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Title: When I was 7
Author: AuthorWithHardon
Summary: A young boys discovery of sex
Keywords: Mb slow oral cum cons rom gay pedophilia ped pedo preteen yng MM BL boylove boylover boy
First published: 12 November 2014

Authors notes

As usual comments, suggestions about plots, continuations, improvement of any kind or just plain 'I hate/love it' comments are all very welcome.
I hope someone out there will enjoy it.


This preface will be a condensed description of my life, personality, emotions and situation, starting from I found out my dick could make me feel good, and continuing to the time, leading up to my first experience with real sex.
If you want to skip directly to the 'real' story, you can safely skip to chapter 1.

When I was 7, I discovered my dick.
Well, of course I'd been aware that I had one before that. But you know what I mean.
I discovered that it could give me pleasure.

My name is Niko, by the way. Pleased to meet you.
I will tell you my story, from the time where I discovered my dick, up to and including my first sexual experience.
Ok now, where was I... Right. I discovered my dick. It felt good when I touched it, and made it hard. And then touched it some more.
Ever since I found out, I did it nearly every minute I was alone. And that was a whole lot.
I was a lonely child, living with just my parents. They were very good parents. Understanding and always ready to listen to my problems (for a while) and I knew that they loved me.
But they didn't play with me, talk very much with me or take an interest in my everyday life. I suppose it was different times back then.
I was really lonely sometimes. And I was starved for attention. Especially adult attention.
I didn't have many friends, so I spent a lot of my time alone, playing with my favorite little toy.

I think I was very clingy too. If someone gave me the least bit of attention or encouragement, I stuck with them until they were fed up and told me to scram. It wasn't easy to feel alone.
And that of course led me to spent more time playing with my dick.
After a long time, I finally pulled it for so long and so hard, that I had my first orgasm.
I think I was 8 by the time that happened.
And after that, I just couldn't stop playing with it. It felt so fantastic that I wanted it again and again. I think I was addicted to my orgasms. Or maybe it was because I was often very bored.
I remember counting them one day, and I made it to 10 in one day. I think that was higher than most days, but I'm pretty sure it was no way near my record. Whatever the number was, it's safe to say, that I jerked it a lot, and was constantly horny.

It started affecting my behavior around other kids. When we were playing, wrestling, fighting or whatever, I seemed to have a constant hard on. And sometimes I couldn't help humping my friends. I played with both girls and boys at that time, but the girls soon stopped playing with me, because they thought I was weird or gross. The boys didn't mind as much, but still I heard a lot, that I was being a creep.
I started to accept that they were probably right.

Soon it became more rare for anyone to wrestle with me or have other physical contact with me, because I always ended up with a hard on and did something that freaked them out.
And the more rare it became, the harder it was for me to control myself. I just got so horny.
But by now I was also aware that it had it's price to act on my impulses, so I was trying really hard not to be too creepy.

A long time passed like this. I still had some contact with other kids. Maybe not close friends, but I wasn't completely alone all the time. I had a lot of time alone with my dick, nearly every day.

In the afternoon, evenings or weekends, when I was alone, I thought about those situation where I had been rubbing it against someone, while we were wrestling, or what other remotely sexual situations I had been in. They were always in my mind while I jerked off.

I think that's how it started. I became gay, because it was the only available fuel for my fantasies, however pathetic the contact was.
And it grew over time. I started noticing their dicks too when we wrestled. And soon, there were never any girls in my mind when I played with my dick. Just me and the boys I knew. And a lot of boys I didn't know.

My favorite toys were little cars and my spiderman. I had a special love for spiderman, and often dreamed I was a hero like him, that everybody wanted to be friends with.
It wasn't sexual. Well, mostly it wasn't. I just wanted the same attention and popularity, that spiderman had.

I'm not sure if I didn't go swimming very often before this. But I started going as often as I could.
I loved looking at the boys in the dressing room. And under the showers. And in the sauna.
It's probably not true, but as I remember it, my dick was constantly hard when I was swimming. Often also when showering or in the sauna. I spent a lot of time trying to make it go soft, so others didn't see it, but it wasn't rare that I was standing under the shower with a full blown hard on looking at the other boys.
Lucky for me, it wasn't that unusual, and the adults pretended not to see it. Sometimes some of the boys made a rude comment and we all giggled and laughed. The other boys also got boners, Just not as often as me. So it wasn't a really big thing, though it could be embarrassing, depending on who were around.

Swimming was my favorite hobby. Nude boys with nice dicks everywhere. Even in the pool, it was fun. When I had someone to play with, it was often some kind of fighting in the water, and it was a lot easier and sexier, to rub up against them in the water wearing my skimpy speedos.
Sometimes I'd also catch a brief handful of their crotch. I was very careful, not to be too creepy, because I didn't want to lose my friends. But in those days, it was all I could think about, day in and day out.

