(Fm, exhib, voy, inc, oral)

by E.A. Grant

Jeff liked to peek in on his mother

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If you had asked him he would have told you that they had been playing their inter-net game for a long time before, ‘it’ started, but it really hadn’t been long at all.  It would be hard to say who moved the ‘game’ in a sexual direction; it just seemed to have slowly, naturally migrated in that way of its own will.  Both were being careful in the beginning not to go too far or even understanding what too far was, although of course the mother knew intuitively or had a pretty good idea.  She ignored the red lights, surrendered to the temptation and her own need; deliberately she moved over the line.  There were doubts, at the beginning, but neither wanted the fun game to end… ever. 

In the beginning it was simple and harmless, just a convenience. Maria would leave messages for her son on the P/C when she went to work and Jeff would read them when he woke up.  For example:

<B.B.J…Good morning Sweetie. Hope you slept well… you were up too late watching TV.  Have a good day.  Take a package of hamburger out of the freezer and leave it in the sink to defrost for dinner. I’m running late.  Be a good boy. See you this afternoon.    Mom   XXX>

Jeff’s reply would have been something just as mundane… like this:

<Mom…H.berg is in the sink… last pack….  I brought in the mail. Mrs. Goldman called at seven and woke me up - she wants you to call her. I have B-ball practice today so I’ll be a little late.  I can’t find my best red pull over - do you know where it is?      BBJ    XXX>

Maria worked as a receptionist at a motel and had to be on duty at six AM, leaving home for work around five thirty.  Jeff checked the messages when he got up or when he got home from being with friends at night. He would leave her notes explaining where he was and when he would be back, etc.

Jeff was a tall thin fifteen year old who showed all the signs of eventually becoming the handsome man his father had been. His muscular physique and cobalt blue eyes had already begun to attract female attention. 

Jeff’s dad had died many years before from complications during an open heart operation. The dad had been a very successful male model for an agency that produced hundreds of retail catalogs.  Fortunately his insurance had left his wife and new baby moderately well off.  Then life went on with Jeff never really missing the dad he had never known. Jeff was perfectly happy with just he and his mom in the house together; it just seemed natural, comfortable.  

Maria herself had been somewhat of a model in Italy, though never on a par professionally with Jeff’s dad. She was a young seventeen year old when she had met him in Rome while he was working on an extended shoot for a Sears Christmas catalog.  Maria was a beautiful young woman with long black hair.  She was short, only a bit over five feet tall with soft honey brown eyes and a perfect figure except perhaps a little on the busty side for a model, but no one complained about that.  It had been love at first sight with the older man (he was forty) and they were married a month after meeting.  Jeff was born a year and a month later in a comfortable New York suburb.  

Jeff of course had noticed as he began to grow what a pretty mother he had and when he entered puberty he took notice of what a great body she had.  She had caught him twice trying to see down her blouse and though a little embarrassed actually thought it was cute.  She also knew, but never acknowledged it, that he had on occasion managed to peek at her when she had just finished her bath.  They both knew, but neither acknowledged, that he loved to watch her in a bikini in their backyard pool, more so in the summer of his fifteenth year.  She recognized his fascination with her… she liked knowing that he enjoyed looking at her body.  She felt a little guilty, but she liked it. She felt a little strange about it in some ways, but the feeling was also very erotic in a strange weird way.

In their daily communications she called him ‘Big Bad John’, usually abbreviated to BBJ  It was a joke between them about a song he had loved as a young boy. In the beginning he always called her Mom, but that would change.

Maria generally got home from her job around three or three thirty, while Jeff, a freshman in high school, got home just a little earlier around two thirty or so.  Most days were similar.   She would come home, change and start dinner while he went to his room and did his homework. When dinner was ready she would ‘IM’ him from the kitchen and he got the message on the P/C in his room upstairs.  

<BBJ dinner is ready Honey>

<Re: cool Mom be right there>

And so it had gone for over a year until the E-Mails and IM’s slowly changed into something else, something more personal. At night, he in his room and she in hers, would often IM back and forth; he from his P/C, she from her lap top lying in bed. They were usually short innocent thoughts, like…

<Don’t forget your appointment at the dentist>

Or <I’m going to the mall after school>

Or just <Good night> 

The conversations eventually became longer and more conversational.  They talked about her work and his school. About what he did when he went out with his friends and what she did when she went out with hers.  They both lied some, but not a lot and both knew it. The first clearly sexual IM was this:

Mom <Hi baby …you were out late…it’s after ten>

BBJ <Sorry Mom. Jimmy got busy with his girl and forgot me. When I get my own car it won’t happen.>

Mom <did you have a nice time?>

BBJ < oh ya…a great time.  I sat with Ginny in Jimmy’s car mostly. We were at the burger place in the parking lot>

Mom <She is only thirteen years old Jeff….I hope you didn’t get too fresh.>

BBJ <LOL …of course not Ma…we just talked>

Mom <That I don’t believe Jeff.  You’re fibbing, but that’s alright.>

BBJ <it’s true…I swear.>

Mom <You didn’t kiss her?> She knew right away that she shouldn’t have asked that …but what the hell?  She thought she would just have a little fun, and she was curious.

After a few moments BBJ replied <well ya a little>Maria found this interesting and erotic.

Mom <what else did you do to her Jeff? You didn’t touch her breast did you?>


Mom <Well, did you?> Maria giggled to herself. <You can tell me, I’m your mother.>

Jeff paused before answering. How much should he tell her? She was, after all, his mother and not just one of his friends.

BBJ <Well just a little… but through her blouse… just a little.>

He wasn’t nearly as reluctant to talk about it as he pretended. He really thought it was kind of fun, so long as she didn’t get mad.

For Maria, the conversation now conjured lurid images of the young girl being felt up by her son, wetting Maria’s pussy and exciting her mind… her hand slid between her legs.

Mom <And she didn’t stop you?>

Jeff was now getting an erection talking about what had happened on his date.

BBJ <No, she didn’t… she seemed to like it.> Jeff snorted and muttered out loud, "She liked it alright. Just like Mark said she would."

Mom <and what did she do for you sweet heart? Did she touch you?>

Her finger found ‘the spot’ as she typed. Her clit was erect and waiting as she visualized the girl feeling up her son. She slowly rotated the tip of her finger around the slippery knob.

Just across the hall, Jeff was really warming to the conversation now... he was masturbating… it felt so, so good.  Hesitating only a moment this time, he answered her, not forgetting it was his Mom, but finding it all the more exciting because it was.

