A little about me. I am just now beginning to write again, after about a 10 year gap. As time permits, I plan on adding a real webpage to this site, and offer my stories as txt and html. But for now, this works.

My stories are mainly about me growing up. I enjoy reminiscing in my sexual escapades and if you want to contact me, please do! I love feedback.

Bare CatTales

The Stories

First Sexual Memoir
Warning: b(solo) then b(4)g(3) then b(5)g(7), no sex

Second Sexual Memoir
Warning! bb(5,6), then bbb(4,5,6) then g(8)b(5) and bb(4,5) touching, mast, no sex

Third Sexual Memoir
Warning! b(5)g(7), sex play

Fourth Sexual Memoir
Warning! Mb(5), NON CONSENT, Oral


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