I also checked out the big dicks on the teenagers and the men. They were just as interesting to me, as the dicks on the boys of my own age, but they were completely out of reach. I had no chance of ever getting in contact with those big ones, so I settled for staring a bit at them, under the showers or in the sauna. And waited for someone to play with in the water.

Slowly I got really good at swimming and diving, because I spent so much time there.
And I also had gotten some almost good friends, who I often saw there and played with.

And then one day it happened. Everything I wanted and needed. And much more, I hadn't even imagined.

Chapter 1

I was still 8 or maybe 9. It was a normal day. I had been having fun swimming and playing with a boy I've met a few times before. His name was Andy.
I remember that my dick was hard, when he headed back in for the showers. Nothing unusual in that.
I was a bit sad, because Andy had to leave soon. I tried not to be too clingy, but wished he could stay longer.

We played and talked in showers as usual. There was few other people in there. 2 men and a boy. One of the men seemed to be with the boy. the other man seemed to be alone. The boy was about 6 and a cute little kid and he had a great dick, I couldn't help staring at. It was thin and long.
One of the men had a big dick, that looked very hot too. I couldn't help staring at that one too. My eyes kept wandering back and forth between the 2 wonderful dicks, and it kept my own dick fully hard. I'm sure it was visible in my thin trunks.
Suddenly I was hit in the face, by something cold and wet.

Startled I jumped and stared in the direction, that the wet trunks came from, only to find Andy laughing at me.
"Oh you didn't..." I threatened him, briefly checked out his cute dick, picked up his trunks and aimed for him.
He could hardly talk, from all his laughing, but managed to gasp "But you didn't answer me, so I had to get your attention. It worked, didn't it?". Then he laughed again.
The 6 year old cutie and his dad left, while I aimed for my friend, who covered his face with his hands, to protect himself from my revenge.
That, however, left his little dick exposed and since I always had an eye for dicks, I spotted it right away and sent the wet trunks flying again.

"Splat!" It said, when I hit him right in his little genitals.
"Oomph" he said and bent forward. Then it was my turn to laugh.
"Take that!" I said, feeling good about myself. "Right in your dick"

But he didn't think it was funny. It hurt, and I could see he was struggling not to cry.
I didn't get to feel good about my revenge for more than 5 seconds, before I began to feel sorry for Andy, and regretted what I had done. I didn't mean to hurt him, I just wanted to get even.
"Ehm... I'm sorry" I stammered. "I didn't mean to hit you that hard. I just wanted to get even. I'm really sorry".

I wasn't sure if he was mad at me, or was in pain, but he didn't answer. He sat down on his knees, still bent forwards so I couldn't see his face.
"I'm really sorry" I repeated, not knowing what else to do.
"Come, let me help you" a deep voice said. The man apparently also felt Andy's pain. I wasn't used to adults paying attention to me or my friend, so I immediately liked the man. He actually cared that my friend was in pain.
But most of all I was afraid, that Andy didn't want to be my friend anymore.

He knelt beside Andy, put a hand on his back and said "You need to stretch out. Come, try to stand up. It'll feel better".
Andy reluctantly got on his feet, still bent forward. I could see that he was indeed crying.
The man put a hand on his chest, another hand on his butt and said "Now straighten up". Then he applied a little pressure making Andy standing straight up. His face was about same level as Andy's belly button, and he took a good look at Andy's dick. And so did I.
Then he said "It looks ok, there's no damage, it's just pain from the blow. It'll pass in a minute, if you lean back like this."
He pressed lightly on Andy's chest again, and held him up with his other hand behind his back, making him stretch out his tummy. It also meant that he was sticking forward his little dick. Almost right into the face of the man.

I realized my dick was soft, which surprised me. The whole thing with Andy crying, had made it go soft, but now it was stirring a little bit again. Andy sniffled and said "Yes, it feels better now. Thank you".
"That's good. You're welcome" the man said.
I really liked him. And he also had that great dick.
"I'm really sorry, Andy" I said one more time, now that Andy was able to speak again.
"It's ok. I hit you too" he said and tried to smile.

I still felt bad, so I tried to make him feel better. "Yeah, you got me square in the face with your dirty pee trunks!" I said.
To my relief Andy laughed.
The man did too, and helped me cheer up Andy "Yeah, he got you with a nice splash, right in the kisser"
We were both surprised that he talked with us, and even more by him saying I was hit 'in the kisser'.
We looked at each other and then we burst out laughing. He joined us and we all 3 were snorting and laughing.

