The stories I've published here are generally of an erotic nature. I wouldn't dream of telling you what you can or can't read but if the law, in your part of the world, says you must not read this sort of fiction because of age, religion or any other reason then please go read something that THEY will let you read.
You have been warned!

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Baron Rod's Stories

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Welcome to my feeble attempts at writing.
Most of my stories are consensual male/female, quite often low to mid teens, but occasionally I wander from that.
Pay attention to the story codes, if certain things squick you!
If you're just looking for stroke I'm probably not the author you are looking for -
but I DO get to the hot stuff when the story needs to gets there.

I'm a retired mainframe computer programmer.
These little computers (to say nothing of the web) confuse me.
This page is proof of that.

I was born on the bleeding edge of the WWII Baby Boom and I've decided to live forever... or die trying.

If you enjoy what you find then feel free to drop me a comment on the Feedback Form at the bottom of the page.

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Longer Stories



Early and Often

bg 1st Mg inc cous gang mf+ fm+ con

A young girl's first year of sex.

Four to California

nosex implied MFFF historical

An 1849 trek across America

Night Moves

mf 1st cons rom voy exhib oral

A romantic story of a voyeur and an exhibitionist

Wildlife Photography

Mf first cons oral exhib

A young girl and a wildlife photographer

Shorter Stories



Beach Party

m+f+ orgy 1st cons

A beach party gets interesting


ff mf first cons voy oral

A story of a virgin's downfall

Gym Group Grope

mmmf 1st cons oral orgy

Four friend at the gym after hours

Moonlight Walks

mf 1st cons voy exhib

Wandering the neighborhood after dark... naked

My Friend's Dad

Mf first cons

Helping a friend's grieving dad


mf 1st cons inc bro sis oral

Siblings watching TV... and more


mMf first nc

A warning about strong drink

The Tree House

mf 1st cons voy oral

A story of a voyeur being discovered

Twin Threesome

mff first cons voy oral

Different views of the same action

The Swarm -- a Collection of Stories in a Multi-Author Universe

The Swarm Cycle is a collection of stories -- written by several authors -- that blends sex and Sci-Fi while following a story line detailing our reaction to an upcoming alien invasion. You may want to read them. I highly recommend it! 'Average Joes' gives the background and 'Pickup Eighteen' sets the tone for this universe.

My Swarm Stories



A Day At The Fair

MFfff con oral SF

Another view of ‘Buying Wholesale' by Thinking Horndog

A Pickup in Four Acts

mfffF oral SF

A pickup at a pizza parlor

Carl's Pickup


The beginning of Carl Tolland's story

The Feedback Form