Chapter 1 - TheBig Bonus

(Mm+f+, inc, group, cons)

by Art Martin

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Don felt elated.  The long hours on the special project had paid off.  His boss had just given him a bonus check worth three months salary, a ten percent raise, two tickets behind home plate for the home game tonight and the rest of the afternoon off!  He hurriedly called Jan, his wife, to tell her the good news.

“Oh, that’s wonderful, honey!  We sure could use the money.  Both girls need braces.”

Don’s heart sank as he ran his hand over his close-cropped hair.  “Fuck!  I forgot about the damned braces!”

“Well, at least we won’t have to borrow money from Anne and Jim again.  Besides that still leaves a good chunk of cash left over to do something with.”

“What do you have in mind?” he inquired.

“Payoff some credit card debt for starters.  Also we still owe Anne and Jim a few hundred dollars from when Toby had to go to the emergency room.”

“Fuck!  Oh, well, like they say, easy come, easy go.”

“Don’t feel so dejected, Don.  We need that money and besides, with that raise, maybe we can make ends meet for a change.”

“Yeah, you’re right.  I was hoping I could finally buy a bass boat or something.”

“What do you need a bass boat for?  Jim has one and you two always go together.”

“I know.  I just feel like such a mooch.”  Jim was his brother-in-law and he had all the toys, a bass boat, a restored ’66 GTO, a Harley, a country club membership, the cabin in the mountains, not to mention all the great cameras, computers, and other gizmos.  Don could barely even afford a basic cable package.

“Look, why don’t you call Jim and invite him to the baseball game tonight.  I won’t be home until nearly seven and besides, as you know, baseball is not my thing.”

“You sure honey?”

“Call Jim! Oh, I almost forgot… be sure and take over your sister’s birthday present.  You know her birthday is tomorrow? ”

“Vaguely…  Where is it?”

“In the bedroom.  It’s wrapped in birthday paper with a big pink bow. You can't miss it.”

“Okay, I’ll try to remember.”

“Remember also that tomorrow night the four of us are going out to dinner and dancing to celebrate.”

Jan hung up, mildly annoyed that Don would call her at the office. Still, it was good news and she was genuinely happy for her husband. Quickly she checked her makeup in her compact mirror and then headed down the hall to the company president’s office.

“Here she is!” beamed the top man. “Jan, you remember Congressman Tyrone Washington?”

Taking the offered hand of the large black man, Jan replied, “Of course I do. How are you, Mr. Washington?”

Looking into the eyes of the blonde petite mother of three and prime white fuck-meat, the Congressman replied, “Fine, Jan, fine! It's so nice to see you again.”

“The Congressman has just arrived, Jan. He’d like to rest up before I meet him for dinner tonight. Will you please be so kind as to take him to his hotel and make absolutely sure he has everything he needs?”

"Why certainly," she replied almost flippantly and with a knowing insouciant grin.


When Don hung up, he was not feeling quite so elated anymore. For sure Lori and Bonnie both needed braces. He and Jan had put it off for over a year now, so having the bonus money was indeed a blessing. The more he thought about it, the better he felt. It will be nice to pay off Jim and Anne. As painful as it was, it was necessary to pay down some credit card debt. And it was great that he would be bringing in a little more cash every month with the raise. Hell, with a little bit of luck, he could be in line for a promotion and that would really increase the cash flow. As Don gathered his things and left the office, he was feeling pretty good, just as he should be.

It felt strange leaving the office early.  It was something that he just didn’t do.  More likely he’d work an extra hour or two.  That work ethic certainly had paid off with the raise and bonus.

As he drove home he contrasted his and Jan’s life with that of his sister and brother-in-law Jim.  He was always envious of Jim. The guy always seemed to have it made, and in fact Jim did have it good, very good.

Don had knocked up Jan in their senior year of high school.  He married Jan and his parents told him he was own his own.  He worked hard, went to school at night and kept his obligations to his growing family.  First came Toby, followed a year and a half later with Lori, and Bonnie a year after that.  It was a struggle to pay the bills and go to school at the same time, but somehow he managed.  They were poor, without ever having two nickels to rub together.   