Andy said "I really gotta get going. It's ok Niko, I know you didn't mean to hurt me".
I was happy to hear him say that. I didn't have many friends and after this, I counted Andy as one of my best. If not my only real friend.
I pulled down my trunks too and started to wash.
Andy got his towel and started to dry off. I supposed I should follow him out and leave too, but I also wanted to hang out with that really nice man, if he wasn't about to leave too.
I looked up at him. He was looking at me too and smiled at me. That was all the encouragement I needed.
I reminded myself not to cling too much to him, but I sure hoped, that the sexy friendly man, would want to hang out a bit with me after Andy left.

Andy looked at me, noticed I wasn't joining him out to the lockers and said "Well, smell you later, Niko".
"Yeah. Maybe see you here again tomorrow?" I asked hopefully, desperate to be with my new best friend. "Don't be clingy" I scolded myself.
"Yes maybe" he replied and disappeared.
Then it was just me and the that cool man. I checked out his nice big dick again. What should I do, to get him to talk with me some more?
I had no idea what to do, but I craved his attention and kindness.

Chapter 2

"What's your name?" I asked him.
He looked at me and smiled again. "I'm Tony" he said, and gave me his hand to shake.
I happily shook it, and I could feel a smile spreading, wider than my entire face.
"I didn't want to laugh when your friend was crying, but it was kinda funny, when you hit him right in the dick. Good shot." He said.
Wow! I sucked up the praise, wanting more. More of his attention too. And he said 'dick'. I giggled.

I still held his hand. I had no idea what to say, but I knew I wasn't going to be able to stop clinging to him, as long as he was this much fun.
When I finally let go of his hand he continued "It was pretty funny when he hit your face with his pee trunks too" he said and chuckled softly.
I laughed a little embarrassed laugh. I thought it was cool he said 'pee trunks' like I had, but I felt very self aware, and really wanted to hug him, and feel his dick.
I could feel my dick starting to harden a little bit. It was bad timing. I really wanted to talk and hang out with him, and I didn't want him to think I was a creep. If only I could find something to talk about, but I couldn't.

We stood there in silence. I picked up my bathing trunks, and started putting them on again.
"You're not going home?" he asked.
"Ehm... No. It was just my friend who had to leave." I replied.
"Oh, so you're here with some other friends too?"
"Ehm... " embarrassing. "No, I'm kinda here alone".
"Oh" he said, and looked into the wall for a while, before he continued "Isn't that a bit boring?"
"Yes, sometimes. But sometimes I meet new friends I can play with. Like Andy" I said. This was good. Now we were talking.
"I can play a bit with you, if you want" he said.
"You'll do that?" I asked astonished.
"Sure, I'm here alone too. And you're a fun little guy" he said and reached out for his speedos.

"Are you a good swimmer?" Tony asked.
"Yes" I said and felt proud.
"Ok, I'll race you to the other end" Tony said and kicked off.
"Hey, you're cheating" I said and dove after him.
He beat me to the other side, but the distance between us was smaller than the head start he had gotten with his surprise start.
"Cheater!" I said and attacked him. I jumped up and tried to grab him around the neck.
"You whine too much and swim too slow. Last one back is a turtle" he laughed and fended me off, before kicking off again.
This time however, I saw it coming and his head start was minimal.

I swam faster than ever to catch up. And made it just as he touched the other side. It was a tie.
"Oh, you were close this time" he said and smiled at me.
"No way, it was a tie!" I said. "And you started before me again, so I was faster".
"Excuses excuses. You're just too slow" Tony said a teased me.
I knew he was just teasing me, and I loved it. I jumped him again. This time I managed to get a hold around his neck, and I pulled him down or myself up.
Tony laughed as we fought. I didn't loosen my grip and I was now hanging on him, with both my arms and legs wrapped around him.
"Ok ok, I yield. I admit I cheated and you won" And with that he stopped fighting me off, and put his arms around me instead, just holding me like it was a hug and not a wrestle match.

I pretended we were still fighting. Pulled hard around his neck. Pressed my body as hard into his as I could, and said "Cheater".
"Yeah, guilty" he said. "But I had to cheat. You're too fast."
I think I fell in love with him right there. More attention and more praise. And I was hugging him and feeling his body against mine. It was so wonderful. And of course my dick got hard again.
I knew I shouldn't, but I couldn't help it. I tightened my leg-grip around his waist and pressed my hard little boner into his stomach. It just felt too good.

He just held me, and squeezed me a little bit in return. Then he said, I'm getting a little cold. Let's hit the showers again.
I really didn't want to let go of him. And I also didn't want him to see my boner. But I didn't dare to disagree with him, so I just let go of him, with a pang of loss, and followed him back inside.

