Mary's Diary, Part 10 - Week Commencing December 15th, 2008

by Mary
(sent by email to Arthur Saxon)

NEW UPDATE - added 12/21/08

Another week, another update - thank you Mary!!!

Dear Arthur,

Thank you for once again being so kind and supportive! Thank you also for passing on some of the feedback youíve been getting from your readers Ö that was very nice to read, and I appreciate their comments! Iím still not over the Mickey thing, but for the most part Iíve been able to put him out of my mind Ö with the help of some useful distractions! But thereís some bad news, unfortunately, which Iíll let you discover as you read about what happened this week.

Monday, 15th of December, 2008

Woke up feeling very full. I wasnít at all sure Iíd be going to work this morning, but I ran Denisís program anyway, just to see what I would be wearing if I went.

Skirt: pale pink, 4Ē
Panties: white sheer

That seemed like a fairly non-traumatic outfit, so I made up my mind to go to work and just try to get over what happened on Friday. I didnít feel much like having sex in the toilet this morning, but after a lengthy groping by Josh and his friend, I got quite horny and went to the toilet with them anyway. I snogged both of them with my eyes closed, and they both fucked me face-to-face. I felt like such a whoreÖ (I love that word!)

No Mickey at the office, of course, which meant that Denis was extra-busy doing all of the coding. I sent him a message at nine oíclock saying that I didnít think I could hold it in much longer, and he asked me if I felt up to putting on a show. Sweet of him to ask! I replied that I just wanted to forget about Mickey and carry on as usual, so he told me to get over to Boffís lap as soon as I started losing control.

It happened at 10:29. I hurried over to Boff, who smiled at me and pushed his chair back so I could lie on his lap. He soon had his hands inside my bra, and Steve, after asking me a couple of times if I was okay with him touching me (!!), finally started finger-fucking me. It felt very nice! I did a lot of poo, but it was much softer and smellier than usual Ö not quite diarrhoea, but certainly not very pleasant! Steve got his fingers out of me in a hurry, I can tell you! I didnít hang around, I just hurried to the bathroom to clean up. Getting the poo in a bag was a tricky and messy business, but I managed it. My panties were so messy that I didnít bother trying to clean them Ö I just put them in the bag too.

I got fingered a few more times throughout the day, but thereís not much to describe. Steve or Andy would come up behind me and stick their hands up my skirt, or they would come to my desk and do the same while I was sitting down, and they would get one or two fingers inside me. It got a bit repetitive after a while Ö I found myself wanting more! But I wished Boff would do more Ö he did fondle my breasts a couple of times today, but nothing more.

When I got home I weighed my poo Ö it was 1.35 kg (just under 3 lbs).

Tuesday, 16th of December, 2008

Felt fairly full again this morning! Good show!

Dress: pale pink, 2Ē
Panties: pale pink satin front, sheer mesh back

Nice outfit, but I wore the dress only last Tuesday Ö Iím pretty sure my outfits are not supposed to recur that quickly! I asked Denis if the program might have gone wrong and he said he would look into it. Nevertheless, I wore the dress.

The train journey this morning was ridiculous! I felt as if I had hands all over me! There were men pressed close all around me, and even the man in front of me, whose face I could clearly see, was fondling my breasts through my dress! It was wild, and I was incredibly horny, though I was a little scared too. I figured Josh and his friend had brought a bunch of their friends to surround me so that they could do what they liked with me without anyone else seeing. At any rate they soon had my panties around my ankles and my dress up around my neck. They undid my bra but couldnít take it off without taking off my dress, but they could still grope my bare breasts. Their hands were all over me! They were finger-fucking both my vagina and my anus, and a couple of them guided my hands to their dicks, so I found myself giving a couple of handjobs too! It was crazy, Arthur! I loved it!

It didnít last long, though, unfortunately, and when the train stopped, I hurriedly pulled down my dress and pulled up my panties. Then I went straight to the toilet, thinking I was about to get the biggest gang-bang of my life.

But it was just Josh and his friend! I asked where the others were, and Josh laughed and asked if I was disappointed. I just shrugged and didnít reply to that. Anyway Josh sat down on the toilet and I straddled him, and kissed him while he was fucking me, and then he leaned back, and his friend (Phil, I learned today), took me up the arse.

