Along the way, she described everything she hated about the maid, her daughter, the country she had come from and the way she looked.

They continued in the same manner up to the second floor and into the master bedroom. Denis seemed to be in the bathroom again. This time, the door was closed. At the moment he was out of Sandra's mind.

Sandra made sure the maid was completely off balance before letting her go. The woman dropped to her knees. Tears had begun running down her slightly wrinkled cheeks. She was nearly trembling with fear but all her thoughts were of her daughter.

Sandra began pacing the room. Every few strides she would stare daggers at the maid and seemed to be muttering to herself. She was so mad she didn't know what she was going to do. She picked up the titanium driver and stood over her, slapping the head into her hand. Then she shook her head and tossed it aside.

She planted a foot in the middle of Juanita's chest and shoved her onto her back. She rested her foot on the woman's neck and sneered down at her. "You fucking stupid spick! You must have known what the price of your silence would be. I'm not just going to fire you, bitch. I'm doing to make sure you and your little cunt daughter get deported." Sandra noticed the woman stiffen slightly when she called her daughter a cunt. The little girl really was Juanita's only reason for living.

Angelica wasn't an anchor baby. She had been born in Nicaragua and had been four when Juanita made it to America. Sandra could get them both hauled away with a single phone call. The maid shook her head, pleading. "No, no. Please no. I'll do anything." She was crying openly.

Sandra laughed harshly. "Ha. What will you do? What can you do for me? You're just an ugly punta. Nothing could possibly be more worthless."

Juanita was still begging. "No, please. Do anything you want to me but don't send my daughter away."

Sandra began putting her weight on the maid's neck. The helpless woman didn't even try to fight, just laid there with her hands by her sides, struggling for breath.

"God Sandy, leave the poor woman alone." Denis said from the bathroom doorway. "If you want to fire her, go ahead. Don't torture the poor thing."

"You shut up." Sandra shouted. "This cunt just told me that she'll do anything I want. She's just like you. This bitch is MINE!" she said with viscous glee.

She took her foot off the woman's neck and bent over her, staring her in her teary eyes. "Do you mean it, cunt? You'll do anything? Anything I tell you to?"

"Yes, please Mrs. Bennett. I'll do anything. Please don't send us away."

There was a funny look in Sandra's eyes. "Call me Mistress." She said.

Juanita paused a split second before answering. "Yes, Mistress. Please, I'll do anything you want, Mistress." Juanita's brain was flying. If Sandra wanted a bit of a power trip, she could let her have it. Yes, anything. She would do anything for her daughter. She could debase herself to this cold bitch. In her life, she'd done worse... or so she believed.

And ultimately, if Mrs. Bennett who now wanted to be called mistress crossed some line and threatened Angelica then, well... Juanita Sanchez knew in her heart that she was capable of killing for her daughter.

Yes, I can endure anything for my angel, she thought to herself. And I can also slit this bitch's throat if I have to. If it comes down to a choice between murder and deportation, the rich cunt is dead.

Sandra could not know what was going through her main's mind and missed the hard look in her reddened eyes. Instead, she straddled the woman's head. "You missed the fun and games. I taught that little twat a lesson and a half. I don't think she'll be screwing with anyone's husband ever again."

Her slick but tightly closed asshole seemed to be staring down at Juanita. The maid was mystified as to what her mistress was doing. "I made horse dick over there fuck her up the ass." She laughed evilly. "She didn't like that much. Me, I like a good ass fuck and I have to admit, my fucking husband is pretty good. So after I sent her packing, he fucked me up the ass too."

She paused. "And now you're going to eat his cum out of my ass and swallow it down, bitch!"

Mrs. Bennett mashed her butt down on Juanita's face. She giggled as she ran her scummy crack up and down her maid's mouth. She had her hands on the prone woman's thighs and Sandra's legs pinned her arms to the carpet. Juanita tried to struggle but could barely move.

"What's the matter?" Sandra asked. "You said you would do anything. Well, open your mouth and swallow my man's cum!"