Back in the showers Tony quickly took off his speedos and let his big dick out again. I stared. It didn't help on my own situation. We were alone for now, but I felt embarrassed and didn't want to take out my iron hard boner.
The more I tried to will it soft, the harder it got, until it was so hard that it hurt.
Tony smiled at me. "Cute" was all he said.
I wasn't sure what he meant, and was busy tried to look at something else than Tony, in the hope that my boner would go away.
It didn't seem to help and suddenly I felt a wet splash on my face.
I couldn't believe what had just happened. Tony had thrown his trunks in my face, just like Andy had done. But not as hard.
I was speechless. Tony was an adult!

He laughed. Hard.
I probably looked really funny, while my mind was trying to figure out what happened.
Finally I started laughing too. I wanted to throw them back at him to get even, like I had done with Andy. Maybe not at same place or not as hard. But I wanted revenge.
But Tony picked up his swim wear before I could get them.
But as he lowered his head to pick them up, I grabbed his head and clung to him, like I had done in the water.
Again he just held me, while I hugged him, pretending that I was wrestling with him.
I pressed my boner into his stomach again and hugged him tights, while I tossed my body from side to side, as a cover up, for me grinding my body against him and hugging him. I simply loved it.
Tony just stood there wrapping his arms around me, chuckling softly.
I lowered my grip a little and wrapped my legs around his butt. Then I resumed my thrashing about. I could feel the base of his dick on my butt, thighs and balls as I thrashed around, and Tony still didn't push me away.
I was in heaven. And then it happened.

Chapter 3

I felt it harden.
At first I wasn't sure, but soon there was no doubt about it. It got harder. I stopped moving around, loosened my grip and looked down between my legs at his dick.
We both looked down. It wasn't fully hard, but it was definitely thicker.
I couldn't help myself. I reached down between my legs and grabbed it.
Tony moaned in my ear.
I had never even had even a hint of positive feedback, from all the times I had grabbed or humped other kids. I was already halfway in love with Tony. And now he liked it when I held his dick. I made him feel good.
It was so exciting and made me so horny.

I let go of his neck and stood beside him, looking at his dick quickly growing to full size and now pointing upwards in a 45 degree angle from his body. It was huge. And beautiful.
I wrapped my hand around it. It felt warm and big. And good.
Tony moaned again, which spurred me on. Without thinking I bend down, and put the head of it in my mouth.
I was so huge, that I had trouble fitting in it. But I didn't care. I wanted it badly, and just pressed harder until it popped inside and filled up my mouth completely.
The sensation was overwhelming. I had wanted this for so long. Well, maybe not exactly this, but to have some kind of sexual interaction. And this beautiful big warm hard dick in my mouth was just perfect.
I didn't really know what do to, but I loved having it in my mouth. I pulled down my own trunks, let them fall to the ground, and started jerking my dick.
I had never been hornier in my whole life. And that meant a lot.

Suddenly Tony reached down, pulled his dick out of my mouth and spun me around with my face to the wall. He took same position in the shower next to me, right before a man with 2 boys entered the shower area.
Tony was very busy looking like he was washing himself. I copied him.
After a minute, Tony turned around and faced the new arrivals. I checked and his dick wasn't hard anymore.
Mine was still harder than steel. I swear, that if I had hit it with a metal rod, it would have made a ringing sound.
There was no way it was going to get soft. I couldn't lose that sensation of Tony's fantastic hard dick filling my mouth. And it made me horny beyond belief. I doubted my dick would ever be soft again.

I stood there washing and washing, hoping the man with his boys would go away. I hadn't even checked out their dicks, and for once I didn't care.
But my hope crumbled as more people arrived. Tony took his trunks, and grabbed his towel. Then he said to me "I'm going in the sauna"
I wanted the sauna too. With Tony. But my dick was still really hard. I waited another 30 seconds, then I gave up, turned around, picked up my trunks and towel and headed for the sauna.
I was sure everybody saw my boner, but it wasn't as embarrassing as I had feared. After all, it wasn't unusual for boys to get boners. I turned around the corner and wrapped my towel around my waist. Then I walked to the sauna and entered.

The sauna had 3 levels of wooden benches, covering the 3 walls.
Tony sat on the middle bench, near the wall on the left side.
There was also 2 boys in there, both about 10 years old. They were naked too, and sat on their towels. I kept my towel wrapped around my waist, poorly concealing my hard little dick.
I said "Hi" and sat on the lowest bench to the left, right under Tony, with my back against the wall and my legs up on the bench.
The wall was very hot and burned my back, when I first sat down, but I knew it would soon pass, as my body cooled the wall and I got accustomed to the heat.
When I moved my leg a bit to the left it touched Tony's ankles and feet. I scooted my whole body a bit to the left, so we had constant skin contact.

"Hi again" Tony said and smiled. I checked out his dick again. It was at level with my face, but an arms length away from me. I could easily reach out and touch it, but we weren't alone.
I checked out the 2 other boys. They were pretty good looking, and it looked like one of them had a semi-boner. I kept staring at it, and felt my own dick pressing against my tummy beneath my towel.
Though I liked the boys, especially the one with the almost hard dick, I still hoped they would leave soon.