About three months after he had impregnated Jan, Jim knocked up Don’s sister Anne.  At the time Jim was a junior in college, and Anne was a sophomore.  Jim also did the honorable thing and married Anne.  However, Jim was able to complete his BS degree (with honors) on time and immediately went to work with a high paying job.  It also didn’t hurt him financially when his well-to-do parents were killed in a car accident three years after he finished school.  They too had kids one after the other, with Peter the oldest, followed by Kevin and finally Krystal bringing up the caboose.  The kids were all the same age.   Naturally the two families grew to be very close, despite the financial disparities.  Jim was more like a big brother than a brother-in-law, and Jan and Anne were truly like sisters.

Don passed Jim’s house on his way home and as he had expected, he saw that Jim’s car was in the driveway.  He knew that Anne wouldn’t be home for another two hours and by that time he and Jim would be on their way to the ballpark.

That was another of the nice things that Jim had.  He went into work early and got home early, at the same time the kids all got home from school.  It worked out great for both families as the kids had a safe, supervised place to go after school.

He drove around the block to his own house.  It was a nice house, but in the two blocks from Jim’s house to his, the quality of the houses and property values changed dramatically.  Once home, Don changed into swim trunks to take a dip in Jim’s pool.  He retrieved Anne’s birthday present, and then he walked the two blocks back to his sister’s house, eager to see the budding girls in their bikinis. He felt a little ashamed, but damn if he didn’t enjoy it. 

Especially he liked to watch his niece Krystal, with her big tits practically bursting from her very skimpy top; she looked just like her mother.  And Lori, his oldest daughter, nice body like her mother, not too top heavy, but very well proportioned.  As for Bonnie, well, Bonnie still had a girlish figure, small tits, and no waist, but with her auburn hair and emerald green eyes, she was obviously destined to be a knockout like her sister. He chuckled to himself, they were all such little prick teasers and he loved it.

As always he walked right in without knocking.  The house seemed deserted.  He kicked off his flip-flops and stripped off his sleeveless wife-beater shirt as he headed towards the pool.   Walking to the den and passing the hallway, he heard noises, grunts, groans, moans and soft cursing. 

Don stopped, cocked his head and listened before putting the birthday present down and walking down the hall.  Passing the open door of the boys’ bedroom, he stopped, stunned at the sight of his own son, Toby and his two nephews, Peter and Kevin.  They were all naked and engaged in a three-way fuck with a young girl.  One look at her long auburn hair, and Don knew that the girl was his youngest daughter, Bonnie.  She was lying on top of Peter, Peter’s peter in her pussy, sucking off Kevin while her brother Toby, fucked her in the ass. 

Speechless, Don staggered away from the door, his mind reeling as to what he should do. He staggered a few paces to the open door of the master bedroom.  Jim, his brother-in-law, was standing at the end of the bed.  The stentorian slap, slap, slap of Jim’s groin as it slammed into the ass checks of the girl he was fucking doggie style filled the room.  The girl’s head was buried between the outstretched legs of another girl.  Don was mesmerized by the licentious act.  His dick grew hard, as hard as granite and it painfully throbbed, as he watched Lori, his oldest daughter, being relentlessly fucked from behind by her uncle. 

Krystal looked up and as she recognized Uncle Don’s face, she let out a cry, “Oh, my god!” Her father paid no attention to his daughter’s outburst and continued slamming his niece’s fourteen-year old pussy.  Don watched enthralled as Jim’s low hanging sack of balls swung out from his crotch and then swung forward, slapping Lori’s belly with each hard stroke. 

Krystal urgently whispered, “Daddy, its Uncle Don!  Uncle Don!”

Krystal’s words registered with her daddy.  Jim stopped in mid stroke as if his engine had thrown a connecting rod.  Absorbed with the delightful sensation of her uncle’s long dick plunging in and out of her pussy, Lori begged, “Don’t stop!  Fuck me!  Fuck me, Uncle Jim!  Don’t stop!  Fuck me!”  She stopped begging and now looked at her father with alarm and apprehension.  “Daddy?” she squeaked.