The big woman pulled her ass a couple inches from Juanita's face. The maid stared cross-eyed at the looming orifice and was horrified when it dilated open. Viscous, slightly yellow slime began to dribble out. It began to spread across her lips and chin and threatened to infiltrate her nose. "Open your mouth, bitch!" Sandra shouted. She pressed her gaping ass down on the woman's mouth again. "Eat it!"

"God Sandy, that's disgusting. What the hell is wrong with you?" Denis said while keeping his distance.

"She deserves it!" Sandra yelled, bouncing up and down on top of the woman's head. "You just watch yourself if you don't want more of the same." She said to her husband. "I fucking own both of you and you know it."

Sandra rose slightly and slid her pelvis down Juanita's body, wiping her ass and pussy down the woman's cloths as she did. Resting her weight on the woman to keep her pinned, Sandra studied her red, slime-covered face. The maid's lips were pressed tightly together and she was breathing roughly, trying to keep the scum out of her nose. "I said eat it." Sandra said. She ran a finger along Juanita's cheek and lips, gathering a helping of the toxic brew. "Eat it, bitch. I'd think you'd be used to the taste of shit. Nicaragua is such a shitty hellhole." She laughed at her own joke.

She poked her slime-covered finger between the maid's lips. "Eat it or you and your daughter will be back there by this time tomorrow."

Tears were streaming from Juanita's eyes. She could not speak without opening her mouth and to open her mouth was to surrender. The thick liquid on her face was revolting. Juanita fought, trying to roll her mistress off but it seemed hopeless. For a few moments her eyes searched for Denis, praying for rescue but that seemed futile as well. The coward had lost his cajones.

What was the point? If Juanita somehow won free, her life was effectively over anyway. She could not bear the thought of raising her daughter in her home country. There may be worse places in the world but for a single mother alone with a pretty young daughter... Juanita's mind shied from the thoughts. Juanita Sanchez has been a prostitute on the streets of Managua for years. When her daughter had been born, her birth taking place in a fifthly squat in the barrio, Juanita had sworn to herself to do whatever it would take to make her daughter's life better.

Juanita had sold her body almost daily to support herself and her daughter in those early years and then traded on the same commodity during her tortuous journey north, spending her fading youth. She lost track of the number of times she had been raped and beaten. Once she had offered herself to a feared street gang even though she was already suffering from what she was certain were several broken ribs. She had spent much of that night unconscious but the next day, someone loaded her and her child onto a truck headed north. It was a hellish night that she remembered little of and it gained her perhaps a hundred and fifty miles of safe travel with her barely-four-year-old daughter. She thought it was worth the exchange.

Juanita allowed her mouth to open. Tears continued to flow from her eyes as she let her mistress guide more and more of the sludge into her mouth. She tried to ignore the taste though her stomach protested strongly. Finally, she closed her mouth and swallowed.

The moment Juanita had opened her mouth, a rush of excitement ran through Sandra's body. The ability to exert this level of control over another human being was a new kind of thrill. And then, when the ugly bitch actually swallowed the shit-stained cum, adrenaline ran through Sandy's body almost like she was about to climax.

"That's the way, bitch. Drink it all down. As long as you obey, you and your daughter are safe." After two more reluctant swallows, the bulk of the juice was gone. Sandra was insanely turned on and needed more stimulation. She turned to her husband but his dick was so soft and wilted it almost disappeared into his pubes.

"Come on, punta. You've got more work to do." She said. Angrily, she hauled the dumpy woman to her feet and ripped her blouse open. The maid wore a slip and a bra beneath her outer clothing. Stepping behind her, Sandra whipped the tattered blouse down her back and off her arms and then yanked the slip off over her head. She unhooked the bra and Juanita let if fall in front of her submissively.

Sandra stood in front of her maid and surveyed her body. Juanita's shoulders were slumped and her dark complexion was uneven. Her breasts were not enormous but nevertheless hung down loosely half way to her navel. Her nipples were almost black and were plastered flatly across the low-hanging peaks. Two or three folds of wrinkled fat covered her stomach.