There was no hope that my dick would go soft. Tony's dick was too close, and his right foot was gently rubbing against my left thigh. And I could still remember how it felt, to have his huge warm dick filling up my mouth. And on top of all that, the big boy with a semi hard kept staring on the lump in my towel. And so did Tony. I liked the attention, and felt for the first time in my life, that I wasn't creepy. Actually I felt sexy.

I spread my legs, and let my right leg fall down from the bench to rest on the floor. This spread my legs so much, that the big boy must have had a view up under the towel and he could probably see my balls. The towel was still holding and concealed my hard dick.
I was so horny. I wanted to suck some more on Tony's dick, but knew I couldn't until we were alone.

The other big boy complained about the heat. "Awww, I'm melting away" he said.
"Yeah, it's hot" the his friend with the semi-boner replied, without taking his eyes off my towel.
"I can't take it anymore. I'll hit the showers".
"Ok, I'll be out soon too" his staring friend answered.
And then one of the boys left, leaving only the boy with the semi hard on. His dick still seemed undecided about whether to go back to sleep, or start standing straight up.
I rested my arm on Tony's thigh and said "It's sure hot in here, eh?"
"Yes, that's the idea" he said smiling.
He lifted his foot and placed it on my thigh, and nudged me slightly. I looked up at him, and noticed his right hand signaling something to me, hidden from sight of the 10 year old boy, by his own leg.
He pointed at the boy. Then straightened his index finger straight out. Then pointed at me. I knew it was some sort of message, but I had no idea what he meant, other than it was something about that boy.

I looked back at the boy, and noticed that now his dick had grown a little bit more. He seemed to be getting harder, and he was still staring at my as hard as ever boner.
Still not understanding, I looked up at Tony, who were also busy staring at my towel.
I gave up. Whatever, I thought. I was just happy that they seemed to like to look at me. Maybe I should give them a little show?
I liked the idea, and I was so horny.
I lifted my arms, and stretched out. Then folded my hands behind my head, squinted my eyes and pretended to close them, while I twisted my body from side to side, like I was enjoying the stretching.

This caused the already lose towel to loosen further, and I could feel it was close to dropping off my front, which turned me on immensely. Showing off my hard dick to Tony and the staring boy, made me feel very sexy.
Only thing I wanted more, was to jerk my dick, while I sucked on Tony's dick. But that would have to wait.
Through my squinted eyes, I checked out the big boy. He's eyes were glued to my crotch. Then I twisted a bit to the side and looked at Tony, who seemed to be looking at my chest and tummy as I was stretching it.

Encouraged I stretched even more and moved my butt a little bit to the side too. That did the trick. The towel finally gave up, and opened in the front. The left side of the towel nearest Tony, stayed on my thigh, while the other end slid entirely off my body and hang down over the side of the bench.
My very hard dick was now fully exposed to my 2 admirers, as I continued to sit with my eyes closed, twisting and stretching, pretended not to have noticed.
Through my nearly closed eyes, I could see the big boys dick growing fast now.

I wanted to jerk my dick so bad. But I thought that was a little bit too bold.
I kept on my show for as long as I dared. When I looked at Tony, I could see that his dick had also started to grow bigger. It wasn't fully hard, but it was surely looking fatter and growing.
I loved their stares. But eventually I opened my eyes.
I looked at the boy.
He looked up at me, when he noticed I was looking at him.
I think he got embarrased, because he looked down at his very hard stiffie, before he pulled his towel around him, to hide it, and got up and left the sauna.

As soon as the door closed, Tony laughed. "He liked you too" he said amused.
His words stuck in my mind. 'Too'. Tony liked me. And I liked him a lot.
"Well, who can blame him. It was quite a sexy show you gave us."
I didn't even wait for the last words to leave his mouth, before I leaned forward, grabbed his fat dick and put it back in my mouth, where I had wanted it all along. Then I grabbed my boner and jerked it.
Tony moaned again. "Uhhh, man that feels good" he said as his dick very quickly grew to full size in my mouth.
I agreed and was in heaven.
Then he took my head, and pulled me away from his dick. It popped out with a soft 'Plop'.
I looked up at him confused. Wasn't this what we had both been waiting for? Finally alone again.

Tony said "You really love my cock, don't you kid?"
I nodded. I knew what cock meant. But suddenly I was afraid he was going to call me creep or something.
"We can't do such things here, it's far too dangerous. Would you like me to fuck you, Niko?" he asked
"Yes" I said without thinking. I wanted him to, though I didn't really understand what it meant.

