Chapter 8

(mf, oral, mmf, anal, cons, spank, lt bond)

by Art Martin

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I woke early in the morning to the most pleasant sensation of having my dick sucked.  Just before I came, I remember thinking, 'I could get used to this!'  Leanne got what she was after and sprang out of bed.  I stayed for a while savoring the immediate aftermath of a good cum, before jumping into the shower with her for a little rub‑a‑dub‑dub tittie fun.

After doing my morning chores of feeding the horses and cleaning out the stalls, I headed in for breakfast.  The animals had been agitated as I had forgotten to feed them the night before.  I wasn't too worried that Dad would be upset with me; after all I was a bit distracted yesterday with Mama's cunt. 

That was a mistake.  As soon as I walked into the kitchen and caught the aroma of bacon, he lit into me for being irresponsible.  Right there at the kitchen table, he had me drop my pants and lean over the table, whereupon he blistered my ass with one of his wooden paddles.  All the while I was taking my punishment, Mama stood by the stove, wearing only a full apron, her bare ass cheeks tantalizing me.  The punishment over, I stood sporting a hard‑on.  Dad looked at me, squinting his eyes frowning.  I suppose he didn't realize what Mama's state of dress was doing to me because he muttered, "You're getting too old for this sort of thing." 

Leanne had come in at the tail end of the paddling and at its conclusion sat down with a smirk on her face.  Dad took his seat and Mama served us.  I pulled up my pants and opted to eat standing up.   Mama was about to sit when Daddy grabbed her and started rubbing her butt no more than a foot from me.  Pulling her into his lap, he ran his hands under the apron to feel her up.  He growled, "You're all wet, Roxanne." 

I thought he was going to fuck her right there, but he abruptly stood and dragged her off to the bedroom without eating.

"What was that all about?" inquired Leanne with a grin.

"I forgot to feed the horses last night."

"That got him all worked up?"

"I'm not sure," I replied.

We cleaned up best we could, leaving Mama's and Dad's plates on the table along with their breakfast.  Neither of us knew if that would be acceptable, but took the risk, deciding it was the best that we could do.

Sam pulled up about ten minutes earlier than normal.  He was in an agitated state, worse than the horses had been, fretting about how soon it would be before Becky dropped off Katie, and running‑on non‑stop about how much fun we had with her yesterday afternoon and how much fun we were going to have with her after school today.  When Leanne walked out, he clammed up.

Becky pulled up the drive. Katie got out and Leanne got in. Becky whipped her car around kicking up gravel and zoomed off.

Sam sheepishly asked, "Would it alright with you if, uh, Katie and I rode in the back?  You can drive!"

Well, I had a Learners Permit, but Dad hadn't actually let me drive anywhere yet except up and down our gravel drive.  I jumped at the chance to really drive a car.  Cocksure and full of piss and vinegar, I slid behind the wheel and fired that puppy up.  With one foot on the gas and the other on the brakes, we were off like a herd of wild stampeding turtles creeping down the drive.  I managed to clip the mailbox as I turned onto the road causing Sam to exclaim, "Watch it asshole!  Don't scratch my car!  Ah fuck Kern, do you know what the fuck you're doing?"

"Relax Dude!  I have it all under control."

"Watch the fuckin' ditch!  Oh SHIT!"

Skillfully I managed to get the car back onto the road.  At the first stop sign, I nearly launched Katie and Sam into the front seat.

"Goddamnit, Travis!  Easy!  Take it easy!  Fuck!  You want me to drive?"

"No, no, no!  I'm just not used to your car.  Uhmm, brakes are kinda touchy."

Still stopped, I turned to say something cute to Sam, but with Katie's blouse already unbuttoned and open, I knew he didn't want to hear any B.S. from me. I turned onto the highway and somehow managed to more or less stay in my lane without any other incidents.  The twenty‑minute ride to school took more like thirty minutes, not that Katie or Sam minded.  I did my best and concentrated on the task at hand, but Sam's occasional hoarse whisper to, 'Suck my dick,' or 'Yeah, Katie, suck it good,' or, 'Goddamn that feels good,' and other such platitudes were distracting and left little doubt in my mind as to what was going on in the backseat.  Several quick looks in the mirror revealed Sam, but not Katie.