"God, what an ugly thing you are." Sandra said in a conversational tone. She slipped her thumbs under Juanita's waistband and tugged both skirt and panties down the maid's legs. She wore neither stockings nor nylons. Her thighs were pocked with cellulite. Her pelvic bush was thick and black, trailing wispily up to her belly-button and out onto her thighs.

"I can't imagine how someone as dumpy as you ever got knocked up in the first place." Sandra muttered. She picked up the woman's blouse and wiped her hands on it and then used it to clean most of the residue off the maid's face. She ignored the tears that continued to flow freely.

Juanita Sanchez had never been a beauty but in her youth, the men had found her appealing enough. Her current appearance was due largely to those hard years.

"When was the last time you were with a man?" Sandra asked.

Juanita's mind had half-retreated to escape the ordeal and it took a little while for her to answer. "Four or five years." She answered.

Sandra looked at her speculatively. "I'm right, aren't I? You were a punta. A prostitute down in that shit hole?" She asked, making no effort to keep the nasty edge off her voice.

Juanita's eyes focused on Sandra's. "The word's puta. There's no N." She explained. Somehow, the petty correction seemed important.

"Fine then. You were a filthy, cock-sucking puta. Right?"

Juanita nodded.

"Good" Sandra said. With a hand around the back of her neck, she guided the naked maid to the bed where Denis was sitting in uncomfortable silence. "Suck his cock and make him hard for me."

Quietly, Juanita said, "Yes mistress." As the woman bent between her man's legs, another thrill of power ran thru Sandra. Juanita wrapped her lips around Denis's limp noodle while he closed his eyes, shaking his head with shame and resignation.

Sandy dug a hand into her pulsating pussy. "Make it quick, I'm so fucking horny I'm about ready to walk out onto the beach and rape the first man I see."

Juanita had caught brief glimpses of Denis's equipment before but no more. She had gotten the impression that he was big but had not been able to judge his true dimensions. In fact, a few times what she had seen led her to assume that she had gotten confused and had not really seen what she thought she did. She did not think that any man could be that big.

Denis was far larger than she had imagined, easily twice the size of an average man. But for Juanita this was only a matter of curiosity as she had lost the capacity for sexual arousal or pleasure long, long ago.

While Juanita worked on Denis's slow-to-rise cock, Sandra fantasized about endless beaches full of studs lining up to fuck her. She felt certain that something very similar to that was in her near future. Denis had yet to grasp the endless appetite for raw sex that he had re-awakened in his wife. If anything, Sandra felt that the urges she was feeling now were likely to grow even greater than they had in her swinging orgy days.

Coming briefly out of her revere and in need of hard cock, Sandra prodded Juanita in the side with her big toe. "You must not be very good at giving blowjobs, puta. How tough can it be to get a guy hard when there are two naked women in the room with him?" Then she laughed. "Of course, when one of them is as ugly as you, I guess that can actually be a disadvantage. Maybe I should have left your clothes on."

"Sandy, can I ask a dumb question?" Denis said.

"It's probably the only kind you're capable of asking." She replied.

"Why'd you come home early anyway?"

This time her laugh held some genuine amusement. "The fucking caterers screwed up the omelets. Can you believe it? The eggs were bad. Half the players ended up puking out their guts. That fat old hag Mary Waters almost barfed all over me." Sandra of course had just had a fruit plate.

"God, what is taking so long? Come on you two, what's the problem? Denis, is she just so ugly you can't get hard or is it because you're not the stud I thought you were?"

He groaned in response. "I think that the actual problem is that I just had to watch her eat your ass and now she has the same mouth on my dick."

She didn't say it but Sandra realized that that was actually a pretty good excuse.