BBJ <Yes. She touched me, but through my jeans… she squeezed me> Actually she had is cock out and jacked him off, but he couldn't bring himself to say that to his mom.

Maria was having some thoughts of her own. He was holding back she knew and who could blame him? But more than that, she couldn’t believe she was having this conversation with her own son. It was crazy; she needed to end it. But it felt so natural and hot.

Mom <Well I’m sure you both enjoyed it. But this is not the kind of conversation we should be having. I’m your mother, so let’s both go to bed and to sleep my little boy. Maybe we can talk more tomorrow.> 

Shutting down her laptop, Maria knew that she had just changed the relationship to some degree between herself and Jeff. It could be reversed and forgotten, but she wasn’t sure that she wanted to do that.


The following day was a Friday and when they talked that night, each in their own room, the conversation was a bit stiff, never going near anything sexual, ignoring the elephant in the room, and ended in a simple ‘good night’.  Had they gone too far?  Maria would have liked to ask more about Jeff’s girl, but never seemed to have an opening and at any rate she wasn’t sure she should.  Jeff was waiting for any sign from his Mom that they could talk about his girl, but was afraid to bring it up himself.  

The following night, Saturday, was different.  Jeff had gone to the movies with his girl and Maria had gone to bed early and drinking a bottle of wine, watching a soft porn flick when she heard him come in. A few minutes later she heard his bedroom door close and a minute later his toilet flush.  She thought she must be mad or just plain bad for sharing erotic messages with her son, but she just couldn’t help herself.  The hot scene she was watching combined with the wine helped her makeup her mind and beat back the inhibitions she would normally have.  Waiting another two minutes she finished a glass of wine, picked up her lap top, and IM’d him.

Mom <Well my young lover did you have a good time?>

BBJ <Hi Mom.  Glad you’re still awake. I was hoping you were.  Ya, I had a great time.>

Mom <What’s her name Jeff?  Is she pretty?>

BBJ <Ginny is her name and she is very pretty.  All the guys want to date her.>

Mom <You said she was thirteen, so she is still a young girl really. But that’s nice.>

BBJ <I guess but she doesn’t seem that young. She has big boobs, biggest in her home room> Should he have said that, he wondered? He quickly added,   <Kissing her is real fun.>

Mom <She has big boobs?  Did you touch them you bad boy?> She was getting a bit drunk and horny, so she hardly cared what she said.

Now he knew it was cool to tell his Mom whatever she asked…almost anything… he was finding that he loved talking dirty with his mom. It was a side of her that never knew exisited and it excited him to speculate on what sexual feelings she really had. It really got his cock hard.

BBJ <Yes.  She let me put my hand inside her blouse and I un-fastened her bra.  Then I rubbed her boob. You don’t mind if I tell you that do you, Mom?>

Mom <No, I don’t mind.>

‘Why don’t I mind?’ she asked herself.  Because it made her horny and she liked talking to Jeff about sexy stuff she answered herself. Then she had a bright idea.

Mom <Jeff I have an idea.  It’s hard for me to talk to you about this kind of stuff even if I like to, and I do, I really do.  You’re my son and I shouldn’t talk to you like this, about sex.  You know what I mean don’t you?>

BBJ <I know Mom, but it is so sexy. I get all hot and bothered talking to you like this.> What he would have preferred was to be talking to her about what he found sexy about her, his own mother.

Mom <Me to, baby.  Believe me I do. Let’s do something different, something special. Why don’t we talk like close friends, buddies that share secrets, friends that tell each other everything.  We can make up names and forget that we are Mother and son, just two friends. I think I could talk a lot more freely that way, couldn’t you?>

BBJ <Sure, I guess so. Could I tell my ‘friend’ what I think about my mother?>

She hadn’t thought about it that way; but what the hell.

Mom < Sure I guess so. Tell her anything that you’re thinking. Why don’t we use your name, John from BBJ and you can pick a name for me.>

BBJ <O.K. I love your real name, ‘Maria,’ so maybe I’ll call you Mary.> Jeff could feel his cock strain against his shorts…this was fucking hot, whatever it was.

Mom <Fine.  Now we have to set up new e-mail accounts with Yahoo then we can start.  You’ll be hearing from ‘Mary_1977’ in just a few minutes.>


Marie was super excited about the “anonymous” aspect of the new game, but it was a little scary too.  Could she really pretend that the person on the other end of the IM was someone else and not her own fifteen year old son? She would try…. even put a mind picture to it of a young man with a big cock.  Secret lover that she could talk to over the internet and let her mind wander where it would.  As soon as she had the new account setup she E-mailed her new address to “John”.   A few minutes later Mary accepted ‘John_1996’, as a friend on her IM account and opened a window to talk with him.

Maria was immediately into the new game.   Capable, it seemed, to forget it was her son on a certain level, launching her new friendship with total unbridled enthusiasm.

Mary_1977 <Hi John.  How nice to find you on tonight. What have you been up to?  How is your new girl friend?>

John_1996 <Hi there …. she is fine.  We went to the movies last night with my buddy and his girl.  We sat in the balcony and fooled around a lot.>

Mary_1977 <You’re a bad boy … I bet you touched her titties didn’t you?  I know you like that. Were they big?>

John_1996 <Ya they were pretty big for….I mean for thirteen.  Not as big as my Mom’s.  I wish they could have been my Mom’s boobs I was feeling.  Hers are really nice.>

Mary_1977 < How do you know what your Mom’s titties look like?  Did she show them to you?>

How much should he tell her?  How far could he go?  Casting caution aside, he decided to go for broke… he was so so horny. 

John_1996 <No not really,  but a few times I stood over her while she was sitting and I could see down her blouse, and I kind of spied on her a time or two.  My mom’s tits are really cool.>

Mary_1977 <You are really bad John….but maybe she knew you were peaking and didn’t care.  Maybe she has big nipples for you to see too.>  She had known him to have ‘peeked’ a few times and…she had loved it.

Jeff was stroking his cock now, imagining his mom’s big tits.

John_1996 < Maybe she does.  I wish I knew.  I wish I could see them.>

Maria could feel how wet her sopping pussy was she pushed her fingers in and out of herself.

Mary_1977 <Would you really like to see your mother’s nipples?  You’re awful bad.  Did she breast feed you when you werem young?  Do you remember sucking her nipples?>

John_1996 <I guess she did.  I really don’t remember.>

Mary_1977 <Now that’s a shame that you don’t remember sucking her tits.>

John_1996 <LOL… yeah, a real shame!>

Mary_1977 <Would you like to do that again?>

John_1996 <Are you kidding?  I would love to see her tits and her nipples and her pussy too.  Ya I’d suck those babies!  I remember it too!>

Mary_1977 <Are you jerking off John (?) …I bet you are.  Tell me the truth does it feel good?  Are you very big down there?>  "Oh, why hadn’t I thought of this game before? she asked herself.