Iím going to skip over the dayís events at work. There were some fingerings of course, and at one point midway through the afternoon Steve, bold as brass, took my dress completely off, but I was very disappointed when five oíclock came around and I still hadnít had an accident, despite feeling really full and desperate by then. I put my dress back on and went home.

Wednesday, 17th of December, 2008

Woke up feeling moderately full Ö less so than yesterday, in fact, but that didnít necessarily mean I wouldnít be having an accident. I kept my fingers crossed.

Trousers: tan, 28Ē
Panties: white cotton

Talk about a boring outfit! I felt quite embarrassed, actually, when I again found myself surrounded by gropers on the train, only to present them with this stupid chastity belt! They did pull my trousers down to my knees, though, along with my panties, so it was still fun for all concerned. In the toilet afterwards, four of them crowded into that little cubicle with me! That didnít work, so two of them waited outside while the other two fucked me, and then they swapped over. They all came in my vagina Ö my panties were a complete sodden mess by the time I got to work, and I had to clean them in the bathroom. But I loved the fact that I had just been fucked by four men! Iíve become SUCH a slut, Arthur Ö I just keep wanting more and more penises inside me! Iím insatiable!

I hadnít been at my desk for twenty minutes when Steve came over and asked me to stand up. I did so, and he proceeded to take off my trousers! I didnít object, and stepped out of them when he asked me to. Then he folded them over the back of my chair, and went back to his desk! I suppose I could have put them back on and completely wasted his time and effort, but to be honest I didnít want to wear them anyway, so I left them off.

About half an hour later, he came back over Ö for a fingering, I assumed. But no! This time, without saying a word, he just unbuttoned my blouse, and took it off, leaving me in my underwear and shoes! He folded it over the back of my chair as well, but once he had gone I took both the blouse and trousers, and laid them on the corner of my desk.

About an hour later he came back, and this time I guessed correctly that he was going for my bra. So now I was just in my panties and shoes and socks! Then, at eleven oíclock, he came back for my panties. Still he hadnít fingered me, yet now I was naked! Apart from my shoes and socks, anyway.

But then the fingering started. First Steve, then Andy, and even Boff got his fingers inside me, with a little encouragement (I straddled his lap, took his hand, and put it between my legs!) What I really wanted to do was get his dick out and sit on that Ö but I didnít want to incur Denisís wrathÖ

I got dressed again at lunchtime so that I could go out to the deli, but when I returned, I stripped back down to my shoes and socks. I had decided to let Steve fuck me, and at about two oíclock in the afternoon, I went over to his desk and bent over it, spreading my feet apart and presenting my pussy to him in the lewdest way! He fingered me for a couple of minutes, but that was all. Eventually, frustrated, I turned to him and whispered ďAre you going to fuck me or what?Ē

He didnít need telling twice! I donít know why he had been holding back until then Ö maybe he had figured it was crossing the line or something. But once I had invited him, he was inside me as quick as a flash! I feel sorry for his wife, but ultimately, Steve could have said no! Anyway he came inside me pretty quickly. Then he took off my shoes and socks! So now I was naked Ö and a bit cold, even though I had turned up the thermostat.

I then offered myself to Andy, but he declined!! I couldnít believe it! Maybe heís averse to the idea of cheating on his wife, but that hasnít stopped him from fingering me plenty! Or maybe he just didnít want sloppy secondsÖ

Oh, Austen has this whole week off, I forgot to mention. I donít think Iíd have had the courage to slut it up in the office quite so much if heíd been there. I think heís off next week too.

At ten past four, I finally lost control! Iíd asked Denis earlier what I should do if and when this happened while I was naked, and he said I should put my panties on and get on Boffís lap as usual. So thatís what I did, but to my surprise Steve took my panties back off! I tried to stop him, but he was too quick. I said something like, ďBut Steve, what about my poo!Ē And he just said, ďIíll catch itĒ!!!

So there I was, lying on Boffís lap with my knees up and my legs spread wide apart, completely naked while Steve was finger-fucking me and my poo was coming out of my anus! Before it broke off, though, Steve pulled my panties open and held them under my bottom, so that when the poo finally dropped, he did in fact catch it in my panties. I kept pushing out more and more poo, until I was done. Then, to my amazement, Steve actually wiped my arse with a couple of tissues!