"Well I'm tired of waiting" she said and she stepped onto the bed and pushed her husband onto his back. She saw that he was half hard which wasn't enough for her purposes. "Well, keep at it, slave. You will keep his cock in your mouth until you get him hard." She faced the laboring maid and knelt, presenting her beaver to her husband. She glanced down between her thighs and caught his eye. Actually, seeing her like that with her tits hanging low and her hair dangling behind her head was quite arousing as was the slick slit she held before him. "I'll let you eat my cunt this time." She said. "If I'm not satisfied, we can switch to my ass."

She pressed herself to his mouth and sighed as he wiggled his talented tongue into her moist folds. She watched Juanita nurse on his cock head. It still had the slightly pointed shape that indicated he was not yet fully aroused.

She groaned with approval when she felt him push two fingers into her ass while he sucked gently on her clit. "Oh, good boy. It's nice to know that you can learn." She ground herself onto his face and hissed as he nipped her bud softly between his teeth. "You're a fucking asshole but you're a pretty awesome fuck."

She wrapped her hand around his nearly hard member, causing Juanita to withdraw. "Suck on his balls." commanded Sandy while herself placed her mouth over his slowly inflating head. As Juanita dutifully buried her face in his aromatic groin, Sandra pressed Denis's cock to the back of her throat. It was almost frustrating. She had deep-throated scores of cocks in her day but her own husband was just too fucking big. The head completely filled her mouth along with barely an inch of his shaft. She let herself drool over it heavily and felt it grow and throb. It was one of the greatest feelings in the world to feel a cock come to life.

Denis's skillful ministrations and the feel of his burgeoning flesh in her mouth triggered an orgasm. Sandy moaned and snorted, deliberately forcing the cock to gag her as she came. Then quickly, while her body was still trembling in pleasure she scrambled around to face her husband and impaled herself upon his fully erect shaft. "Oh god yes, I think I came again." She breathed and her pussy continued to convulse around the intruder.

She stayed fully impaled on him while her climax coursed through her body. Denis was almost in awe of his wife as she sat majestically over him absorbed in pleasure. Before this day, their wildest session of sex had included two orgasm on his part and perhaps half a dozen for her. That was an anniversary night and he had been stunned and a little hurt when she had abruptly fled to the bathroom, leaving his third towering erection unsatisfied. She never told him why she had gone off like that even though he had become rather angry trying to drag an explanation out of her.

With her hands on his chest, she was slowly twisting and bobbing her hips, using her husband's cock to explore ever recess of her depths. There was a strange, almost distracted expression on her face. In a voice that echoed that vague expression, she spoke to Juanita. "Go shower and get dressed, puta. Then come back with a pencil and paper. I need you to do some shopping."

Relieved to be dismissed, the maid left without questioning her mistress's thinking.

Sandra lay herself down across Denis's broad chest. Her soft breasts were pressed wide and he could feel her firm nipples shift gently with each breath she took. Her hips continued their slow dance around his erect tool. "Oh god, you feel so wonderful in me. You really are the best."

He rested a hand on her back and tried taking stock of the day. "So, where does this leave us?" he asked.

She bore down on his rod with her cunt muscles. "Like I said, I own you now. From now on, your only purpose in life is to satisfy needs."

His hand slipped down to caress her wide, firm buttocks. "Sorry, I always thought I was doing that." He paused, wondering if he should continue. "You've always been the one to call a halt to our love making."

"Ah." She said. "But that was when I was on the wagon. Catching you with that skank kind of knocked me off." She took one of his nipples between her teeth, nipping at it painfully but briefly.

"What do you mean?" he asked.

"Oh honey, you didn't know me before. I mean, I really couldn't have married you if you had known the old Sandy." He remained silent, waiting for her to continue. Her hips had stilled. Denis could swear that the throbbing pulse of their hearts were synchronized. Her pussy was so warm and wonderful he felt like he would probably fight any force that tried to remove it.

"I suppose today they would call me a sex addict. Well, I guess they would have back then too but you didn't hear people talk about that sort of thing back then."

He hazarded a comment. "I've heard from quite a few people that you used to be really wild..."

