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Having his way

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Pursuant to the Berne Convention, this work is copyrighted 2006 with all rights expressly reserved by its author unless explicitly granted.

PART 1 - (Mf, voy, seduction, mast)

6/29/06 - (Mf, voy, seduction) At her father's home, a young man witnesses a middle-aged man seduce and have his way with his hot teen girlfriend.

PART 2 -(Mf, voy, oral, anal, mast, seduction)

7/14/06 - With her boyfriend's surreptitious aid, fat old Steve has another opportunity with luscious Leigh...

PART 3(i) -(MMf, seduction, voy, spank, oral, anal, mast, seduction)

9/14/06 - Succumbing to pressure from her father's middle-aged friend, young Leigh allows the balding lecher another opportunity to fulfill his fantasies...

PART 3(ii) -(Mf, voy, reluctant, seduction, mast, oral)

5/18/07 - Lusicous Leigh is clandestinely observed being molested by her father's new co-worker...

Some Readers' Comments:


Very good....just get around to eating his cum out of her and you will be on the right track!

What a story! I'm 68 and I cummed 4 times reading this...

Interesting plot... Kinda grabbed me by the old nuggets.

Great story. Wish I could have been Steve...

Fantastic story. Loved it and am looking forward to Part 2.

Really hot story, good writing too. Hope Steve talks her/half coerces her into some more fun and poor boyfriend has to watch.

That was great, hope for sequels.

This is an incredible story, and made me harder than I have been in a long time from just reading a story!

Absolutely loved it! I hope there's more.

Hey... that story was fantastic. It turned me on at the very beginning. I'll read part two later.


Wow is that hot! Please continue, perhaps he could share with some friends?

A big congrats and thanks to you for writing this story! I find it difficult to find stories that really do meet my fantasies, but you certainly pushed all the right buttons with this one!

Those stories are AMAZING!!! Thanks for writing and sharing them! Please keep on writing!

As good as I had hoped!! Now looking forward to the next part! You definitely have me hooked! Love the age difference...

Loved it! Have not read a story so real in fucking ages. Keep up the good work

Just as great as part one. I didn't (think) it could be done. I wish that I was there watching too. I'll be patiently waiting for part three. Keep up the excellent work.

Fucking loved it!

Great story! Many times I've watched my wife suck and fuck with dirty old men....

Well written, it was a great story my girl friend and I read it together... of made us do some of the things you wrote about ...

Daaammn man, that was good! When's Part 3?

Yeah, I liked it. I liked it a lot. It's very real. Steve is such a sleazy old lech, and Leigh is a very believable young slut. Your story has a very honest edge to it. It's working class, it's gritty, and it's HOT!

Fucking AWESOME! I can't wait for Part 3!

(sic)That was really a fuck. if i was him then i wount let tis tings happen. cos steve is rapping her by force. I would have kick tat devil out of ta house.And in the chapter 2 she try to wake up her boy fren bt he did'nt shown up and let steve rape her and her b/fren watch her being rape by ta damm devil. This is a rape cast. (Editors note: What possibly can be said in the face of such eloquence?)

Excellent!!!! I can't wait for the next story !! Please continue. (see Editors note above: This will do quite nicely)

Thank you so much for your stories! I'm 27 and my boyfriend (well, sugar daddy) is 58, and it's the hottest sex I've ever had. I wish I was younger, but that is where fantasy comes in. Well done, we love them.


Fucking tops! Write more shit like this.

I loved it...I'm a middle aged man and I'd love to have some young stuff.

Excellent, a degree of NC and voyeurism and MMf. What more could you want in a story?

Great story! Really enjoyed the read. You have a knack for erotic writing.

That story was fucking hot. I sat down to read Chapter 1 and get my rocks off, expecting to do the same per each chapter. It kept me rock hard through all 3 chapters, accumulating in a major blow off at the end.

Loved it! One of the best stories i have read in a very long time... can't wait for the next part .

That was so fucking awesome! Reading that made me remember watching my dad and cousin Mille fuck in our garage several times. She was 16 Dad was 40. I jerked off every time I watched them and then one day black mailed her into letting me fuck her too. (Editor's note: Cousin Millie's phone number is what?)

Great story, can't wait for the next chapter to arrive.


This is probably one of my favorite stories ever written. As a younger girl I can definitely identify with Leigh, and it gets me so hot to see her seduced by horny older men... (Editor's note: To heck with Cousin Millie's number, what's your number honey?"

Loved it, I could imagine being Leigh. (Editor's note: Damn it! I must be living in the wrong town.)

I wish I could see my gf fucking two men like in your story. I only wonder what I would be doing if my gf was getting fucked like that in front of me by another man.

On a one to ten rating, it was a ten for me, thanks

Reminded me of experiences I had growing up wih my cousins in St John's Canada- we were always around adults and we learned plenty.

