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On these pages you will find some of my best and some of my worst stories depending on your point of view. Please relax and stay a while...or fap away and Cum back later!

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Stu Mead

Story Spotlight

  • Daddy’s Little Slut, New Story!!! 11/05/17 Once I filled her pussy with my jizz I looked into her eyes. She looked so happy. My wife was very upset with my daughter and I when she caught us the first time when Lisa was only 8. But we love having sex with each other and we both convinced her mother that she should not turn me into the police as she threatened that first time. Having sex with Lisa is just a fact around our house but it wasn’t always. I remember how it all began.
  • The Handyman, New Story!!! 10/17/17 Mike is an old Army vet who got his first taste for young pussy in Korea and Vietnam. Now that his wife of 30 years has passed away, he sells their home and moves to a small neighborhood in the middle of "Little Korea" in a small Michigan suberb. It's there his taste for underage girls reignites and he spends all of his time helping the neighbors fix and repair their homes in his neighborhood in trade for fucking their kids.
  • Mr. White Goes To Middle School, New Story!!! 6/19/17 Mr. White is a teacher. He spent the last 20 years of his career teaching young children. At his previous school, he met and fell in love with a fellow teacher named Miss Violet. She found that he was into little girls as she was and soon they fucked and sucked all of the children in the school they could find.
  • Room 1212 New Chapters 5/21/2017 A Father hears about a hotel in NYC that makes 12-year-old girls make love with their Father... They experience their second full night together. Katie realizes that there is one hole she never thought her father would want to be inside. She was wrong... She is overcome with emotions as the room makes her want to fulfill her Daddy's every want and desire.