Screws, Slaps and Snips


Erotic Stories by Big Billie


Greetings, net surfers and welcome to my home in cyberspace.

If you would like to find out more about me you can read my author profile on the Alt Sex Stories Text Repository. The link to authors whose names begin with B is here.

Section 1, entitled Screws contains stories that are often kinky but are mainly about straight sex.

Section 2, the Slaps and Snips section, is dedicated to stories that are mainly about spanking and caning but that also contain references to circumcision.

In Section 3, the Slaps No Snips section, you will find stories that are mainly about spanking and caning but that  contain no references to circumcision.

In Section 4, called Snips, you will find stories that are mainly about circumcision; many of these stories, however, also contain references to spanking and/or caning.

In addition, stories in all categories usually contain sex.

Evidence suggests that my stories with plenty of straight sex in them are the most popular. There are not very many of these, but I am working to write more. There is a smaller but still substantial market for spanking stories. The circumcision stories seem to have a limited but dedicated readership; I could probably get more readers if I dropped them completely, but they are my contribution to the campaign against genital mutilation. As a compromise, if you do not want to read about circumcision, there are alternative versions of some of the other stories that make no mention of it. You will find these in the FTP area of the site.

As well as the prose stories there are some written in doggerel verse. The crap couplets are intended to give these verses a rollicking, boisterous, lewd, indecent, bawdy character; but whether or not this comes off for the reader I do not know.


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Sally Trubshawe Henderson Stories


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Doggerel Verses

Lesbian Cock Rape


I cannot seem to get ASSTRís FormMail facility to work for me. So if you have any comments on these stories please email me:

I welcome all comments, but advice on how to write better stories and on how to attract more readers is particularly helpful. I would also like to know what you think about my stories in doggerel verse.