John_1996 <Ya, ya I’m jerking off now and it feels great.  I like talking dirty with you, Mary.   And yes, my cock is plenty big… bigger than the other guys.  Would you like to see it?>

Now there was a question she hadn’t thought of! 

Mary_1976 <I don’t know, John.  How could we do that?>

Maria’s mind was racing …was this going too far?  God, yes, this was going too far, but she found the inappropriate sex play to be thrilling.  She felt a little light headed…felt the deep tickle in her stomach…a sweet thrilling feeling. An idea popped into her head, and before she had coolly reflected upon it she began typing once again.

Mary_1977 <I know, maybe we can exchange pictures.> She quickly added, < But no faces.  I’ll take a picture of my tits and you can send me one of your big hard-on.>

John_1996 <Perfect!  That sounds like real fun…I’ll send my picture right away.  Give me five minutes to take and up-load it.”

Maria couldn’t believe she was doing it, but she was.  She quickly took a picture of herself from her waist to her neck.  She was already nude and only had to remove two rings from her fingers and a bracelet in the pretend game of anonymous friends so that she couldn’t be identified.  She set the fifteen second delay on her camera and put her hands behind her head to emphasize her already big tits,  The camera flashed and she grinned at her naughty antics.  Her tit picture also included a bit of pubic hair near the bottom of the shot.  Then it was on its way; she had climaxed, but hell was nowhere near satisfied.

Now she fidgeted and wiggled in her seat waiting to see the picture of her new friend’s hard cock, then almost immediately,   >YOU HAVE MAIL<  popped up on her screen.                           

Her hand was trembling as she opened the mail.  She clicked the item open… no message.  Then she opened the attachment.  “God!” she gasped.  She had no idea a fifteen year old could have such a huge cock.

Jeff couldn't believe what his mom had done

At the same moment Jeff/John opened his e-mail with the same anticipation. “Holy fucking shit,” he said out loud only few feet away, down a dark hall, from where his mother lay on her bed in her own room staring at the photo of his dick.  Not only were her tits bigger, fatter than he had imagined and with big brown areola and erect nipples and he could even see just a bit of her cunt hair at the bottom of the picture.  He was very impressed.

She was more than impressed, she was astounded.  And she was on the cusp of a very powerful climax.

Mary_1977  Wow, John!!!!!!   You have a beautiful cock, so big and hard looking.  It is very impressive and exciting, young man.> 

Then she blasted into and climaxed and climaxed and climaxed.  Her eyes rolled back and she bit her lower lip in ecstasy.  Nothing could feel so incredible.  But only moments later, still sweating, she quickly found herself once again the loving mother back in the real world.  Confused and more than a bit embarrassed she disconnected the IM connection.  How could she gotten so involved she wondered?  She would never even think of doing it again.  Oh, no, no, no!  Good lord, she wouldn’t.  She felt so-so bad.  

Jeff had no such attack of conscious.  “Wow-e-e-e,” he said looking at his mother’s beautiful big tits.  Thinking about wallowing his face in her big tits and sucking on her thick erect nipples, he jacked off harder and harder until he shot cum all over the print out of his mom’s tits in a fiercely strong ejaculation.  Over the next several days, he would have to make several copies.


When she fell asleep that evening, Maria expected to feel guilty in the morning and she did, but not as guilty as she might have expected.  Fact is she was more embarrassed at breakfast than guilty.  Even that passed once Jeff was off to school so she could relax and think things over in the clear light of day. 

‘What on earth were you thinking?’ she asked herself.  ‘How could you have done such a thing? Yes,’ she decided, ‘it had been wrong and it would never happen again.’  Whether or not Maria actually believed that at the time is not certain, but it would be an uphill fight as she wasn’t much of a fighter and had always been somewhat malleable in firm hands.

Jeff couldn’t keep his mind on school work that day.  He kept thinking of the incredible exchange he had with his mother the night before.  As implausible as the whole thing had been, he had to admit that he really wasn’t surprised, as she was never the virtuous sort though he never actually thought of her as being slutty.  Last night, she had acted slutty, there was no other way to put it.  When he wasn’t thinking about how she had acted, the visual image of her bare tits filled his head, that and the few pubic hairs he saw at the bottom in the down loaded picture.  He had a copy with him in his notebook and spent a lot of time looking at it during class and dreaming.  His mom was hot; that was for sure.   But he wondered if it would ever happen again, deciding it shouldn’t, but hoping it would. ‘Yes, what if it did?’ he considered as his dick grew stiff.

On the one hand, Maria dreaded Jeff coming home, on the other hand she couldn’t wait. ‘What would he think of her?  Yes, indeed, what would he think?’ she asked herself over and over.  Finally he did arrive right on time and they had dinner together before watching TV for a while.  Neither of them mentioned the evening before. Both acted as nothing untoward was happening between them, but Maria was nervous wreak thinking about what she had done. Jeff eventually went to his room to do home work. 

Maria went to bed, opened her laptop and began to read a book while she waited.  She had almost given up when the “You Have Mail from John_1996” notice popped up.  After waiting so long, all of a sudden she wasn’t sure what to do.  She knew she should just shut off the machine and forget the whole damned thing and pretend it never happened.  She was keenly aware that there was the danger that if she continued, there would be no turning back. A little internal voice told her, “Don’t do it.”  Still another reminded her that last night, naughty beyond words, still had been so much fun.  As she wrestled with herself, she rationalized that she would not allow things to get out of control even though things were already out of control.  Listening to her inner slut, she pressed the ‘connect’ button with an anticipatory thrill. 

Mary_1977 <Hi, John, how are you tonight?>   A moment later she saw a pop up response on her screen.

John_1996 <Hi! I was wondering if I would hear from you again.  I’m just fine… better now with you on IM.>

Mary_1977 <Why wouldn’t I call you?  Don’t you want me to?  I tho…>

John_1996 <Oh, yes, yes I wanted you to call… I was just afraid that you might have changed your mind because, well, you know…>  Jeff thought quickly, he didn’t want to fuck this up.  If he was right about her, he had big plans for his sexy mother.  <I thought maybe because I’m so young you might not want to talk to me again.> 

Mary_1977 <I think you’re perfect, John.  You act very mature for your age.  I loved your picture the other night.  Can I have another one?  No faces remember.>

John_1996 <Sure you can have another one.  I loved yours as well and I keep looking at it.  It is super horny.>

Mary_1977 <You’re a horny boy, John. Do you touch yourself while you’re looking at my picture, John?> 

John_1996 <Ya, sometimes I do a little… just a little.  Your tits are so cool.>

She was getting hornier by the second.  Why did she ever think she would stop this adventure?