I pulled into the high school parking lot and found a space with no other vehicles anywhere near and parked, managing to take up four spaces.  I put it in park and turned to the rear seat.  Katie's head was still in Sam's lap, his pants down around his thighs.

"Hey, finish up Katie," I said.  "We're here."

Sam closed his eyes and grunted, holding her head to his crotch.  Having sated Sam, Katie sat up smacking her lips, fastened her bra and buttoned her blouse.  A little cum was dripping from the corner of her mouth so I helpfully scooped it up with a finger and fed it to her.

"C'mon Sam, get your pants up," I urged, "we're gonna be late."

Sam and I piled out of the car.  We had to wait for Katie to fix her lipstick and straighten her hair.  While Katie repaired the damage, Sam reparked the car.

As we walked from the car, I broke the news.  "Listen ya'll, I made a few phone calls last night.  There's gonna be a few extra guys joining us this afternoon."  Katie's eyes nearly glazed over and Sam started to protest.

"Don't sweat it, Dude."  I reached out and rubbed her lewdly in the crotch, "There's plenty of pussy here for all of us."

"Jesus Christ, man!  She's your girl!"

"That's right.  She's my girl, and I know how to take care of my girl." 

Sam went his way and Katie and I walked on over to the Junior High School.

"Are you serious, Travis?"

"Yeah, I'm serious."

"Who?  How many?"

"That's a secret, besides I'm not really sure how many will show up.  You got a problem with a gangbanging?  Now's the time to tell me."

"Oh god.  I don't know."

"Well, think about.  Let me know at lunch."

At lunch I found her sitting with Rita and JoAnn.  JoAnn smiled seductively, and greeted, "Here's the stud!  We have a date Friday?"

Crap, I'd forgotten all about the Friday night arrangements.  "Uh, yeah, sure.  You, me and Rita, and Sam and Katie.  Maybe we'll take in a movie, hang out at the Dairy Queen."

"Rita has a better idea," said JoAnn with a conspiratorial grin. "Tell him, Rita."

Rita flashed me a radiant smile, her green eyes sparkling.  "JoAnn's mom and dad won't be home Friday.  I thought that maybe we'd all just... hang out there."  

I looked at the petite red headed virgin and thought, 'Oh yeah baby.'  Struggling to be cool I smoothly replied, "Sure, that sounds great." 

"Maybe we'll play cards," added JoAnn with a coy smile.

"Cards?  Yeah, cards can be a lot of fun."

The three girls chatted, actually JoAnn and Rita talked, I listened or at least I tried to listen, but the conversation just didn't make a whole of sense to me.  Parts did, but for all practical purposes they were speaking in code.  Katie, for the most part, she was quiet, lost in her own thoughts.  I was glad when the two other girls excused themselves to go talk with another group of girls.

"You alright?" I asked.

"Uh, yes, I'm fine."

"You seem... distracted."

"Oh god Travis, I'm soaking wet!" she gushed in a whisper.  "I haven't been able to think of anything else this morning but sex, lots of sex."

"You want me to call it off?"

"Oh god.  I'm such a slut."

"If you don't want to..."

"Yes, damn it!  Yes!  Oh shit, I think I'm gonna cum just thinking about it!  School can't get out soon enough.  I need you so bad.  Can't we..."

"You just need some dick," I said with a slight sneer.

"You've got that right.  Can't we go somewhere, for just a few minutes."

"You crazy?  Here?  At school?  We'd get kicked out!"

"Oh god, I'm going to go crazy waiting for the bell!"

"That'll make it all the more better."

"Why didn't you just surprise me?  Why tell me and get me all worked up thinking about it?"

"You need to think about it.  In case you don't want to do it."

"I have been thinking about it!  I've been thinking about nothing else. You know damn good and well that I want it."

