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16, The stranger, 8,000 words

Mf, Mm, mf, inc

A silver haired, silver tongued stranger arrives at the farm of an adolescent boy and his sister, and leads them both into a series of most despicable sinful acts with himself and each other.

16; The stranger, By Bigby 2017

8,000 words

Mf, Mm, mf, inc

A silver haired, silver tongued stranger arrives at the farm of an adolescent boy and his sister, and leads them both into a series of most despicable sinful acts with himself and each other.


15. Larger sizes    1980 words    M/TV

Summary; A college boy has a case of women's clothes, so he checks what being a college girl might be like.

14. Bob, Ted, and Alice 10,600 words M/M/F cheating, threesome

Bob is mad about Alice, but she wants more than one man can provide. She wants Ted too. Bob hates Ted, but he sucks Ted's cock for Alice.

13; Mother again m/F [incest] M/f [cheating, voy] 6850 words A sequel to my mother and I    [Below]

Marty brings home a nice girl. His hot nasty Mother steals the girl away, so she can keep her incestuous relationship with him.

12; She was perfect except for her cock another story of a man encountering the beautiful Transsexual Abby.

11. How Abraham became Abigail a prequel to "My dream girl with a dick" [below]. m/F t/F, t/M transformation, Fdom
3,700 words.

 An adolescent boy gets a modeling job; but not as a boy. Soon, he starts to enjoy being a girl, and doing things that girls do.

11; my girlfriend is bi and perhaps so am I   2,300 words.  M/M/F, first

His girlfriend tries it with a girl, then gets him to try it on with another guy.

10; bi threesomes  M/M/F 4,500 words Bi, cuckold, wife, interr

Morgan is shocked speechless when his sweet little wife coolly informs him she'll be spending the night with another couple.

he feels better the next day, when she tells him she's arranged a threesome for him. of course, he thinks she means Girl/boy/girl...


9;  illegal_vietnamese_ladyboy  f/m tg/f tg/M 5,300 words

It can be rough for a young man when he has no identity papers as he tries to find work in a foreign land.

Of course, if he could just be a beautiful girl instead, there might be more possibilities...


8;  My dream girl with a dick Tg/F, Tg/M, M/F [wife swap] 5,600 words

She was beautiful beyond words, young and bright; she was his friend's lover, his dream girl. How could he refuse the opportunity to spend a night with her? He didn't have any idea about the truth of her strange gender.


7. confessions_of_a_cross dressing cocksucker   m/F m/M/F

She was sexy, older, and black; he was 15. how could he resist her? But she was married; when her husband caught them at it, he demanded retribution.

There was no choice but to do what he wanted; to suck his big black dick.


6; cocksucking new man M/F bond, F/M/M, Fdom, Mdom, etc

Ben didn't think he was that kind; but Gina taught him otherwise. She taught him to love humility, to enjoy abuse. But wait; the pendulum swings back.


5; mother and I   M/F incest [adult]

She was sexy, she was sharing his bed, and she was willing; the only trouble was, she was his mother.

A story exploring the ups and downs of incest.


4: my sister made me suck cock m/f m/m cross dressing, incest

Some boys get the hots for their own sisters; which is really very naughty. but this sister was naughty indeed... she said she would let him, but first he had to do something he never thought he could do, let alone enjoy.


3: sharing my woman's other lover  M/M/F, M/F wife swapping, interracial

His woman decided she'd like to try something different, and invited him along. despite his protests, he enjoyed helping her pleasure another man...


2; Anne was twice my age, and bisexual  m/F, m/F/F, m/M, crossdressing, trans.

He was young and impressionable; she was older and quite impressive. She liked girls, and after a while, made him into one.


1;  the girl_who_got_me_to_suck_cock.   M/F, F/M/M

She was a special kind of lady; one man didn't seem to be enough for her. what she really wanted was two at once...



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