Swimming Hole

The following story contains many elements of truth but is mostly a work of fiction, which comes solely from my depraved mind and experiences. it involves a human interacting with other animals in a sexual way. If you like this story, or would like to share illustrations, pics, or ideas for further chapters (or would like to lodge a complaint) feel free to email me: agoodtime77@gmail.com

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Chapter 3: Further Exploration

It wasn’t long into my lounging session that I felt a brush against my toes. Then a prod, and some rubbing, but I couldn’t make out what it was through the milky haze and naturally dark water. More prodding and poking - more frantic and vigorous than before. I was slightly alarmed, because it seemed to be a frantic kind of prodding, and lots of it.

I pulled my legs toward me, knees to my chest and saw the source of the prodding - three worms, larger than the others i’d been playing with - no doubt attracted by the discharge of the other worms. In keeping with my theory, they were larger than those before - likely looking for the source of the milky haze, so that they could deposit their competing load where the smaller worms had left it. The three worms varied in size, the smallest half again as large as the largest worm from the prior session - about 20 cm (8in), the second about 25cm (10in) and the third was one of the largest i’d seen up to this point - well over 30cm (12in) and very thick - it looked like my father’s maglite flashlight!

The three worms continued to probe and explore my body, and with my legs raised as they were, the worms immediately began targeting my crotch - no doubt sensing/smelling the significant amount of worm cum i had spread all over my cock and balls earlier. My hesitance and fear began to dissolve as the blood moved from my brain, into my penis. The attention from the worms quickly made my cock hard again, tenting my shorts. With my legs raise as they were, the worms had no access, and so were wriggling and writhing around my nutsac attempting to get at my penis, but blocked by my shorts. I slowly lowered my legs into the water, which opened my shorts around each leg - and the worms immediately took advantage and wriggled inside. The feeling was amazing - like three slippery hands working around my hard cock, cupping my balls and rubbing the area between my balls and ass. I was in ecstasy. No one had ever touched me in this way - not even myself, and it was an amazing sensation. The worms began to prod between my ass cheeks, exploring every crack and crevice. I had a worm frantically circling and rubbing my dick, another prodding my balls and another sliding into my ass cheeks and rubbing and prodding my puckered little hole. It was too much - without even touching my cock with my own hands I began to buckle and shake, my hips thrusting into the wriggling worms as i shot the third load out of my hard dick.

I was satisfied and blissful in a way i’ve never been - a calmness and profound relaxation came over me, but was quickly lost as the worms had not yet been satisfied. They continued to poke and prod at me, and while it was mostly pleasant, my dick head was extremely sensitive and I jerked and shuddered every time a worm made contact with my penis. It was a bit too much for me to take, so i raised myself out of the water, and the worms slipped out of my shorts back into the pond. They continued to poke and prod at my legs, still submerged in the water. I’m not sure why, but I felt an obligation to ensure my worm friends were also satisfied. I lowered myself back into the water, but with my knees close to my body, preventing any access into my shorts. I placed my fist into the water, and directed the closest worm into my finger tunnel which i then gently squeezed and pulled towards my belly as i had before. The worm did it’s usual wiggle and convulsing, expanding and contracting to lodge itself as deep as it could in my fist, which bottomed out at my tummy.

A few seconds of pulsing and contracting later, and I was rewarded with a nice thick load of worm custard in my hand and on my belly. I had the medium sized worm in my hand, so no surprise when it pulled out and swam off, the smaller of the three disappeared along with it. The larger of the worms then immediately jammed it’s way into my finger tunnel and competed to impregnate it as the smaller worm had done. This worm was significantly larger and strong - and i found myself using two hands to contain its girth and length. I struggled a bit to hold it there as it wiggled and convulsed, seeking to get as entrenched in the mating hole as it could. The sheer desire and will of the worm in this process was fascinating and deeply erotic for me, and my cock was again hard as i watched the worm pulse and expand in its effort to seed my hand. A moment later the worm gave it’s final contraction - expanding its girth in my hand larger than it had done in the moments before - a point i then recognized as being when it would release its load for me, not unlike when my own hips convulsed and thrusted before i was ready to shoot - and shoot it did. It released it’s worm custard like no worm before, completely filling my fist with warm, thick goo as it backed out of my hand. The sheer amount of it was fascinating and the water was a milky cloud as it the worm disappeared back into the depths.

