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This the home of me: AWH. Here you'll find my stories about man/boy love and sex.
All my stories are fantasies about boys. Some are mostly sexual fantasies, others are more emotional.

Updates and news
12 mar 2017 - My new email is now working. I have lost messages sent to me in the last month or so, but I can now receive comments again. :) - The new stories is coming along nicely, but still far from ready to be published.
2 mar 2017 - Started writing a little bit again. This time it's a sci-fi story, with a bit more of a plot than most of my stories. We'll see if I actually manage to create something readable this time.
2 mar 2017 - Also, my email has been down for a long time now, so I can't read your comments. :( - It's really annoying, cause I love to read all your comments. Hopefully it'll be return some day soon, but I fear it won't.
2 sep 2016 - Finished and published Bus rides with Donnie. I hope you'll enjoy it, and write me a comment.
27 jun 2016 - Finished and published chapter 3 of Boylover on the road. I hope you'll enjoy it, and write me a comment.
15 jun 2016 - I have actually also be writing a bit. I'm halfway through chapter 3 of Boylover on the road. If I can keep it up, it should be ready in a week or so.
15 jun 2016 - Reordered the story list by popularity of votes. Boylover Outcast was written after I did the poll, so I decided to put it near the top based on the feedback comments I got after writing it.
26 aug 2016 - Seems my email is working again, or maybe it did all along. I'll reenable the post boxes I removed from some stories, and hope to get a comment once in a while again. :)
22 may 2016 - Haven't written anything worth publishing in ages. Have an idea for a story, I think might be good, but not sure I'll get around to finishing it.
- Meanwhile, my counters haven't worked in ages, so I'll remove them - Well over 1 million total hits, but that's just hits. Maybe noone actually reads the stories. :) - And my email doesn't work either, so I'll be removing those links as well. Have fun, and be nice to those lovely boys out there.
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Boy stories
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A convicted pedophile, faces a harsh life after his release, until he receives an unexpected call.
Boylover outcast part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

A suicidal boylover meets a hungry boy
Death Drive - Death Drive part 2 - Death Drive part 3

A young boy finally finds what he needs
When I was 7

Neighbor boy has a problem
Hyper part 1 - Hyper part 2 - Hyper part 3 - Hyper Epilogue

A random encounter with a mother who loves to show off her sexy little son
Waiting for the ferry - Waiting for the ferry part 2

Interactive story about a boylover afraid of commitment
Boylover on the road - Boylover on the road chapter 2 - Boylover on the road chapter 3

A boy school teacher is blackmailed by horny preteen boys
Boy school teacher - Part 2 - Part 3

A lot of bus rides with a sweet boy
Bus rides with Donnie.

A horny 11yo boy thinks he's alone and jerks off. Then he gets some help
Amusement park

A very hot dancing boy is certainly not gay
Dancing Boy

A boy wants his cute feet tickled, which leads to more
Pretty boy feet - Pretty boy feet part 2

A short story about a boy who got hurt and found help and some more
Tennis boy

A quick little story, about tough street boys and a horny man.
Street Boys

A strange little story. Not very erotic.
Feathers or salvation

I hope you enjoy them, and leave me a little message.
Have fun

- And take good care of those lovely boys, out there in the real world -
- they need care and love -

I hope you liked my story.
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