"Good, because you're gonna be gang fucked this afternoon," I said in whisper.  "You'll have so many dicks stuck in you, you'll lose count."

"Oh god.  How many?"

"Not sure.  Including Sam and me, five or six."

"That's all?"

"You really are a slut, Katie.  That should be plenty."

"Yeah, you're right, it's just that I feel so needy."

I slipped my hand into her lap and squeezed her pussy, feeling her moisture seeping through her jeans.  "Feel better?"

"Oh, oh, oh, oh!"

I kept a sharp lookout for teachers and brought her quickly to the brink.  Then I stopped.

"Don't stop, Travis," she pleading begged.

"Save it for this afternoon."

"You bastard."


Her hand shot to her crotch and within seconds she closed her eyes, trembling.  Nervously I scanned the crowded cafeteria to see if anyone was watching her bring herself off.  She slumped against me, with her head burrowed into my shoulder.

From behind I heard Mrs. Cook, who had the reputation as the meanest teacher at Indian Creek Junior High, scowl, "Sit up straight Ms. Tate!  No public demonstrations of affection on school property!  Now sit up!"

Katie sat up, her hands in her lap, staring forward, not daring to look at Mrs. Cook as her state of lust was plainly evident in her face.  Mercifully, Mrs. Cook moved on to harass some other errant student and the bell rang signaling that lunch was over.

Katie moaned, "Oh god, look!"  Her hands parted revealing the wet spot on her jeans.

"You're gonna be a juicy little fuck this afternoon. Aren't you?"

Being a gentleman, I escorted her to her locker.  She was right behind me the whole way to disguise the tell tale wet spot.  Once at her locker, she retrieved her books to hold in front of her.  As she walked away, I couldn't help but notice that her wetness was visible from the rear as well.  Oh well, there wasn't anything I could do about that.

Next period was my turn to suffer.  I just didn't have time yesterday to finish my essay and all I could do was turn in the rough draft, with all the spelling errors, grammatical errors, errors of fact and logic that typify a very rough draft.  I knew good and well that I'd be lucky to get a 50 on it.  As bad as that would hurt my grades, it was far better than the zero I'd get for failing to turn it in on time.  I had fretted about it all morning, but there was no time to do anything about it.  I cast about to lay blame somewhere, after all I was very distracted yesterday, but finally realized that it was just too bad.  I did my best and I had only myself to blame.  I could have gotten it done, but there were better things to do, much better, and a poor grade was a small price to pay for my distractions.

The afternoon dragged on.  My thoughts were on Katie and I wondered how she was faring.  When the last bell rang and we hooked up to walk to Sam's car, I knew she hadn't fared well at all.  There was a wild look of lascivious desperation in her eyes.

The wet spot in her crotch was now even bigger and more pronounced than at lunchtime.

"You been getting yourself off in class?"

"What do you think?"

"I think you're ready for a Grade‑A fucking."

"I've been ready all day!  C'mon, let's get going."

Sam was waiting for us by his car.  He offered to let me drive, but I declined in the interest of getting to the barn as quickly as possible. 

Katie sat in middle, between Sam and I.  As Sam sped towards our destination, I helped Katie relieve herself of her sneakers, socks, jeans, and panties. She was so wet that it looked as if she'd squirted a half a bottle of lube between her legs.  My fingers found her hole and slid in effortlessly. 

The smacking noises my fingers were making in her pussy were loud enough to be heard over the road noise.  Sam had a hard time keeping his eyes on the road, his attention being drawn to the source of the syrupy noises.  My thumb pressed into her clit and teased her to another climax.  By the time we pulled off the highway and onto the road to home, I had stripped her of her blouse and bra, to ride completely naked the remaining distance to the barn.

Sam pulled up behind the barn, obscuring the car from the road.   Pulling her naked from the car, I half dragged her into the barn.  "Lookie here," I said in genuine surprise at the sight of several bales of hay laid out in a large rectangular platform about the size of a king sized bed.

"Your dad's been here," stated Sam.  "I didn't think he ever..."

