Chapter 4

(mf, cons)

by Art Martin

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I awoke to a spectacular daybreak of pinks, oranges and grays, set against a deep azure sky.  Not that I appreciated it. I was cold and felt awful, my head was pounding, my stomach was churning.  I had a foul taste in my mouth, and my body hurt from lying on the stone patio.  Forcing myself to sit upright, I discovered what a disgusting mess I was from sleeping in my own vomit and piss.

With great effort I made my way over to the outdoor shower near the house.  The warm water felt wonderful, even though it did nothing to alleviate the pain and suffering of my massive hangover, it did warm me and cleanse me.  Deciding that I should spend the morning in my own bed and worry about the party mess later, I staggered into the house. 

First thing I encountered was Katie, passed out, draped over the arm rest of the sofa, her legs splayed and ready for anyone to step up and put a cock into her.  Judging by the five guys sprawled out on the floor near her, the way her puffy pussy lips lewdly protruded and the thick coating of semi‑dried cum that covered her torso, I surmised that they and others had been doing just that to her until they had all passed out exhausted.

Poor girl, she was a mess.  Her hair was a tangle and her normally pink little nipples were raw red and were very swollen. There had been probably twenty‑some‑odd guys at the party and they had a go at the petite fourteen-year-old.  I know that some, like Eric Langford and Tom White, fucked her at least twice. 

Even though I had nothing to do with organizing the party or inviting her to it, I felt guilty about what had happened.  After all, Katie was my girl, and I just stood by while she was gang banged throughout the night.

That wasn't the only problem.  My asshole tightened and I felt a knot form in my stomach.  There was going to be hell to pay that was for sure.  What my dad was going to do to me was nothing compared to what Katie's dad was going to do.  We had no business being at a party like that.  Everyone was older, much older than we were.  We shouldn't have been there.  I was as guilty as anyone else and I knew for certain that I would be held accountable

As I looked down upon her, I realized I had to do something, but I really didn't have a clue as to what to do. If she hadn't been so angry with me earlier, maybe none of this would have happened.  We would have simply spent the day and night fucking in her parent's big bed.  Leanne could have had her party without us and taken the full consequences for it.  Of course there would be questions as to where I was, and there would be consequences to that, but nothing like the trouble we were in now. 

"Damn it, Leanne," I muttered as I decided that it wasn't my fault and it wasn't Katie's fault either.

Picking her up off the sofa, I carried her upstairs to my bedroom and into the bath joining my room with Leanne's.  She really stunk of stale beer and piss.  Katie really didn't stir until I turned the water on.

"Oh!" she moaned as the cold water splashed against her.  "Oh, shit!"

Supporting her with one arm, I soaped her down with the other.  It was the first time I had been in the shower with a girl.  As pleasant as that experience should have been, it was marred by the fact that I felt terrible and I had to struggle to keep Katie from crumpling to the floor.  After washing the grime away, I haphazardly dried us both off.  Somehow I managed to brush both of our teeth and managed to get her take a couple of Advil's and drink a large glass of water.  Then I carried her to my bed. 

Next thing I knew, it was almost noon and the bed was shaking.  I groggily lay there listening to the bed squeak and Katie hissing, "Yesssss, oh, yesssss, baby!  That feels so fucking good, Travis.  Fuck me, baby, fuck me."

Slowly I remembered that Katie was next to me.  Then I realized she was fucking, but it wasn't me fucking her.  I rolled over and watched as Leanne's boyfriend, Jason, fucked my girl.  All the while Katie was calling out my name, telling me how much she loved me, urging me to fuck her, harder and harder.  Opening her eyes, she stared uncomprehendingly into my eyes.  I surmised that she wasn't angry with me anymore, but I don't think she realized that it wasn't me doing her until Jason pushed himself from on top of her and got out of my bed.

Mystified, Katie blinked a few times.  Realizing that it wasn't me who had just fucked her, Katie plaintively moaned, "Oh god!  What have I done?"  She started sobbing and as the tears flowed, I took her in my arms and hugged her.

After five or more minutes she croaked, "Please forgive me Travis.  Please, baby, forgive me."

"It's okay, it's okay," I soothingly cooed. 

"You must think I'm a whore," she wept.

"No, no, no," I softly comforted.  "I think you're beautiful."

"No you don't.  You think I'm a terrible person!"

"How are you terrible?"

"You know...doing it...doing it with all those guys."

"Hey, things got a little out of hand last night."

"I, I wanted to hurt you, get back at you," she sobbed.