Then (because things hadnít got weird enough already!!) Steve put my panties down, got his dick out, and actually started fucking me while I was still lying on Boffís lap! Boff was curiously a little lost for words at this point! He just fondled my breasts while Steve fucked me. Once Steve was done, he asked Robin and Andy if they wanted to fuck me too, but they both declined. I noticed that Robin did so rather reluctantly! Maybe Iíll have to work on seducing him nextÖ

Boff couldnít resist me any more, however Ö he laid me down on his desk, and fucked me while kissing me. Denis was watching, of course, but for some reason he didnít object this time! And when Boff was done, Denis fucked me too (but in my arse)!

Put it this way, Arthur, I was feeling well and truly fucked by this time!!! And quite sore, if truth be told. Anyway, Denis had me put my panties back on, complete with their cargo of poo, and thatís how I remained for the last few minutes of the day. At five oíclock, I asked Denis if I could clean up, but he told me no! So I got dressed, even pulling my trousers up over my messy panties, and thatís how I went home. It was very nerve-wracking, and several people figured out that the nasty smell was coming from me, but nothing bad happened aside from some unpleasant looks and comments.

My poo weighed 1.6 kg (3.5 lbs).

Thursday, 18th of December, 2008

Woke up feeling fairly empty Ö definitely no accident today.

Skirt: mauve, 1Ē
Panties: white cotton

Now I KNOW the program is faulty Ö I wore this skirt only last Friday! I asked Denis about it and he says that he must have accidentally reset the list when he was debugging the program last weekend. While we were on the subject, I asked him if he could remove the trousers from the list, and he said he would.

On the train, it was crazy Ö my gropers actually took OFF my skirt AND my panties Ö they also removed my coat, but although they unbuttoned my blouse, they didnít take that off. When the train stopped at our destination, I had to scramble to get my clothes back on in order to avoid getting into trouble again! I went to the toilets, and again there were four of them. This time two of them fucked my arse. Then they stuffed my panties inside my vagina! I thought that was kind of cool so I left them there when I went to work.

Steve had me naked in next to no time. He thought it was cool that I wasnít wearing any panties, and then he was practically ecstatic to find them in my vagina! They were soaked, but he made me put them on! A few minutes later, he bent me over my desk, pulled my panties down just low enough to reveal my bottom, and then he fucked me. Once he had come inside me, he took my panties off and stuffed them back inside me.

Then Ö disaster! Out of the blue, Andyís wife showed up! Fortunately Andy wasnít doing anything to me at the time (though he had been about ten minutes earlier!) But it was bad enough, I suppose, that I was naked and flirting with Boff when she walked through the door. She screamed! Literally! Then she completely freaked out, and demanded what the hell was going on, and shouted at Andy, and then she marched into Neilís office and started shouting at him!

Oh gosh, Arthur, it was not pleasant! I put all my clothes back on double-quick, and just sat at my desk cringing at all the stuff Gerri was saying. I couldnít deny that the names she was calling me were all true Ö if only she knew HOW true!!!

Then Denis came over and told me that I should go home! He said that he would try to smooth things over, and he would let me know later how it all turned out. So I went home, feeling very anxious, and not a little guilty! I couldnít help wondering if my adventures were over.

And so they were. Denis came home and told me that Neil had decided to fire me rather than lose Andy. Basically Gerri had told Andy that if he didnít quit, she would leave him Ö and Neil had suggested as a compromise that I should leave instead. Gerri was satisfied with that solution, and so that was it Ö no more job for me! Itís very sad, Arthur. I know it was getting crazy and out of control, but I was having a blast! Perhaps itís just as well, though Ö a wake-up call before things got too out of hand and I got thrown in jail. I suppose it was only a matter of time before someone at the train station complained about the daily orgy, and the police arrived to break up our little gang-bang. Iím actually surprised that hasnít happened already!

But Iím going to try to cool it down for a while. I know Iím addicted to sex, and I should probably get some help for that! Alternatively I could just let Denis think up some new and fun things for me to do, heehee! At any rate, for the moment, Iím afraid, my updates will have to stop Ö but if things change and I start having some new adventures, Iíll be sure to let you know.

Thanks so much for letting me share my adventures with your readers!


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