Hot, creative, great writing. Great stuff, a fine example of raunchy storytelling. Keep it up!

I found my self in a similar situation 2 years ago... I am a 20 yr old female.

Absolutely one of the HOTTEST stories I have ever read. Thanks. Keep up the great work.

I've been waiting patiently for the next installment (3ii). Please, any idea when it will be online?

Hurry the hell up with 3(ii).

I can't wait for the next part of the story. Best erotic story on the net!!!

This is my first visit and I read all the parts of this story...EXCELLENT! I want to be Leigh, but could I be a few years younger...

When the hell is pt.3(ii) cumming???? Can't wait! (Editor's note: Okay, okay, we're working on it, damn it!)

I enjoy your writing and wish you would continue this tale.

PART 3ii

Thank you for your efforts, very enjoyable. I look forward to reading more of your writings.

One of my favorite stories, very hot. This story is why I look for ALT as soon as I get home from work! (Author's note: Lord! I've created a monster! I'm affecting people's daily habits! O, the POWER! ;^)

Can't say much more than, "great job". Keep up the good work, and all that jazz; can't wait to read more.

More please... Everytime i read this series, I cum real hard. Great story!

Terrific cock sucking story... that keeps one hotly engaged in what is happening and going to happen. You really know how to drag the action out... with thrilling results.

Great style, fully believable ...

Amazing novel... Thamks a lot from Italy!

This really was one of the best stories I've read so far! I have read a lot, but from all of them, I think in these the right mentality is used. It's very, very realistic and makes me wish my wife will become like Leigh someday (or that I will become like Steve) (or both...) PS: are you sure it's just fiction?

Really hot story... excellent plot.. well done.

Your stories are the greatest. I truely enjoy them, can't wait for Part 3iii.

I've read the whole series up to Part 3 II. Best series of stories I've ever read. Each one makes you want to read the next. Can't wait for Part 3 III. Wonderful writing.

You have one of the most amazing writing styles I have ever read. My favorite stories have been the spying on my girlfriend series, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE write more in that series!!

I loved the story so far , been waiting along time for the next part , please tell me you're about to post another part , hurry we're in dire need of more

Absolutely fantastic! you've got a real talent there man... her resistance is always a great part of the story, as well as the nerdy characters of the other guys... absolute classic - keep up the good work! :)

Each stoury was righteous in it's own words Starman. Nothing...absolutely nothing was dissapointing when reading this. Absolutely amazing dude. Only problem is..Now i'm impatiently waiting for Part 3. (III) Let me know.

My God! I like the story so far, wow especially episode 3(ii) in a van. I wonder how Terry will continue to do to Leigh and how her boy friend will set more opportunity for them to be together. Can't wait for your next episode.

Fantastic story man! you're getting better everytime :) are we all going to be lucky enough to get another part?

Loved this story. Want more, more, more - soon, soon, soon.

I loved it but why don't you take your sweet ass time writing the next part. Okay? (Authors note: this guy cracks me up! I love the fact my writing would have such an affect on him. Ha!)

Hey there. :) I just wanted to say I loved reading it. Its such a hot story and the flow of the story is great. Keep up the good work! :)

Fantastic!!!!! One of the best written erotic stories I have discovered on the web. All chapters are great; have been waiting for latest (3iii??) for some time. Please keep the story in same vain (i.e. Leigh resisting but letting Steve and other older guys have their way with her). Thanks again, and please keep going!

Very strong story I like the first part the best you are wondering how far the boyfriend is going to let this go. Great suspense.

I've read the whole series up to Part 3 II. Best series of stories I've ever read. Each one makes you want to read the next. Can't wait for Part 3 III. Wonderful writing.

Your stories are the greatest. I truly enjoy them, can't wait for Part 3iii. Thank you for the great stories.

Really hot story... excellent plot.. well done.

Great story. Wish i could find others as good as this

YEAH.. .NEXT CHAPTER PLEASE..:))))) a gangbang ?maybe:) (Author's note: see Part II)


Your stories are the greatest. I truley enjoy them, can't wait for Part 3iii. Thank you for the great stories.

It was fucking great! I am AN OLD GUY that would love to watch something like that.

Thank you for your efforts, very enjoyable. I look forward to reading more of your writings.

'Spying on my Girlfriend...', in particular part 3, is without a doubt the most scalding hot think i've ever read at ASSTR, no doubt about it. I check to see if Part 3 (ii) is going to be there pretty much every day!

Just read the two parts of your story and loved every word. It was as if you'd written them for me - I think we may have a few things in common.

PART 3iii (4?)

Hey Art,

I'm still reeling from the loss of the next chapter and have yet to restart it. It'll be a while.

Cheers, Starman:


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