Chapter 7

(Mf, FF, mF, oral, inc, anal)

by Art Martin

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Sam dropped off Katie and then me. Walking up the gravel drive to our house, I noticed that Katie's dad's truck was there. Sam's car had been hidden from the road, but if you stood at the back of the patio... My god, what if he saw us coming out of the barn? What if Gib Tate knew what I just did with his daughter? He couldn't know that now, but what if he ever found out? The two of us screwing, that was one thing, but sharing her with my buddy?

Seeing Becky's car parked on the other side of Gib's F‑250 relieved my growing anxiety for a moment. The relief didn't last long.


A plaintiff cry drifted from the house. There was a pause followed by the sound of another sharp slap and another cry. I stood frozen, listening to the walloping someone was getting. THE PARTY! Oh shit, oh shit! They found out! Somehow they found out! From the sound of it, I knew that whoever was catching it was catching it with one of Dad's wooden paddles that he kept handy for serious transgressions, like... lying to him. Having been on the receiving end of several of Dad's signature butt‑blisterings, my stomach turned. Soon it would be my turn.

After several long minutes the sounds of the paddling stopped. It would be a few more minutes before the unintelligible sobbing of a female would diminish. Leanne must have really caught it.

I wanted to flee, but knew that would only treble the punishment waiting for me. If there was one thing Dad didn't tolerate besides lying, it was running away to hide from him to avoid punishment. Taking a deep breath, I gutted up and strode into the house to meet whatever punishment awaited me.

It seemed eerily quiet, like there was no one there. Then I heard groans from somewhere. I stepped into the kitchen expecting to see Leanne bent over the table crying, but no one was there. Looking out the kitchen window, I saw them, Dad and Gib sitting on the other side of the patio table with Leanne sitting in Dad's lap and Becky sitting in Gib's lap. The chairs were drawn up so that they were all facing each other.

Neither Leanne, nor Becky seemed to be particularly distressed. The fact that Dad and Gib were shirtless didn't seem surprising because they were out by the pool. As usual, Leanne had on a short‑cropped t‑shirt to protect her shoulders from too much sun. However, the fact that Becky was topless caught my attention. The fact that her dad was squeezing her bare tits blew me away!

I heard the soft groaning again, coming from the front of the house. I turned to determine exactly where the sound was coming from and realized it was coming either from upstairs or from my parents' bedroom. Confused I turned back to look out the window just as Leanne and Becky lean forward and kissed each other. Unopposed, Dad's hand ran up Leanne's shirt to caress her boob. Then I noticed the motion, the motion of the two girls rising slightly together and then pulling apart slightly as they fell together, again and again in slow motion while their fathers felt them up.

Even though I had just cum in Katie's pussy not much more than thirty minutes before, my cock nearly tore through my jeans as I witnessed the incestuous fucking taking place between fathers and daughters. Frozen in place with my eyeballs bulging, I dared not breathe as I might give it away that I was watching.

"Wha'cha doin' boy?"

I nearly jumped out of my skin! I spun around to see Uncle Jake standing not more than two feet from me.

"It's not polite to snoop on people," he said with a grin.

I didn't know what to say and it didn't occur to me immediately that he was stark naked.

"Oh, look," he said with a nod to the window. "Whatcha think they're doing?" he deadpanned. "Homework?"

Certain that I was mistaken I turned back to see Becky and Leanne stand up and change partners. This time the girls faced towards Gib and my dad. Gib pushed Leanne's top over her head and attached his lips to her nipple in one smooth motion, while Becky began feverously kissing Dad. The girls quickly resumed riding cock.

"You want some pussy, Travis?" asked Uncle Jake as he opened the back door. I stood frozen until he pushed me out.

"Hey Billy! Gib! Look who's home!"

Dad looked over at me, hugging Becky with a bear grip and began a vigorously thrusting into her. "Take my dick, you fuckin' slut whore!" I heard him curse. "That's it tramp, fuck my god damned dick! Fuck it good, slut!"

Uncle Jake pushed me forward and around to the other side of the table. The view now unobstructed, I could now clearly see that none of what was going on was in any way a figment of my imagination. Both Dad and Gib were hurling vindictives as they fucked the other's daughter. I was shocked, I never heard Dad call anyone names like he was piling on Becky, nor had I ever heard anyone say the nasty things about my sister that Gib was grunting through his clenched teeth. I knew for a fact that it was all true, but still...