"Oh, Katie!  I tried to explain, but you wouldn't listen. I thought that you were disgusted with me"

"What, for doing your sister?  I'm not surprised, she's like my sister, a total slut.  I just wanted you for my own.  I didn't want to share you."

"You're not disgusted with me?"

"No... I don't suppose it's any worse that what I do with Becky."

"You and Becky?"

"Oh god, you do think I'm terrible!  Don't you?"

"No, no.  I'm the one that's terrible.  I didn't protect you."

"Protect me?  How would you have protected me?"

"I don't know.  I should have put a stop to it somehow."

"Oh, Travis, don't think that any of it was your fault.  I, I wanted it."

"You wanted it?"

"Well, not at first... no, that's not right either.  I wanted to hurt you, show you that if you could screw Leanne or any other girl, then I could screw any other guy I wanted too.  Also it was just so exciting.  Everyone was screwing.  Naked guys were everywhere, and when Eric Langford walked up and began rubbing his cock into me, saying he wanted to be the first to fuck me, I just melted."

"I think that was the dope."

"Yes... I suppose so... but I wanted him... before I took a hit."

"Did you enjoy it?"

"He's so big... at first it hurt, then.... then it felt so good."

"I mean, do you have any regrets?"

"Only that you now think I'm terrible slut."

"Look, I told you, I don't think you're terrible.  The only problem I see is if you didn't want any of it to happen."

"Oh, I wanted it."

"Then you enjoyed it?"

"Oh god, yes. Yes, I did."

 "Good, because if you didn't..."

"Yes.  I enjoyed it, Travis, I really did... No, that's not quite right.  When Eric finished in me, and then pulled out, I, I, I felt empty.  Then another guy, god I didn't know who he was, he shoved his prick into me and, and I loved it!  That's what makes me so terrible!  I loved it."

I sighed with relief at the knowledge that there wasn't necessarily going to any serious repercussions resulting from the party coming from Katie.  I still had my own dad to deal with, but at least her dad, Gib Tate, my dad's best pal, he wasn't going to want my hide.  Now my only real worry was to find a way to convince her that she shouldn't feel guilty.  "Hey, I enjoyed fucking Leanne's girlfriends, that doesn't make me terrible. Does it?"

"It's different with guys."

"No, not really.  Ask Leanne...  She says girls need it as much or maybe even more than guys do.  Or ask your sister, I'm sure she'll tell you the same.  To tell you the truth... I got a kick out of watching you."

"You did?"

"Yeah, it was sort of strange... it bothered me at first, but then I really enjoyed watching the other guys fuck you... Hey, if you had fun, it's okay by me.  I had fun too, fun screwing Angelina, fun screwing Becky, fun screwing the other girls, fun screwing you, fun screwing until I couldn't get it up anymore."

"You screwed me last night?"

"Yeah, I think I was the first to pop your butt."

"Oh, yeah.  Boy, that was intense."

"You know, I think you like sex as much as I do," I waxed philosophically.  "In fact, I know you do."

"I don't just like sex, I love sex!"  Katie hugged me and kissed me.  "Oh, Travis!  I love you.  You're the best!  All I think about is screwing, screwing you, screwing Sam, screwing hunks like Eric."

"Sam?  You want to screw Sam?"

"Well, yeah.  He's cute, just like you."

"Hmmm, you know, that could be arranged.  I'm sure he wouldn't mind," I laughed.

Katie gave me an impish grin and sprang out bed, heading into the bath to take a leak.  I still felt like crap but I forced myself to get up and headed downstairs to try and clean up the mess.

I started by fishing cups, hot dogs, boots, socks, a bikini top and other stuff from the pool including a wrought iron chair.  I also fished out several turds.  Fucking animals!  The water naturally tested unfit, so I shocked the water with a massive dose of chemicals to set it straight.  It would be days before the pool could be used.  I could only hope that Dad wouldn't want to swim when he got back from Fort Worth later in the day or tomorrow.

It was a pleasant surprised to see Jason Riley and Tom White come out and help me clean up.  The three of us picked up trash, lost clothing and other stuff, bagged it all and hosed down the patio.  Inside, we mopped the terrazzo floor and cleaned up as best we could, opening all the windows to air out the house.  

We loaded all the trash bags and lost articles into the back of Jason's pickup.  No later than ten minutes after he and Tom White left, Mom's Suburban pulled into the drive.  Everyone else was gone by now, including Katie and Becky, but I felt a little uneasy.  I headed upstairs to make sure no one was still in bed with Leanne.  She was alone, sprawled out naked on top of the covers, snoozing away.

"Leanne!  Leanne!" I called as I shook her from her slumber. 

