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Santos J. Romeo
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This is probably the most definitive sexual emergence novel ever written. This story comprises 344 pages, over 150,000 words, and if you save a copy of the story on your hard drive it will occupy more than a megabyte. Whether you read this story for the sex, or for the love of rich plots and interesting characters (spiced with an authenticity that suggest this may be a "true story") you will not come away from this masterpiece disappointed.

"This document is a sexually graphic story about an intense sexual, emotional and intellectual relationship between a teenage girl and a young boy and the course of their relationship over a period of 10 years. It is a dramatization about real people and their conflict with social expectations." --SJR

The Adventures of Me and Martha Jane
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Chapter 02

Chapter 03

Chapter 04

Chapter 05

Chapter 06

Chapter 07

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Chapter 10

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Chapter 14


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