I knew, men fucked women in their pussy. But I didn't have a pussy.
Sticking a dick in a butt was not something I had ever heard about, or thought about, so it didn't occur to me at all.
But I knew fuck meant sex, and I loved his dick and wanted all the sex I could get with him. He was the nicest adult I had ever met, and I longed to have his dick in my mouth again.

"Ok" he said. "Can you come home with me now? Or when do you have to be home?"
"I don't know" I said. "For dinner I think". That was at least a couple of hours away.
"Great" Tony said and wrapped his towel around his big hard juicy dick.

We showered quickly, both in a hurry to get going. Tony's dick was soft again, but mine stayed hard the whole time. I didn't care. And tony seemed to like that it was hard, because every time I looked at him, he was looking at my dick.
It made me feel really good with this abundance of attention and kind words.

Chapter 4

Soon after we were at Tony's apartment.
I was beside my self. I almost couldn't contain the excitement. I was going to have sex. With someone who liked it. Who liked me.

And I had the worst case of puppy love any 8 year old ever had. Everything about Tony was so amazing. He was so great, so cool, so big, so kind. And his dick was so sexy I nearly lost my breath, every time I remembered the sensation of it filling my mouth.

"Have you ever been fucked?" Tony asked.
"No" I said, wondering what he meant.
"Oh ok. I just thought... I mean, you said yes so... Hmm... " he mumbled
"But I want to" I quickly added, hoping he wasn't disappointed in me.
"Yes well, it's not that easy. But we'll see how it goes. As long as we have fun, right?"
"Yes" I said and tried to sound as I knew what was going on.

"Come here then" Tony said. "Follow me to my bed, then we'll see how much fun there's room for, in that little hot body of yours."
He said I was hot. Every single time one of those kind words I craved for was uttered, I simply loved it. I couldn't get enough.
I jumped up, grabbed his neck again and hugged him tight. For the first time, I wasn't pretending it was a fight. I just wanted to feel him holding me.
He hugged me tight, and kissed my lips. Nobody had ever done that before. Not even my parents. They always kissed my cheeks.
Then he carried me the rest of the way to his bed room, while I clung to him.

"Do you like kissing?" he asked, when we were both on the bed.
"Yes" I quickly replied.
"I mean french kissing. With the tongue" he added.
"Oh, I don't know" I replied, again getting a bit insecure.
"You want to try?" Tony asked me.
"Yes" I replied. Happy that he didn't seem to be disappointed in my lack of experience.

Tony continued his questions. "Have you sucked a big adult dick before? A little dick of your friends? Have you ever tasted sperm. Seen sperm? Have you had your dick sucked before? Have you every tried sticking your dick into someone? Have you played with a girls pussy?"
I answered "no" to all his questions, and felt very little and useless.
"I'm sorry" I said, feeling bad about myself.
"Why are you sorry?" Tony asked and looked confused.
"Because I don't know anything"
He laughed. Not in a mocking way, but in a comforting way.
Then he said "Oh, don't be sorry about that. It's cute, and I'd love to teach you anything you want to know. You're the sexiest, cutest and horniest little boy I've ever met" and then he kissed me.

My head spun. He said he loved me. Almost. Or he said a lot of sexy words about me and thought I was sexy.
It was pure bliss. All my pent up sexual frustrations was to be satisfied and also all my need for love and attention. Everything I wanted in one package. And what a package. I yearned to touch it and have it in my mouth again.

Tony kissed me again but this time, he stuck his tongue in my mouth. I knew what that was. I had seen it in movies, and heard talk about it.
It felt a little weird at first. But I wanted him to like me, so I would have done anything for him. I needed him.
After a few seconds, I started liking it, and eagerly played his tongue game.
Sometimes it was slow and soft and sometimes it was harder. But I liked it best when he stuck his tongue all the way in my mouth, and filled it as much as possible. I also liked it when he sucked on my tongue, like it was a lollipop or a dick.
Actually I liked it all. It made me feel loved, which was what I truly craved. And it made me feel sexy. And horny. I reached down in his pants, and grabbed his dick. I wanted it.
And I needed to cum too. Badly. For hours I had been so horny. I couldn't make sperm yet, but I could sure have orgasms, and I was desperate to get my release soon. And I would.

Tony moaned when I grabbed his dick and started to rub it. I loved it when he moaned. Then I knew that it was me: Little creepy 8 year old pervert boy-me, who was giving so much pleasure to a cool grown up man, that he was moaning.
It made me feel important and very proud. I wanted to please him any way possible.
He let me play a little with his dick, while we kissed and he moaned into my mouth once in a while.
But soon he pushed me back, pulled up my shirt and kissed my tummy. Then he pulled my shirt off and opened my pants. I think I held my breath. I hoped he was going to suck on my dick, but I didn't dare believe it, until it happened.
He pushed my pants down, and looked at my undies. Then he squeezed my iron hard little dick and said "Oh it's so cute. The sexiest thing in the whole world".