Dad hissed, "I'm cumming bitch! I'm cumming in your sweet, sweet pussy! Ahhhh! Ahhhhh! Ahhhh fuck! Oh yeah baby girl...that's so good... so good. Whoa girl, whoa! You're gonna break my dick off! Whoa!" Becky stopped bouncing in Dad's lap, actually he was holding her still as she buried her head into his shoulder. "Easy Becky, easy," he cooed. "You need more? You need more, Baby?"

Her body still trembling, Becky nodded and started humping again.

"Whoa! Sorry baby, that won't work for a while...Well lookie here, it's old Uncle Jake. Want him to finish you off?"

Becky nodded. Dad pushed her off, his soft dick pulling from her puss like a cork, releasing a small torrent of cum to spill into his lap. Jake stepped up and pushed her back onto the wrought iron table, her legs wrapping around his waist automatically.

Flashing a broad smile at me, Dad asked, "Want some pussy, boy?" as if he were asking me if I wanted a Coca Cola. My face must have revealed my utter confusion. "What's the matter? Shocked? Surprised? Hell, you fucked you own sister Saturday! Fucked her last night too! From what I hear, you gave her a good fucking too. Hell! About time damned time, I might add. The way your sister's been flaunting herself, I was getting worried about you."


"Now you know the big secret." Dad stood. "C'mon, I can see by the bulge in your pants that you need some relief." Leading me back into the house, he said, "This has been a long time coming, Travis, a long time. Halleleuh! No longer do I have to sneak around just to fuck your sister. Now get out of those clothes boy, there's pussy waiting for you."

With a thud I fell as I was trying to get my boots and pants off while following Dad out of the kitchen. With an exasperated look, he waited while I shed my clothes as instructed. Standing, Dad stepped up to me looking me straight in eye.

"Remember this son, pussy is pussy. It was made to have a hard dick shoved into it. Even so, never force yourself on a girl, Travis, never... but if a girl is willing, by god, fuck her. Fuck the hell out of her. Take it from an old cunt‑hound...never, ever pass up pussy. You never know when you're gonna be called to the Pearly Gates. No sense in standing before St. Peter wishing you used your own peter more than you did. One other thing, give her a good fucking too. Make sure she enjoys as much, if not more than you are enjoying it. Understand?"

I nodded in agreement, understanding, but not understanding anything that was going on. Dad opened his bedroom door and stuck his head in. He turned to me, placing his finger to his lips for silence, and motioned me forward. Quietly we stepped into the bedroom. There on the bed was Katie's mom, Linda spread out and pulling on her tits. Nuzzled into her crotch eating her out was...Mom? I knew it was her, even though I had never seen her from this vantage point before, with her bare upturned ass facing me. Eating pussy was one thing, but what struck me most was fiery red color of her ass cheeks.

Dad stepped forward, picking up a paddle from the floor. Linda Tate looked up and grinned broadly as she saw the paddle arcing through the air. CRACK!

"Uggghhhhhh!" cried Mom from between Linda's legs. CRACK! "Ugggghhhhhh!" CRACK! "Ahhhhhh!" Mom's red butt was wildly gyrating as if she was trying to dodge the next stinging blow. CRACK!

Dad dropped the paddle, and turned to me. "Okay Travis, now fuck her!"

"Wha? Dad... I, I can't..."

"I said fuck her," he growled.


Dad picked up the paddle, looking me square in the eyes.

"Oh shit," I whimpered.

"Watch your mouth boy. There're ladies present."


"Wanna do her in the butt? Go ahead, she'll love it."

"Dad, I can't..."

"Bull shit, I can see that you can do it. Travis, she'll love it. Just give your mom a good screwing. You'll see."

I moved in behind Mom, placing one knee on the bed with the other foot firmly planted on the floor. Just as I nestled my cock into my mother's pussy for the first time, she turned and looked at me, smiling. She began wiggling her ass and before I knew it, she pushed back, driving my cock into her. I grabbed her by the hips and with an exaggerated motion, began screwing the very pussy I came from.

"Oh yes, Baby! Do me baby, do me! Fuck Mommy with that nice dick you have. Oooooo, you make Mommy feel so good. Oh yes Baby, that feels good, that feels soooo good!"

The next few minutes are a blur to me, but I remember her squeezing her cunt muscles while I fucked her. It was quite unlike fucking Katie, Leanne, Becky, or any of the girls at the party. Mom's pussy was so hot that it felt like it was on fire. "Fuck me Travis, fuck me. Fuck your mommy, Baby. Fill her pussy with your nice hard cock. Fill me with your seed Baby, fill me 'til my cunt overflows." She quivered and quaked, her pussy no long squeezing me with incredible control, but practically chewing at my dick. Suddenly she lurched forward, pulling away from me.