She laughed softly. "No one you could have heard anything from could know even a quarter of what I got up to. Did you hear me tell sugar tits that's I'd taken three cocks up my cunt at the same time?"

"Yeah." He said, skepticism clear in his voice.

"Well, it's true." She said. "Of course, it was more a stunt than something that actually felt good. Being stretched like that was real nice but no one could really move properly. It's not a fuck so much as a mass squirm. But I've done it four or five times. It's the idea of three cocks at once that's most of the real thrill I guess."

She smiled quietly, feeling him continue to throb inside her. "Taking it in the ass is like that too. It feels good enough but it's more about blowing a guy's mind and showing just how nasty I am."

Denis's voice almost cracked when he spoke. "And why is it that that Sandy wasn't around when I met you?"

She sat up straight, looking down at him like a goddess. "Well, I was a bit crazy. And I mean that literally. Once I got rolling, I had no control."

She waited a moment to see if he would connect the dots. Either he didn't or was just waiting for her to continue. "That's why I never let our love-making go too far. I had to cut things short before I got too excited."

He did speak now. "The first time I did you in the butt today, you started cumming in a constant stream that just went on and on. I've never seen anything like it."

She smiled. "Yeah, I can rip off some pretty awesome ragers when the stimulation is right. I think that bit was so good because I was still so fucking pissed off."

"Is that what you meant by losing control?"

She barked a laugh at that. "Lord no. That was just a nice fuck." She shook her head and then shimmied her hips, pulling his crank this way and that. "You still have no idea what you're gotten yourself into, boy. I'm still completely in control. Mostly because you're still hard."

"Things get nasty when I'm still horny and there's no hard cock to fuck. That's why I had to divorce Richard. It wasn't the poor guy's fault. Hell, he was pretty good in bed, definitely above average. But he was only human. I was draining him dry every night, forcing him to cum five or six time and then cussing him out when he couldn't get it hard again."

Denis didn't know how seriously to take this. She continued. "We tried everything. We did swinging but I kept scaring the guys away. I spent a fortune on sex toys... I had to get rid of them when I decided that I had to try to change my ways. Richard set up a bunch of gang-bags for me. Those were wonderful. A couple of times they actually tired me out, although it took ten or twelve guys."

She was grinning now, certain that her husband wasn't believing her and just as certain that he would soon be witness to the sort of extreme debauchery she was describing. "Things might have worked out if those gang bangs had actually been enough." She seemed lost in thought. Her hips moved more vigorously and she seemed to be reliving some past memory. "Things really came to a head the night I was guest of honor at a frat house and fucked twenty guys until dawn."

"When Richard came in to get me at around 8am, all the guys were lying around, mostly naked. He even did a head count. I'd knocked out twenty guys and then met him at the door with a slutty kiss and a hand down his pants. He tried to act impressed and proud but I could tell that he was becoming kind of disgusted."

She stilled. "And then, when we got home, all I wanted to do was jump his bones and fuck him into the ground. I'd spent all night fucking twenty fit college guys and still needed more. I drained my husband four times and when he couldn't get it up again... well, it's not like I hadn't been rough on him before but I guess he'd just had enough. The nicest thing he said to me was that I belonged in the loony bin. I told him that all men were wimps and that he was the king of the limp losers."

She sighed. "After we separated I slept around like... hell I can't think of a comparison. I'd spend a week or more away from home at a time, sleeping in whatever bed I ended up in after picking up a guy or five at a bar. I made trips to three different college towns to bang the fraternities." She wrinkled her nose. "It turns out that if you do a gang bang with a frat house more than two times or so, they really start taking you for granted and kind of loose interest."

Absently, she massaged her heavy breasts. "Of course, the gossip got pretty bad and I started losing friends. And hell, I knew what I was doing was... well, not wrong but certainly not healthy or maybe even sane."

She shrugged. "So I gave it up. I gave away or threw out my toys and stopped picking up men. It was easier than I thought really. My problem wasn't that I was always thinking about sex. The problem was that once I got started or once I passed a certain point actually, I couldn't control myself."