Mary_1977 <So you play with your big thing don’t you? What do you call your ‘thing’, John?  You use the word and so will I.>

John had to think for a second what she wanted him to say, concluding that there could only be one answer. 

John_1996 <You mean ‘cock’?  I would have said that before but I didn’t want to embarrass you.   I jack off and play with my cock while I look at your picture, Mary. You like my big cock, don’t you?>

Well that was clear enough for Maria; the little bastard was using her picture to jack off.  She squirmed a bit with the delight of it all.

Mary_1977 <You can say anything you want to, John, and use any language you like.  You’re not going to embarrass me.  In fact, I may embarrass you before long.  The only thing I ask of you is to never lie and I can promise you I won’t lie either.  Let’s just focus on enjoying each other and forget the other foolishness.>

John_1996 <That’s all cool with me, Mary.  I have a new picture for you.  May I send it?>

Mary_1977 <Yes, send it.  I can’t wait to see it.>

Moments later while she waited fingering herself, Maria got the e-mail pop up.  >YOU HAVE MAIL<    Again no message, just an attachment, but she could see from the address who it was from, ‘John_ 1996’.

The picture blew her mind and she almost climaxed as a result.  On the screen in front of her was a picture of her son Jeff, jacking off his huge cock and coming off, strings of thick cum were everywhere.  The most startling thing was that he was cumming off all over the picture of her she had sent him the day before.  She was intrigued.  She had guessed earlier that he might use her picture to jack-off, but seeing him doing it so brazenly was something she hadn’t expected.  Long rope like strings of cum had soiled the paper of the copy and it was clear that he wasn’t finished.  Some cum had pooled near one nipple while most of the cum was in strings crisscrossing the paper.  She could see a dollop of cum erupting from the hole in his cock head ready to drop onto the paper. 

It was too much for her mind to process quickly and she fingered herself to a very, very hard climax without reservation, mumbling his name as she did so.  The physical and emotional overload from Maria’s climax was so strong that if she hadn’t already been in bed she would have swooned.  Never before had she cum off quite so hard.  

It was some minutes before she found the strength to reply.  Meanwhile Jeff waited and waited, but there was no response.  Had he overplayed his hand?  Did he fuck it up? He waited and waited and finally gave up and shut his computer off.

Mary_1977 <Oh God, John, that is so fucking hot!  Hell, you are so fucking hot.  I know I shouldn’t use that word, but it is the only one that fits.>

Now it was Maria’s turn to wait and wait until it was obvious that John was gone.


Next morning Maria left “John” a message.  <Are you mad at me?>

His mother was long gone for work when Jeff saw the message to John.  ‘Maybe I didn’t fuck it up,’ he reasoned. 

Gaining confidence, he texted a message to her from his phone during his lunch break.  <Mary, really do love your pic.  Again I’ve been looking at it all day.  Real boner material.  Do me a big favor?  Send me a pic of your super fine ass.  And one of your pussy too.>

At work Maria saw the text message on her phone and was aghast.  She decided then and there that when she and Jeff were home later that night, she would put an end to it once and for all.

By mid afternoon Maria’s resolve was fading.  The whole idea of fulfilling his request was so outrageous and so sexually stimulating, that she went upstairs to her bedroom, set up her camera on a tripod and took a number of very revealing photos.  Selecting the very best of the lot, she cropped them to hide her face.   Then before she could chicken out, she sent them to his e-mail.  Once the deed was done, she was at liberty to feel guilty about, going so far as deciding to hack into his mail and deleting the new photos, an idea that she nixed once she realized she didn’t know his password.

That night it was the same as it had been the past few nights, with neither acknowledging what was taking place between them.  However after the dinner dishes and the kitchen were clean, rather than joining his mother to watch some TV, he excused himself saying that he had homework to do. 

A few minutes lates, Maria’s attention was drawn away from the TV as she heard Jeff shout, “Holy shit!”, followed by a loudly exclaimed, “Woooooooiiieee!!!”

Maria smiled to herself and commented to the room, “I guess he likes the new pictures.”  Turning off the TV, she climbed the stairs, pausing to look at Jeff’s closed door for moment before entering her own bedroom.  Turning on her ;laptop, she saw that John_1996 was waiting for her.

The pic showed Jeff's mom wet cunt

John_1996 <Wow!  Thanks for pics, Mary!  You are as hot as they come!>

Mary_1977 <Thanks.  Which do you like the best?>

John_1996 <The pussy shot is incredible!  It’s like you’re waiting for someone.>

Mary_1977 <Perhaps I am.  Are you going to jack off to it?>

John_1996 <You bet!  Are you naked?>

Mary_1977 <Do you want me naked?>

John_1996 <Ya!  Get naked!>

Mary_1977 <I want to watch you do it while you’re live on camera.  Can we do that?>

Jeff just looked at the screen.  Holy fuck, did his mother really mean that?  Did she really want to watch him masturbate?  She sounded sincere enough.  It was a really hot idea and thought occurred to him that he would like to see her while she was watching him.  “Wow, would that be cool!”

John_1996 <Sure we can, Mary.  I have a web cam on my machine I can adjust so you can see me jacking off but still can’t see my face.  Tomorrow I think you will find someone has put a new more versatile one on your machine too, so don’t lock you bedroom door…LOL.  I’ll turn mine on now… keep watching.>

Mary_1977 <O.K.  I’m watching, but remember the rules… no faces and no talking either.  Just jack that big cock for Mary.> 

Maria had lost control and she knew it.  Once again she had succumbed to her baser instincts, the same base instincts that had led to Jeff in the first place some fifteen years prior.  The little inner voice shouted from far, far away, “Stop!  Stop!” but it quickly faded.  She needed more from her son and watching him masturbate might be enough.  But what about tomorrow?  Would she masturbate for him?  ‘Gawd, you’re such a wanton slut, Miss Maria,’ she muttered out loud as she realized that she looked forward to having him watch her just as much as she wanted to watch him.  She accepted his invitation to watch his cam.  Now she sat back in her bed with her fingers dancing between her legs.