"Yeah, well, he's come and gone," I said dismissively.   

I found the old Spiderman blanket and spread it out over the bales of hay.  Sam had quickly disrobed and ready for action.  As soon as the blanket was down, he had Katie down with him on top of her, trying desperately to find entrance to her vagina.  Katie helped him out and she gasped as his cock slid into her.

Poor Sam.  No technique at all.  He just began slamming her.  He had a lot to learn, but under the present circumstances a hard, rough fucking was just what Katie needed at the moment.  I had barely gotten my own clothes off before Sam was grunting and shuddering with ejaculatory delight.  Sam rolled off with a look of rapture on his face.  I guess he needed a quickie too. 

"Hey Dude, you've got the sprint down pat, what you need to do is learn the marathon," I said teasingly.

Sam expression changed from blissful to shameful at the words of my tease.  "Don't sweat it," I said in an attempt to right a wrong, "we've all day with this slut."

I crawled up next to her and produced a strip of cloth to blindfold her.

"What's this for?"

"This will heighten your other senses.  You will be more attuned to sounds, smells, and touch."

"All I'm going to smell is this hay," she giggled as I tied the blindfold securely. 

"Can you see anything?"


"Tell the truth.  If you can see anything at all, it will spoil the effect."

"No, I can't see a thing."

"Any light?  Any at all?"

"No!  It's pitch dark."

"Good.  Now leave it on until I take it off.  Understand?"

"You sound like your Dad."

"Whatever slut.  Understand?"

"Why are you calling me a slut all a sudden?"

"You are a slut," I hissed in her ear.  "You know that, I know that, and Sam knows that.  Soon, several other guys are going to know that, but then again, they already know it too.  So be yourself and act like the slut you are.  Understand?"

"Okay, okay.  I'm a slut."

"That's right.  You know what slut's are good for?"


"That a girl!  Now show Sam how slutty you can be.  Show him how you frig yourself."

I'd never seen a girl masturbate before and what Sam and I witnessed, we'll never forget.  It was the hottest thing I'd ever seen.  There she was, my girlfriend, blindfolded and sprawled out nude for our pleasure.  One delicate hand stroked her pert pink nipples erect, while the other slid in and around her lewdly splayed pussy with Sam's cum oozing from her.  With her nipples pointing straight in the air, she moved that hand down from her tits, down to open her pussy lips and display her hard little clit.  Her fingers danced around her clit, her legs flexed and her toes curled.  Soon her free hand slid back up her torso to pinch and pull on her nipples.  The fingers in her pussy plunged in and out of her cunt hole and then furiously circled her clit for a moment before plunging back into her feverish fuck hole again.  Suddenly her upper chest became mottled like she had the measles, she arched her back and shook and then it happened, a gush of fluid poured from her pussy.

"Damn!" whispered Sam as she collapsed back onto the hay.  We looked at each other, the expression of surprise clearly written on our faces.  There was no need to act cool or any other bullshit, for what we had witnessed was unexpected and incredibly beautiful.

I had to taste her.  She had a heady aroma from being aroused all day and I wallowed my face in between her pouting labia.  The favor was familiar, yet better than any time before.  The quantity surprised me too.  I literally drank from her dripping wet cunt.  Didn't matter at all if some if not most of it was Sam's cum, I still dream about that moment when I gulped her copious fluids.  By the time I pulled my face from her pussy, I too was drunk with fuck lust.

Sitting upright, I scooted up between her legs with my knees tucked up under her thighs.  Grasping my stiff pecker, I slid the head up and down her heavenly slit and toying with her clit with the tip of my dick.  I gestured to Sam.  He understood and descended upon her left tit, causing her to gasp a little as he gnawed her nipple.  Soon she was begging me to put my dick into her.

Nestling into the maw of her carnal temple I took great delight in watching her pussy lips caress the head of my cock.  Jabbing her hips, she was trying to drive my cock into her, but I anticipated each thrust.  The result was that it appeared that the lips of her pussy were kissing my cock.  Finally after teasing her for a long time, I gave her what she wanted, what she craved, but not all of it, just a few inches at the most. 