Finally he peeled off my Spiderman briefs and admired my stiffie. I thrashed my legs about until my briefs had come all the way off.
Then he touched my dick. The first time anyone but me, had touched my hard dick. The light touch, sent electricity through my whole body, and I think a little cry escaped my throat.
And then he took my entire woodie in his mouth, and sucked on it.
I couldn't believe, that this was happening to me, or how good it felt. It was everything I had longed for and more. And I was so horny.
Tony kept sucking on it, wet slippery sucks on my harder than ever penis.
It didn't take him long to get me so wound up, that I was finally going to cum. I needed it badly, and Tony sucked without pause.
I couldn't help moving my lower body as the waves of pleasure gripped me. It felt so good that my hips just moved all on their own. And I moaned and gasped too.
And then I came.
It felt like an explosion of pleasure and love. This man who was nearly a stranger, was so kind and good. I put my hands in his hair and he slowed down his sucking. I was overwhelmed by all the feelings. Both the physical pleasure and the strong emotions I felt.

Tony slowly stopped sucking and just held my still hard penis between his lips. Sometimes chewing gently on it, but mostly just holding it there. For a minute or so.
I was so grateful and I thought that Tony was the coolest nicest most sexy man I had ever met. He was better than spiderman.
I wanted to play with his dick now. I wanted to make him feel good.

Chapter 5

"Can I suck on your dick again?" I asked, eager to have it in my mouth again and make Tony moan and love me.
Tony laughed. "You sure can, my friend".
Then he laid down beside me, kissed my cheek and said "As much as you want".
I crawled down to his dick, wrapped my hand around and felt it's heat and hardness, as I marveled at it size. I felt like the luckiest boy in the world. This wonderful big dick and I was allowed to suck on it.
It was so big and hard, that I almost couldn't fit the head into my mouth. But I managed to get it in there again, and enjoyed the feeling immensely. Tony moaned as usual as I had hoped he would.
Tony grabbed his own dick, and began to squeeze it and stroke it slowly up and down, while I held my head still with his head in my mouth.

"Oh man you make me so horny, Niko" he gasped. "I'm about to cum"
I wasn't sure what it meant, but I guessed it meant an orgasm, like I just had.
"Would you like my big dick to fuck you, Niko?" he asked.
I couldn't answer. I didn't know what it meant, but I wanted to say yes anyway. I just couldn't because my mouth was so full.
I did my best and answered "Ef".
Tony laughed. And then he pulled his dick out of my mouth.

"I know it's your first time, Niko" he said. "And it can hurt a bit the first times. Are you sure you want to be fucked?".
Now I was a bit worried, but I still say "Yes". I wanted everything I could get.
"Have you ever had anything up in your butt?" he asked.
That was an odd question. I had poop up in my butt. What else could there be up there?
"Only poop" I answered confused.
Tony laughed loud. "Yes, I suppose we all have that. But I meant other that poop. It's ok. We'll see how it goes".
I was very confused. It still didn't occur to me, that he wanted to stick his huge dick up in my butt. I suppose that I was a bit naive and stupid. Maybe it was because I didn't have any friends to talk about such things with. But I simply never made any connection between butts and sex.

"Why did you ask about my poop?" I asked.
"I didn't. It's just that you said you wanted me to fuck you."
I must have been visible on my face that I had no idea what he was talking about. Because he started to laugh again.
"Sweet cute Niko. You know how boys are fucked?"
"No" I said.
And then suddenly I understood. I didn't have a pussy and he asked about my butt.
My mouth fell open. I was amazed.
"Niko, I want to fuck your cute butt, but I'm not sure we can do that today. Because it hurts, if we go ahead too fast. But if you want, we can try a little bit as see how it goes. If it hurts too much, we'll just stop it, ok?"
"Ok" I mumbled. Still trying to grasp the concept of his dick going up my butt.
There was no way it could fit up there. But the idea of having his big dick inside me, somehow made a lot of sense, and I really wanted it. It just seemed so ridiculously impossible.

"Let's go wash you up a bit first, ok?" Tony said. Then he lead me to the bathroom, and turned on the shower.
Again I was clueless. We had just spent hours swimming. Did he think I was dirty already?
But when he soaped in my butt, and stuck his finger up in my tiny little virgin hole, I understood what he had meant. It felt very weird to have my anus invaded for the first time ever. It wasn't unpleasant and it didn't hurt. It didn't feel good either. It was just weird.
I allowed him to stick his finger in me. He was very thorough, and after a while, he had his entire finger buried deep inside me, and started to wriggle it around.