Mom rolled onto her back and then into a little ball like a hedgehog. Linda grabbed me, pulling me to her and onto the bed.

"She's happy," she observed. "Now, make me happy." I was already between her legs and as I adjusted my position, Linda grabbed my dick.

"So, this is what you've been screwing my baby girl with, eh? Nice cock. Katie's been a lucky girl. Hope she doesn't mind sharing you... Now, you motherfucker, show me what you do to my Katie."

Those two fucked my brains out that afternoon. Occasionally I got some little respite when Gib Tate came to screw Mom, or when Uncle Jake came in to paddle and screw both of them. Dad, I didn't see Dad again until nearly nightfall when he came and got me for a little talk with Gib and him.

"You have fun today, boy?" asked Gib with a smirk. "Fun fucking your own mother?"

"Uh, yeah," I said still disbelieving what had taken place, "I did have fun." Then I threw it back at him. "You have fun fucking your daughter?"

Gib laughed. "Damned right I did, boy. We got some of the finest pussy in the whole world, right here along Indian Creek! Now tell me boy, how good of a fuck is my little Katie?"

"She's good," I said honestly. "I like her."

"Hear that Billy? Your boy likes my little girl's pussy! I heard that she had a grand time at ya'lls little fuck party Saturday night. Tell me son, how many?"

"How many what?"

"How many boys fucked her?"

"Uh, I don't know."

"Three, six, ten?"

"Uh, twenty I guess."

"Twenty! Lord'a mercy Billy, we're missing out!" Gib leaned in to me, "Other than Saturday night, has she ever done anything like that?"

"Uh, yeah," I said feeling very comfortable now that I knew what the score was around here. "Today, this afternoon. Me and Sam..."

"Sam and I," corrected Dad.

"Sam and I, we took her to the old barn."

"Sam Hollis?"

"Yes sir."

"You needn't get into the details, Son," my Dad interjected. "What Gib needs to know is whether she enjoyed it."

"Oh, yes Sir. Sam too."

"And you?"

"Oh, yes Sir. I always enjoy, uh, fucking her."

"You have any problem with what went on today?"

"With Sam? No."

"How about here?"

"I was a bit shocked, but no, I don't have a problem with it. In fact I think it's pretty cool."

"Good. I don't think I need to tell you this, but what goes on in this house or in Gib's house, or in any other club member's house is strictly nobody's business but our own."

"Club members?"

"That's right. You think this all started today do you?"

"Uh, no, I don't suppose. Who?"


"Who are the other club members? I know us and the Tates. Uncle Jake? Aunt Pattie! You fuck Aunt Pattie? Oh, yeah!"

Dad leaned into me. "You'll be introduced as time goes on."

"Joe Hollis! Joe Hollis!" I said excitedly. "Saturday. I think he fucked Becky. Before the party! She had a flat..."

"That surprises you?"

"That she had a flat?"

"No, that Joe Hollis fucks her."

"Does Sam know?"

Gib shook his head in the negative. "Look, in all due time, Sam will know, but for the time being, best you keep your mouth shut!"

"Yes, Sir."

Gib leaned in close, lowering his voice. "Tomorrow, after school... When Sam brings you and Katie home, are you planning to take her to the barn again?"

I thought for a moment before answering. "Uh, yes sir. That's what we all planned... Is that okay?"

Dad looked at Gib. Cocking his head Gib grinned at Dad. Dad nodded. Gib turned back to me. "That's fine, Travis. Real fine. Now here's what I want you to do..."

That night, I slept with Leanne without fear of any repercussions. We screwed a couple of times before I got up the nerve to ask her about the family.

"You better ask Mom or Dad."

"Leanne! I'm asking you!"

"Well," she said, "when Mom and Dad were in high school, Gib had a crush on Aunt Pattie and as you know, Gib and Dad were real close. Well, Dad and Aunt Pattie, they fooled around a lot with each other, which wasn't surprising considering that Grampa made them screw each other while he watched."


"Yeah, Gramps. Before he died, he was a first‑class dirty old man. He pulled my panties down and licked my pussy. I wasn't even in school yet! He told me to keep quiet, but I told Mama. Gramps had to apologize to me."

"He made them screw?"

"Only after he caught them in the act. Anyway, Dad and Aunt Pattie got after it on a regular basis and one day Dad invited Gib over..."

"To screw Aunt Pattie?"

"What do you think? Of course he was invited over to screw her! And screw her he did, at every opportunity he had, in front of Dad, Gramps..."


"No! Grandma didn't know any of this was going on.