"All I had to do was keep things on the tame side and I could manage." Then her eyes narrowed and she glared at him. "But I do kind of miss letting it all hang out and just taking pleasure from a bunch of guys. I gave up a lot and seeing you with that fucking bitch reminded me what I've been missing and the fact that you've been getting your fill of pussy while I've been denying myself the cock I crave is just unacceptable."

"Long term, I'm not sure what's going to happen. Short term, I'm going to indulge myself and you're going to be there every step of the way. You will serve my every need. Not only will your big cock be mine morning, noon and night, you will find me other men to fuck and you will watch them fill me up with their jizz."

She was glaring intently into his eyes and with every word, her movements atop his penis became more vigorous until she was slamming herself down on him at an incredible pace. She had a hand on her clitoris, alternately rubbing it and then slapping it hard. "Squeeze my tits." She ordered.

Denis took a heavy mound of flesh in each hand, caressing them. "No, squeeze them. Squeeze them hard like you're trying to juice an orange."

"Don't you mean cantaloupe?" he asked with a smile. Sandra's tits stood out like footballs when he pressed his fingers into their pillow mass.

"God, shut up and fuck me." She said. "I'm almost there. And don't you dare cum. God damn it, If you don't give me at least three more orgasm before you go soft on me, you're going to be eating my fucking ass till the sun goes down."

Denis pumped his hips up at his wife to meet each downward lunge. Their bodies made a slapping noise with each impact and his balls flew up to meet her ass.

Sandra screamed hoarsely as she climaxed. She dug three fingers into her snatch alongside his shaft as she came, clamping down hard on her clit and yanking her pussy's opening wide. "Oh god, fuck, yes!"

She stayed atop him for another minute as her orgasm ran its course and then rolled off of him. Turning herself, she began to lick her secretions from his red pulsing manhood. He groaned, "Oh god baby, you're killing me."

She dug her nails into his scrotum. "I'm serious asshole. You owe me two more orgasms. If I don't get them, you dine on my big brown hole."

As she licked up the last of her delicious juices, Juanita hesitantly entered the bedroom. Her hair was damp and she was wearing a fresh change of clothes. Sandra saw her in the doorway. "Did you bring something to write on?" She asked.

"Yes mistress" the maid answered, entering the room.

Sandra nodded but turned to Denis. "Sit up at the headboard." She instructed. He did as he was told, his hard cock swaying and bobbing as he did. Once he was in position the long shaft pressed itself against his stomach.

Sandra straddled her husband with her back towards him and guided his big tool back into her gaping sex. His legs were spread and she spread her own legs even wider. From where Juanita stood she could see the thick tendons in Sandra's thighs and her prominent clit standing proudly over her wet pink pussy. Denis's thick cock pushed her lips wide open and disappeared into her body.

With one finger softly toying with her clit and her internal muscles massaging themselves on her husband's solid member, Sandra smiled contentedly. "Come sit on the bed with us and take down a shopping list."

The maid did as she was told, keeping her eyes averted from their joined bodies. Sandra quietly hummed to herself for a bit, lost in thought. "There are two shopping lists, actually. First, the grocery store. We need party supplies." She proceeded to tick off a list of sandwich makings, beer, soda, chips and ice. She ordered rather a lot.

As she finished the grocery list, she began slowly rocking forward and back in her husband's lap. "Now on to the other list. There's a great sex shop in town... I'll give you the address before you go. I need you to pick up a bunch of stuff."

Juanita's pencil halted over the page. "Mistress...?"

"Yes" Sandra said pleasantly.

"I... you want me to go into one of those places and buy... things."

"Yes, that is what I want you to do."

Juanita's pause did not last as long as it might have. "Yes mistress. What will I buy?"