That was the first time I started to feel something that wasn't just weird. I liked having his finger inside me, and suddenly I understood the purpose of sticking a dick in there too.
Now I was sure I that wanted it. But it still seemed utterly impossible. Until a few minutes ago, I would never have thought even a finger could go all the way in there. But a finger was thin. Tony's huge dick? No way.
But I could feel the excitement of the idea. To have Tony's big dick inside me, and have him fuck me, like I was a woman he loved. I hoped he would.

Back in the bed, with my clean almost virgin hole, I was excited. My dick was very hard again.
But then Tony said "Niko, there's no way I can fuck you today. You're way to tight for my cock. But if you want to be my little secret boyfriend, you can come here nearly every day, and we can train your hole a little bit every time. And soon I'm sure I can fuck your little sexy butt hole".
I was disappointed and relived at the same time. But most of all I was excited.
Tony wanted me to be his boyfriend and play with me almost every day. I was so happy, I jumped up on his chest and said "Yes, I want to be your boyfriend!" and hugged him and kissed his mouth.
He laughed again. "I think I'm the luckiest guy in the world" he chuckled.
I disagreed. That would be me.

We kissed a little bit, and then Tony said. "I'm so horny Niko. Could you suck my dick again?"
"Yes" I said as happy and eager as any boy in love had ever been.
I put his dick back in my mouth. He grabbed it and started jerking it slowly into my mouth.
"Oh it feels so good, my love" he mumbled.
My love? He just said straight out that he loved me!
"I'm gonna cum, Niko. Can I cum in your mouth?" he moaned, while he still jerked himself.
"Ef" I said. I wanted him to have his orgasm, while I had his sexy dick in my mouth.
But I had no idea there would be sperm. I was so ignorant.

Tony started moaning loader and his breathing became louder too. I knew he was close, and I loved that it was because of me, that he was huffing and moaning.
He jerked his big dick faster, while he was moving his hips.
I grabbed his dick, wanting to jerk it for him. But it was really difficult, because his hips was moving too.
I had to concentrate really hard, and also remember to keep my mouth wide open.

Suddenly a lot of things happened at the same time. I felt something warm and wet in my mouth, just as I felt his dick starting to twitch.
I thought he had peed in my mouth, but when I took his dick out, it wasn't peeing. And the wetness in my mouth felt slimy.
I gagged and coughed and his sperm ran out of my mouth, while I tried to understand what was happening. And just then, Tony's big dick shot out another load of cum, while I was looking at it. It his me straight in my face.
I panicked and jerked my head away from all the slimy goo. But I still held on to Tony's dick, and I could feel it jumping in my hand when another shot was unloaded.

I sputtered but was also fascinated by his shooting dick. It looked weird, but somehow exciting. And gross. Soon his spasms subsided, and I let go of his dick.
"Eeewww, you peed!" I said accusingly.
Tony didn't answer, but just moaned again and then let out a content sigh.
I tried to get the goo off my face, by wiping with my hands and arms.

"I'm really sorry, my love. I thought you knew about sperm. I didn't pee. This is my love-juice" he said and wiped some off my cheek.
"Love-juice?" I said. I wasn't sure if he was teasing me. Love-juice sounded like something beautiful and wonderful. Not sticky gross goo.
"Yeah, sweety. You see I had a wonderful orgasm, just like you did before. But when a grown up man does that, he shoots out sperm. Or cum. Or love-juice. It has many names. I made all this, because you are so sexy" he said, flattering me.
It worked. I was really flattered. He thought I was sexy and I made him feel good. And he made love-juice for me. It was still gross though. But it helped a little that he called it love-juice and said it was because I was sexy.

He cleaned me up, and we stayed naked in his bed the rest of the afternoon, until I had to leave.
We mostly talked, hugged and kissed.
I hoped he would want more sex stuff, but he didn't do anything, and I was afraid of being creepy as usual, if I started again, so nothing more happened.
But he listened to my every word, and gave me all the attention I desired. It was almost as good as sex.
When we said goodbye, Tony told me that I was always welcome. Any time. Day or night. Only if he had other guests, it might not be a good idea, that I was there.
I understood. Then we said goodbye, and Tony said that next time I visited him, he would have some dildos for me.

I told myself as I walked home, that I wanted to be his boyfriend and I'd visit him almost everyday, like he had said. But without being too clingy, so I scared him away.
He was the most special man I had ever met, and I was already scared of losing him.

When I got home, I went to my room and jerked off 3 or 4 times.
I missed my boyfriend already. And somehow all that love-juice didn't seem so gross now, as I was pulling on my dick and thinking about how Tony groaned and moaned, when his big sexy dick was in my mouth.

I missed it already. And I missed him.

I couldn't wait to see him again. He said he loved me. Almost. And he even said, that he was gonna buy me some candy. Actually I didn't really know what dildos were, but I was sure it was something good, the way he said it, so I assumed it would some kind of candy.
Then I jerked off one more time, again thinking about Tony's big dick and his love-juice.

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