Jim, now with a sickening knot in his gut, pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose and then slowly turned his head until he was looking his brother-in-law in the eye.  Jim saw that his beefy brother-in-law only had a pair of baggy swim trunks on and that his hard-on was tenting the front. 

Never being indecisive in his life, Jim quickly decided to be bold.  Lewdly he suggested, “You want to fuck some young pussy, Donnie-boy?  There’s plenty of pussy to be had here, buddy.  Willing pussy… and all free for the taking.” 

Jim motioned for the bigger man to step closer.  “Here, watch this.”  Jim slowly pulled his 10” cock from Don’s daughter’s pussy; it seemed to go on forever.  He let Don see his daughter’s dripping pussy lips gapping open momentarily before they slowly began to close.  Gaining confidence that he had Don under his control, Jim repositioned his cock on her bunghole.  There was no protest from his niece’s father.  Slowly Jim pushed into his young niece’s frequently visited young ass, pleased to hear a low moan rising from the girl’s father’s throat. 

“She likes it, Don.  All of our girls like it.”  Jim pulled back out and then drove back into his niece’s rectum.  “Krystal, be a good little slut and show your Uncle Don just how much you girls like to fuck.”

Naked, Krystal crawled off the bed, lewdly licking her lips with a slutty gleam in her eye.  For a thirteen-year-old she had big tits, tits just like her mama had. In fact to Don, it seemed as if his big sister, Anne, had become a girl again, only in this life she intended to fuck his brains out rather than telling his father that he was peeping through the window at her.  The girl crawled to his feet, and slowly ran her hands up his hairy legs and up the legs of his swim trunks.  Don gasped as his niece’s thin fingers caressed his crotch and his balls before sliding up inside a leg to the bare shaft of his massive hardness. 

“Excited?  You’re all wet with pre-cum, Uncle Don,” she purred.  

She pulled her hands from the legs of his swim trunks and grasped the elastic band with both hands.  She slowly pulled his swim trunks down.  His dick wildly sprang out, flinging pre-cum onto Lori’s back.  Krystal’s eyes nearly popped from her head.  Her dad had a big cock, but in the cock department he was decidedly second place to her Uncle Don. 

Once Krystal had Don’s trunks down to his ankles, her hands slid upward to his exposed genitals.   She cupped his balls with one hand and gently stroked his substantial shaft with the other.  She lifted her head to his dick and took the broad head into her mouth.  Don flung back his head, his eyes rolling into the back of his head.  “Oh, yes, baby girl, yes,” he hissed, “suck it!  Suck it you little slut!” 

She slowly worked more and more of his massive cock into her mouth, her lips stretched tight over his drooling man meat, her tongue flicking back and forth across the sensitive underside of his thick shaft. 

Mindful of only the libidinous pleasure he was now sensing, Don was swept away in the immoral and lascivious acts that he was now a party to.  Slack jawed, he rolled his head forward and looked to watch his own young daughter being slowly ass fucked by her uncle.  Jim pulled out of Lori’s ass for a moment and spread her ass checks, giving Don a good look into the gapping chasm of her freshly fucked butthole. 

His conscious screamed that this was all very improper and inappropriate, wrong, very, very wrong, but as his thirteen-year old niece continued her expert sucking, he allowed his basest carnal desires to dictate his actions. He had always had a problem of thinking with his dick rather than his brain, and today was no exception.  Closing his eyes, Don wallowed in the intoxicating sensations of base depravity.  She pulled off.  Don was about to protest; about to demand that she keep on sucking him when the warm embrace of a wet mouth surrounded his cock once again.  He heard Jim hiss, “Suck him off girl!  Suck him until he cums.  That’s it, Lori, suck off your daddy!” 

As Don opened his eyes and looked down at his blonde daughter sucking his cock, he felt Krystal’s finger worming it’s way into his ass.  “Oh, sweet Jesus!”  Don then became aware that he had an audience.  Toby, Peter and Kevin were watching with obvious glee. 

Jim now had little Bonnie in an embrace from behind, lewdly groping the low mounds of her developing titties.  He kicked her legs apart and squatted slightly.  Don watched as Jim’s long dick appeared between her legs and then disappeared into her distended snatch. 