Smiling and looking at the ceiling thoughtfully, Sandra continued. "First of course, a large assortment of dildos and vibrators. Get a large selection of all sizes. At least ten dildo's I would think and four or five types of vibe." Juanita's hand was shaking as she tried to take notes. "Go ahead and get some of the smaller ones, they're nice to have around but make sure to get the big stuff."

She deftly pulled herself off her husband's cock and then lowered herself back down behind it. It jutted up obscenely past her sex, its head near her navel. She put both hands around it and stroked it suggestively. "See, this is pretty big, it's eleven inches by the way, but I'll want something bigger. A lot bigger. Don't worry about getting something too big... either I'll make it fit in one of my holes or have a ball trying."

"Also, pick up one of those body-massager things, you know, it looks like a rolling pin with a big knob on one end? The kind that plugs in. OH! Add batteries to the grocery list. Lots of batteries, C and D cell. By the way, plan on going to the sex shop first and then the grocery store."

Sandra slid herself back onto her husband's straining cock. He was almost whimpering with suppressed tension.

"On top of those dildos, get four or five butt plugs of different sizes. Again, don't worry about anything being too big... I won't get mad if something ends up being unusable."

"Now then, I'll need restraints. See what they have in the way of padded manacles sized for both arms and legs. I think that store carries chain as well, get a couple dozen feet or something."

She now had one hand toying with a nipple while she twirled some hair in the fingers of the other. "You know, I'd like nipple and clit pumping system but I really should buy that myself so let's skip that for now. Also, I'm not interested in whips, floggers, hoods or gags. But if they have leather bindings, get some."

"Am I forgetting anything? Pick up some DVDs, go heavy on gang-bangs. And some cock rings, all sizes. Hell, get a penis pump too."

She was silent for a bit. "I can't think of anything else. Do you have all that?"

"Yes, mistress" Juanita answered, her voice unsteady. "But I don't know if I can..."

Sandra cut her off. "You can do anything for you daughter, right? Well, I don't think going into a sex shop and buying up half their inventory is really all that big a deal compared to other things I can think of. Besides, no one will bother you there. Aside from the fact that it's really a pretty safe place, who the hell would want to touch an ugly sack like you?"

A tear or two rolled down the maid's cheek but she said nothing.

"One thing before you go" Sandra said as she settled down lower into Denis's spread lap. "I need your help to cum again. Come suck my clit."

Juanita Sanchez approached on hands and knees, crawling between the coupled spread legs. Moistening her lips nervously, she bent forward and pressed them to her mistress's pink bud. Sandra shivered in response. "That's right," she said, a hand on each breast, kneading them. "Suck on it just like a cock. Let you teeth scratch across it. Ohh.. yeah, like that. Hmmmm."

In no time, Sandra was panting and flushed. Though her body flailed about, her hips remained strangely still as the Hispanic woman nursed on her love button.

As Sandra came, she locked her legs around the maid's head and mashed her face against their joined sexes. She could feel her husband tremble with restraint and the other woman sputtering gasps. It was a good climax.

When the burning pleasure had faded, Sandra released the maid and disengaged from her husband. She bent to kiss his angry cock head. "Be right back" she told it. It seemed to leap at her touch, making her giggle.

She stepped off the bed and opened a closet. There was a small safe there and she opened it and began counting out hundred dollar bills. "Use the card for the groceries but pay cash at the sex shop." She said. She stopped for a moment at $800 but upon reflection decided on $1200. She handed the money to Juanita. "Just spend it all."

Knowing she was dismissed, Juanita quickly left the room, her knees weak at the prospect of what she must do. She knew Mrs. Bennett was right; it really made no sense to be so bothered by her assignment. But she was. Such places instantly brought to her mind visions of the brutal men that had made her previous life such a horror.

Sandra mounted the bed and bent on all fours in front of her husband. "Home stretch, boy. You may cum this time as long as you get me off too. And as a bonus, I'll let you pick the hole. Then you can rest for a while... but don't think for a second that your day is over."

As it happens, Denis prefers his wife's pussy... her surprisingly, amazingly talented and flexible pussy.