Sam had just about wrecked her left nipple and had moved on the right when I first penetrated her.  The first time in I felt the bump on the fore‑wall of her cunt, so there was no problem judging the depth for maximum effect.  Slowly, ever so slowly, I moved in and out, fucking her with deliberate shallow strokes, ten at a time, followed by a sudden and hard thrust deep, where I ground into her clit with my pubic bone.  After thirty seconds or so of grinding into her clit, I withdrew slowly to resume my slow, shallow fuck until I thrust ten times, then I rammed her again and mashed into her clit.  She didn't last long, four maybe five cycles and I saw the measles‑like blush return to her chest.

Katie gave a guttural cry and punched up her hips, destroying my rhythm.  No matter, my object was to get her off and she got off spectacularly, thrashing around, fucking me violently until she stiffened rigidly and literally quaked.  Her cuntal spasms were so powerful that it reminded me of the night before when it felt like Mom's pussy was going to bite my dick off!

I survived with my organ intact and with my balls drenched with her dew.  Sam was ready to go again, so I yielded her still clasping cunt to him, pushing her thighs to remove her from my dick. 

Rolling her onto her stomach, I made her get up on her knees.  Sam and I explored her up thrust globes for a few minutes before I signaled him to back away. 

"Owwww!" she squealed as my hand slapped into her buttocks.  Immediately my handprint appeared in crimson, complete with the outline of all five fingers.

"You've been a naughty girl, Katie," I hissed.  "You're a slut and sluts are naughty girls.  You've let nasty boys stick their dicks into your pussy, let nasty boys shoot their baby making cream up your slutty cunt, sucked their nasty dicks and drank their spermy cum.  For being a nasty little slut, I'm going to have to spank you.  Understand slut?  I'm gonna spank you.  Spank your ass then fuck your slut pussy again."



"What are you Katie?"

"I, I , I'm a slut!"  SMACK!  "Owwwwww!"

"Whose slut are you?"

"Yours Travis, yours.  I'm your slut, I..."  SMACK "Owwwww!"

"Now spread your butt cheeks slut!  Spread'em, spread'em wide."

Katie reached back and spread herself open to Sam and me, her delicate brown star winking at us as her muscles randomly contracted as a result of the spanking. 

"You wanna taste?"

"You kidding?"

"No, she tastes good.  Go on, lick her."

"Fuck no, man!"

I put my face between her spread ass cheeks and licked up the open crevasse. She was very clean, musky but clean and not offensive at all.

"Oh, fuckin' gross!" exclaimed Sam.

Looking back at him I declared,  "Don't knock it if ya ain't tried it!"  Then I returned my attention to analingus.  I concentrated my main attention on licking around and over her asshole, flickering my pointed tongue across her, licking around at the edges.  I had never done anything like this before, but Dad did it to Katie's mom last night before buggering her. Miss Linda liked it and I figured I'd give it a try. 

Katie was squirming around, apparently enjoying the attention her anus was getting.  Sam just stood there in shock and I suppose disgust.  Somewhat annoyed I told him, "Dude, don't just stand there playing with yourself!  Give the lady something to chew on."  His eyes brightened as the light went on in his occasionally thick skull. 

Sam came around and nuzzled his stiff dick in her face.  Even blindfolded, she had no problem attaching her mouth to his dick and began swallowing his cock.  I was wallowing my face in her butt, alternately licking her cunt and licking her ass, occasionally thrusting my tongue into her anus.  My tongue grew tired and I pulled back, considering my next move. 

The next move I figured, involved shoving my cock into her, but which hole should take my pleasure with?  I moved behind her and placed my cock to her anus and gently bumped into her, then I moved my cock to slide between her legs before teasing her cuntal lips with my glans.  I moved back to tease her butt and then teased her pussy.  I know what she expected after the ass licking, but that's not what she got.  Forcefully, I rammed my cock into her cunt, knocking her forward and began screwing the hell out of her.

To be continued...


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