It didn’t take long.  She watched as John adjusted the camera.  The ruse of no identification fell apart quickly, she of course recognized his body, but beyond that the bedding was the bedding she had washed and put on his bed the day before.  Then his revitalized dick showed up, standing tall and ready.  John began moving his hand up and down.  She was almost, but not quite, embarrassed when John, laid out on his bed the three pictures she had sent him.  After she realized he enjoyed her picture so much, she had sent him two more, a close up of her nipple and a picture of her spread pussy.  She had sent them in a very horny mood and later wondered again if she had gone too far.  Now she saw the pictures or rather copies of them laying on her son’s bed with his erect cock in the foreground, his hand moving in perfect rhythm.  The scene was mesmerizing to her, with one hand deep in her cunt and the fingers of the other alternately pulling at her engorged nipples, she immediately reached some high level of erotic bliss and stayed there for several minutes while she watched. 

It took about four minutes for Jeff to reach a climax.  Then kneeling, his cock pointed toward the nude pictures of his mother, he began to cum.  She watched as he shot his white ribbons of delight over her cunt picture, over her nipple and over her tit shot.  Forgetting for a moment that her son was only across the hall and down one room, she let out a mild scream as she came, her gushing cunt dripping its copious juices onto the clean sheets making a wide blue-gray circle on the linen. 

Maria clicked off her PC and collapsed back onto her bed with the room spinning just a bit.  Stretching out on the bed, she loved the new feeling in her belly…she loved her son’s impressive cock, young and hard, shiny and new. She wanted it in her mouth and she wanted it in her pussy, deep in her pussy.  She drifted off to sleep quite happy.


She woke in the morning just as bright eyed and happy as she might have after a night of real sex.  In the shower the warm water rained down over her body while she masturbated with her eyes closed.  The images she conjured were of her son’s cock and how great it would be to have his cock in her mouth now to suck him off.  Maybe even have him push her into the corner of the shower as he forcibly took her from behind.  Then other images danced through her fevered mind, images of Jeff and his friend or two ravishing her.  Then she came off again and when the self induced shudders abated, her erotic thoughts disappeared just as quickly as the shower water disappeared running down the drain.

The day went along as usual with her working and him at school.  A couple of mundane messages went between them, the regular BBJ to Mom and Mom to BBJ messages about picking up cleaning and defrosting meat for dinner, etc.

At dinner they discussed his school work, a fire in the town the night before and where they might go on vacation.  Finished, they watched TV till ten and then bid each other good night, each retiring to their individual room.  Ad with the nights before, neither mentioned the 800 pound gorilla in the room.

As soon as she had settled into her bed she turned on her laptop; a moment later an IM ‘buzz’.

John_1996  <Hi, Mary… how are you tonight?>

She was sure he was thrilled with what had happened in their inter-net exchange, she knew she certainly was.

Mary_1977 <Wonderful, John…you sound happy.  Or is that left over from last night?> 

John_1996 <Yes, I’m still smiling.  I’ve been smiling all day as I look at your pictures.  Should I turn on the camera again?  Ya, you’ve got great tits, a killer ass and juicy pussy!  I’m getting hard now.  Do you like my cock, Mary?>  They both knew she did, but he liked to hear her say so.

Mary_1977 <You have a beautiful cock.  I think about it all day. >

John_1996 <Is that what you want?  Tell me what you want, Mary>

Mary_1977 <Yes, please turn on the camera, and you know I love to look at that big cock of yours.  I really love it, John.  Are you going to give me another show?>

John_1996 <I love knowing you’re watching, so of course I will.  I’m going to give you a jack off show again.  But didn’t you forget something, Mary?  You have a camera attachment on your lap top now, a new one.  I want to see your pussy while I jack off.  Will you show me your pussy?>

Maria hadn’t forgotten, but she hadn’t noticed anything different about the computer so she was waiting for him to mention it.  Now she saw it, a light next to the tiny lens above the screen told her that he had installed the software for her to use her camera.  Now she was scared and sexually excited.  Did she dare show her son her cunt live?  She wanted to, but what if he thought she looked old or something else bad?

John_1996 <Are you still there, Mary? Are you going to show me your pussy tonight?>

She had to say something. 

Mary_1977 <I see the camera now… thanks.  I’m not backing out, John, but… I just don’t know if it is a good idea.  You know what I mean.>

John_1996 <We are only Web friends, Mary.  How can it hurt?  Later if you think it was wrong, just don’t do it again.  But we had a deal.  You know how to use it don’t you?  Just click on the icon in the tray then click, “ON” or “OFF” simple as that.  You can watch me on the full screen and see yourself in the small box.  It can be a blast.>

Mary_1977 <Alright I’ll try, but if it looks stupid I’ll turn the camera off.>

John_1996 <No problem, but it won’t happen, you’re going to look just fine.  I can’t wait to see your pussy, Mary.  Put your laptop between your legs facing you so you can see me and the camera can show me your pussy.>                              

Maria did as she was told.  She leaned back against the headboard of her bed and then with the laptop between her legs, she carefully adjusted the camera so that in the small box she could see her own cunt…wet and wanting.  At the same time she could watch Jeff as he wacked off.  She loved the whole idea.  She clicked the box labeled ‘Broadcast’.

When the picture of his mother’s cunt came on the screen Jeff couldn’t believe it… his mother’s pussy!  “Holy shit!” he said to himself in a whisper.  “What a slut!” He started pulling on his cock in earnest.  He loved it… he thought about eating her cunt… he thought about fucking it.  ‘It just can’t get any better than this’, he thought out loud.  But continuing to think he added, ‘or can it?’

Maria had just barely glanced at her crotch shot, frozen as she was on the picture of her son’s thick cock and his manipulation of it.  ‘Oh God help me,’ she thought. ‘I would fuck him in a minute if he wasn’t my son.  Or maybe… No, I wouldn’t do that… or would I?’

John_1996 <Good picture, Mary. I love the look of it. It sure is wet, isn’t it?  Did I cause that?  Please spread your legs a bit more and use your fingers.  I want to see you finger yourself.>    

In addition to being super horny, Maria was a bit confused.  This was the first time her son had spoken to her in a dominate tone.  He was telling her, not asking, what he wanted her to do.  It felt good in a way not to be in charge exactly; but a sub… a slave to her own son?  There was something really erotic about that, but she still wasn’t sure.

Mary_1977 <Yes, you made me wet!  You’re a bad boy.> 

She slid her fingers into her cunt, her pussy was on fire and never before so sensitive, with an itch that fingers really couldn’t relieve.  Her eyes closed for a few moments thinking of ‘John’s’ big cock filling her.  She knew then she would do anything ‘John’ told her to do.