"Wha?  What is it?"

"Mom and Dad are home.  Get up, get a shower and get cleaned up."

"Oh god, the house!"

"Don't worry about it, Sis, it's taken care of.  Now get up and put on your best game face!"

Slipping on a pair of cutoff jeans, I headed downstairs.

"Hey there, boy!" greeted my dad with a broad smile.  He was in a good mood and I hoped he'd stay that way.  "Sure is a hot one for May," he observed.  "How come the windows are all up?"

"It was stuffy, so I aired the house out."

"Well, go close the windows, the house is getting full of pollen.  Where's your sister?"

"Upstairs.  Taking a bath I think."

"You two didn't get into any trouble, did you?"

I knew better than to lie, but then again, I hadn't gotten into any trouble.  Not yet at least.  "Uh, no sir.  Becky got a flat yesterday," I offered as a deflection.  "Mr. Hollis helped us out."

"Hollis uh?  Well, he's a friendly guy."  Next to Gib, Joe Hollis was Dad's biggest pal.   Dad paused and added, "You didn't have Sam over last night did you?"

"Uh, no sir.  I didn't see Sam last night."

"Occupied?"  He grin broadly as he leaned into me to say, "You get a little from that Tate girl?"

"Uh, yes sir."

Dad laughed and slapped me on the back. "Good, that's good, boy! Didn't knock her up, did ya?"  Dad was about to say something else when Mom came in lugging a grocery bag.

"I do declare, William T. Kern!  Where are your manners?  Do I have to unload the truck by all myself?"

"No, Roxanne.  Travis and I will get it," Dad answered with a look that admitted his guilt.

Dad and I unloaded the groceries, all the shopping bags, and finally the single overnight bag.  While Mom unloaded and put away the groceries, Dad went into his bedroom, emerging in his swimsuit.

"Uh, Dad?" I began tentatively.  "I had to shock the pool."

"What?  How come?"

"Uh, I had an accident.  Must have been something I ate in town yesterday.  I cleaned it all up.  I'm sorry, Dad, but..."

"Well, those things happen," he said stoically as he accepted my story.

"Uh, I've got some homework," I said as a means of escape, reluctant to press my luck with either Mom or Dad.

"Supper will be ready in an hour," said Mom cheerfully.

"Yes, Ma'am," I acknowledged before heading upstairs.

My room looked out over the patio and I saw Dad sipping a beer as he relaxed in the warm sun.  The shower was still running and knowing that Mom was busy, I decided to look in on Leanne.  As I entered the bath, the water stopped and Leanne stepped out of the shower.

My sister smiled coyly.  Turning her shoulders slightly, she arched her back slightly, lifting and accenting her massive breasts.  Water beaded up on her bare skin and ran in rivulets down her nubile body. I was feeling a heck of a lot better now than I did earlier in the day, and my dick grew hard at the beautiful sight before me. 

"You want me, Squirt?" she said sweetly.

"Yeah, damned right I do," I replied wolfishly.

"Well tough!"  Her expression turned instantly to one of scorn. "Never again, Travis!  You can look, but you can't touch!"

Mystified I stammered, "Wh...What's your problem?"

"You are my problem.  Last night, you stuck your cock up my butt!  Everybody saw it!  I told you, I was off limits to you last night.  Now... I'm off limits forever!"

"Leanne, I, I, I didn't realize it was you.  I was so wasted, I didn't know who I was doing."

"Everyone is going to think we're a couple of perverts."

"I doubt it, it was an honest mistake."

"Honest mistake?  Hmmmm, that puts a good spin on it," she waxed.  "It was an honest mistake."  Looking up at me, her angry expression softened.  "That's pretty good, Squirt."  Her expression changed again from a come‑on to alarm.  "Mom!  Dad!  They're home?"

"Yeah.  Mom's fixing supper, Dad's out by the pool.  Don't worry, they're cool."

"Really?  The place was a mess last night."

"Like I said, Sis, I took care of it."

"Thanks, Travis... Gee, I really owe you."

"Can I collect tonight?"

"Didn't you get enough yesterday and last night?"

I stepped forward and fondled her bare breasts.  "No.  Did you?"

My sister giggled and admitted, "No... I never get enough, but I'd better get downstairs and help Mom."

Leanne stepped away and began drying off.  I watched as she put on a skimpy bikini, helping her out by tying the strings for her top.  "I had to shock the pool," I warned.

"It was that bad?"


"Does Dad know?"

"Yep.  Told him that I ate something and had an accident."

"Thanks Travis, that's good thinking."