Toby had jacked himself into another erection and knelt behind his sister as she sucked off their dad.  He grinned at his dad as he raked his youthful dick up and down her crack, teasing her as to which hole he would fuck.  Then forcefully, Toby penetrated his sister’s ass.  “Mmmmff!  Mmmmff!   Mmmmff!   Mmmmff!   Mmmmff!   Mmmmff!   Mmmmff!” she mumbled on each vigorous thrust as her brother sodomized her.

Krystal pulled her finger from her Uncle Don’s ass and spread his ass cheeks. At the first sinful contact of hot wet tongue on his sensitive anus, Don closed his eyes again to relish the illicit sensations.  For a moment Lori’s face stopped bumping into his groin, but only for a moment as Lori’s face began slamming into his groin again.  He looked down to watch his daughter getting fucked again.  Cousin Peter had replaced brother Toby and was roughly fucking her pussy.  He looked over at his youngest daughter.  Jim was still fucking her standing up from behind and pulling on her nipples, but Kevin now had his face buried in her crotch, licking her clit and the froth-coated pistioning stalk of his father’s long cock.  

Don felt his balls churning and that familiar sensation of an impending orgasm building in his genitals.  Suddenly Lori pulled off his dick and lurched forward screaming, “Oh, fuck! I’m cummmmmmming!”   Peter stayed with her as she nearly scooted across the room in a vain attempt to remove his punishing cock from her wildly spasmodic cunt.  She lurched forward one last time freeing herself of Peter’s cock which was in the midst of erupting, spraying her back and buttocks with several thick ropes of thick cum.

Lori rolled onto her back.  Crazed now with fuck lust, Don was between his oldest daughter’s legs in a flash.  He pinned her hands to the floor above her head.  Peter and Krystal each grabbed an ankle and spread the young slut’s legs for her daddy.  Her engorged pussy lips were pulsating, as if they were trying to gobble up another dick. 

Positioning the fat head of his thick penis to the entrance of his daughter’s fuck tunnel Don growled, “I’m going to fuck you until you pass out you dirty little whore!”   

Lori’s pulsating pussy lips seemed to nibble at the hot head of her father’s cock. “Oh, Dadddddddy!” she cried as he slammed his fat thick cock into her insatiable snatch, stretching it more than it had ever been stretched before.  She started cumming almost immediately and trashed about beneath him, her cock-hungry cunt wildly squeezing her daddy’s dick as he thrust in and out of her. 

The tingling in his groin began again and he thrust faster and faster until a torrent of viscous cum rushed through his cock tube and shot into the hot wanton pussy of his little girl.  “Arrrrgggghhhh! Arrggghhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhhh! Oh fuck! Ahhhh!” 

Spent, Don collapsed on her breathing heavily.  When he recovered he pulled his now soft dick from his daughter’s dripping wet cunt. Lori and Don’s eyes met.  The enormity of what they had just done gave them both pause.  He uttered,  “Fuck!”  Then he realized that this was only their first time and more would surely come.  He also realized that his two precious girls were promiscuous sluts.   A wicked smile came across his face as he further realized that he could help himself to them whenever he wanted.  “Baby, you’re a good screw!”

“Oh, Daddy.  You’re fantastic.  You have such a big dick!  God damn, Daddy, you can fuck me whenever you want.”

“I’m planning on it, Lori. From now on I’m going to fuck you like the little slut you are.” 

Don got up off the floor and looked around.  Jim gave him a thumbs up.  Krystal was on the floor getting a double fuck from her two older brothers.  Toby had his youngest sister, Bonnie on all fours and was sawing away on her cunt.  Don knelt before his little girl and grabbed her by her auburn hair and jammed his soft wet dick in her face.  “Suck me, you slut!” he hissed.  “Suck me 'til I get hard and then I’m going to fuck you like everyone else fucks you.” 

With relish his youngest gobbled his limp dick, covered with sex slime.  She was soon rewarded as the monster began swelling in her mouth. Bonnie soon began to worry.  She had to struggle to give her daddy a good blowjob, but he had swelled to the point that he was almost stuck in her mouth.  Her Uncle Jim was a tight fit, but she now knew that her daddy was bigger, much bigger, and that her daddy was about to fuck her good with his substantial tool.  She began to worry that he might split her into if she couldn’t stretch out enough to accommodate his large girth.