Jeff's buddies went nuts over the live display


Jeff didn’t know if he had been pushing it a bit and had asked for more than his mother was willing to do.  But a moment later when he watched her fingers disappear into her sopping cunt, he knew he hadn’t asked for too much. 

‘God, how I want to fuck her.  She’s practically begging for it, begging me to fuck that pretty cunt.’  Then a thought came to him, what would his friends think if they could see this?  At the formulation of that thought, more blood surged into his hard cock.  Maybe he could share her with friends as well…at least on the web.  ‘Wouldn’t that be cool?’

John_1996 <What a beautiful pussy, Mary.  I wish I could be your fingers for a minute.> 

 He had to stop typing and concentrate on her picture and the thrilling feeling running through his body.  He watched as her fingers began to drip with her own juice, her cunt was open begging for a cock.  He felt his cock start to erupt a second later and stream after stream of hot cum flew up to make a pool in his belly button then flowed down his stomach.  “Suck my cock, Mary,” he moaned out loud.  “Suck my cock… drink my cum, you slut bitch.”

Against her own rules, she had the sound on, but Maria didn’t have time to be shocked at her son’s words.  Amazed, she watched the cum flow and shoot from her son’s pulsating dick, until her own climax began to scream, racing through her body in hot undulating waves crashing in her mind in an infinite number of twisting bands of brilliant colors. 

Mary_1977 <Oh, Jeff,  that was fantastic> she finally typed.  Then realizing her error backed up and wrote  <Oh, John, that was fantastic.  That was the best sex I’ve had in years… if ever.  You’re making me crazy.  You called me a slut bitch, John.  Is that what you think I am?>

Jeff had had his own extraordinary climax looking at his mother’s soaking pussy; her fingers plunging in and out had set him on fire.  He had to think for a moment about what he had said. 

John_1996 <Ya, you’re a slut bitch, Mary. Damn, but you are one fucking hot cunt.>

Mary_1977 <Now that’s enough for tonight, lover.  I have to get some sleep.  Maybe we can play again tomorrow if you want to.  For now I just want to close my eyes.”

John_1996 <Sure I want to play tomorrow.  Do you have any toys?>

Mary_1977 <What kind of toys?>

John_1996 <You know, a dildo.  I sure would enjoy seeing you fuck yourself with it.>

Mary_1977 <If that’s what you want>

John_1996 <Ya, that’s what I want, whore.  You know, I may have a surprise for you, but for tonight,  good night to my new whore…  sweet slutty Mary.”

Mary turned off her lap top and pulled the covers over herself.  She wasn’t offended that he had called her a slut bitch and a hot cunt, but his tone did surprise her, or rather she was surprised that liked his tone, so firm, so masculine, so dominate.  ‘He is such a lovely boy,’ she thought, then she heard the bathroom door close in the hall and knew he was cleaning his cock and the cum off his stomach.  Oh, how she would love to get up and go clean him up herself!  But she couldn’t do that, she was his mother.  “But Mary could,” she said to herself.  Suffused in the warm afterglow of her powerful orgasm, she smiled as she drifted off to sleep.  


Maria had a particularly busy day at work and didn’t give her son much thought, a few pleasant thoughts and little more.  On her way home she began to think ahead about the evening, when she remembered something he had said.  What had he said?  “Oh ya, now I remember, ‘I may have a surprise for you.’  What did that mean?”  She considered the possibility that Jeff might decide to dispense with the internet stuff and just walk across the hall and take her, a thought that made her hotter than hell.

They enjoyed their regular dinner together never mentioning ‘John’ or ‘Mary’, but engaged exclusively in their regular mother/son conversation.  To Maria’s surprise when dinner was finished and the kitchen cleaned up, Jeff excused himself and went out “for awhile.”

Maria decided, ‘that’s it for tonight.’  She was disappointed, but Jeff had a life of his own and she had to understand.  She almost didn’t turn on her laptop, but once she was in bed she decided to surf a little.  A half hour later she received a message from ‘John’.

John_1996 <Hi, Mary!  How are you tonight?  How is that sweet pussy of yours?>

Mary_1977 <Hi. John.  I’m fine.  How are you?  I thought I might not hear from you tonight.  Where are you?> 

John_1996 <I’m at a friend’s house.  I have a surprise for you.  I have some friends here and they want to see your pussy.  I told them you would do anything I asked you to…anything.  We can all show you our cocks, I’m sure a slut like you will like that.  I told them about meeting you in a chat room and how much fun we have been having.  Hope you don’t mind.  After all, no one knows who anyone is, not really anyway.>

Mary just looked at the screen wondering what to do.  What was Jeff doing?  Then she began to put it all together and it was kind of tempting.  He wasn’t telling his friends who ‘Mary’ was, he just wanted to share her cunt pictures and impress his friends.  Well, she would just have to see who chickened out first.

Mary_1977 <You want me to show your friends my boobs and my honey pot.  Is that it?>

John_1996 <Yes.  They are here now.  I’m not sure they believe me that I found a lady that will show off her box, and of course her big tits.  You’ll do that for me won’t you, Mary?>

She couldn’t get use to her son speaking about her like she was a slut, however that wasn’t the real problem.  What troubled her more was that, like now, it very much turned her on.  Hell, she liked him talking to her like that.  She was his inter-net bitch.  Now her cunt was flowing like crazy and she was glad (more or less) that her son was not at home, but at a friend’s house or else she might have to rape him.  At any rate she now would get to see a few new boys cocks and they couldn’t see her face or know who she was; so why not?

Mary_1977 <I guess that is alright, John, as long as everyone is nice about it.  But move the camera around and let me see who’s there.>

Jeff hadn’t hesitated to tell his friends about the new online woman he had been messaging with and how she showed off her pussy to him.  Of course they didn’t believe him, but now he would prove it.  He couldn’t believe how strangely erotic it made him feel to know his own mother was willing to let him set boundaries and agreed to show herself to his friends.  They would never know it was his mother, but he would know and that made him feel special.

John_1996 <O.K. Mary.  I’ll show you each one as soon as they have their fucking pants off.  You’ll see Benny first, then Mark and B.W., then of course your favorite… my dick.> 

‘Alright.’ Maria thought with a smile, ‘my little boy wants to talk dirty for his friends.’  The camera switched on when Maria touched the icon to the prompt and she could see the un-attached camera’s picture jump back and forth while Jeff started to control it.  