"Then in high school, Dad and Gib starting dating."

"Dating? Each other?"

"No, silly," she laughed. "Dad would date one girl, and Gib another. They'd switch and then switched back again, girls that is. Soon, Dad and Gib were screwing them together in threesomes and foursomes. Joe Hollis got in on the action and so did several other football players at Indian Creek. Soon, if the stories are true, Dad and Gib had screwed nearly every girl at school, including Mom and Linda Tate."

"Gramps, did he..."

"He never touched me again. Actually he got really sick after that happened and he was never the same. Had a stroke."

"Weren't you freaked out?"

"No! Gramps had promised to buy me a pony if I would let him lick me between the legs. I got my pony!"

"Patches? We got Patches because Gramps..."

"Correction, Squirt... I got Patches! You got to ride him too of course, but he was my pony."

"You've got to be kidding?"

"No! Gramps was good for his word. He was upset that I told Mama, but he kept his promise to me."

"What did Mama say?"

"She said, 'Don't tell anyone, but it runs in the family.' I didn't have a clue what she meant until I was older."

"Then when I was thirteen or so, Gib would put his arm around me and tell me what a pretty girl I was. You know, I'm always over there or Becky's over here, but one day I went over and no one was home but Gib. The door wasn't locked so I walked in. Suddenly, Gib walks out fresh from a shower, buck naked as the day he was born! He froze in mid stride. I just stared and stared. He was beautiful.

"After a long while he said, 'Leanne, you ever seen a man before?'

"I nearly died when he spoke, but I couldn't take my eyes off his cock. It was the most amazing thing I'd ever seen. Once I found my voice, I said, 'Yes. I've seen Daddy a few times. Just briefly by accident.'"

'This is an accident too. But... I'm not your daddy, sweetheart. If you want a closer look, c'mere.'

"Gib was and still is like a second Daddy to me. I trusted him completely. I stepped forward, fascinated by his growing erection.

'You can touch it if you want, darling.'

"I reached out, tentatively touching his cock. Then we heard the car drive up. Gib said, 'Later sweetheart, the girls are home.' Then he rushed back into the back of the house."

"Did he screw you?" I asked.

"No, of course not, Linda, Becky and Katie got home."

"Would you?"

"Would I what?"

"You know, if they hadn't come home, would you have screwed him?"

Leanne laughed, "Probably! My heart was racing and I was so wet between the legs I thought I'd peed. Mama had already explained what sex was in great detail and I realized then what true arousal was. I liked it. After that I began masturbating, thinking of Becky's dad's big old dick and what it was meant for.

"A few weeks passed and Becky told me that she, Katie and her Mom were going to Fort Worth to do some shopping. I asked her if her dad was going too. 'No,' she said, 'Daddy's staying home to do the taxes. You wanna come with us?' I told her, 'No thanks. I've got chores to do.'

"I waited until I saw their car pass the house. I put on a bikini, shorts and a t‑shirt, and walked over. Before I rang the bell, I ditched the shirt and shorts. I had butterflies in my stomach when Gib came to the door.

"Look at you!" he said. "You've got to be careful girl. Old man like me gets way too excited sometimes."

"Is Becky here?" I asked innocently.

"Hell! You know damned good and well she's not here! I overheard the whole conversation, not that I was ease dropping mind you, but Becky was using the kitchen phone while I was having my breakfast. Well, don't just stand there half naked. C'mon in girl, someone might see you."

"I stepped inside and Gib embraced me with a bear hug like he always does, except this time he had one hand on my butt and the other was rubbing my back.

"Turn around, let me get a good look at you."

"I turned slowly, letting him have a good look.

"Lordy, Lordy. You're such a big girl now."

"I positively beamed at the compliment. Then he said, 'Now what do have the pleasure of your visit?' He arched his eyebrow. 'Hmmmm, perhaps we have some unfinished business?' I shrugged blushing. 'Well, I'll make a deal with you. I'll show you mine if you show me yours,' he said with a leering grin.

"We stood there staring at each other for what seemed an eternity, though it couldn't have been more than a minute. Gib unzipped his fly and said, 'Your move Leanne.'

"I reached behind my back and unhooked my bikini top. Gib whistled as I let my top fall away slowly. 'A really big girl!' Gib unbuckled his pants dropping them to the floor. He shucked his shirt and then pulled off his under shorts. 'What time are you supposed to be home?'

"Once again I was staring at the growing cock that I had been dreaming about for weeks. I said in a trance, 'Mama's gone off with Aunt Pattie. She won't be back till Daddy picks her up later this afternoon. Daddy and Travis went into town. Don't know when they'll be back.'