Don pulled his dick from her mouth.  She couldn’t help but rake her teeth across the rim of his glans.  “Ow!  You little bitch!”   Then he snarled at his son still sawing away at her other end, “Toby, that’s enough for now, this little bitch is mine!”

Toby pulled out with a pop.  Bonnie looked up into the lust crazed eyes of her father. “Oh, Daddy, don’t hurt me,” she pleaded.

Don’s heart sank, and the roughness melted away.  He went to his knees and gently kissed her.  “Oh baby girl, I would never hurt you.”

“You sounded so mean!” she sobbed.

“You don’t like rough talk?  Your mama does.  Hell, it’s only sex talk.  I thought you might like it, sweetie.”

“No, Daddy.  You scare me when you talk like that.”

“Okay, no rough talk.  But I’m still gonna fuck you.  I gonna fuck your brains out.  But I promise, I’ll be very gentle as I stretch your pussy out.”

“Oh, Daddy!”

“Now shut up and fuck your old man!”  Don lay down, his big pecker pointing to the sky.  “Girl, you choose which hole you want fucked first.  Now sit on it!”

Bonnie straddled him.  She grabbed his hot meat and directed to her hot well-fucked young snatch and slowly sat on it until the flared head squeezed between her inner lips.  “Oh, Daddy, you’re so big! Oh god!  Oh god!”   From behind, her brother wrapped his arms around her neck and fondled her budding tits. 

Suddenly she felt a searing pain as Toby forcibly drove her down on her daddy’s thick dick,  “Fuck him, Sis!  Don’t tease him, fuck him!” growled Toby.   Bonnie was still seeing stars and barely heard her daddy admonishing his son to leave his little sister alone.  

Don pulled her forward to lie on his chest, tenderly hugging her as her pussy adjusted to the size of his large caliber cock. After a few minutes he began moving his hips, fucking his daughter with short deep strokes.  He got into a rhythm with her, she rotating her hips forward as he drove his hairy pubic mound into her clit each time he bottomed out.  Bonnie let out a guttural moan of ecstasy as her first climax with her daddy swept over her. 

Kevin, the youngest of the three boys, moved in on her upturned ass. He spread her cheeks and drove his tongue up her ass as her father continued to fuck her.   Don now adjusted his depth and fucked her shallow with short strokes, his massive penis head continuously rubbing on her G-spot with each gentle thrust.  Her pussy began to spasm and she began to flop around as the vaginal orgasm seized her with an intensity she had never experienced before.  Her tight pussy forcefully clasped his dick making it difficult for him to continue thrusting.  He compensated by rolling her over. 

He locked his arms behind her knees and drew her legs forward, permitting an even deeper penetration.  He thrust into her hard and deep, fucking her like a she was two-dollar whore, all the while careful to only touch her cervix and not slam into it.  She kept cumming and cumming, screaming and panting, gasping for air as he fucked her and fucked her until he was finally seized by his own orgasm.  Don ejaculated into his youngest daughter’s clasping cunt, adding his fatherly spunk to the semen cocktail already mixing in her young wanton fuck hole.

Sitting up on his knees, Don gazed at the open chasm of her pulsating sex as semen ran freely down her crack and formed a puddle on the carpet.  Don buried his face in her open pussy and sucked up as much juice as he could.  Drunk with fuck lust, his face smeared with fuck juice, he staggered to his feet, leaving Bonnie to recover spread eagle on the floor, oozing still more cum onto the floor.  Kevin was standing there, jacking his dick.  Don grinned, knowing that she wouldn’t recover much at all before being fucked again. 

Don looked over at his niece, Krystal, just as Peter rolled off of her.  His lecherous eyes feasted on her big tits.  She looked just like her mama and the memory of watching Anne fuck in the woods was now as vivid as when he was twelve.  That memory had been his primary masturbation fantasy as a teenager.  The long ago events unfolded in his head like a favorite movie in Technicolor.