Maria watched as the boy she thought was Benny wiggled out of his pants and pushed down his underwear.  He had his cock in his hand so quickly, Maria never got a good look, but she was sure it was hard, but not big.  The next boy that came into the picture was Mark.  His pants were gone along with his underwear and his cock seemed huge and not totally hard, at least not yet and it wasn’t circumcised.  It was the first time Maria had ever seen a live uncircumcised cock and thought it looked strange and horny; she wished she could feel it.  The last boy was B.W. and his dick looked much the same as her son’s, that is to say big and shiny.  Last was Jeff’s familiar cock and it was beginning to drip pre-cum.  His mom got goose bumps knowing those drips were for her.

Jeff was so pumped with hormones and sex that he didn’t hesitate to talk to ‘Mary” in the hardest words possible.

John_1996 <How is that, Mary?  I bet that you would you like to suck on all four of our big cocks>

Mary_1977 <I don’t know if I could do you all, but it might be fun to try.  If that’s what you wanted me to do.> 

‘I’d go down on every one of them if they were here now,’ she thought. ‘What a dirty slutty thought,’ she mused giggling. Maria typed  <John, why don’t you move the camera back so I can watch you and your friends jack off while you watch me?  Do you guys like grown up ladies tits?  Mine are big and I would love to let you see them.>

Jeff didn’t respond, but the camera was moved back and now she could see all three boys sitting on someone’s bed pulling their cocks, staring at a laptop in front of them, waiting.    This was breaking the rules Maria knew, because she could see her son’s face and he was supposed to be anonymous.  She would just ignore that for now.  ‘God, they are all so beautiful,’ she thought and was amazed to see Mark’s un-cut cock grow to a size she couldn’t have imagined on any teen.

John_1996 <All right, Mary,  it’s time for us to see you.  Let’s see those big tits first.>  She watched him and smiled as he typed noticing he did it with one hand while he slowly jacked off with the other.  She moved the camera into position and let the boys get a long look at her boobs.  She stroked them… rubbed them… fondled them… pulled on the nipples and continued to display them brazenly for the boys.

Mary_1977 <Guys, I see by your dicks you like my tits.   I bet you would like to slide your hard cocks between them.  Wouldn’t you?  I wouldn’t even mind if you came off on me.>  She watched as her son began to type.

John_1996 <Listen to you talk…you’re such a slut, Mary.  I bet you would like us to cum in your mouth or maybe up your ass.>  He was completely nude now and evidently turned on to the idea of his friends seeing and getting off to his mother.  Of course they didn’t know that part of the game.

Mary_1977 <You’re right, John. I’d love to be covered in cum.  But up my ass?  Only if you make me… I’d love that too.  You and your friends can cum on or in me anywhere you want… all you have to do is take it.> 

There she did it.  How clear could she be?  But she knew that fifteen year old boys were legendarily dense.  Still maybe he would take the hint.

Mary was fascinated by Mark’s huge uncircumcised cock with its head that kept appearing and disappearing as he pulled on his dick.  She probably would let him fuck her she decided.  Then she moved the camera between her legs and as soon as her swollen wet cunt showed up on the screen, she saw Benny make some quick moves and cum off in a shower of boy cum that splattered all over his belly.

Mary_1977 <Oh, Benny baby, you came off so quickly!  Is that the first cunt you ever saw?  I bet it is.  I wish I were there to help you clean up… with my tongue. Just keep watching, honey; it will get hard again.>

She began to push her fingers in and out of her soaking wet cunt.  She was very excited and close to cumming herself.  Then she had another idea, she would give the boys a better view.  Because she could see what the boys were seeing in the small box at the top of her screen she could see herself in new ways also, and that was really, really horny, like watching some strange unknown female.  Her idea worked well.  She pushed a pillow under her ass forcing her pelvis to tilt up and exposing not just her cunt but also her asshole behind it.  It improved the view even more when she spread her legs still further. 

Mark knelt down on the bed and jacked off toward the laptop obviously excited.  A moment later he came off and seeing that big cock pouring out its juice all over the sheets to the image of her pussy and dark hole pushed Maria over the edge and with a sustained shudder and a mild scream she came also.

The boys, for their part, were astonished to see her squirt.

Maria lie back for a moment to get her breath and took the camera away from its site between her legs.  Sprawling out on her bed, she hit something with her hand, her dildo.  “Oh, damn,” she muttered aware that she had forgotten to use the dildo, “maybe another time.” It was a couple of minutes before she felt enough energy to look at the screen again and by that time her son had come off . All four boys were lying on the bed with soft cocks flopped over to the side.

Mary_1977 <Good night, boys.  I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did.  Bye for now.  Kiss-kiss>   

Maria clicked off the photo share connection and closed the mail account.  But try as she might, she couldn’t sleep! She had an itch between her thighs worst than poison ivy. It felt like the buzz of bees in her cunt without the sting.  ‘The dildo!’ She felt around and found the big latex toy.  The room filled with a murmuring sound.

With the lights out she waited for the sound of Jeff entering the house, sliding the faux cock in and out.  He came home soon after, being as quiet as a fifteen year old knows how to be.  She heard him in the kitchen on the first floor.  She heard the refrigerator door close.  Minutes later she heard him switch off the kitchen lights and climb the stairs.  Then the sound of the toilet flushing and his bedroom door opening and closing.

Impaled with her dildo, Maria lay in bed looking at the gray black of her ceiling above her in the near dark.  She smiled thinking of Jeff getting undressed.  How would he look ?  Did he sleep in the nude?  Was he still semi-hard?  Pictures flashed through her erotic mind like quickly flipping pages in a porn magazine.  Was he thinking about the pictures of her that he and his friends got off to?  What would he want her to do next? Then a bigger question came to mind, what did she want him to do next?

Once she was sure he was in bed, Maria got up and put on a black half-mask then took a silver one as well, both left over from some party.  She checked herself in the mirror by the pale light of the moon.  She was nude, her big tits swaying as she moved.  The black silk mask covered her nose, eyes (except for cut outs of course that allowed her to see) and forehead.  She loved the mystery of it.

In the hall she listened outside Jeff’s door to be sure he wasn’t on his cell phone.  There was no light under the door, so she guessed he was in bed.  Slowly she opened the door and entered the room. 

Hearing the door creak as it opened, Jeff sat up slowly in bed, the bed covers falling to his waist.  In the dim light he realized that it was his mother who had entered his room.  She was nude!  He swallowed hard. 

“Hi, Mom.”  He had to clear his throat before adding, “What’s with the mask?”

