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The Rules

I walked in to the hotel room, and saw all three of them. They were practically naked and rubbing and kissing each other. They wanted me to play a game; a wicked game which could make me sorry I decided to play...
November 2005

Never Disappoint

A young New York socialite realizes that, despite having a near-perfect young girlfriend, he needs more from her. But will his girlfriend give him what he is asking for?
September 2008


Two children, a boy Jason and a girl Maggie, grow up and come of age together, but neither realizes what committment really means until they begin experimenting with sex.
January 2002


John is just starting his young adult life after high school, but when he meets the curvy Jamie, he gets in a little over his head.
January 2002

The Rush

A bookish college freshman, Marcie, has a pretty dismal social life. When she tries to fix the problem by rushing for a sorority, Kappa Mu Upsilon, she enters into a secretive world of sexual indulgence from which she may never emerge.
June 2002

The Voltaire

A swinging billionaire named Louis van Haugh has seen it all, but when he discovers The Voltaire, an exclusive brothel shrouded in mystery, he gets more than he ever would have expected.
February 2002


A brunette bombshell named Nicole wants one last night of partying, but she may get more than she bargained for. (incomplete)
January 2002

An animation for you about what happens when young girls go all the way...

A compilation of non-gonzo movies (softcore and hardcore), hentai, and other resources that I know of which have impregnation themes. (No creampie-only, interracial, or already-pregnant themes included.)