It had happened a few months before they moved from Madison to Poplarville.  Walking home after school, he spotted his big sister and her boyfriend, a rough looking punk with slicked-back hair.  She was in eighth grade, but the guy was much older, a junior in high school.  He followed them to the shortcut through the woods behind their house.  Maintaining a discrete distance behind, he quickly lost sight of them.  He had a hunch that they might go to a small clearing that he frequented to masturbate. 

As he got closer, Don could hear his sister giggling and hear her boyfriend coaxing her, “Come on baby, let’s fuck in the woods like the bears do.” 

“Oh, Brad, you’re so bad!” 

Silently Don crawled up to a fallen log and peered underneath.  He was no more than ten feet away, completely hidden by the log and dense bushes, yet he had a clear unobstructed view.   Anne was already down to her bra and panties.   He had just settled in for the show when Brad popped her bra and it fell to the ground, freeing her 40D’s.  As big as she was, her tits hardly sagged at all.  Her nickel-sized nipples were perched on dark brown aureoles the size of a silver-dollar. Her waist was thin, beautifully accentuated by her deep belly button and the flair of her very feminine 38-inch hips.  Her boyfriend was mauling her generous tits from behind, kissing her neck as he shed his clothes.  He spun her around and yanked off her panties.  Don had a close up view of the ripe globes of her ass, and a great view of her pouting sex.  Anne sank to her knees and engulfed Brad’s cock in her mouth. 

Don had to stay very quiet lest he be discovered.  His dick was hard as a steel spike and screaming for relief, but he had to stay on his belly, motionless.  There was a stick or something under his crotch and he silently ground his raging hard-on into it.  He has always vividly remembered the slurping sounds his sister made and Brad urging her, “keep sucking it baby, yeah, suck it you slut.  Damn, but you suck cock good!  Hhmmmm.”  He pulled his dick out of her mouth and said, “Let’s fuck baby!” 

“Do you have a rubber?”

“No, Baby, I forgot.”

“We can’t make love without a rubber.  I’ll get pregnant.”

“No, you won’t.”

“I don’t want to take the chance.”

“No problem, I’ll fuck you in the ass.”

“Brad! That’s dirty!”

“You’ll love it, Baby.  Trust me.  Now get down on your hands and knees.” Anne got down on all fours and her boyfriend got behind her.  He raked his dickhead up and down her slit and ass crack, teasing her, getting the fuck juices to flowing.

“Put it in,” she begged.

“Okay baby, you asked for it.”  He lunged forward.

“Oh shit!  Not in my pussy!  Not without a rubber!  Stop! Stop!”

“Shut the fuck up, bitch!  You want someone to hear us!  Now shut up while I fuck you.  I won’t shoot off inside you, I promise. Just enjoy it.”

Obscene smacking noises floated to the log hideout.  Don watched and listened as his sister got fucked doggie-style, her big tits swinging like two pendulums.  Both Anne and her lover were grunting like animals and didn’t notice Don groaning when he shot off in his pants. 

Brad stopped fucking Anne and pulled his dick out, gripping it tightly just behind the head.  “See, Baby, I didn’t shoot off in you.  Now relax, it’s butt fucking time.”  He positioned his dick a little higher and pushed.  Anne grunted.  He pushed again and she grunted.  “Come on bitch, loosen up, relax and it won’t hurt.”

He pushed a third time and as his groin met her buttocks she cried out, “Oh, fuck!” 

He remained still for a moment and then began slowly fucking her ass.    Anne began to mumble and he said, “You like it, don’t you bitch?”

“Yesssssssss!” she hissed.  “Oh! That feels so goooood!  Oh, yes… I like this!  Fuck me, baby.  Fuck my ass!”  He pushed her head to the ground and at her urging he stepped up his pace and was soon slamming her hard.  The slap, slap, slap as his groin met her buttocks filled Don’s ears. 

The guy flung back his head, and his body jerked as he loudly groaned, "Ungh,  ungh,  uuunnngghh!"  His trusting stopped.  After a few moments he rocked back on his heels.  His dick pulled free with a loud ‘plop’.   “Oh, Baby, you’re the best!”  Then he slapped her hard on the butt, leaving a red handprint.