Actually I did have some homework to do.  Finals were around the corner and I had a science paper I needed to finish.  I got to it and soon Mom called for me to come down for supper.  Shirtless I sat down with my Dad.  Mom admonished, "You two, go put a shirt on! This ain't no nudist colony!  You too Leanne, go get a shirt on."

Dad looked crossways at Mom, but reluctantly rose to meet her request.  Leanne and I said, "Yes, Ma'am," got up and quickly returned.  I wasn't surprised that the top Leanne put on barely covered her, but it was apparently enough to satisfy Mom.

The discussion revolved around how good the band was at Billy Bob's Saturday night and what a good time they all had.  Mercifully they didn't inquire into what Leanne and I had been up to.  Once supper was done, I excused myself, leaving Dad to gawk at Leanne as she did the dishes.

I went upstairs, and finished my science paper.  Slipping on a pair of boots, I went back down to the kitchen.  Dad was still sitting at the table with Leanne sitting in his lap.  Mom was gone and as I walked in, Dad looked up sternly and said, "I need to talk to your sister, in private. Don't you have some chores?"

"Yes, sir.  I need to tend to the horses."

"Okay, then go do it," he said gruffly.

A knot of fear formed in my stomach.  Something wasn't right.  Dad knew something and that meant trouble, big trouble.  I paused, wondering what I should do.

"Go on, Son.  It's almost dark."

"Yes, sir."

I headed to the stable.  The horses were at the fence, somewhat agitated and I realized that I had forgotten to tend to them last evening.  No doubt Dad had noticed their agitation and knew why they were upset.  They followed me to the stable, where I feed them oats and groomed each one of them.  Well, they weren't going to starve, I told myself.  The pasture grass was rich and green, there having been plenty of rain in April.  Still the horses needed daily attention to keep them in top condition.  I took my time, doing the job right and by the time I was finished, it was dark.  Clouds had moved in obscuring the moon, so it was nearly pitch black. The only light was from the window of my upstairs room that cast a soft glow over the patio

As I approached the rear of the house, I saw Dad sitting on a chase lounge, while a female figure slowly rose and sank in his lap.  I studied her face, unsure if it was Mom or Sis.  Suddenly he stood, picking her up and carried her into the house nude.

"Shit," I muttered to myself. "He's fucking Leanne!"  I wasn't exactly surprised, but still...

Quietly I entered the house and went upstairs.  I looked into Leanne's room and found her sitting at her study desk, working math problems.  I was sort of disappointed.  Dad had been fucking Mom and not Sis.  Shaking my head at my own stupidity I snorted to myself, "Of course it was Mom!  Why not?"

Leanne turned and saw me at her door. 

"What's up?"

"Nothing, just I stumbled on Mom and Dad getting after it by the pool."

"Cool!  Mom's so hot, don't you think so?"

"Uh, well, I've never thought of her like that before, but now that you mention it, yeah, she is hot."

"And so is Dad!  He's got the biggest..."  I waited for to complete her sentence but she never did.

"Biggest what?"

"Never mind."

"No, you were saying he had the biggest what?  The biggest dick?"

"Travis!  Really, you don't have to be so crude."

"I didn't say it, you did."

"I did not!"

" were going to say it.  How do you know Dad has a big dick?"

"Oh, Travis, really!  I was going to say he has big muscles."

"No, you weren't.  I'm not stupid.  I've seen how you show yourself off and I've seen how he reacts.  Why were you sitting in his lap?"

"Don't be silly, Squirt.  He's Dad."

"And I'm your brother."

"True, but it's really not the same thing."

I really wanted to come out and ask point blank if she was fucking Dad, but I remembered what Uncle Jake had often said, "Never talk about who you're screwing and never ask someone about who they are screwing.  It's bad, bad manners.  You understand me, Son? Of course, when your swapping lies over a beer or two..."  Then I remembered how uncomfortable I was when Dad had asked me about having sex with Katie.  That was bad manners too I judged, but then Dad had the right to question me about anything.

"Hey, I'm just about finished here."  Leanne's eyes sparkled and laughed as she asked, "Wanna play naughty?"

"Yeah, but they're still awake," I said nodding towards the door.

"No sweat.  They'll be occupied for hours.  They won't get out of bed until the morning... unless they're changing positions."  Then she grinned mischievously adding, "Give me a half hour, then... come and take me."

I took the half hour to wash up and get ready for bed.  Buck‑naked and hard from anticipation, I then strode through the connecting bath into my slut sister's bedroom, appreciating for the first time the layout arrangement of our house.

To be continued...


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