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About Trystl:

As a youth I was fascinated by women in bondage; I loved to watch them struggling, particularly when they were being tickled or stimulated beyond what they could deal with in some other sensual way. I'm not much into submissive women--I prefer (mentally) strong characters who are forced into unusual situations that cause them to be bound (and often tortured. My stories are about their struggle. It doesn't always end well for them, but they are the ones the story is about. It is the women who I care about, and who are the most fully developed characters. Aside from that, just about anything goes--as long as it is a necessary part of the story. I tend to write fantasy (or SF) with a highly developed sense of setting and believable characters.

I am interested in hearing from readers and especially from other writers who would be interested in collaborating.

Why I write what I do
: Perhaps this came about because in my youth I practiced a lot of self-bondage--but since I had no real interest in men in bondage, (and I didn't have access to any women I could tie up),  in my mind I became the woman who was going through whatever fantasy my imagination had thought up.

Collaboration? I am quite interested in exploring a collaborative effort with someone who likes to write similar kinds of material. If you're interested in exploring the same, contact me at This is not an email address that I check frequently, so be patient. I really am interested, even if you don't hear back from me right away.

Primary Story categories: M/F  ScFi  magic  nc  bond  torture (typically with a female as the main character).
Occasional traces of all sorts of elements as needed by the story, including:
rape sex violence snuff(?) reluc ws anal beast cons ds furry humil incest lac span tg toys rom,

Short Stories: My short stories are a little more likely to stray from my non-consensual, female as main character theme.

Longer Works:

Dumpster Girl:

Just Another Demon in Hell: A young female addict dies, finds herself in hell, and at the mercy of a cruel Demon Lord and his minions. This story tells of her struggles to understand the laws that govern the afterlife, and to free herself from the various bonds (both physical and psychological) that hold her captive. Currently, this story isn't crammed full of bondage (or even sex) but there are a few erotic scenes that might be a little heavy for mainstream-vanilla readers.

Vampire's Plague: Imagine what would happen if a vampire had a highly contagious disease, not strong enough to kill him but sill contagious. Add a psychic baron with plans to use the plague to further his own aims of his own aims. Then place this all in a setting where vampires typically keep their food as bound slaves and you've got the basic VP world .

The World of the Floating Isles: I am quite interested in exploring a collaborative effort with someone who likes to write similar kinds of material. That's one of the main reasons that I have included a number of links to a synopsis, rather than an actual story.  The following few links are not stories, but information on the World of the Floating Isles, the setting for the stories that follow. If you're interested in collaborating, (or you just wish to know more about the setting) you use these pages as well as the story synopses.

 The Gift: A well to do business man (fantasy setting) wakes up one morning to find that he's become a young female. Since females in this society are rarely more than slaves, he sets out to figure out how this happened and to return things to their natural order. But his enemies are clever and they have ways of monitoring his every move.

(original version--complete ): This version is the first erotic story I ever wrote; and the first story of any kind that I completed. While it does have a distinctly erotic overtones, it is fairly mild compared to some of my other stories. 

(Extended Version) This is an incomplete, but much more detailed version of the original story. More attention is paid to character development and setting, and the plot is significantly different as well. The sex and bondage scenes are also expanded some, and made a lot more believable. Overall, however, it is fairly mainstream.

The Erotic Adventures of Jaffa La'Feilom: Jaffa the daughter of a wealthy merchant finds herself being illegally bound and sold to pay for her fieflord's debts. On the way to the slave auctions, she manages to get on the slaver's shit-list, and is punished severely. Then, sold to the Pleasure Palace, she continues to get herself in and out of serious trouble, finding a string of new owners and new dangers along the way.
     M+/F+ slow detailed nc bond tort

Feilom Glossary -- Jaffa La'Feilom

The Erotic Adventures of Jaffa La'Feilom:

House Beyond the World: In the future, virtual reality tanks are used to do psychological tests on patients. The purpose of this particular experiment is to see just what a person will do if given more power than God. The only limit is the patient's imagination, until he realizes that at least some of his powers are not limited to the virtual world his body is trapped in, and begins to create a whole new world of his own making, beyond the dimensions of our own. A world that can't be shut off when the scientists turn off the power; and a world that quickly chromes out of his control as the creatures that he's created begin to take on a life of their own.

The War with Lospodas: Loreena's sister Mikki is tricked into captivity; and the only way to prevent her from becoming a Dungeon Girl, one of the playthings who suffer unimaginable torture at the hands of Lospodas, is to risk going to the Lospodas Mansion herself. Will she be able to pass the death capsule to her sister, or will  her plans be foiled, and how exactly does she fit into Col. Baisurd's diabolical plans. The prolog has very little bondage, but after that the story has a fair amount of bondage in every chapter; with some scenes being fairly graphic and intense.

Part One: This story explores themes of non-consensual torture, blackmail, rape, humiliation, sexual conditioning, and being forced to have unpleasant things in one's mouth.

Part Two: This story explores themes of torture, humiliation, and a man being transformed into a female.