“Ow!  Don’t be so mean!”

“Fuck you!”

Anne giggled, “You just did that!”

“Oh, yeah!  Let’s do it again!” 

“I’ve got to get home.  My mom’s taking me shopping.”

“Fuck her!”

“No, fuck me!”   He grabbed her and she squealed with laughter as they rolled around in the leaf litter until he pinned her down on her back, pulling one leg high in the air.  “No, no,” she pleaded. “Not without a rubber!”

“Shut up, slut!  I won’t knock you up!”  Then he began humping her again. 

After a few minutes, Don heard his sister begin to moan and then cry out, “Oooooooh! Oooooh! Ooooooh! Oooooh! Ooooooooooooooooooooh!”  Anne cried out several times before Brad pulled out of her pussy and shot his load onto her tits, covering them with viscous strands of milky white cum.  Don shot off in his pants again.

“Wasn’t that better than shopping with your old lady?”

“OH, YES!”

“I thought so.  Come on, I got to go too.  Meet you again tomorrow?”

“Bring a rubber, no three rubbers!”

“Okay, three rubbers.  Shit, that’s a buck fifty!”

“I don’t want to get pregnant.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah.  Fucking whore!”

“I’m not a whore!”

“Maybe not, but you’re my fuck and don’t you forget it!”

Brad quickly dressed and left Anne naked in the woods covered in his cum.  Don watched as she scooped it from her breast and licked her fingers clean until the only trace of the jism was a shimmering sheen on her tits.  She brushed off the leaf detritus before dressing and then went home. 

Don had to wait awhile until his mother and sister had gone to the mall.  He had a big, dirty wet spot on the crotch of his jeans. 

Now as Don wallowed in Krystal’s big tits he was transported live into his favorite fantasy, a fantasy that had suddenly become very real.   He had always wanted to fuck his sister, but that was strictly taboo.  Now he was about to fuck her daughter while the girl’s own father watched.  That was taboo too, but hell, he was doing it!  He decided to give Jim the same lewd show that he had gotten, capped with a nice clear view of her gapping ass after he had sodomized her. 

Lying down, Don guided his niece down onto his dick, guiding it to the entrance of her well-used rectum.  He let her impale herself, taking his dick slowly, enjoying every inch of his thick cock.  He ran two fingers up her dripping twat and rubbed her clit with his thumb, all the while playing with her magnificent mammaries.   She pumped herself up and down on his dick, fucking with wanton abandon until the combination of anal, vaginal, clitoral, and nipple stimulation drove her into a powerful orgasm.  She let out an unholy wail derived of pure animal lust as the sweet sensation she loved so much swept her away like an avalanche.  She fell forward, biting his chest and collar, drawing blood.  Don didn’t notice, the pain just triggered his own orgasm, weaker than his previous two, but satisfyingly delightful nonetheless.

His dick deflated and as it retreated from his niece’s ass, he reached around and spread her ass cheeks.  Once his dick head fell out, it was Jim’s turn to look up into the chasm of his daughter’s freshly fucked rectum, red and raw looking, glistening with fresh cum. 

“Oh man!  That’s outstanding!  Don, you need to come over here more often!”  Jim glanced over at the relentless clock by his bed.  “Shit!  I hate to break up the party guys, but Anne will be home in a few minutes.  Everyone, get your swimsuits on and get into the pool!  Move it, people!”

Anne poked her head out the patio door and waved to the happy crowd in the pool.  Then she disappeared inside.  Don couldn’t face his sister, not right now.  She had always read him like a book and it seemed that she could always read his mind.  Then he remembered.  “Hey, Jim.  I’ve got two tickets behind home plate for the game tonight.  Wannna go?”

“You bet!  What time is the game?”

“We better leave now,” replied Don.

“I’ll pick you up in fifteen minutes, Don.” 

Don got out of the pool and without toweling off, went through the side gate and headed home, barefoot and shirtless.  He quickly dressed and a minute later, Jim was honking in the driveway.

