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Day Dreamer

--[Adult Incest, MF, HOT]--

I am a strong advocate of Author's rights. After all, I've written a few stories so it's kind of do unto others in my book. I simply don't put up stories unless the author says its OK or there's a note in the story saying its OK. This page is the exception.

These stories are going on a decade old and the author quit publishing long before the commercialization of erotica began and authors began writing contracts at the start of their stories (I do it too -- I mean how would you like to discover someone ripping off your stuff and making money off it?). Since the stories here are all available in the public archives and considering the spirit of the times when this was published failing a copyright and distribution notice, I'm willing to risk (and it's a fairly substantial risk) that the author doesn't mind free, non-commercial redistribution of these works. If that doesn't tell you how good I think some of these stories are then nothing will.

Another indication of greatness is that this author's works are here despite the fact that I'm not usually a fan of incest. I'm not a fan of terrorizing people either but I enjoy a good Steven King novel now and again. I guess what I'm a fan of is good writing and it doesn't matter what you think you like or dislike -- a good writer can draw you into his world however briefly. Where good writing is concerned, there aren't many author's in Day Dreamer's league.

If you're NOT a fan of incest -- check out Scandia and find out why Day Dreamer is on my site.

A Girl Named Charlie
(mf, teen, Sexual Emergence)

Back Home on the Farm
(MF, Incest [bro/sis])

The Bad Girl
(mf, teen, Sexual Emergence)

(mf, teen, Incest [cousins])

Donny's Lessons from Mom
(mF, Incest [mom/son])

Lennie's First Date
(mf, teen, Incest [bro/sis])

Little Sister's Helping Hand
(mf, teen, Incest [bro/sis])

My Daughter's Roommate
(MF, [Father/Dauther -- Adult])

Niccole's Cotton Panties
(MF, Incest [Uncle/Niece -- Adult])

Sister's Secret Urges
(MF, Incest [Brother/Sister])


Scandia II
(MF, Incest)

Skinny Dipping with My Aunt
(mF, Incest [Aunt/Nephew])

(MF, Incest [Bro/Sis])

Teaching the Teacher
(MF, Romance)

Teaching Little Sis
(MF, Incest [Bro/Sis])

Tender Loving Care
(mF, Incest [Mom/Son])


These stories are copyrighted 1993 by the author. Contact information for this author no longer exists.