Maria walked toward the bed, “This is not your mother, John,” she said in a coquettish voice, “this is your sexy inter-net friend, Mary.  Here put on this silver mask so we are both strangers.  Don’t say anything, John.  Just lie back and enjoy. I’m here to please you, to do whatever you want me to do. Anything you want, you can do.  All you have to do is to tell me… or you can just do it.”

Maria knew just what she wanted to do to her teenage son.  She had planned it all in the dark while she had waited for him to come home.  After all it wasn’t that complicated.  Now she put her plans into motion. 

John lay back down wondering what his mother was up to, half knowing, half hoping… fear, anticipation and complete confusion all played there part in building the tension.  Just seeing her nude for the first time in person was enough to get him hard.  His eyes darted from his mother’s cunt, glistening with drops of moisture clinging to the pubic hairs like diamond drops of dew and her huge tits and the hard brown nipples with tan pebbled areola circling the eraser firm nipples. Walking to his bed, Mary’s, gorgeous tits swayed slowly from side to side.  Pulling back the bedding, she was not disappointed.  There in front of her was her nude son with a steel hard erection, swollen to what she imagined had to be its maximum.  She gazed at his ball sack filled with two fat round balls the size of pigeon eggs, wanting so badly to fondle them.  Mary crawled into the middle of the bed between John’s legs.

Leaning back on his elbows he watched her with the keenest possible wonder and interest.  He watched as she lowered her head, then looking him in the eyes, she licked up the shining shaft from his nuts to the crown. His cock had caught fire.  Never had it felt so totally alive…so special.  Again and again, she repeated the move, bathing his cock shaft with her tongue.

“Oh, fuck, Mary!  That’s the greatest feeling I’ve ever felt.”  She slid upwards a bit until her tits her tits were dragging across his balls and cock.  He really didn’t know how long he could let her continue before he shot off.  He closed his eyes as she slid back and began to lower her mouth over his steel hard rod.  He was barely able to control the flood of heavenly feelings and he dared not watch her for he surely would cum off instantly if he saw what she was up to.  He felt her mouth moving firmly up and down over his cock.  He knew that by now his pre-cum was running freely into his mother’s mouth.

For Maria, giving her son a blow job was all that she had dreamed it might be, and she realized she had been thinking about it for much longer than she could have imagined.  The fat cock head pulsed and pre-cum ran unabated into her mouth as she lovingly sucked her boy.  It was a mouth full, especially for a teen cock.  She felt the veins under the tight skin of his erection and was able to deep throat him for the first time.

“Mary, Mary please, please stop!  I love what you’re doing but I can’t hold back any longer.”

Letting her son’s cock slip from her lips for moment she purred, “Just hold on a moment or two more, baby” she told him. “Think about something else for a moment.  Close your eyes and breathe deep.”

Maintaining the pretext of Mary, Maria mounted her son's magnificent cock


Maria moved up and straddled her son.  She put his hands, one each on her tits that were now hanging close to his face.  While he played with her nipples between his fingers, she lowered herself onto his cock until it was deep into her.  Then she began to fuck him, slowly, slowly, deeply, deeply, she ground her sopping wet cunt into his teen pelvis.

“Your sex slut wants to fuck you hard.  Does her slutty cunt please and satisfy the you?’

“Oh yes!  Yes, it does!”

“Do you wish to fuck me whenever you want, however you want? What do you want, John.  I’m yours to use as you please.”

“Fuck me!  Fuck me harder now, whore!”  Jeff’s nude muscled belly rippled as he tried to drive his cock deeper into his mom.  “Fuck me harder, you slut bitch!   Harder, you fucking cunt!”

That was just what she had hoped for.  His dirty words that would set her off, tearing the climax from her.  A son would never talk to his mother like that, so this had to be her master talking.  This was her dream come true; her son fucking her hard and cursing her like a whore.  She started to fuck her son faster and faster, full long strokes that began pressed tight against his pelvis bone and ended with Jeff’s cock almost out of her as she moved upward then a fast downward move that filled her yearning cunt. 

When they came, they exploded together, with her cunt tightening around his slippery cock, his fingers twisting and pinching her nipples until they almost began to bleed.  The burning in her nipples sent her over the top and her climax crashed through her body.

“Fuck me hard, Jeff,” she cried.  “Your slut wants your cock rammed deep into her.  Treat her like the filthy whore she is! Abuse her cunt with your fat hard cock.  Fill my slutty pussy with your silver cream.  Fill it full, full of your cum.  Knock me up, Jeff! Fuck me hard now… right now!”

Jeff felt his virile cum spraying deep inside his mother.  Then he felt it surround his cock adding to her hot cunt juice.

Jeff screamed as he came.  As limited as his experience was, this was the greatest sex he could ever imagine.  He had no idea raw unbridled sex it could be so thrilling. Truly he was astonished that it was so amazing.  “Fuck me cunt, fuck me cunt, fuck me cunt,” Jeff moaned as his body convulsed, pumping his incestuous seed into his mother’s cunt.  Then in a louder firmer voice as the fire consumed him, “Fuck me, you slutty bitch!  Your cunt belongs to me, so give it to me hard.  Fuck me you stupid cunt, fuck me.”  Maria did as she was told, enjoying the living fantasy with her son.

The caterwauling abruptly ended.  The bed stopped creaking and the headboard stopped banging up against the wall.  Suddenly, there was only silence, except for the heavy breathing. For the next few minutes they lay next to each other relaxing and catching their breath.

“Wasn’t that a nice surprise, John?”  Maria asked without looking at her son.

Still catching his breath Jeff said “Oh, hell ya, Mom---”   

“You mean, Mary.  Mary is your friend on the inter-net, John.” 

“Sorry… right, Mary.  Fuck, I loved it.  Can we do it again?”

“Mary is available to you anytime, John.  You tell her what you want on the internet and she’ll do it.”

“You’re the best ever, Mom… I mean, Mary.  Uh… anything I want?”

“Anything.  Now good night sweet boy.”

‘Does he get it yet?’ she wondered as she walked back to her own bed.  Maria knew that she wanted to do as her son wanted and would in the next weeks and months experience some wild sex times.  She could see an un-circumcised cock in her future, or at least she hoped.  ‘I hope I don’t have to ask,’ she concluded as she slipped between the sheets.

After his mother had gone to her own room Jeff wondered whether or not she would suck off his friends or perhaps even fuck them.  After all she had said she was his slut and would do anything he wanted… anything, anytime.  Anything?  He thought of the nastiest thing he could do to her, fucking in the ass.  The mere thought sent his cock into a renewed erection.  Jeff rose from his bed and padded across the hall, his growing erection leading the way.




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