Stories of love and intimacy between men and boys
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WARNING - This site contains Adult material.  If you are under 18 years old, please exit this site immediately!


Chapter Stories: 
Jackson Academy for Boys
Located on a small Caribbean Island, Jackson Academy specializes in helping troubled boys.  Kevin Thompson leaves his job as a School Counselor to work on Dr. Jackson's staff.  He realizes his life long fantasies while reaching deep into the lives of boys that cry out for love.
(Story Codes: Mb, nc, ped, spank, anal, oral)


Throw Away Kid (52K)
When a self centered mother is forced to choose between her 10 year old son or her live in boyfreind, the kid looses. Fortunately, the boy has developed a strong bond with a younger man down the street. It's more than either of them could have hoped for. (Story Codes: Mb, ped, anal)

Short Stories:
Spy Games (43K)
When 10 year old Matthew decides to spy on his 15 year old neighbor, he realizes he made a mistake.  This game turns serious as he is taken to the basement of the empty house for his punishment.  (Story Codes: Tb, Mt, nc, ped, spank, anal, oral)


Labor Day (27K)
When 12 year old Tim's mother get's called into work on a holiday, she asks her new boy friend to watch her son.  Afraid of losing him, Tim's mom lets Steve have anything he wants, and he wants them both.  (Story Codes: MFb, nc, ped, anal, oral, incest)


KOA Kid (32K)
A writer escapes to the wilderness to get a little work done and to enjoy the beautiful views. However, it's more than the mountains that he admires. The KOA Campground offers serene peaks and beautiful boys. He packs up and pulls out to move on when he later learns that he has an unexpected visitor on board. He throws out his "Look, but don't touch" policy and his adrenaline and hormones take over.
(Story Codes: Mb, nc, ped, spank, anal, oral)

Daniel's Accident (37K)
When Daniel wets his pants in his 8th grade language arts class, he finds himself in an embarassing siutation. However, when his step father is called to the school and questioned about abuse, his problems are just beginning.
(Story Codes: Mt, pedo, spank, nc, mast, ws, oral, anal)

Author's Note:
Welcome to BluBoy.  All of my stories are fiction and none of the acts have actually happened. However, some of the characters are based on actual people, some of whom I have known very well.

While I write as an outlet for my own interest, I do not condone or practice sexual contact with children. It's my belief that such behavior can be harmful to children. I find this as a more acceptable avenue and hope that you will as well. I'd like to know what you think.  Drop me a line.  Enjoy!

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