I sat up on the edge of the pond and looked at the custard jelly in my hand… i’m not sure why i did this but I raised it to my nose again to inhale the smell. Sweet, and custard like, with an earthy pond smell. I had never smelled anything like it and it was so intriguing to me. What i did next, shocked and surprised me in retrospect - i extended my tongue and touched the globs of sweet worm cum with it. It was not at all unpleasant - sweet, slightly salty and earthy, though i didn’t dare much more than just a pea sized amount on my tongue. I swallowed it down and felt satisfied, like some sort of cycle of life had completed. Not wanting to waste the prize in my hand, I took the ziploc bag my sandwich had been in, and scraped the worm cum from my hand into the bag. With the remaining goo on my hand, i laid back in the grass at the edge of the pond, and slathered my stiff dick with what was left - slowly caressing my shaft, rubbing the worm cum up to my cock head, and down to my balls. I tried to recreate the newfound sensations the worms had given me, rubbing the squishy goo down my ball sack, and down between my crack. I couldn’t believe how delicious and sensual it felt, massaging the goop into my ass and touching my tight hole with it. I pushed my finger against my sphincter and jerked my cock with my free hand… this was an entirely new sensation and i wanted to explore it further. Soon i was overwhelmed and bucked my hips into my fist, shooting the 4th load of my life, very little cum came out, but I was very pleased with my new found pleasure.

I had had enough pond for the day, and decided to pack up and get home. I neatly folded the ziploc bag, ensuring it was sealed and concealed it in my shorts pocket. I gathered my things and walked back through the pond, the way I had come in.

  Upon arriving at home, I was greeted by my mother, who told me I "smelled like the lake" and needed a shower.  My brothers had not yet made it home, so I made my way to the bathroom and proceeded to strip down.  The warm water was soothing and relaxing - it felt good to smell the scent of
soap and clean water as i scrubbed my body all over.  A familiar twinge in my penis signaled that i was thoroughly enjoying the all-over rub and massage, and my thoughts were quickly back to the pond.  I suddenly remembered the baggy was in shorts pocket and knew what had to be done :)

  I reached over to my pile of clothes and pulled them close to the tub and, with a bit of rooting around, found the prize still concealed in my pocket.  Taking it out, i was again amazed at the sheer volume of cum in the ziploc bag and found myself wishing i could produce that much.  I took
a healthy glob out of the bag and, sitting against the back of the tub, began to massage it into my cock, coating my shaft and balls, and filling my foreskin.  Extending and retracting the skin around the head of my cock felt amazing with the worm goo.  I continued to rub my now extremely hard cock, smooshing the worm jelly into my balls and down into my bum.  In this position, seated at the back of the tub, it was easy to reach all the way between my legs to my tight little hole.  I don't know why I'd never explored my ass in this way before - it felt amazing when i massaged the rim of my hole and smeared the worm cum gently into it.  This was a fully new sensation for me, and I wanted to explore further.  My finger pushed in and around, rubbing in small circles around my little rose bud, and just slightly dipping in when it found the opening.  I got braver and attempted to gently insert my finger - it was tight, but the slickness of the worm custard allowed my finger to slip in easily.  One digit, then two - until my entire middle finger was pushing into my little bum hole.  My cock had never been so hard.  I slowly pushed my finger deep, then pulled it out - enjoying the sensation of each knuckle passing through my sphincter.  After
a minute or so my hole adjusted to this intrusion and I lost the intense sensation.  Reaching back into my baggy of cum-jelly I retrieved another glob and applied it directly to my ass.  With the added lube, I began pushing into my hole with two fingers.  My tight boy-hole stretched, and the sensation and pleasure returned.  I felt a bliss wash over me as I pushed my two fingers past the first knuckle, then the second, and finally bottoming my fingers into my ass tunnel.  It took only a minute of pleasuring myself this way, in and out with my fingers when I felt that tingle from deep inside, signalling my imminent climax and eruption.  My mouth was agape, in a seemingly involuntary act of pleasure expression,
which led to a deep moan I didn't think to silence.  I convulsed hard. With my body bent into a position that enabled me to reach my asshole, my cock head also happened to be lined up directly with my now gaping mouth. With a shock and surprise i caught the first little spurt of my cum directly in my mouth, and a second little shot onto my lips.  I continued to buck my hips, my cock pulsing - but i had no more cum to shoot.  My fingers slipped from my asshole, and I laid back, spent and satisfied.

  Coming back to earth, I now tasted my own cum in my mouth - it was a bit salty, a bit sweet, but thin and not as tasty as the worm cum.  I licked my lips and gathered the rest of my cum from them with my tongue.  It wasn't unpleasant, but not really pleasant either.  I inserted a finger into the bag of worm cum and pulled a large glob from it - raising it to my mouth I smeared a small amount on my tongue.  It was much sweeter than my own, much thicker and way more slick.  It coated the inside of my mouth and tongue in a way that felt delicious and pleasant.  I sucked the entire glob from my finger and savoured it in my mouth before swallowing it.  I knew there was plenty more where that came from!


Continued in Chapter 4!

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