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If you're still interested in this site, you may come back after you celebrate that certain birthday that the wise legislators of your region have determined to be the magical one after which you are suddenly able to make decisions like an adult. Hey, at least those legislators probably had to get elected to their office, which is more than your parents had to do to become your parents. Oops! That's part of the stuff you're not supposed to hear about until after you've figured it all out on your own anyway.

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Topics and Policies

Corner Time is a site devoted to spanking and corporal punishment (CP). The term corporal punishment covers a lot of ground. Here at Corner Time the focus is on domestic and scholastic punishment situations where the operator applies a hand or implement to the buttocks or legs of the recipient. The gender of the participants is not an issue, nor is the reality or fictionality of the situation.

In the case of playing/role playing situations, we're talking about the use of spanking as foreplay between two (or more) consenting adults, or as a cathartic measure to relieve the burdens of existence on a rather insane planet called Earth. The policy here is to promote spanking play between adults only in a safe, sane, and consensual manner.

Real life spanking/CP is covered here, both from a historical and current event perspective. Although non-consensual in nature, real CP is considered (as a policy of this site) to be an effective tool in the behavior modification of young miscreants. It is recognized that some people do not agree with this policy. All real life CP stories/articles will be clearly marked so they can be avoided by those readers who are so inclined.

Spanking is not everyone's cup of tea. That's cool. If you are not interested in spanking as described in the paragraphs above, or happen to be offended by that type of thing, do everyone a favor and find someplace else to play. You'd be wasting your time hanging around here. Granted, it's your time to waste, so feel free in any case. Just don't bother to complain if you don't like what you see here, or happen to be offended. Any such complaints will be cheerfully ignored.

Corner Time represents the concept of CP/spanking/related psychology as viewed by Bobby Watson, the fellow who took the time to create this site. If you really disagree with what you see here, feel free to set up your own site with the straight scoop as you see it. E-mail Bobby with your URL, and he will take a look. Who knows, he might even place a pointer to your site on the Corner Time links page. You have every right to disagree with what is on this site, but you have no right to instruct, order, threaten, or cajole Bobby into changing/removing the contents of this site. If you don't like it, go elsewhere.

All material on this site is Copyright © 1996-2008 Bobby Watson, All Rights Reserved, unless otherwise specified. Do not copy any of the copyrighted material from this site (for commercial/non-commercial use on or off the Web) without the express, prior permission of the copyright owner.

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