"All morning and all afternoon? Tell me girl, are you still a virgin?"

"I nodded that I was."

"Well, fair warning. If you don't get out of here... right now... you won't be a virgin when you get home. You understand what I'm saying?"

"I nodded that I understood. Next thing I knew, he was all over me, kissing, feeling, licking. He nearly ripped my bottoms off. His hand was in my cunt, sliding along my slit while the other toyed with my tits. 'One last chance, Baby,' he hoarsely whispered. 'Do you want to go home before I fuck you?'

"Well, I stayed and got screwed until I was blue in the face. I could barely walk I was so sore! I managed to get home only a few minutes before Daddy pulled up the driveway. I pretended I was sick and got into bed. Stayed there until Monday morning when I had to go to school.

"The very next weekend, Daddy took me over to the Tate's. You and Mama, Linda and Katie had gone somewhere. When we walked in, Gib called to Becky that we all needed to talk a little.

"I nearly died when Daddy said , 'It's not fair, Becky, not fair at all that Leanne let your father have sex with her.'

"Becky was astonished. 'Oh my god!'

'Not that it's any big deal, but from what I hear, they had a lot of fun together.'

"Daddy!" I protested.

'Well, didn't you? You were here for what, six hours? Sounds like oodles of fun to me.'

"Daddy turned back to Becky. 'Now, is that fair? Your daddy made my little girl into a woman. Now it's up to you, Becky, to make things right.'

'What do you mean, Mr. Bill?'

'The friendship between our families is over...unless..."

'You gotta fix this, Becky,' said Gib feigning concern. 'You don't fix this, you may never see Leanne again. I'll lose my best friend too. We'll have to Mexico.'

'What do you want me to do?'

'Only one way to fix it,' said her dad. 'Even the score.'

'Even the score? You mean...?'

'Listen to me carefully. You're gonna do it sometime in your life, might as well be today. Becky, you have my permission to taste the forbidden fruit of sex. Now be a good girl.'

'Here? Right here?'

'Oh no, Honey," laughed Gib, "unless you want to. Tell you what Baby, why don't you go show Mr. Bill my bedroom. Let him make a woman out you.'

"She wasn't about to tell her dad 'no'. That was unthinkable. Visibly shaken, Becky rose from the sofa. She looked at Daddy and then her father. Gib said, 'Take him by the hand, Baby. Go on, show him the way.'

"As Becky led Daddy to her parents' bed, Gib smiled at me and said, 'I've been thinking of that sweet pussy of yours all week. C'mere darling.' He wasted no time getting his cock in me and we were screwing when Daddy led Becky out of the back. Daddy's dick was bloody and so was her crotch.

Gib pumped into me a few more times before withdrawing. He looked at Becky and teased, 'What in the world have you been doing Becky?' Becky blushed and covered her small boobs. 'No need to hide'em Baby. Maybe they aren't as big as Leanne's jugs, but you're still growing. You're beautiful, Becky, beautiful. Now come with me and I'll clean you up.'

"A few minutes had passed before Gib and Becky returned. He handed Daddy a wet washcloth to clean himself up with. 'Even?' he asked Daddy.

'No, I'd have to fuck her all day just to catch up.'

"Gib laughed, 'Well, you better get busy then, ole buddy.'

'Yeah, I plan to do just that.'

"Daddy pulled Beckyr down on the floor with him and gave her a screwing like Gib gave me the week before. Now when I say screwing, I mean full‑blown no‑holds‑barred sex including oral and anal. Becky lost it all in one afternoon."

"When did you first have sex with Dad?' I asked.

"God Travis, you sure are noisy!"

"Well, I want know. When did Mom find out? When did Miss Linda find out?"

"As to the first question, that very afternoon. After Dad fucked Becky in the ass, Gib did me. Next thing I knew, I was sitting in Gib's lap with his cock up my butt and Daddy came up and brushed his cock across my lips. It just seemed the right thing to do and I sucked him. Later that week, at home, I sucked him several times and before the next weekend, we were fucking."

"As to the second and third question, dear little brother, they knew all along. Mama talked to me that week about how natural sex was and that all sex was good if everyone wanted it. She asked me if I wanted it. I was hooked and said yes. That night, Daddy came and got me, taking me to their bed. He spent the night fucking me and Mama. I remember, I was too tired to go to school, so I stayed home and he fucked me off and on all day, inviting Gib over to get a little too. When Gib brought Becky with him, to share her with Daddy, I found out that she too had slept with both her parents that night.

To be continued...


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