Don and Jim sipped on a beer in silence as the third inning began.  They had been silent since leaving Don’s house.  Don was feeling guilty.  He couldn’t believe he had participated in a gangbanging and thorough debauching of his own teenaged daughters and his niece.  Never mind that the girls’ brothers were in on it or that his brother-in-law apparently had orchestrated the whole thing.   What in the hell has Jim been doing and for how long?  Shit, never mind Jim, what had he done?  What if Jan or Anne ever found out?  Christ, he could be looking at jail time! 

Despite his feelings of guilt, just the thought of their young nubile bodies, squirming and twisting around under him as he fucked them got his dick hard again.  He realized that there was no going back now.  He had broken a major taboo and had enjoyed every minute of it.  He knew that there’d be no end and that he’d fuck all three girls as often as possible in the future. He shoved the feelings of guilt deep someplace in the recesses of his mind, and in doing so, felt liberated.

“That was fantastic!”

“It was a routine play,” corrected Jim.

“No, not the game, the girls.  Fucking the girls!  That was fantastic!”

“Keep your voice down, Don.”  Jim sipped his beer and leaned near Don’s ear so that no one could overhear him.  “They’re fantastic fucks all right, the raunchiest sluts I’ve ever come across.  They all love to fuck.  They can’t seem to ever get enough.  Nymphomaniacs; all three of them.  And their brothers… horniest bunch of goats I’ve ever seen.”

Don felt a pang of guilt return. “Jesus, Jim, they’re our daughters!”

“Yeah, convenient, eh?”


“Well, yes.  Bottom line is, all they want is a dick stuck up a hole.  I don’t know about you, Don, but I’d just as soon be the one fucking them rather than letting some gang of pimple-faced clowns use them.”

“Yeah, I suppose you’re right about that. All I’ve thought about since we all got in the pool was having another toss with one of them.  Still, I have a bone to pick with you, Jimbo.  Where in the hell did you ever get the idea that you could fuck my children?”

“I knew you were going to ask me that, Don.  I’m just relieved that you’re asking me after you had fucked them too.   When you walked in unexpectedly today, I nearly shit in my pants.”

“You weren’t wearing any pants,” wryly observed Don. “How long have you been fucking them?  Two years, three years?  And why didn’t you tell me about it?”

“Tell you about it?  Give me a break!  What was I supposed to say?  Hey, Don, I’m fucking your two girls and my girl too.  Gee, is that okay with you?”

“Shit, you’re right.  I would have decked you, probably broken your fucking neck.  When I walked in I was totally stunned.  Then the testosterone took over.  Hell, I still don’t quite remember everything other than that I savaged our girls and enjoyed watching them be savaged by you and the boys.  What a turn on!  I’m ready to do it again!”  Don gulped the rest of his beer as he caught the eye of a beer hawker.  “Want another one?”

“Yeah, bring it on!”

Don paid for the beer and settled back down to watch the game.  “Double play!  Fuck! He overthrew first! Oh shit, home!  Home!  Oh goddamn it!!!”  Two base hits later and things were looking tense, bases loaded and two outs and a full count. 

“How long?”

“One more strike,” replied Jim.

“No, not the game, the girls.  How long have you been fucking them?”

“Three, four months.  Came home early one afternoon and found them all in a pile naked.  Next thing I knew, I had joined in.  I decided to go on flex-time, going in early and getting off early. That gave me a few hours each afternoon to rut before Anne got home.”

“Shit, what if they get pregnant?”

“No worry, I took care of that.  Took them all to a doctor I know.  He gave them all Norplant implants, good for seven years.”

“Seven years?”

“Yeah, a genuine medical marvel.  Not like the pill, where if you mess up you’re screwed.”

“Yeah, tell me about that,” lamented Don.

ell. wHell, we’ve both been there, pal.  Great thing with the implant in the upper arm is there’s no need to worry about a missed dose, expired prescription, or some joker substituting a placebo.  It’s damned near fool proof.”

“Oh fuck, he walked him!”

Don took a sip. “Flex-time?  I was wondering why you did that.  I like to watch Leno and get my sleep.”

“I like to fuck.”

“Yeah... Fuck, Leno!  I think I’ll start going in early too.”


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